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Did Jesus Build Crosses For Pay

When Jesus worked as a carpenter He had to build yokes, furniture, houses and anything that was wood. Did He build crosses for the Romans for pay? There is no prof either way, but what is your opinion?

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 ---Wayne_Brooks on 4/24/05
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Render unto Ceaser what is his. All people had to pay taxes back then and yes as wood was limited But they did have it and Romans had an almost unlimited supply of disposable slave labor and they exploited it VERY efficiently. Most likely Jesus did build his own cross who else's hands would be perfect enough for that job? NOT MINE! The Romans were also very effective killers and they did so with surgical precision on a daily basis so running out of crossbars had to be a problem a piece of wood could only take so many dead guys hanging off of it in the hot sun with the acid from all the bird crap and flies and ants eating at it before it gives out. He can turn his own death into a celebration. AWESOME
---DAVID on 4/24/18

What an intersting question! I sincerely doubt it. I doubt he made any at all...He knew the manner of His death. And as cluny says the upright was already in place.
(surely the upright was good for more than just ONE execution!...The thought sends shivers down my spine.)

I've wondered in the past, if the cross was as neatly constructed, all squared off
and pefectly symmetrical, as drawings show. Sounds like a lot of work, especially with the tools of those days. Wouldn't a fairly straight, stout tree branch or log suffice for the cross bar?
---Donna66 on 1/4/11

Probably not.

Remember that wood was rare to come by in that part of the world, and the pieces were frequently re-used.

Contemporary evidence and descriptions say that crosses were not already made for each condemned person.

The stipes (upright) was generally already in place and the condemned carried the patibulum (cross-bar) to the execution site.

However, there were variations in the procedure.
---Cluny on 1/3/11

This sign,
"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone",
was first posted in a Carpenter Shop in Nazareth.
in accordance with the instruction given in Psalm 1: 1.
Well maybe it wasn't posted but do you think Jesus would act contrary to what He inspired the Psalmist to write?
---Sage on 1/3/11

I have been listen to you all and I found it very interesting the things mentioned. Question
DID JESUS BUILD CROSSES FOR THE ROMANS. I believe he did, do you remember his famous saying to Peter if you live by the sword you die by the sword, jesus died on the cross.
---prento on 1/2/11

As Jesus knew the end before the beginning I think that it is highly unlikely.
---F.F. on 4/13/08

Does it really matter?

I suppose He could have, although it wouldn't have required the skilled hands of a carpenter.

That reminds me of a rhyme I once read:
"For you Jesus died on a cross made of wood,
Yet He made the hill on which it stood."
---Betti on 5/31/07

I'm pretty sure the romans built the crosses but they might have stolen some wood from Jesus. (romans were very good at building things)
---Jared on 11/12/06

Isaiah 53 explains who crucified Jesus.

It is certain, the cross could not have existed without the efforts of Jesus, who is responsible for the tree, the nails & the tools that fashioned the cross; As well as the materials that fashioned the scourge, which caused His suffering.
---a_servant on 7/21/06

I am really confused with the discussion. Why are many talking like the crucifixion was evil and of the devil?

Was it not god's plan? Why on earth would you give the credit to the devil?
---Gnipgnop on 7/21/06

that is a interesting question. I believe if Jesus did build a cross then he built the one he hung on. Debra your response suprises me only because you seemed to assume that wayne wanted an agrument but by reading you post you want
---willow on 7/2/06

Did jesus buid crosses? In the novel the Last Temptation of Christ that is what Jesus is believed to have dine build crosses for the romans
---ulla on 7/2/06

Wayne, I see you have watched the Passion by Mel Gibson. Many things we see in movies, books, opinions are to add something more to the movie, book or persons opinion. The only true source is God's Word to us. This was never mentioned in His Word and where Jesus grew up and practiced his trade there would have been no reason to build the cross bar for the cross. Many good answers here but that part of the movie was not based on Scripture, just a person's opinion that made it's way into the Passion movie.
---Clay on 5/22/06

I think we can agree that God is in charge of who dies, when and how. Do you question when God chooses that someone may be tortured by cancer? Why then would you question whether it is right or wrong for Jesus to do something similar. For you to say "i cannot believe he would do such a thing because he is love." is saying it is ok for God to do such a thing but not ok for Jesus to do such a thing. Unless you are saying that Jesus on earth runs a different program than God in Heaven
---Gnip on 4/24/06

I dont see Jesus makeing a cross for
someone to die on,he is love,he is all wonderful.""Wow"" I would have never thought of that
Bless your walk
---glady5446 on 6/3/05

Generally speaking, crosses were not made for the occasion, or held in reserve. At the usual places of execution, the upright (stipes) was already in place, and the condemned carried the cross-bar (patibulum), which, after having hands/wrists nailed or tied thereto, was dropped in place. The crosses of that day were not as high as conventional artistic depictions.

Of course, there were exceptions.
---jack on 5/28/05

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Wayne: Your question is an interesting one. The answer to your question is not in the Word. There is so much to clarify with the use of the Word and revelation from the Holy Spirit. If you are still curious re the answer to this, then ask the Holy Spirit to clarify it for you and wait with expectation. If the Lord chooses not to answer it directly, just save that one to ask Him when you reach heaven. He loves us so much, one way or the other He will answer it. Bless you Brother!
---Elsie on 5/5/05

In those days if a Roman told a carpenter to build a cross. He had to with no question. I beleive that were Jesus worked in Nazaeth, there was no need for crosses so Jesus never was given the chose to do so. It probaly was planed that way. Exacusions were done mostly near the capital cities. Anyway IF He had to build one, Would he do His very best at His craft. I beleive yes. So we also should do our best in jobs we may not have a choose in doing.
---Wayne on 5/1/05

I love the Lord so much that it never entered my mind-that situation. But, I am not degrading you for asking. Christians can talk to each other and be respectful.
---rebec8436 on 4/28/05

Wayne ... I think you would find more people answering if you gave us the reason for your question.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/28/05

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You realy hurt may feelings with your remarks. How do you know my motives. If you do not like a discussion, than don't reply.

There is a reson for my question, but it seems some are to closed minded to receive.
---Wayne on 4/25/05

What most dont realize is that in those days a "carpenter" was more like the stone mason of today. most buildings were made of stone. wood was not plentiful in that area.
---1st_cliff on 4/25/05

There is no way to me that jesus would do this. It makes no sense, why would he build an instrument of torture that could some day even hold his own body. He never took advantage of the cruelty or mistreatment of others and he loved life. This is just an exercise in futility for those who want to debate senselessly.
---Debra on 4/25/05

No. Jesus was Life, and 100% without sin, so he would never engage in building crosses to kill people- that's the enemies job to destroy.
---Eloy on 4/25/05

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