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My Wife Is Still Having Affairs

I know divorce is condoned only for adultry so I gave her two chances to change her ways but she just started it again which wy should I go divorce or try to work it out. I am really leaning towards divorce?

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 ---ray on 4/24/05
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I am speeking from expierence only, my wife went home to be with the Lord,11 months ago, About 15 yrs ago she had an affair but I felt I was partly to blame as I thought I was to busy and didn't spend enough time with her. When you are a christian,You should make time for your spouse, and be sure and tell them you love them.
---william on 8/16/07

Do you want to repair the marriage? Does she?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 3/18/07

Go to a marriage councler. If that doesn't work out, divorce her
---private on 8/8/06

Let her go God will bring someone better in your life. Pray for guidance
---tonya3849 on 8/2/06

(3) Now I had no more money for the devorce. In my case God used those prayers for me to help someone else and in return my wife came back after three more months. I am not saying it will turn out the same for you but that before you make a decision, don't be in a hurry. Let God speak to you. Be open for His influences in your life, and in time you will have the answer. Maybe it will be that you will get devorce but again maybe not. We all fail in life Ray. That is why we say, God never fails. Humans do.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

(2) In my case, when my wife left, after six months I went and spoke to a lawyer. I wanted things to get good fast and it was just not happening. I was pushing her in some way to make a choice, for me or another. One day in church I heard a prayer for someone that needed money so they wouldn't lose their home and God put a burden in my heart for them. I responded to God's call and went and gave them the money I was going to use to pay for the lawyer.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

Brother Ray, Many times we choose devorce because we are thinking only of ourselves and what we are doing is putting pressure on the other because we hurt inside. Sometimes thinking of ourselves is not good. If you are not in a hurry and you really believe in your heart that God, in His time, will change your circumstances then just wait and pray. If you are in a hurry to make such a critical decision you are going to be disappoint. No one knows what is in your heart but God.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

Surrender her to god daily in the name of jesus,leave all your burdens in jesus hands.There is nothing you can do except trust god to restore that which was lost,destroyed,stolen,devouvered by the enemy.Jesus will not forsake you nor leave you Phil 4-7. Trust god he will answer your prayer in jesus name.amen.
---Inez on 7/16/06

If there is no doubt that your wife continues having affairs, it's important that you find out the reason for her behavior. Does she want to stay married? Some great books are: "Love Must Be Tough", by James Dobson, and "Not Just Friends", "Torn Asunder", and "Questions Couples Ask Behind Closed Doors". These are all worth reading. There are fabulous conferences by Doris & Peter Wagner, on "Sexual Brokenness". You can't control your wife's behavior. Find a Christian counselor. Study the word, and pray. God will guide you. Monica
---Monica on 5/4/05

ray all i can say is that what a pastor told me if the man or women well not repent from what they are doing and you have made a stand change and all you can do is change you not no one else. when my husband had affair i left him and made a stand me or highway he chossed me but the games still played but then I said if you want your married counseling hubby played the games but god wanted eyes on him not hubby when i took eyes off hubby and put them on god things changed. Write to me and I well explain ray beth3496
---beth_Ann_Christensen on 5/3/05

Ray, is your wife a believer? Have you gone to your pastor concerning this? Have you read Hosea? These three things can be key - so that you make a Godly decision. Divorce is a way out, but is it the best way? How many chances has the Lord given you when you sin? Have you asked yourself, "Where is my heart in this?" Have you become bitter? Bitterness says "God, you didn't get this right - and I know better than you". Just some things to think about. daphn8897
---Daphne on 5/2/05

God does not go against His word. If you want a divorce, get one. If you pray about it and God says to stay, then you can exspect something good to come out of it. God will give you the strength to stay. But, if He says to leave, be willing to let go. God bless you.
---Linda2tk on 4/26/05

read I Cor. 7 word by word in every version.....and hope you will find..."you have the right to be set free."...please check this out,too..."God divorced Israel when she turned away from Him and sinned again and again...
---jovey4849 on 4/25/05

First you should pray about it. Then you should wait and find out where God is leading you. Maybe she has a sex addiction or maybe she has no respect for your marriage. You'll just have to go where you're lead.
---Becky_S on 4/24/05

Ray, I'm not sure your wife wants to change. Some people never do ... unfortunately. My ex-husband is one of those people. I prayed for 22 years that he would change, but I finally had to face reality ... cheating was his way of getting "high." No one should have to remain in an unfaithful marriage. The question is, are you ready to end the marriage, walk away FOR GOOD and get on with your life? Your heart and mind will guide you in the right direction, when the time is right. I wish you the best.
---Helen on 4/24/05

if your spouse has commitied adultry again & won't stop you are biblically excused for not getting a divorce. God won't hold it against for you if you file.I don't condone divorces,but if a spouse is not willing to change then why stay in it ,find someone whom will be with you only.
---candice on 4/24/05

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You have done ALL you can in the Lord. Think of the long term trust issues. I did! You are free to divorce in this situation. If not, then think of how your life will be if she continues. Will you be able to trust her fully? What about Children. Would you wonder? I suggest you give her to God and divorce. You have done all you can in the Lord.
I understand. Been there-done that.
Be blessed and peace be with you.
Kenny J.
---Kenny on 4/24/05

You have permission from the Bible to divorce. You determine what to do. You know your heart and your betrothed has made her decision. The ball is in your court. Who do you wait for and why did you wait this long?
---Chuck on 4/24/05

God Bless You during this tough time. Being cheated on is hard on the ego so ask God to lift you up. Two strikes and you are out makes sense to me particularly if she has denied Jesus in her life. If she has cheated on you twice in your marriage and I feel it is warranted to leave her, move out and see what happens, but not necessarily get divorced. Living alone can change both of you.
Be Blessed.
---Dana on 4/24/05

In the old testament God advised Hosea to take a wife of whoredoms so that he could work through Hosea life to show his people their wrong. Before you divorce your wife do you think she can repent and ask for forgiveness If not pray about this and try to listen to what God has for you in your life God Bless
---grace on 4/24/05

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I went through divorce, and I know it's painful. Two years have passed, and I can tell you we can grow through divorce as well.
---Helen on 4/24/05

'Your wife is telling you what she wants,through her behavior.' Inspite of second chances she has continued her behaviour. But,only you can make the decision to work on it or to divorce,it is not for us to decide for you. But,you are not alone in this,if you are living for the Lord,He will guide you as to what to do.Are there children involved,if so you need to think of them and how this is effecting them. They need a safe and healthy environment. I hope you can see the wisdom in this.
---Susie on 4/24/05

First, do you mean that three times she committed adultery or do you not know that it was adultery or just once? You are right about adulery and divorce, but once that happens it cannot be worked out.
---gregg on 4/24/05

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