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It Is Hard To Witness To Family

Why is it so hard to witness to unbelievers in your house? Others are reseptive to listen at least. Give advice please.

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 ---Lisa on 4/25/05
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The first thing that came to my mind was Jesus saying that the people from His home town would not believe that He was our Savior. Continue to pray for those in your house and live as an example to them, an example of a loving child of God. You can only plant a seed, they must be open to recieve it. God will take care of the rest.
Blessings to you!
---linda on 10/29/07

families are the hardest ones in which to witness. They watch the christians life when they are at home and that will have more influence than words. Just be a good testimony. When and if they bring up the past, tell them God forgives.
---shira_5965 on 3/16/07

sometimes your too close to the subject.continue your own walk,and they will watch from a distance, and continue to pray for them. like a child that doesn't take advice from a parent, but will listen to a family friend with the exact same advice. As long as the message get to them,they may come back to you and ask more questions...keep on praying for them:)
---mel on 8/12/05

The best testimony begins with the way that you live your life. Then, when you worship and praise God, you are ushering the presence of the Holy Spirit. When you plead the blood of Jesus in prayer, you cover and protect yourself with the blood. Your anointing will testify to those family members. They will come to you because of being attracted to the fragrance of the anointing. The anointing will give you the words to say at the right time. The anointing gives you favor with them.
---rebec8436 on 4/28/05

I agree that sometimes it is really hard to to win the souls of our own family back to God because our very own family knows us very well that they would just only see what u was before & the "negative" side of us not the new you.The advice to could comment on is that you keep praying for them, release and entrust them to God.
---ladysoul4God on 4/27/05

If you would remember in the bible that even Jesus had a hard time witnessing to his own Kin. He went everywhere to spread the gospel yes, but he had a hard time witnessing to others in his family. I think it is because they don't want to see the "real you", they don't want to see a change. There are people that I win over to God and there are people in my family that I can't, and it took another person to do that.
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/05

Eloy You have said it very well. Once we realize these truths the more effective a witness we will be. If God's son met with resistance we will also. With family, being an example through our Christian lives is very effective if we are patient.
---Doug on 4/27/05

AMEN to all these answers! Your family knows you well, warts and all. By all means show them how you are 'different', the idea of asking forgivenes for any wrongs is a great place to start, and then show them the love of Christ that is in you. God bless you Lisa.
---NV_Barbara on 4/26/05

Through your witness, you are leading them to the Lord without even being aware of it. Live Christ-like and they will see it. No preaching required.
---Paula on 4/26/05

If it can encourage you, I came to Christ when my mom quit talking about God and instead, started to be more Christ-like and showed me His caracter through her actions. She also asked me for forgiveness for things she had done that hurt me. If you need to ask forgiveness to someone, just do it, it will open the door for God to work in the person's heart! xox
---Cathy on 4/26/05

Your family knows what you are like, they have to see the change in you. Keep loving them and casting your bread on the waters, soon it will come back to you. I have been praying for family member for a long time. Some have come to Jesus while others I'm still waiting for. Jesus is waiting for them too. He is not willing that any perish.
---Linda2tk on 4/26/05

Family is familiar, but outsiders are new. Jesus said a prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and in his own house. Matthew 13:57; John 1:11. He came to his own, but his own received him not, but they did to him whatsoever they pleased. Matthew 17:12. But all unsaved people are a challenge to reach, because flesh runs with flesh, and it's hard for them to receive spiritual words. And Jesus said if they have kept my saying, they will keep your's also.
---Eloy on 4/26/05

I am going through this right now. My husband is not saved. So everything I do and say about God he has something to say. I dont argue I just keep praying and doing my work for Jesus. He will eventually turn him around and my other family members that dont believe. So just be encouraged. And keep pressing for the mark for the prize of the higher calling which is Christ Jesus.
---carmille on 4/25/05

I agree with others, the best witness you will have to family is you walk with Christ. Remember, they knew you when... They expect this "fad" to wear off. Been there(etc.). Tell 'em you love them. Give "sound bytes" but not sermons. Let 'em see you read the Bible but also wait for them to ask. AND, pray, pray, pray for God's guideance.
---mike_fl on 4/25/05

When I became a Christian, I was so excited that I told my family. They didn't speak to me for a year. After they saw how I was leading my life, they started to look at what I had found. I never preached to them or tried to tell them that they were lost and needed Jesus. Actions speak louder than word. I was there when they neede me. I encouraged them. I prayed for them.
---Arthur on 4/25/05

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