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Handle Long Distance Relationship

How do you handle long distance relationships and why start it in the first place.

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 ---schola on 4/23/05
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Hi I'm Megan, and my boyfriend an myself have been together for almost 1 year. He has to go to basic training for 5 months. I'm a little scared, but happy for him. It's going to be difficult, because we never been apart for a more than 2 days. I know we can do it, but I am so scared to be away from him. Any advise?
---Megan on 2/2/09

I met my husband here on this site. We lived 5-1/2 hours drive each way and saw each other 2 x monthly for over a year before we married. We have now been married 3-1/2 years. Does it really make any difference where or how people meet as long as it is a healthy place? We both put a lot of effort into knowing each other well before taking such a large step as marriage. Not because of the mileage, but because of past mistakes on both of our parts.
---Annie on 9/9/08

I am in a long distance relationship and its going great! we have plans for engagement and marriage soon! we both love god. see each other once a month for a week, chat everyday on the phone and text constantly. and i plan on moving to him next year! its exciting. i say if its gods plan then it will work out perfectly!
---hannah on 9/6/08

What do you want in a relationship? What does God expect in a relationship? We are commanded to Love one another, (not a physical love) but a pure relationship with all mankind, in order that we may show His Love to others from His father. Now committment is different. Is it blessed by God for His honor and glory? If not it should not be. You choose and I will support you in prayer. Blue
---Blue on 12/10/07

First of all I would not start such a relationship.
If the relationship started with both parties living in the same place and then became seperated for any good reasons such as(SCHOOL,PARENTAL MOVE,JOB CHANGE) I would continue the relatonship as long as there was a reasonable chance of living in the same place again within one year. If that should not be possible I would offer to remain friends but would not pursue it as a "special" relationship.
---Pierre on 5/14/07

I had been in a long distance relationship for almost 19 months... we are very much together now... we met face to face for less than 10 times... but we feel the love for each other evn if we are apart...the only we don't forget is trust & humility to each other & having God as the center of our relationship.
---Nieva on 8/9/06

Some long istance relationships work but you must work at it, and have a good phone plan. Pray for guidance
---tonya on 8/4/06

i have been a long distance relationship for only 3 months only meet once, but....the love is there I can feel it..I am going 1,000 of miles fly something i've never done & i am going for the whole month..If it is there i'll stay.
---angelina on 1/17/06

Bradley ... you have never met this girl? How do you know you love her?
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/17/06

I am 16 years old and my fiance is 13.I believe true love has no boundaries! Please do not think poorly of me. I have been with her for 5 months now, and we have done a temporary engagement until i can buy her a ring. I love her so so much. We were destined to be together.I have to wait until she is out of school which is 4 years away till she moves in. And we have never met face to face.I hope godd chooses to let me keep her and for her to keep me! If she ever left me i would die.
---Bradley on 1/16/06

I met the love of my life in desperate times. In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in the ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast I met the woman I have been searching for. We live 200 miles apart and share the same feelings. I am hopeful we can, with Gods help, be together one day.
---John on 12/20/05

mostly in a long distance relationship at least one of you has to have pleanty of money! The reason i say this is obveous!
---susanna on 8/1/05

Im in a long distant relationship.On the start of it,I asked him what of the distance,but the great friendship we had developed for each other before I left the country &the realisation that we wanted to be together forever surpassed that so we prayed & lifted it to God.Its not easy,but its in Gods hands.Its been 3yrs now,saw him last a year ago.We are hoping to get married soon and be together.The distance has its adv. I may say we are more open about so many things & taking the step to trust each other
---Mimi on 6/14/05

I am in a long-distance relationship. I have been in 2 others before this one. With my first 2 i was always unhappy feeling like i was not really in a relationship and told myself i would never get in another. Until I met my boyfriend now. He lives 2 states away from me. We met online talked as friends for a yr. He was always on my mind. So after a yr. of friendship we started dating. And with him i truly feel that there is a relationship there. I really love him and hope to share the rest of my life with him. So it is all worth it.
---steph9337 on 5/3/05

i am in a long-distance relationship... have been for over a year. we're engaged, and very happy. so you tell me, why not?
---Gabriel on 5/1/05

The person God wants to place in our lives will not at our fingertips. God's ways are past finding out. If God is in it, He has a way to join it together. He will take both persons to the place they need to be in time.
---Sharon on 4/30/05

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Feel free to write me. I had experience with a long-distance relationship and could compare notes. The guy that I wrote lived overseas.
---rebec8436 on 4/28/05

Schola, are you in a long distance relationship? If God is in it, it can work out just fine. My husband and I lived over an hours drive from each other. And we dated for almost two years before we married. We have been married now for 9 years and are very happy and blessed. Treat it like any other relationship. It may take more work. It is up to you!
---Linda2tk on 4/27/05

I'm getting married a little over a week from now, and met him right here on Christianet. We live almost 400 miles apart, visited each other from 2-4 times a month. We decided to let God be the director of the relationship, and He has performed miracles. We expect Him to continue blessing our marriage too. God has no boundaries, no limitations, and performs miracles.
---Dottie on 4/27/05

God can bring two people together in almost any circumstance. However, there can be problems. I, as a Canadian, have a wonderful friend in Florida. The problem is having to spend 6 months in each country to avoid immigration problems. So, we have decided to remain friends and leave it at that. I have since found a wonderful lady, still a long distance relationship. But, a wonderful Canadian christian. God is leading us together and the long distance thing is more manageable. Sometimes, there are less choices where one lives and so the internet can be a wonderful tool, if used right.
---Dennis_Z. on 4/25/05

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I met my husband online,we were introduced by a mutual friend.We wrote for months, talked on the phone, could see each other through our webcams.We both knew that God had kept us for each other. We met after about 8 months and spent time together.Then a couple of months later I visited my friend who introduced us and we had 3 weeks of'dating'.It was like meeting an old friend from the start, we knew so much of each other.We got engaged on my visit, I went home and prepared to move(we lived 2400 mi. from each other)We have been married close to 2 years, its GREAT!
---NV_Barbara on 4/24/05

I echo Megan's words because I too found the joy of my heart here on CN.

Schola, let honesty, sincerity and prudence take over your relationship. If it's God's will, it will succeed and you'll get married.

Blue, love has to be spiritual and physical and they have to work together.
---Albert on 4/24/05

Hi there, it is a very hard thing to have a long distance relationship. Me and my fiancee meet here on ChristiaNet a year ago, and we are now engaged to be married. It is hard, but it has also been good because where other couples that are together all the time don't talk as much, we talk a lot, about everything. If the Lord puts you together like he did with me and my fiancee, he will give you strength and it will work out. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief with the one he sent me.
God bless, Megan
---Megan on 4/23/05

The person God wants to place in our lives will not necessarily be at our fingertips. Remember, God's ways are past finding out. If it is truly a God-connection it can and will work. If God is in it, trust me, He has a way. He will take both persons to the place they need to be (together) in good time.
---Delrene on 4/23/05

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