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Friends Stop Emailing Me

When I meet people through e-mail, they become friends to me. I pray for them and am concerned about them. When they stop e-mailing with no explanation I find it rude and if I didn't walk so close to the Lord it would be hurtful also. I can't understand people who do this? Caroline

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 ---Caroline on 4/25/05
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I had a friend once who all she wanted to do is "witness" to me via emails. I sent her sailing rather fast.
---Caring on 5/14/08

On the other hand, there are email friends that are not friends at all. We all know who they are, and what's written privately certainly doesn't line up with what they write in public. Filthy communication, really. It tells the real picture. I no longer do emails, thanks but no thanks.
---Coloopy on 5/12/08

Sometimes I receive things that are not appropriate from my email friends but guess what? I never tell them or hurt their feelings about the email. Unless it gets too overwhelming or out of line. Other than that I simply delete the email and move on. The problem is solved and no one's feelings are hurt.Sometimes we can come off too holy and upright and the other senses this and simply stop emailing you. This is a danger for all Christians to guard against.
---Robyn on 5/12/08

I'm not one of those pathetic people who has imaginary internet "friends" and makes imaginary internet "alliances" to gang up on someone.
This will cause people to stop emailing with no explanation.
---princess on 5/8/08

You would not happen to be refering to me,
are you? If you are, please be as bold to
say it, as you are to make that snikery
remark, you owe me an apology for I have
not been a comedian on this website, neither
People like you are the leeches that suck
the life out of the brethren, for you neither go in yourselves nor let anyone in.
---Nana on 4/23/08

One person's sense of another person's sense of caustic blather, foaming at the mouth.
It is better to show yourself friendly than try to force jokes down their throats which are neither funny or edifying.
---TS on 4/23/08

Hi Caroline, nice to meet you. feel free to e-mail me anytime! D.M. Harrington
---DawnMaria on 4/23/08

"Nana: If you are telling people who email you
these types of things ,you deserve what you get."
---Robyn on 4/22/08
I am thankful that I can get what I deserve. You
really have no idea how friendly and accomodating
I am. My sense of humor is such that I have been
told a thousand times that I missed my call, that I
should be a comedian making millions, right after
making them plead for me to stop talking lest they
break a rib! (no canned jokes, just wit).
---Nana on 4/23/08

A "good recipe for friendship"? No thanks, and I
am not whinning, nor having a problem. The blog
is the truth and what I believe. People do all those
things and call it "keeping in touch".
---Nana on 4/23/08

Nana: If you are telling people who email you these types of things ,you deserve what you get. You are showing yourself unfriendly and very controlling. You also do not have a sense of humor. Not a good recipe for friendship.You will continue to have these problems until you change your way of relating to people.
---Robyn on 4/22/08

People stop emailing me too. In my case it is
because I tell them, as soon as they start with
the chain letter bit, FW jokes, etc, "please
do not send me any of the above, and neither
photos without a comment." In general,
"please do not write me if you have nothing to
---Nana on 4/15/08

Maybe after praying they are convicted. I find sometimes Holy Spirit will convict and then people need to make choices. Sometimes we dont like to make choices. We like to stay in our comfort zones. If you are praying scripturally, then just move on and trust God with those you have prayed for.
In Christ,
---Jeannie on 4/14/08

We use penpal names for identity protection.
Would you like some of these cuckoo birds showing up at your house one day? No thank you.
Our salvation and testimonies are real.
Posting all of your dirty laundry or personal info on the net is not using good common sense. Look at the people who've been burned on all of those my space type blogs. It's like advertising, here I am, come and get me. No it's for our protection to use penpal names, I would never use my real name.
---Berry on 7/21/07

Caroline, I have experienced the same thing and so have countless others. Online relationships are so fleeting and casual. Guess we need to lower our expectations. Easy come..easy go.
---craig on 2/3/06

Moderator: Are you asking me regarding "imaginary salvation"? What do you mean by that?

Moderator - Please quote me because I don't know what you are refering to. Thanks.
---Linda6546 on 2/3/06

(Part 2)Caroline: I am having second thoughts regarding friendships I hit in the Internet, even here at CN. If we are real friends, why do we have to hide behind the cloaks of our pseudonyms? If in case, your friendship is still hinged on the pseudonyms, then don't take it seriously! Even with the real names given, you still have to think many times, the least twice, regarding this type of friendships. There are lots of things to consider: A Virtual Friend, is still an imaginary one!!!

Moderator - I guess there are imaginary salvations too?
---Linda6546 on 1/30/06

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(Part 1)Caroline: Please don't get hurt. We have to understand the friends that we got here at CN, both in the penpal site and in the CN blogs for the decisions they have taken of not writing anymore. All of us have lives away from the PC units we are using. We have other friends and other responsibilities too. Aside from that we could not exchange our "real friends" from the friends we have at CN.
---Linda6546 on 1/30/06

Caroline: I understand your plight and I hope the friends I made at CN would also understand my plight. I hope they won't complain the way you do. I hope the ecards I sent them last Christmas suffices for the time lost. I hope to say that we have our own lives away from the PC unit we are using. Yes we make friends at CN but they are not our only friends. We have other concerns and other responsibilities too. I hope the friends I have made at CN will not be hurt by my "neglect".
---Linda6546 on 1/30/06

I was quit corresponding, when I was discouraged with one the blogs and decided to take a break from the site. When I came back, I realized I could blog without having a penpal ID. This is simpler.
---Ulrika on 1/30/06

---NICHOLE on 1/30/06

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Maybe their status has changed, if male, perhaps they are honoring their current relatioship. Maybe they have married or maybe they weren't who they said they were. Regardless of the reasons they stop, consider it a good thing because if they were true friends, they would have discussed the reasons they were stopping the communication in the first place.
---ishnow on 1/12/06

yes sis i do how how you feel but heyyyyy i will be your fiend Diana Martinez will too and Mya will
ok God bless you sis
---rod8574 on 8/17/05

I know what you mean, I've been hurt by so called email friends also. I have given up trying to make friends, what's the use!!!!!
---Chrissy on 5/12/05

Dear Caroline: I really feel your pain from your losses. May I say to you that "God never closes one door that He doesn't open another". I have had this experience many times during my life; however, God healed my heart when He showed me we should not have expectations of people. Every day is a new day and His Holy Spirit will send people whom He wishes for us to interact with whether on Internet or in person. Once in a great while, He will grace us with a long term, wonderful friend. What a treasure!
---Elsie on 5/4/05

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I can understand what you are saying. I have made a lot of friends myself and later they don't write back. We should understand they don't think like we do. Sometimes it comes to an end because they find another friend. I believe we meet for a reason and it might be to lift someone, or help someone. If God is in what we do, then we will continue to be friends until that purpose is done. When you write, check your heart what your intention is. Allow God to be in whatever you write. You are blessed because you met someone that you never knew before. Praise God.
---Lupe on 5/3/05

Caroline,life is a series of events and changes all the time.It does not mean that they have forgotten you or don't care anymore.Maybe their computer broke and they can't afford a new one,maybe they had a job change,maybe they are ill or away on a trip,maybe they are just not interested.everyone has a right to e-mail or not.It's a personal choice,don't take it to heart.move on.God bless you.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

I had the same thing happen to me. I was very disappointed and hurt. I got very depressed. So, I am careful now about how close I allow myself to get to someone before I really know him/her.
---rebec8536 on 4/28/05

Such things happen when our friends and us do not share the same hobbies, mentality, ideas, etc.

It's very normal to see such thing happening.
---Albert on 4/27/05

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i had the same problem and to be honestit did hurt me i am a christian but i am sensitive but see God showed me a few things though that he showed me some friends are only in our life for a season some are just meant to pass by and others are meant to take our hand make the journey with us dont givve up the ones who are meant to be and are genuine will stay the ones who God knows is not genuine he will pluck remember he plucks the weeds fromm the roots God has a reason for people going other ways
---andrea on 4/26/05

My neighbor of three years moved out yesterday and never even said "so long". The years she was here, I shared my food with her, gave her baby clothes, toys, advice when she asked for it, clothes for herself and husband because they needed it, without so much as a "thankyou". I chalk my experience up to ignorance on their part. Certainly, I didn't do anything wrong. Some people are just fair weather friends. I can't judge your case, but God will ALWAYS be with you, and by and by you'll make friends who will never just disappear on you. God bless. Kris
---Kristine on 4/25/05

Meeting people online is not much different than meeting them face to face. People come and people go. Not everyone clicks with everyone they meet. I have been emailing penpals for several years. A few of my pen friends have been with me since I first started. Most fade away. It is likely that they just don't find common ground that keeps them interested. Or maybe they get to busy or their computers crash and they lose your email address or they fall into financial problems and can no longer afford internet service. Maybe they died... The bottom line, don't take it personal!
---Robin on 4/25/05

When I hit a hard spot in life (& it's often), I look to the Bible for answers. Look at Paul's witness & compare it to your own today. I wonder how many people he met face to face, befriended, & they moved on. Can you imagine Jesus calling them rude for not understanding Him? OR Paul when not seeing them anymore? I believe they (as we) saw seed planted but could not be there to see it grow. You are part of a miracle in witnessing. Please try to see it as your blessing from God & not hold it against those who felt God & turned away. Remember, that witness is still in their minds and hearts.
---mike_fl on 4/25/05

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I am really sorry for that to be happening. I know that has happened to me too. It is great that you care and have God. Don't worry too much about the ones that never e-mail back because I think God picks and chooses the right person or people for all of us.
---Deanna on 4/25/05

I would find it aweful for people to just stop without any explanation, I think that it is really rude and hurtful as well. But, I have learned to keep my expectations lower and am not hurt that easily. But, yes, it is rude and hurtful in my opinion.
---Dennis_Z. on 4/25/05

May God bless you for your concern and cares about others. I don't think people always mean to ignore you or to stop e-mailing on purpose, especially if you haven't said,done or acted offensively or out of christian character towards them. some people unfornately get caught up in the business of everyday life and it causes them not to keep in contact with friends and even relatives regularly as they should,as Christians and people in general we should not be that way but thanks to GOD for the peace that surpasses understanding.
---LaShonda on 4/25/05

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