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The Spirit And Soul The Same

Is the spirit and soul the same? Please give verses that show they are the same. Or give verses that they are different.

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 ---Linda on 4/23/05
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Apparently another joseph has entered this forum. Although our thoughts are similar, I know of no place in scripture were it is written "once a man dies the soul goes down to dust".
---joseph on 8/13/10

Apparently another joseph has entered this forum. Although our thoughts are similar, I know of no place in scripture where it is written "once a man dies the soul goes down to dust".
---joseph on 8/13/10

It is not the same. The Bible clearly says once a man dies the soul goes down to dust and the spirit goes to God.
---joseph on 8/12/10

Kathy_Hairston, The soul of a person and the spirit of a person are not the same thing: the "psychis" is the internal life record of the solar plexus: and the "dianoias" is the internal animating activity, the conscience.
---Eloy on 8/8/10

Is the soul and spirit of a person the same.
---Kathy_Hairston on 8/7/10

"Spirit" is a quality of character that is shared. A spirit of murder looks the same, no matter who wears it, as a spirit of alcoholism acts the same, no matter who suffers it.

The Holy Spirit is the character of God Himself. Christ was "one" with the Father by being "one" with Him, or like Him in Character. It is likewise the character of Christ which we assimilate and hope to express that makes us "Christians". We are admonished to "Be of One Mind, One Spirit"...once accomplished, the Christian Church becomes One body... the Body of Christ, moving with the Mind and Character of God Himself.

Soul is that which is of a personal perspective.
---Elaine on 4/29/10

Many times in scripture, the word "soul" is synonymous with the word "life". "Then yhwh God shaped man, even the soil of the ground, and breathed into his face the breath of life. So man was made a living soul." Genesis 2:7.
---Eloy on 4/29/10

When Christ saves, He saves completely, He saves the whole person. It is not a partial salvation. More people should read John Calvin on the Hebrews passage, he gives a sane and sensible interpretation. No distinction is given in Scripture between soul and spirit.
---Bobby on 4/28/10

The Scripture seperates the spirit, soul and body, therefore they're not the same. (Read 1Thessalonians 5:23) With your spirit you contact the spiritual realm, w/your soul you contact the intellectual and emotional realm and w/your body you contact the physical realm. When we accept Christ our rebirth is "spiritual" its not a mental or physical experience. The more you are lead by the Spirit, the more Christ like you become in your soul & body ex. your emotions and reactions to physical things.
---Yvonne on 1/8/07

Also, Hebrews 4:12 only the Word of God can divide between the soul and spirit of man. Some other Scriptures James 1:21, 1 Peter 1:22, Psalm 23:3. I am sur ethere are otheres
---Yvonne on 1/8/07

Also, Hebrews 4:12 only the Word of God can divide between the soul and spirit of man. Some other Scriptures James 1:21, 1 Peter 1:22, Psalm 23:3. I am sure there are others as well. These just jump out at me.
---Yvonne on 1/8/07

Soul is mind, will, emotions. Spirit is God's breath and the true us. They are two different things.
---Leslie on 1/7/07

"That which is born of flesh is flesh, that which is 'born of the spirit is spirit'...Marvel not that ... ye must be born again...,".

Man's spirit not in God's image since "the fall", "IT MUST BE BORN AGAIN"!

Mind > natural things;

soul > heart, inner self;

spirit > breath, air, invisible.

Man's cpu, i.e., cerebrum, medula, & cerebellum, [trinitarian being, real image & likeness of God!].

I Cor.2:9-16.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/10/05

Thanks, Pierre, I'll think about it. I've got something else I'm studying at the moment but I'll keep you in mind when I'm done.
---DoryLory on 5/8/05

It is very important to be informed about last day events and especially the manner of Chris't coming. Why? Because Satan will imitate his coming and many will run when the fake takes place. As you may know from my profile, I operate a Christian bookstore and if you wanted me to I could send you some very good books on the subject. Let me know by Email if you are interested.
Later, Pierr7958
---Pierr7958 on 5/7/05

Pierre. I tried to say in my post that I don't know a lot about 2nd coming of Christ and the millenium but, as usual, I was too wordy and that part ended up getting cut (in favor of putting in a "Part 2"). Thanks for correcting me.
---DoryLory on 5/7/05

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Permit me a comment on what you wrote to Alan.
The SOUL is YOU, a CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING. As a result of your make-up (DUST+BREATH OF LIFE) and your accepting Jesus as your Saviour, YOU are changed,saved and reborn, spiritually. YOU then die and and you will either be remade at the first resurrection BEFORE the millenium or at the second resurrection AFTER the millenium. Clear as clear water! Drink of it and let your thirst be quenched!
Read you later
---Pierr7958 on 5/7/05

Hi Alan. The soul is your mind, will and emotions ... your personality. The soul is not saved, reborn or remade, neither does it die ... it is changed. This change happens while we spend time with the Lord (reading the Bible, praying, worshipping, etc). More fellowship equals more change, little fellowship equals little change.

When you die, it is your body that dies. A Christian's spirit and soul do not see death. The spirit and soul of a Christian live for eternity in heaven. The body dies but will be resurrected again after the Millenium.

Clear as mud?
---DoryLory on 5/7/05

Soul is ME ... on being "saved" is it reborn? When I dies does it die? Does it get remade?

Body is just the receptacle for ME. On saving, it does not change except because of influences from ME (my soul or spirit?) When I die, it dies. Does it get remade?

Spirit is my ethereal ME? It changes when I am saved? When ME dies does it die? If not where does it go?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/5/05

Thanks for explaining, Pierre.
---DoryLory on 5/3/05

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Thanks for your kind words, thanks for challenging my entries. The Problem: In posting my entries I was focusing my answer in the context of the CREATION presented in GEN:2:7," the Lord formed man...DUST...BREATH OF LIFE (spirit) and man became a LIVING SOUL." You on the other hand answered the queestion in the context of the REBIRTH OF THE INNER MAN also referred to as SPIRIT. Rom.7:22 "for in my inner being (Spirit) I delight in God's law" and Eph. 3:16 So considering the CONTEXT in which each answered I think there is truths enough for both of us.
---Pierr7958 on 5/3/05

Hi Pierre ... You certainly are a polite debater but I have to say that I disagree your statement to Linda (4/24), when you said the spirit is not born-again. Also, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't quote one Biblical reference in any of the replies you referred me to. ;o) When Jesus explained the concept of being born-again to Nicodemus, He said the "Spirit gives birth to spirit" (John 3:6). I don't know how anything could be clearer? (Cont'd in part 2)
---DoryLory on 5/3/05

(Part 2)
The Spirit is born-again. The mind is transformed when we spend time fellowshipping with the Lord (Romans 12:2). When you say "dust" I presume you are referring to "flesh." Romans 7:23 says that sin dwells in our flesh. How can the flesh be born-again? My understanding is that the flesh is controlled by the mind and as the mind is transformed, the flesh will become reformed and more controlled (Romans 8:5). I'm enjoying this friendly debate, I hope you are too. Blessings!
---DoryLory on 5/3/05

Kindly read my blogs:
5/1 to Anita; 5/27 to Rebecca; 4/24+25 to Linda. They may give you some insight which you may find helpful. Sincerely, Pierre.
---Pierr7958 on 5/2/05

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Thanks for your comment.
The Bible says that God DID NOT GIVE MAN A SOUL but HE MADE HIM to be a LIVING SOUL. You, Anita ARE that soul.
The Bible says that God breathed his spirit (read:breath)into the form of man and that combination made him (not gave him) a LIVING SOUL. Possible problem: You write about a Spirit which does not need to be saved. Who/what is that Spirit? What Ch.+V confirms your statement? Read you soon!
---Pierr7958 on 5/2/05

Both the spirit and the soul need to be "saved." The spirit is transformed instantaneously at the time of the new-birth and the soul is transformed through the process of growing in the Lord. When a person is born-again their spirit immediately comes to life (Spirit gives birth to spirit - John 3:6) but the soul must be to be trained to be Godly (Romans 12:2). The salvation of the soul is a process that continues through life. It is in a continual state of "being saved" (1 Cor 1:18 & 2 Cor 2:15).
---DoryLory on 5/1/05

Pierre, i beg your pardon. The soul is the mind, the emotions and the will. so how can you say not all men have a soul? God gave all men a free will so how can you refute that? Our Spirit is where we are made in the likeness and image of Almighty God. Our spirit does not need to be saved but our soul does. Think about it and pray about it and i believe you will begin to see.
---anita on 4/29/05

Rebecca D.:
I would like to respectfully disagree:
God DID NOT GIVE man a living SOUL but HE MADE HIM a living SOUL. Everyone DOES NOT HAVE A SOUL but eveyone IS A LIVING SOUL (as long as he/she breathes). Everyone has(" " " " " ") the SPIRIT in him/her or he/she would not be a living soul. Question? Ask me and I will try to be clearer.
---pierre on 4/27/05

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When God created man (Adam) he gave him a "soul" by creating him, when God blew in Adam's nose he blew is "spirit" in him. Everyone has a soul, but not everyone has "the spirit" of God in them. Job says in 27:3 says that God is in his nostrils, and he also said in 33:4 the sprit of God hath made me, (giving him a soul) and the breath of the almighty hath given me life (God's spirit). Paul even divides us up into 3 parts, body, soul, and spirit. 1 Thess 5:23. So the spirt and the soul aren't the same thing.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/05

Part 1 of 2
I'm a little confused by some of these replies. I've never read anything in the Bible about the "soul being born-again." Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:5,6: "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit." -- The soul is the mind, the will and the emotions ... the personality. When speaking to people who are already born-again, Paul said in Romans 12:2 to: "... be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
---DoryLory on 4/26/05

Part 2 of 2
My understanding is, that before the new-birth the spirit is "dead" or "in death" if you like ... it's lost spiritually, destined for eternal damnation. At the new-birth the Holy Spirit gives new life to your spirit ... Spirit gives birth to spirit. However the soul (your way of thinking) must go through a process of being changed. The new birth happens in an instant but to transform the mind takes spending time with the Lord. Check out Ephesians 4:17-24 where Paul is teaching people who have already received Christ as their Savior.
---DoryLory on 4/26/05

Linda: It is the LIVING SOUL = LIVING person just like you who is/was born again. Read Robn's entry also just below! As I said before YOU ARE a LIVING/concious SOUL (as long as you are breathing!) Q; Is your question about being born again OR about being resurected?
---Pierre on 4/25/05

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Pierre, So what you are saying is that it is the soul that is born again, right? I thought that it was the spirit that is born again, That the spirit died to God... but you are saying that it is the soul right? What about the spirit? How are we now one with the Lord?
---Linda on 4/25/05

I think the confusion lies in our concept of spirit. We tend to think of this as a ghost, or the part of us that is within our body and is aware. However the original transcript from which spirit is translated is simple the word for breath or air. Pierre explained it correctly. It takes a body + God's life giving breath to make a living soul. It is only when the breath and body are combined that there is a being which has conciousness and is aware.
---Robin on 4/24/05

No! The Spirit is not born again. The Spirit is the same as the BREATH OF LIFE. It is the LIVING SOUL (living person) which is born again. In other words, the breath alone cannot be born again and the dust by itself cannot be born again BUT the combination of the two can be born again.
---Pierre on 4/24/05

So, it is the spirit that is born again. The soul lives on and has to be renewed or trained to do what the spirit says?
---Linda on 4/24/05

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Part 1 of 3

The Bible teaches that we are triune beings. We are made in the image of God. Much like God Who is three Persons in one, we are made up of three parts: spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Our spiritman, and the soul lives in a body of flesh.

The soul is the real us. It is our mind, our will, and our emotions. It is the part of us that makes decisions, the part of us that has an emotion, the part of us that is thinking right now. The soul is our personality.
---DoryLory on 4/23/05

Part 2 of 3

The physical body is the part of us that touches the physical world in which we live. God created Adam's spirit and soul out of something that never existed before but He constructed Adam's body from something that already existed, from the physical elements of the earth, from the dust of the earth.

It is through the five natural senses of our physical body, or through the man of flesh, that our soul, the real us, has contact with the world. The soul touches the world through the body.
---DoryLory on 4/23/05

Part 3 of 3

In the same way that our body touches the natural world, our spirit touches the unseen world, the spiritual realm. Our spirit touches the Spirit of God. In order to walk in the spirit we choose to walk in the spirit. We choose to live by faith and to obey the Word of God. To do otherwise is to walk in the flesh, the realm of our natural senses.
---DoryLory on 4/23/05

the Bible says that God's Word is sharper than a two-edged sword, dividing spirit and soul.
---curt on 4/23/05

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Verses that contain both words for you to view are: Heb.4:12,ITh.5:23,ICo.15:45,Math.12:18,Isa.26:9,Job 7:11,I Sam.1:15 Stongs greek and hebrew tex has these words down as number 7307 and for soul 5315..with Spirit it has the reseblence of breath or wind and soul has the resemblence of a living being or animal figerativly as body or mental as to one, her, him or self. spirit is figuratively of life and as a attitude going forth in a living being. I believe the two are simular but distincly different when looking at them closly and aggree with the other comments made to this end as well.
---kirk on 4/23/05

The soul is not the mind, and the soul is not the spirit, they are separate. Each person is made up of a body which is the building or flesh; a spirit which is the breath or aspiration; and a soul which is the life or anima. The soul can be living or dead. When one dies the spirit leaves the body and soul, and goes back to God. The body and soul remain behind on earth, until that time that the Lord will call for the dead to rise. (Mark 12:30; Acts 17:25; I Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 4:12).
---Eloy on 4/23/05

No! the Spirit and Soul are not the same.
Gen 2:7"God created man out of the DUST OF THE GROUND and breathed into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE and man became a LIVING SOUL.
SPIRIT = God's breath of life. Job 27:3
SOUL (living) = the combination of DUST and BREATH OF LIFE. It is not an entity in itself. I hope that helps!
---Pierre on 4/23/05

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