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Most Effective Evangelism Methods

What are the most effective methods of personal evangelism that you know, (that you have personally used)?

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 ---Betti on 4/24/05
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I don't criticize your method of gaining someone's attention. We can see in scripture that God used tongues and other miracles to bring attention to the message.

But that's my entire point. The attention getter is to give you an opportunity to tell someone the truth. But what happens if you get their attention and then fail the truth? Is it then effective? If someone should merely ask Jesus to come into their heart, where is the cross? Is faith before the prayer or after the prayer?

You never have even acknowledged my comments to you or about your message. It seems you want to bury your head in the sand and hope I'll go away.

Is that your hope?
---James_L on 2/6/11

Mima and Leslie-- "Lifestyle Evangelism" does NOT mean living a good Christian life without telling people about Christ. The "lifestyle" of the Christian INCLUDES sharing the Gospel!

Taking a personal interest in an individual's hopes, fears, interests and abilities DOES tend to make them more interested in your presentation of the Gospel. Plus, you are present to see that they get off to a good start in their Christian development, after they come to Jesus.
---Donna66 on 2/6/11

Criticizing the methods that others use is one thing. But the question is what is the most effective method that you know and that of course is another thing. Criticizing others' methods(I take full blame for all that you find wrong with me) surely cannot be put forward as your method of soulwinning. Think about it.
---mima on 2/6/11

Cluny, My point was in reference to your stating that "all souls belong to GOD". It must be clarified for any universalist who may have read that....that, again, as the Scriptures do say that all souls belong to GOD, but, not all of those souls will dwell in Heaven in Eternity. Many will be in the Lake of Fire instead.
---Gordon on 2/5/11

'Personal evangelism' begins with fellowship. And is maintained with daily prayer and example and reading of Gods' Word.
The Old Testament is accusing and self-righteous sounding, leading to conviction of our inner selves, but sometimes in our early pursuit, can induce feelings of superiority.
Both the New and Old Testaments, authored by Jesus Christ and Gods' Holy Spirit, provides food for age, growth, sustenance, understanding and comfort for our frailties.
The New Testament is still being written here with our witnessing and actions.
Unfortunately, 'education' has given us excess time for too many 'diversions'.
---danny-o on 2/5/11

Just do the will of God. Desire what he desires and live the life we are told to do in His Word. Just let your light shine for the world to see. Be a walking testimony for Christ.Someone will see and believe the power of Jesus christ.
---Robyn on 2/5/11

Good point indeed.

Too many people are dissatisfied NOT seeing what God is doing. Therefore, they have come up with all kinds of "evidence" that the seed is growing.

Walking to the front of a church, decision cards, sinner's prayers, etc all appeal to the carnal nature of evangelizers to want in on the big plan, and too many aren't satisfied with trusting God to make it grow.
---James_L on 2/5/11

\\ We labour in GOD's Vineyard and Fields and reap Rewards, and part of those Rewards are the souls that received Salvation by way of our Evangelization.
---Gordon on 2/5/11\\

What happened to "I plant, Apollos waters, but God gives the increase", which verse I quoted earlier on this thread?
---Cluny on 2/5/11

Cluny, Yes, according to the Scripture, all souls belong to GOD. But, not all souls will end up living with GOD in His Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Many souls will be cast into the Lake of Fire. So, what is meant by "soul-winning" is helping to evangelize the Gospel to the lost and to disciple them to grow in the LORD that they will live in GOD's Heaven. It's "winning" them, for they are a gain to GOD's Heaven. We labour in GOD's Vineyard and Fields and reap Rewards, and part of those Rewards are the souls that received Salvation by way of our Evangelization.
---Gordon on 2/5/11

\\I know of one lady who uses a basket of cosmetics with a little sign that says free chance on the basket and she uses opportunity to witness to those who approached her. This is an innovative, clever, soulwinning idea.
---mima on 2/4/11\\

Rice Christians by any other name, mima.

May I point out that according to the Bible, there is no such thing as "soulwinning" because all souls belong to God to start with.

Ezekiel 18:4.
---Cluny on 2/4/11

The important thing is not the method. The method is mentioned just to give you an idea what you can do. What is of crucial importance is knowing what to say after contact is made with an individual. Does the Holy Spirit work with these ideas? He does and the reason I know is because many many times when I ask people the question they come back with this statement, Oh I was just thinking about that this morning.
---mima on 2/4/11

Yes mima, it's very clever and there is NO SUFFERING at all that comes to those who have cleverly skirted around the fellowship of His Sufferings.

Why not dress Jesus up like Evil Knievel and LIFT Him UP on the motorcycle. Now that would be an attention getter!

You would really be able to draw a crowd to yourselves!
---kathr4453 on 2/4/11

\\We've given away motorcycles, pickup trucks, bicycles, and cash......
using these methods to get their attention\\

Ever hear the term "rice Christians"?---Cluny on 2/3/11

I haven't heard the term...but,think I get the idea.
The Father didn't draw these....the motorcycle,truck,car,cash did.

So for financial purposes it is better not to be a Christian.
Not being a Christian you get a motorcycle.

You would think the Church would give the Church members a motorcycle/cash etc right as reward for being a loyal Christian member.
But,as a busine$$ they need new ten percenter$ keep the wolf $hepherds in comfort/job.
---Trav on 2/4/11

I know of one lady who uses a basket of cosmetics with a little sign that says free chance on the basket and she uses opportunity to witness to those who approached her. This is an innovative, clever, soulwinning idea.
---mima on 2/4/11

No Cluny, what is a rice christian?

All I can think about is John 6, where Jesus fed 5000 and they came back for more...HOWEVER when He said to really follow me was to eat my flesh and drink my blood, they walked away!

Oh, that's a flaky christian.. Rice flakes??
---kathr4453 on 2/3/11

\\We've given away motorcycles, pickup trucks, bicycles, and cash. In the past 10 years we have heard over 33,000 people asked Jesus Christ to become their savior after first using these methods to get their attention\\

Ever hear the term "rice Christians"?
---Cluny on 2/3/11

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mima, I've heard of using props, but that's a new one on me.

The only PROP Jesus needed was an old rugged cross!

Jesus also said If I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.

When we need something other that TRUTH to bring attention to Christ, we are really saying..I have no faith in the Power of the Gospel.

And to think, Paul could have had TENT making seminar to attract a crowd. Maybe that would have kept him from being beaten and persecuted and imprisoned..who knows.
---kathr4453 on 2/3/11

No, Mima wasn't wrong. I've been over-exposed to WOF teaching that capitalizes on man's covetousness. This is not the same thing, IMHO.
---Donna66 on 2/1/11

Donna: 'Isn't it possible for a car to be more important to people than knowing the Lord?'

True, indeed

The question is whether it was worth trying

Was Mima wrong in trying?

I know that I am too 'stingy' to try it, but I am very impressed by Mima, even if it did not work!

Blessings to both of you, for I can see you are followers of Christ!
---Jennifer on 2/1/11

Donna I understand where you're coming from. I belong to a small group of men who use this method. We've given away motorcycles, pickup trucks, bicycles, and cash. In the past 10 years we have heard over 33,000 people asked Jesus Christ to become their savior after first using these methods to get their attention. I've been told I'm gambling, I've been told I'm wrong by pastors, but I cannot deny the results.
And based on John 6:37,
" All that the Father giveth me shall come to me, and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." I believe our method is acceptable. And I willingly accept responsibility for using it.
---mima on 1/30/11

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mima-- I respect your burden for souls and your zeal to spread the Gospel. I'm sure many have come to know the Lord because of you. You DO know how to gather a crowd.

But weren't you concerned that with a valuable car in the offing, some might insincerely just "go through the motions" of being saved or make a false profession of faith out of covetousness?
Isn't it possible for a car to be more important to people than knowing the Lord?
---Donna66 on 1/29/11

you saw them "do" something, but did you "see" them believe a promise?

Just because a man asks Jesus two questions does not mean that he believes God's promise.

I had a nephew who asked his mom if she could "loan" him 20 dollars, and he promised to pay it back.

My sister gave him the money, and rolled her eyes after she turned away from him. Then she said to me "you think I'll ever see that 20 bucks again?"

She "did" something that looked like she believed his promise, but it was obvious that she didn't believe it for a second.

You may very well have given a car away for nothing because you preached a false gospel
---James_L on 1/27/11

Used-car used in soulwinning.
I once had a 20-year-old antique Cadillac and I was going to sell it. But then I realized I could give away chances for people to win this car useing the opportunity to witness to them. In the course of about nine months, I went to fairs, homecomings, festivals, public parks, and what have you. I heard over 5000 people ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into their hearts and become their personal savior.
Recently a group in Texas heard about this, it happened fully 10 years ago, and have invited me down to speak at their gathering explaining how this was done. This,, to this point, is the most successful type of evangelism I have personally been involved in.

---mima on 1/27/11

Many of the answers are great, I liked Leslie's points on the law been presented first. I like Jeff's that only God can change a person. Salvation does come by the grace of God through faith, but only through the Word of God. No one here can save anyone no matter the excellency of words used, or how good of a person you are, the Word of God has to come to the person with power. And only God knows whom those people will be who will receive the Word with power. Our duty is to preach the Gospel of Christ. The rest is up to God.
---Mark_V. on 1/26/11

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This past Monday night at a grade school basketball game I asked a mother and her daughter did they want me to explain to them how they could be saved. They said yes. I did, after which they prayed with me the sinner's prayer at which time the girl(12-14) blanched white in front of our eyes. The mother was much impressed by this and commented on it. And that's my latest experience with evangelism.
---After_which_they_prayed_with_me_mima on 1/26/11

Yes, faith comes by hearing the word of God. And Peter clearly says, "Wives, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they,

without a word,

may be won by the conduct of their wives, when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear." (1 Peter 3:1-2)

So . . . maybe . . . faith comes by hearing the word, but example and prayer minister for a person to have the hearing needed so the person can hear??? (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/26/11

Always witness Christ. You will find that there are many whom call themselves Christian, when in fact their fruits prove that they are not and they will stop their ears at our words and refuse to hear the truth. But nevertheless, I merely wipe my feet off as a testimony recorded in heaven against them, and I let my light shine for others whom will accept the gospel and be blessed.
---Eloy on 1/13/11

The problem is Christians are pathetically ignorant of their faith.
Since they cannot argue the facts like Paul did. They say stupid things like "Jesus loves you!" When confronted with intelligent arguments they wither away losing their faith as they run back home with the tail between their legs.

So like Low Life Salesman they pick on the Sick, The desperate, the elderly, drug addict, the depressed. SAYING... "Make a decision(APPROVAL) for Jesus,1min Sinners get out of hell ticket is all you need!" Or slip in the bitter Jesus medicine in tracks, or in Rock/Praise music sermons.

Because they are ignorant!

Great posts from Leslie/JamesL
---John on 1/12/11

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I encourage you to read Romans 10:14-17 - how can they hear unless someone tells them, beautiful are the feet that bring the good news, faith comes by hearing the Word. Another time in scripture we are told to open our mouths to share the Gospel, just like the great commission.
---Leslie on 1/12/11

---Leslie and I am very impressed with what you have to say on the subject of personal evangelism!1
---mima on 1/12/11

Evangelism by(lifestyle) example is doomed to failure.
I've been involved in evangelism work for over 35 years and know oh only one person won to the Lord through someone's lifestyle.
The best method of evangelism is a clear message of how the individual we are witnessing to can be saved. Followed by a straightforward question of do they want to be saved!!
---mima on 1/11/11

james i mention changed lives as an evidence of salvation and not just a free bargaining to attract people..when people see change lives or how orderly ones live is-this will testify what it is to live in Christ.sharing the gospel plus matching the talking is what i mean..remember we are called as ambassadors of Christ.yes of course leslie no one can evangelized without opening the the word evangelizations would mean sharingt the gospel of salvation.
---mj on 1/11/11

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Jesus told us to be an example to share the Gospel? NO, Jesus told us to PREACH the Gospel - that word preach means to proclaim (speak, open your mouth). Why do we think then that we are to be an example to share the Gospel? This is NOT Biblical and NO one will get saved this way.
---Leslie on 1/11/11

I am NOT saying that our walk does not need to match our talk - of course it does, this is TRUE Christianity and integrity. However, letting our actions speak instead of our mouths -according to the Bible is NOT evangelism, and will NOT get people saved. If you care about people's eternal destiny and salvation - do what Jesus did, open your mouth to speak the words.
---Leslie on 1/11/11

You wrote that your actions can do more than talking. No, they can't.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God, not by observing others. You hear with your ears, not with your eyes.

"Lifestyle Evangelism" is deceitful if you lead someone to believe that a new lifestyle will make them right with God.

The modern call "come to Jesus, He can change your life" is a watered down message. If all you want to see is a changed life, tell them to watch an info-mercial. No matter what the product, they all promise a changed life.

For an unbeliever, a life changed by God has less appeal than a life changed by money.

Jesus' call is "come to Me, I rescue sinners from a big, hot fire"
---James_L on 1/11/11

leslie and james,so if walking the talk is not effective what else could be effective?do you think people will believe the pastor or anyone if their talk doesn't matches their walk?i think no one can successfully change their behaviour without God helping the person..remember it is written without God there is no good thing in us.we are born to be flesh..only God can truly transform a person..self effort will result to failure
.changes life will mean born again in is the evidence of being born again..many claim and utter the prayer of acceptance..will this assure someone of being save by reciting the prayer?
---mj on 1/11/11

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Leslie, that was a great observation about the problem with leading by example.

another problem with what you wrote is all too common. How much is a "changed life" worth if it is not caused by a changed destination?

A person could very well see you live a life of faith, peace and assurance. They could actually desire the same. Yet if they go about it by simply changing their behavior, and not through faith in God's promised Redeemer, they will also hear "I never knew you"

Many in the gospels walked with Jesus but didn't believe in Him. Walking with Jesus doesn't amount to a hill of beans if we don't trust Him to have died in our place.
---James_L on 1/10/11

The problem with leading by example is that your example may reflect Christ, but that does not mean that the person will get saved by it. I say we should go by the Bible, and speak the words to people about salvation. If we really care about people's eternal destiny and salvation, we MUST open our mouths - even if it gets us persecuted (which most of us worry about).
---Leslie on 1/10/11

the most effective i know is leading through example.the actions can do more than talking..with this you can inspire a lot of others to walk with Jesus when they see change lives
---mj on 1/10/11

Since faith comes by hearing the word of God, I have found it best to avoid unbiblical cliches like
"ask Jesus into your heart"
"say a sinner's prayer"
"believe in Jesus with your heart and not your mind"
"make a decision for Christ"
and many others.

What I have found amazing is that when Christians use words like "saved", "faith", "believe in Jesus", "Jesus died for you" and others, unsaved people don't define them the same way, and it makes for a lack of understanding. I usually make sure to define or describe those words when I'm witnessing. It actualy makes a world of difference
---James_L on 1/8/11

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What are the most effective methods of personal evangelism that you know, (that you have personally used)?

Most effective is to preach the gospel. If you have to, use words.
---francis on 1/7/11

If you are looking for evangelism tools, go to Way of the Master. They use the method that Jesus used, and is simple, and Biblical, and will get people TRULY saved, and not create false converts. Use the Law FIRST to show people their sin and need for a savior (bad news first), then move to the Gospel to show people how to get saved (good news).
---Leslie on 1/6/11

Everyone in the body of christ is not called to do the same thing in ministry, or to have the same personality. This is a beautiful thing since there is a large range of people to minter to.
---jay on 1/6/11

Only one, by the POWER OF GOD.
---catherine on 10/13/10

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The best method of evangelism is the one that you do.

You can talk all about what ways work and don't work, but the only thing that will work is doing something that will verbalize your faith in Jesus.
---Dave on 10/13/10

Many years ago, I used to lead people in the sinner's prayer. But I have seen false converts come from this, so I no longer do that, because they are not saved by 'magic words.' Now I use Ray Comfort's 'Way of the Master' method. I ask them "Would you consider yourself a good person?" and lead them through a few of the Ten Commandments to illustrate to them WHY they are a sinner (and why they need to repent), because I have talked to people who think they are not sinners, and who have said that God will let them into Heaven even if they are not a Christian (I tell them a good judge would not just excuse a criminal).
---Jeff on 4/2/09

Lift Christ up so the sinner may discern His matchless love as He shed His blood for the sin of the world!

John 12:32

Note verse 33 says "This he said, signifying what death he should die."
---JJ on 3/6/09

House calls and Hospital visits
---Chief_Ted_Osuji on 3/2/09

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I have been trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship to present the gospel using the wordless book. five colors that help to tell the basic gospel (Gold: who God is,Black: what sin is,Red: who Jesus is and what He did, White: how to become God's child, and Green: simple steps in growth new testament verses are also used.
---sarah on 9/4/07

I like gospel tracts. They are so colorful and truthful. They can be left anywhere or given directly to someone. They travel well and get the job done.
---Robyn on 8/4/07

Living the life that Jesus died to give us.
---catherine on 8/3/07

What does 'Jesus loves you' mean to someone brought up in western thinking which teaches the earth is the result of natural forces & there is no god, nor need of god.

We need to show such people that the Bible is the truth, Jesus being the creator of all. That evolution is a belief system based in belief about the past not scientific fact.

From long experience I know this often causes a person to reconsider reality & have seen many saved this way.
---Warwick on 8/3/07

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why not place Gospel tracts along the way as we go from place to place-look up the word publish in the Bible-that is the same as tracts.As far as effectiveness, that is in THE LORDS hands-we like to use Chick tracts-they get read.Acts 1:8
---doug on 8/3/07

There is the way to share the gospel. It is all through the N.T. A huge problem with us, is we just don't know how to."The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul." God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. It is our craft to be able to discern who needs the Law and who needs grace. The proud needs the Law and the humble need grace. Thx
---CHRIS on 7/31/07

There is no one way to evangelize. Just like every child is different, there is a different method for each of them. One method works for this one, but does nothing for the other. That is why we must follow the Lord's guidance every second.
---Amanda on 7/22/07

If it takes a method, to evangelize, then it may not be the true pupose in which evangelism of Christ's love, is for man. We are told in Proverbs 3:5-7, not to lean on our own understanding.., What is the job of the Holy Spirit in guiding us?
---Blue on 4/14/07

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DO NOT use the "Jesus loves you" jive. a person living in sin may say, ' i love drinking beer and having sex with my girlfriend." not interested in God's love. BUT, you point the ten cannons of God's Law at them from the beginning, then they'll see themselves as a sinner and see their need for a Saviour. until they know and see their sins, they wont think they need saving. this is why the modern church is an apostate church.
No Law, No Grace.
---r.w. on 8/28/06

First you tie the prospective convert to a chair with a sturdy rope. Then you proceed to smartly beat the prospective convert with a large preacher's bible about the head. After they become submissive you wedge open their mouth with a crowbar, and stuff the bible down their throat. Then after they burp, they are consider one of the family of God, and may be released...just kidding folks. See my earlier reply below.
---Eloy on 9/16/05

Great question, Betty! From over 53 years experience in evangelism of one sort or another, I think the bottom line for sharing the Gospel is to be the most Jesus loving and living person I can possibly be to the highest level of my understanding with devotion and obedience to the Lord in the presence of believers and non-believers alike. What we do often speaks volumes more than what we say.
---Elsie on 9/16/05

prayer preparations first,feasibility study of the area on target,booking appointment with individuals at various time.this can be done by organising a little get together or what I call the course of the get together,a time span should be aloted to what I call "GOSPEL TIME" OR "TIME TO MEET THE CHIEF HOST"
---David on 9/16/05

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Dear Betti: What a wonderful question? Just relax and be all that God has made you to be! Use the Word, It is the living Truth. Check out Romans. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will have you give your testimony, and always He will use His loving deeds through you. Jesus compels folks to Himself. "Some plant the seed, some water and some reap the harvest" but ALL are important. Just relax and let God use you.....His way! He knows who to send to you and He knows what you can give to them thru His Holy Spirit. He does the work! Praise His Holy Name!!
---Elsie on 5/5/05

Your question is a wonderful one. For me the best method of evangelism is to stay confessed up, prayed up, in the Word constantly and allow the Holy Spirit to flow through me. The Lord uses our earthly bodies to say what He wants. God knows exactly whom He will send to you because He knows the person He wants saved AND He knows what you can give. Relax, smile, be yourself and let Him speak through you with the Word. He may use your testimony and definitely your acts of Love. "Some plant the seed, some water it, and some reap the harvest". It matters not. Just stay faithful!
---Elsie on 5/5/05

I only know of one method and that is the Gospel. Many in this times try so many things. They try someone else's experience, or story's even emotions, but to no avail. They go back to doing what they were doing before. Regeneration comes through the Gospel. many are at home trying to figure out how they can bring someone to Christ. Allow God to teach you and you will be prepared to witness to the world. Where God is working you should follow.
---Lupe on 5/3/05

I really have benifited from Ray Comfort and Kirk Camron's evangelism. They have a web site and TV show called ' Way of the Master" it uses the 10 commandments to show us that we are all sinners and then shows people that we need a savior in order to live with a holy God. It is really awesome...check it out!
---LINDA on 4/25/05

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Friendship. I just love people, and get to know them and share my love for them and for Christ with them as we travel this earth together.
---Madison on 4/25/05

Christ sent out his disciples two by two. The apostles were teamed usually in twos for long travels, Peter was the only apostle when he preached to cornelius. I personally have found that for the best results Prayer is a must before you do anything for God. He will give you wisdom as to what to do in each case. Step out in faith and watch God move! :)
---david5083 on 4/25/05

Hi; Getting the word out is a goal of every church and yet we all want more folks to be part of our christian family. Our target audience is those in our neighborhood. Many have had experience with a church or Christians-not many wanting to come back. Others, have never had an experience of God's saving grace or Christianity. To these lost souls, we are their "Bible". How we act, react,listen, share,our lives is what they "read" the church to be. Is it something they would find to make their life better? Is it "fun"? Is it worth my time and resources?
---chuck on 4/25/05

NIKE and Valrie, you say there is no "method" and then go on to describe the "method" that you use.

There is nothing wrong with using a "method" to evangelise. An excellent book is: Evangelsim Explosion, but there are many others. Take the time to browse your local Bible Book Store or ask your pastor if he can recomend something.
---Bruce5656 on 4/25/05

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The way you live your life, react to situation and circumstances is enough way to evangelise the gospel of christ within your immediate environment. If you are a christian that always seeks to do the will of him that redeemed you through the help of the Holy spirit, you will greatly affect the unbeliever around you; you will also learn to pray for souls to be saved such that whenever you sow the seed, the power of the Holy Spirit will water is such that it brings fruits that abides forever
---yemisi on 4/25/05

It has been said that there are five Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and You.

People are dedicated to Religions but only Eternally changed by Jesus Christ.
---Elder on 4/25/05

There is no method in personal evangelism. First thing to do is to ask the Holy Spirit for guidiance and direction. Also, you need the boldness from God.

I used to find it difficult until the Holy Spirit intervened in my situation. I started by distributing christian tracts in buses and at bus-stops. I then take the public transport when going to work in the mornings and use that opprtunity to evangelise in the bus (that is in Nigeria) i do not know if that is applicable in other countries. But I know with the Holy Spirit, you can go places with all the boldness.
---NIKE on 4/25/05

A good evangelist is a good listener. You must relate to the one your witnessing to on the same level on which they are at. Keep the gospel message simple, and don't be preachy. Share some of your own personal testimony and Christian experience. Then ask them if they would like to become saved (born-again) also. If yes, then you can lead them in a prayer to confess their sins and to accept Jesus into their heart and life. Afterwards advise them on the importance of going to a good Bible-based church, and to get baptised, and to get and read the Bible everyday, and to pray everyday.
---Eloy on 4/25/05

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Betti - Pray. No method. Introduce self. Use an "Ice Breaker." Listen. Tell briefly your Testimony before you accepted Jesus yourlife changing experience that you now have assurance of sins forgiven and Heaven. Ask their personal opinion what does it takes for a person to go to Heaven. Their answer then say may I tell you what the Bible says. Use the Scriptures like John 3:16; Romans 3:23 AND 6:23; Rom.10:9-10. Ask if they understand what you just explained. If yes, Invite to accept Jesus. Pray the Prayer with them. Invite to Church. Follow-up.
---Valrie on 4/24/05

Just being so flat out in love with Jesus that it shows.
---Linda_Smith on 4/24/05

The most effective personal evangelism that I know of and I use is to be Chistlike in all that I do. Even though it has become sort of a slogan, I still think it is a fine directive for our lives to ask ourselves "What would Jesus do/say under these circumstances?"and then to act/speak accordingly.
---Pierre on 4/24/05

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