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What Is The Santeria Religion

What is the Santeria Religion? Will someone please help me? Is the religion sinful or ok? Someone I care about is trying it and I fear for him.

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 ---Patty on 4/25/05
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Santeria, vodoo, and anything of the occult should never be tried by anyone. Once you open the door, no matter how strong you think you are in Christ, you will suffer the consequences. Many here speak as though no one can touch them because they are Christian, but most of those who speak so bravely do not know that we are not called to go out and fight against the devil. Even the angel had trouble with satan and needed the Lord to come to the rescue. Don't fool around with the enemy. He is much stronger then you are. Protect yourself with the armor of God but don't go out looking for trouble because you will find it.
---Mark_V. on 9/28/11

Elena, great advice on how God protected you. I believe that God protects all His children, His elect, through life, to get them to faith in Christ. He allows us to get in sin many times to bring us to a stronger faith in Christ. Yet many times He does the same for those who are not His children like Pharaoh, whom God protected all through his life, to make sure he would be Pharaoh, for the purpose of God. Even Pharaoh had a purpose. God said,
"So I will gain honor over Pharaoh and over all his army, his chariots, and his horsemen. Then the Egyptians shall know that I Am the Lord, when I have gained honor for Myself over Pharaoh, his chariots, and his horsemen" Ex. 14:17,18.
---Mark_V. on 9/26/11

oh,My God! Listen everything Mark V. Say'n true! Santeria well known all overLatin America/ Carribean... NOT OF GOD!Please be advised ! Do not give place to the devil! Don't play with him! Anyone Really close /Santeria,over other similar to it! Get out 'n away quick!The man who start' out so good 'n the end/ His dedication/involvement... Caused his untimely death! The Lord led me to just move on and I really know the Lord was spare me & pull me in His wisdom.I never worship that after know about Jesus... God is a healer!
---ELENA on 9/25/11

nor does Esau appreciate his birthright even if he did.
---aka on 4/1/11

Unappreciative myself in my youth.....

Genesis 28:9
Then went Esau unto Ishmael, and took unto the wives which he had Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael Abraham's son, the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife.
Obadiah 1:6
How are the things of Esau searched out! how are his hidden things sought up!
Hebrews 12:16
Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.
---Trav on 4/1/11

Esau does not recognize a messiah.---Trav on 3/31/11

nor does Esau appreciate his birthright even if he did.
---aka on 4/1/11

\\In the same way some here pretend to be Christians, but actually practice a form of wannabee Judaism.
---Cluny on 3/29/11


Those who say that understand neither, John.

\\It is better to remain silent and be considered a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt!\\

And there's been no doubt about you for some time.
---Cluny on 3/31/11

They wanted to kill Him because He was proposing something new of which they were not, and they knew it.
---aka on 3/30/11

I think you're both partially right.
If looked at closely with prophets/participants testimony's....high ranking jews were not jews but, infiltrators. You could purchase a position. Herod a known edomite built the temple but, could not enter it.
Esau is edom.
Judeans knew in part who were divorced Israelites. They were not going to allow Nth House back into the marriage for legalist reasons and jealousy's. Some Benjamites knew they are Apostles, and at least one of all the other nations that will judge in Rev. Saul got the best lesson.
Esau does not recognize a messiah.
---Trav on 3/31/11

Cluny, the doctrines of Catholicism have everything to do with Santeria religion. It is as Paul said, a mixture of both. Saints and idols are part of santeria. Mostly Catholics worship idols. Most in the Latin countries are Catholics. I also heard in the news many years ago of one college student from Brownsville Texas who was kidnapped and taken to Matamorros Mexico and was sacrificed, and his bones were found later. They were are working the santeria.
---Mark_V. on 3/31/11

John ... I do wish you would not SHOUT.
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/30/11

sorry Alan. I'll try harder not to.
---John on 3/30/11

John ... I do wish you would not SHOUT. It makes it difficult to hear what you are saying

Yes ... "They wanted to kill Him because He claimed to be THEIR JEWISH MESSIAH"

But that was not the full reason ... which was that He was not the sort of Messiah they wanted.
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/30/11

john, isn't what Jesus spoke of new (a little different) than what they perceived of their Jewish scripture?
---aka on 3/30/11

They wanted to kill Him because He was proposing something new of which they were not, and they knew it.
---aka on 3/30/11


They wanted to kill Him because He claimed to be THEIR JEWISH MESSIAH and no other reason.


He claimed to be the Descendent of JEWISH King David, and He fulfilled ALL JEWISH Laws. THE HEBREW OF HEBREWS!

And finally He Claimed to be The Son of THEIR JEWISH G-D!

---John on 3/30/11


It is better to remain silent and be considered a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt!//

John, you said it (and of course the loudest.)

The religious leaders of Jesus' time were not trying to kill Jesus because He was starting a new spin off of Judaism. How would that threaten them?

They wanted to kill Him because He was proposing something new of which they were not, and they knew it.
---aka on 3/30/11

Omo Orisha, scripture teaches there is only one way to God. This is through CHRIST, and CHRIST ALONE, John 14:1-6!

So many people have been deceived into believing in and following the RELIGIONS, TRADITIONS, and DOCTRINES which are of men and Satan, AND NOT OF GOD, Galatians 1:13-24, and James 1:26-27.

There are so many people who are RELIGIOUS including some who claim to be Christian, but they do not have an INTIMATE, AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, THROUGH CHRIST, AND CHRIST ALONE!
---Rob on 3/29/11

In the same way some here pretend to be Christians, but actually practice a form of wannabee Judaism.
---Cluny on 3/29/11


It is better to remain silent and be considered a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt!
---John on 3/29/11

You might as well just call it a mix of Christianity and witchcraft/voodoo. Bad stuff.
---Jasheradan on 3/29/11

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---John on 3/29/11\\

The doctrines of Roman Catholicism have nothing to do with Santeria, though the latter's practicioners try to hide behind the former's trappings.

In the same way some here pretend to be Christians, but actually practice a form of wannabee Judaism.
---Cluny on 3/29/11

---John on 3/29/11

If someone chooses another path to get to God than the one you chose, who is to judge him?
It is a secretive religion
because of the misunderstandings of
a Christian nation.

Santeria is my path, the path of my ancestors and many to come.
---Omo_orisha on 3/28/11

Who indeed would judge you...not I.
Secretive because the "understanding" of a Christian Nation. Secret because your god speaks through roosters and chickens.

...go the path of your ancestors. We will go the path of ours. Our paths do not converge.

Sam 17:47 all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD's, he will give you into our hands.
---Trav on 3/28/11

Santeria is a beautiful religion where we believe in one creator, one God. Same God as christians. If someone chooses another path to get to God than the one you chose, who is to judge him? Santeria is beautiful and I have never felt closer to God. I grew up Christian so I know how Santeria looks to many people who dont know about it. It is a secretive religion
because of the misunderstandings of
a Christian nation. Bottom line, only God can judge ones path. Santeria is my path, the path of my ancestors and many to come. Maferefun eggun, maferefun Orisha.
---Omo_orisha on 3/28/11

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It's just another Man-made relig-org & that light for such came from here, 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14-15 just like the rest of the Man-mades including the rcc the first trin-church then her offspring churches. Also included is god of the buddha, muslam, hindu etc. ALL the gods of the Man-made relig-org's churches ARE subject under to The Only & True Living God, Jesus Christ.
The Only Church God has & His salvation is in the book of Acts which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19-20, to the Jewish people First on the day of Pentecost.
There is NO one found in scriptures that was baptized in the titles as the trin-people do.
---Lawrence on 4/5/10

It is a folk religion which teaches men to communicate with "spirits". Its' followers are led by fear and there is no savation in it.
---Donna66 on 4/5/10

You can take ANYTHING and make it "spiritual" but, the real test is whether or not it glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. The only "spirit" we should be in contact with is the Holy Spirit of God, any other is demonic, and trying to draw away from God. Christianity has NO evil about it, evil practitioners maybe, but none of itself. Jesus Christ condemned evil in every form and allows no intermingling of Satan and Christ. I've never heard of "Santeria" myself, but, if it is practicing any "old religion" other than the Word of God, it is an abomination in the eyes of God.
---tommy7376 on 4/5/10

Palo...Occult means hidden or in secret. What you described sounds like nothing but a tier of the occult.

Please reread the Gospel and please let the Lord deliver you before it is too late.
---Joseph on 4/5/10

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Santeria is NOT demonic. Yes it did take its deities and used catholic imagery to hide the fact of practicing the old religion. like everything in life, the use of it depends on the user. it is a very spiritual religion that will lead the Santero to have a close bond with spirits in the other world. it can be a very beautiful belief system to be in and it can be very frightening to the screamish. all rituals are secretive and are not to be spoken of.

like i said earlier, the practioner is what makes it evil or not. the same goes for christianity.
---Palo_Mayombe on 4/5/10

Santeria is basically a voodoo like religion originating in Africa.When these folks were forced to abandon their false gods and accept Christianity(Catholic),they synchronized their false gods to certain Catholic saints in order to hide the fact they were still practicing the pagan religion.Roman Catholicism is not a part of this nor condones it.Many black folks from Haiti and many hispanic groups practice it and mix it with RC beliefs and traditions.
---judy on 2/19/09

---BRUCWE_THOMPSON on 2/18/09

it is demonic.
follow it and you are conversing with demon spirits who can deceive you into believing that it is God .
witchcraft and voodoo....under the guise of the Catholic Christian faith!
Stay away--run from it-- never look back!
---paul on 2/18/09

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Santeria is Syncretic Religion in which they attempt to reconcile contrary beliefs. It originated in the Caribbean and is practiced in Haiti, Africa, Cuba etc. their God is Orisha. You will not find him in the Bible.

Truth defends itself. Bible does not need to be reconciled with other beliefs.

The safest practice is to stay within the guidelines of the Bible. If you don't find it in the Bible... stay away from it.
---Tsuanne on 1/24/09

I grew up with this religion as well as being raised Catholic. Of course that lead to so much confusion for me as I got older. The point isit is a false religion. I have a member in my family who is heavily involved and it breaks my heart. In time I abandoned both practices and became a non-denominational Christian. Thanks be to God that he sent the Holy Spirit to pay me a visit and open my eyes. I have tried time and again to help my family member to come away with that false religion (which is demonic). But she is so in love with it that I cannot penetrate her from it. I pray to God to somehow separate her from it. She is quite stubborn, but I know that only God can humble the most stubborn of hearts.
---Lena on 1/23/09

Santeria is a mixture of Roman Catholicism and Haitian voodoo. When the natives of Haiti were 'converted' to Roman Catholicism back in the 17-18 centuries, they simply mixed voodoo with Roman Catholicism but gave lip service to the church to avoid conflict.

You will find it in the USA as well, as Police found the remains of a rooster butchered in one of their ceremonials down by the Rio Grande River.
---Lee on 1/18/08

does he fear for you because you are christian?
---maria on 1/15/08

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In Miami mostly the Hispanics practice this satanic religion...of course there are others that do, but it is very, very prevelant throughout the Hispanic community. Some Hispanics there are also of African decent and they practice this too. There is also alot of plain old Voodoo practiced too, mostly from those who came from Haiti or from the Dominican Republic. There is also a form of witchcraft that they practice down there call "Bruharia". You can google all these to find out more.
---Holly4jc on 12/26/07

1) I lived in Miami, Florida where this cultic religion has a very big following. It is a religion/cult that mixes Catholic saints with African religions (including some voodoo practices) and combines them. The practice animal sacrifice and use magic to cast spells (what they consider to either bless or curse someone) and they are totally demonically controlled. They have high priests (both males and females).
---Holly4jc on 12/26/07

2) Actually I was a victim of their demonic activity before I was saved, they can be extremely vicious. They have lots of stores called botanicas that provide ingredients for their spells. Trust me, their demonic spells have power. Of course if you have Jesus, you have MORE power! Its a nasty, nasty cult.
---Holly4jc on 12/26/07

My son lives in New Orleans.He tells me Santeria is a combanation of voodoo and the false catholic church.Most of the folks who practice it there are black.It is not recognized by the Roman Catholic church at all
---shirley on 12/25/07

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I am not 100% sure but I think this is a satanic cult. Please go to google and look it up. Most of all pray for your friend and you.
---Linda on 12/24/07

A combination of the Catholic and Yoruba religion. Missionaries went to Africa to help the people to grow their food and brought medical care, also their religion. The Yoruba people had faith in their religion and would not change. They pretended to embrace the Catholic faith. They substituted the saints by giving their gods and godesses their images and names. Learn all the aspects of the religion, You can help your friend by doing research on the pros and cons. God Bless ...Sarah
---Sarah on 5/25/06

I saw something on TV a few years back and they did associate this cult with a part of the catholic church. They did say that most catholics don't practice it. Rosary beads were also used.
---Jeff on 4/29/05

I also heard of this cult coming through the catholic church. Could be wrong though.
---Mary on 4/29/05

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Peter:Just remember you HEARD.Dont believe all you hear.You are wrong & has nothing to do with the catholic & or any christian church.It s a satanic Cult Voodoo
---Emcee on 4/28/05

All I know about it is to stay far away from it . I heard it was under a sect of the catholic church. This is supposed to be very different from the regular catholic church. Bad news. Pray him out, and get others to pray for him, because there's a very bad power that they have. I plead the blood of Jesus on you and him!
---Peter on 4/26/05

This Voodoo witchcraft go to Yahoo & type in Santeria religion,beware.
---Emcee on 4/26/05

The Bible does not encourage us to have any other god(s) whether we place them first before the Alimighty God or not. For indeed beside The LORD there is no other god.Our devotion and service to GOD is only acceptable to him if that is done with such a singleness of heart and purpose.You need to pray for your friend,that he will not fall into severe error.God help him.
---ThankGod on 4/26/05

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There is only On God, belive his Son Jesus you will be save, when he went up to heaven he sent Holy Spirit to comfort us.Love Lord your God with all your heart, your soul,your mind,your strength as love yourself. No other religion, no idols and no gods. 1John 1:26-27
---bay on 4/26/05

All religion is sinful. Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth, and the life, and noone can come to the Father except by Jesus.
---Eloy on 4/26/05

Patty ... you have asked this question before, and there were several answers. Mayby you missed these because the tithe given to it was "Sacrifices to other Gods permissable"
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/26/05

the Scripture also teaches, thou shall not have two masters, you will be faithful to one or the other, It also teaches there is ONLY ONE GOD, not several gods, We worship and serve only ONE.
---Mark on 4/26/05

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Patty, did you not read the answers to your question the first time? Or did you forget that you already asked this question?

Just in case you lost track, it is the blog titled SACRIFICES TO OTHER GODS ACCEPTABLE. The answers there are true. This is not Christanity. It is a false religion.
---Bruce5656 on 4/25/05

The Santeria religion is called 'The way of the saints.' An African religion. A religion that extols the energy in all things. It has hierarchies just as every religion does, but it does not 'bow it's knees' to any. Humans are the hub of the universe. If this person is African it is his right to go the way of his people. The Christian God said, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me,' but he did not say 'Thou shalt have no other gods.' It is written, 'There are gods many and lords many, but to US there is one God the Father of all.'
---gregg on 4/25/05

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