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Sleep With Men On A Date

How does a Christian woman find a man to marry without first sleeping with him?

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 ---florence on 4/24/05
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When you find the answer, I would be interested in knowing it as well.!
---dorothy on 10/23/07

If a man does not want to get to know you and find out if your compatible or not in your beliefs, morals, likes and dislikes then that is casual dating to me. Platonic friends. Sex should not even enter into it. That is sacred and meant for the married and committed. If he wants sex before marriage and you are a christian then he is not for you. If he can't control himself before marriage I would not want to trust him to control himself after marriage.
---Gail on 5/11/05

Things I have learned from experience. Men do not love or respect you if you have sex before marriage. I thought the man would not love me if I did not give them what they wanted. Your pure body is a gift for your husband. Take time to get to know the man and find out what you have in comman. If he will not wait for you? He is not worth what you have to offer. Your LOVE. Make sure the man has received Jesus as his Saviour. 2 Cor.6:14. I regret that I did not do these things.
---Ulrika on 5/5/05

people juge you when you sleep with a man before marriage number 1 and 2nd you regret that you never saved yourself for the one you were met to be married to because he can use it against you as others do now look people can be cruel the only person who can judge you is god and you but believe me you well regret when and if you do believe me your mate can be your wose judge beth3496
---beth_Ann_Christensen on 5/3/05

Any woman who finds a man in this manner is not sincerely a Christian. A christian maiden is for one male only. A christian maiden will never look for a man in the manner you describe.
---miguel on 5/2/05

Iam alone,and I would love to court a woman,and follow God's rules,because I know that he who established courtship,knows that Sex is best saved until after marriage. In addition,the pregnancies which naturaly occur because of romantic love,assure the children a proper home,when the couple are married.
---Jay80108 on 4/29/05

Florence, I understand your question and confusion. The world and society tell you that sex is part of the dating/mating scene. God has a different standard and criteria for relationships. Instead of trying to find a man to marry, I believe you should be trying to learn who you are in Christ, and study God's Word about you as a woman of God. Abstinence is obedience to God's Word, and something that is beautiful to offer your husband on your wedding night.
---Madison on 4/29/05

How does a Christian woman first sleep with a man before she is married to him? The marriage bed should not be defiled. What if you dont like it with him? You will keep trying? Some things we do not do not because we wont enjoy them, but because God says no for our benefit.
---Maryanne on 4/29/05

A husband who dwells with his wife according to knowledge has high regard for her feelings, strengths, intelligence and dignity. (1Peter: 3:7)

If we have a useful and delicate container at home we would treat it with great care. Our wife is even more useful, delicate and precious than any container and we should treat her with utmost care, love and respect. Don't settle for anything less.
---Albert on 4/26/05

The bible when an man findeth a good wife he has fineth a good thing. It says something to that nature. You shouldn't go about looking for someone. That man will find you and you will not have to do one thing sexually for him to marry you,
---carmille on 4/25/05

Do you know who you are in Christ! you are bought and paid for by his blood. You are a child of the living God, you are the light of the world, " are the temple of the Living God..." 2 Cor. 6:16. I am sorry if I sound judgemental, but if you are a christian woman, you need to know that you are precious to God though Jesus' death on the cross. Please don't be of the world, just to find a man. I tell you this as a brother in Christ.
---david5093 on 4/25/05

I know many men challenge women & say "You can't love me., if you won't sleep with me" Such a man will most likely dump you if you do sleep with him.

The idea you need to test sexual "compatability" before marriage, is made up by men who want easy sex.

A truly Christian man would not want to have sex ... sorry he may want to, but will know it is wrong, and will wait till after marriage.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/25/05

The same way you find a car without driving off a cliff. You simply don't do it.

Do you realize that your standards will help "weed" out the bum husbands?
---Elder on 4/25/05

This question is thoroughly disgusting, sorry to be so straightforward. If he's worth marrying, he will understand you want to do things the right way. If not, give him the boot - his loss, not yours. But, first, I recommend getting out of the dating scene until you understand the importance of waiting until you're married. Gain your self-esteem by reading the scriptures, then enter the dating scene again - you will see much clearer, and will be viewed by others in a new light as well.
---Uggh on 4/25/05

Florence, I am sorry but I do not understand how sleeping with a man before you get married, can prove he is the one for you.
---bethie on 4/25/05

Def. agree with Mark! I'm still single, and quite frankly did not want to date women who were physically affectionate right away. I couldn't help but wonder how often and with whom else are they like that? Also, when you're engaged (or at least very seriously considering marriage together), you could spend time communicating (very important for all things) in a tasteful manner, some of your physical expectations. I've known many who for some reason or other broke it off; a bit sad, but far better than divorce!
---Daniel on 4/25/05

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Dorothy and Florence I'm surprised that you think this might be the criteria required to find a man to marry. All this will do is find a man who wants to sleep with you and, having done that, he is more likely to move on to the next one than is a man who does not request sex before marriage. The one who want to, and wants you to, remain pure until the wedding night is far more likely to be the right one for you. Marriage should not be a 'try before you buy' event. God will lead you to the one He has chosen, in His time.
---F.F. on 4/25/05

I agree that you should wait until you are married to have sex. I have practiced abstinance for 15 years and I truly believe that the Lord has someone for me and getting the right person and waiting will be worth it. I know we are weak in our flesh but lean on Him for the strength, wisdom and knowledge you need.
---Kathleen on 4/25/05

do not sleep with a man until you are married to him. otherwise, you will only find boys who never grew up.
---curt on 4/24/05

As humans, we are often tested and our flesh may desire to indulge in certain behavior, such as premarital sex. BUT, that is not the key to finding a marriage partner. One must first unite in mind, spirit and heart. Find that and you'll be on the right path to finding what your heart desires. Remember, our bodies are God's temple and should remain pure and unblemished. I know that's not always easy, but we must make an effort to live according to God's commandments.
---Helen on 4/24/05

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You should remain pure until you find that right person to spend your life with. If there is true love and God has brought you together, intimacy will be there (after marriage). Love is what makes sleeping together so special. Only when you have that God ordained conection is it truly exciting and fulfilling.
---Kim on 4/24/05

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