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My Long Distance Friend Is Fading

I'm in a distant relationship, for almost a year now. I loved this person so much and he has proposed to marry me. I know he loves me too, we're matured persons but is like his commiments is fading out. Don't want lose him.

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 ---Baaba on 4/25/05
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Oh my dear friend long distant relationship are so hard and tend not to last. If the two of you are ment to be you will be . Let it go to God and if God want's the two of you to be husband and wife It will happen . God work's in mysterious way's. God alone know's what is best for us . Let go and Let God do his Job and relax and keep your Faith in God not this man . Ok . God Bless you
---Betsy on 3/25/08

Robin, the blog you replied to is 2 years old. By now they must have gotten married and have grandchildren also :))
---Caring on 4/2/07

I think you should tell him exactly what you told us. It is hard to maintain distant relationships. Have you considered moving to where he lives?
---Robin on 4/1/07

Dear all.I am also kind of in the same situation.My friend and I have been having a 'friendship" for about 2 yrs now.So far this long-distance "friendship'has proved more difficult for my friend than for me. In our case what is keeping us apart is our total lack of finance to visit each other or to be together.its getting difficult more and more every day,especially for my friend who seems to get down more easily over the situation than me.Me,I really just try to stay positive.but really we also have no idea what we going to do.So I feel for the others in the same boat.
---Philio on 5/3/05

have you asked him how he feels why is he so far away have you ever thought about the fact God may have separated yall for a reason there is two ways that can go either he is testing you te let you see if it is real love for each other if ya'll are able to stay committed and not fall for another or else it is to break those ties cause he has someone else for you pray about it and listen for Gods answer
---andre9789 on 4/28/05

I once held onto a long-distance relationship where he left and came back and left again. He just broke my heart (and my bank account) repetedly. I loved him so much and he said he loved me too but when it's not God's will, we have to let them leave, for our sake and their's...xox
---Cathy on 4/28/05

I would have to know more about the situation to be able to help you. But, if you put God first and put the guy in the care of the Lord, you can never fail. You have to completely love and trust the Lord and want what God desires for your life above all.
---rebec8436 on 4/28/05

Baaba, keep cool and don't panic. If it is true that he's drifting away from you, yes, it will hurt, but it's better if this happens now than in the future.

Pray God for guidance and speak with him without being too pushy.
---Albert on 4/26/05

Hi! am almost in the same relationship like you, the only diffence is that, he hasn't proposed yet. Have you told him that you feel like the commitment is fading out? Better say how you feel. Further, focus on God and cast your worries unto Him. He know's what's best :-)
---emy on 4/26/05

Hi, You might want to be honest with him and tell him how you feel. I think it is difficult to keep going a long distance relationship. Eventually, two people have to meet eachother vis a vis and take it from there. If there's some way to do this before it totally fades out, I'd try that. Being honest with him, is also the best way to go. You can't assume he's forgetting you when something else may be going on. You'll never know till you ask him. Best of luck to you. God bless Kris
---Kristine on 4/25/05

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