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D.U.I. And Still Going To Heaven

I have a friend who told me he recently had to run across a field to avoid getting busted on a D.U.I. charge. He tells me he is going to heaven, but I have to wonder. Any advice?

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 ---curt on 4/23/05
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If he asks the Lord to forgive him and sincerely repent for what he did, he will goto heaven. But he has to make a change, a total submission to Christ. The only way we will see the Father is through Jesus Christ. Being born-again, I will be praying for ya friend. God bless you.
---Buffy on 10/30/08

It is not up to us ...that is between him and his Heavenly Father. Just pray for him...that is the most powerful thing you can do.....
---Jan on 5/6/07

If his heart isn't right with God then no he isn't going to heaven. But since we don't know anyone's heart, we can't say for sure. In his eyes, if drinking isn't wrong and fleeding from the police, then to him it isn't wrong, God has to show each person what he thinks is wrong. Just like with me I smoke, to me it isn't a sin but to others it is. I need to quit and I will be here shortly because of my hosptial stay for 5-6 days. I would have no choice. But God works differently with everyone.
---Rebecca_D on 3/26/06

Let God be the judge!
---Thomas on 3/25/06

This is an example of the fruit of the "once saved always saved" doctrine. There are worse examples I can give.

I'm not questioning anyone's spiritual condition here, but consider this:

If your own sins do not mean you are not saved, are not a Christian, are not going to heaven, why should the sins of other people mean that THEY are not as well-off spiritually?

Why condemn someone's sins who are merely disreputable, when your own may be disastrous?
---jack on 5/28/05

Did your friend tell you how he knows he is going to heaven? If he has received Jesus as his Saviour, he is. Jesus paid the price for our sins on the cross. Ro 3:22-25 Ro 5:8,9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Eph 2:5-10 Is your friend using this as liberty to do what he wants? Ro 6:1-4
---Ulrika on 5/4/05

Curt.. now is the time for you to move in, gently.. since you say "he wants to change". I think too many people think that its just soooooo easy to get into heaven. Narrow is the path..... (not broad is the field!) lol Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.(not for a DUI to avoid a needle)lol... pardon the puns. Good luck in your spiritual talks with him. There's a soul on the line!
---Kat on 5/1/05

If your friend is saved, he will go to heaven, how fast he goes depends on him, if he is truely saved and still continues to do this type of thing God will take him out of here, however if he can do these things and not have any problem or conviction I am not so sure he is saved, but only he and God know, all you can do my friend is pray for him and try to be the Christ-like example in his life.
---Janet on 4/27/05

Hi Curt,your friend may be on his way to heaven a little quicker than expected if he is driving while impaired. Every day peoples live's are destoyed by such careless behavior,as a former firefighter I witnessed such scenes many times.Any chance he would be willing to counsel before it's too late?you would be doing him a favor to report him to the police when you know it is happening.And you may save an innocent life.
---RUSSELL on 4/26/05

I hope that he does change his ways. And when he does I hope that is sincear about it.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/05

i think he is sincere, but he needs serious help. his life is very sinful, and he wants to change.
---curt on 4/25/05

My advice is to Get Jesus and you wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving.
---Rebecca_D on 4/25/05

If he was driving the car and he ran to avoid arrest for DUI that is two offenses. If that was his car it is not his any longer because they got him. If he was not driving the car, it was not DUI. Heaven has nothing to do with that. My advice: Don't drink alcohol and drive.
---gregg on 4/25/05

Sounds like your friend wants his cake and eat it to. So many people say they are going to heaven in one breath and in the next minute their cussing worse than a sailor. If your friend doesn't change his ways and find his way back to God, then no he isn't. If he is truely a christian, truely one of God's then he wouldn't be running from the police. A person can't live like hell and go to heaven.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/05

That is between him and the Lord. If he has accepted Christ as his saviour, he will go to heaven.
---Madison on 4/24/05

Christ died for sinners.

All that is needed is faith.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/24/05

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I agree with Jan!
---Phyla on 4/24/05

Sin is not allowed in heaven. All who live in unrighteousness are damned, and only the righteous in Christ go to heaven.
---Eloy on 4/23/05

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