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Considering Marriage Without Boy

I am 25 and am considering marriage, have no boyfriend. I don't know how but just don't have any. Many people around me are unmarried or have problem with their date. I am so afraid that I would become one of them. What can I do?

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 ---Annie on 4/25/05
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Annie:-why are you afraid? is it rejection?or do you feel it insecure? keep an open mind talk,mix, be honest do not explore intimate subjects or liberties to get you in trouble.Marriage is a serious contract, seek for guidance through the Holy spirit& see for a man who is equally genuinely compatible in teachings with your christian ideas, Good luck & god bless you.Take your time dont rush.
---Emcee on 3/7/08


It is a blessing to be single and it is also a blessing to be married, be contented in what ever situation you find your self. Remember we all have a deceiver the devil who is like a Raring Lion seeking whom is may (not can) devour. So try not to act like a lamb/damsel in distress you need to be grounded in the word of God to Protect yourself from the wolves that are in sheep's clothing. People who prey on Vulnerable women without bible knowledge.
---Carla5754 on 3/31/07

Are you a true Christian? In any case. Getting satisfied at where you are at is very important in God's economy. To do that you only have to learn to be thankful. The worse thing people can do is complaine.
---catherine on 3/31/07

Interesting reply's considering that Paul made it somewhat clear that one could better serve if not entangled in marriage.
---Dan on 3/30/07

First of all, you have to deal with fear. Believe in your heart that God will give you a lasting relationship. Secondly, pray to God to bring someone your way and he will. He will give you someone who love you just for you. The reason why many relationship dont last is because couples make God second in their lives. If you'll make God first in every area of your life, your marriage will showcase to the world that with God all things are possible.
---John on 3/30/07

Have faith and know that Jesus lives and answers prayers. I was divorced for ten years. I was tired of living alone with no one to love. I did everything God asked of me. Finally, I decided to put my fate in God's hands. I knelt in prayer for twelve hours pouring my heart out to God. As I was giving up in despair, I saw a bright flash of light across the heavens and knew everything would work out.
---Dave on 3/30/07

2-I met Linda the next night and two souls were united as one instantly. We were engaged three hours later and have been married for eight years. the love and trust we share cannot be measured. God knew she was abused in life by evil men professing to be saved. Her faith was non existant. I vowed no one would ever hurt her again. You must live your life as an example of Jesus Christ in all ways and shun evils of the world. It is only after you prove yourself worthy in God's eyes that the miracle occurs.
---Dave on 3/30/07

Do yourself a favor and just enjoy your life. I want to marry but have no boyfriend???? what the heck? Sounds like the same road so many have traveled and now find themselves middle aged and divorced. Don't get married for the sake of being married. Getting married is some serious stuff, make sure you want to spend a life time with a person. Your young, dont get in a hurry and pray, LOTS
---Randy on 3/30/07

When God created Adam, He said, "It is not good for him to be alone." In other words God made us with a need for a kind of intimacy that He knew that He Himself could not fulfill.

I know your heart hurts. So does God, and He understands. Don't let those people who tell you that God should fulfill it preach you under condemnation.
---Jack on 5/28/05

I'm a male that has for the time being decided not to marry. I am 40 - and I am good looking - the opportunity to marry for me has been immense - but I am convinced that Jesus must be in that decision for it to work out correctly. He has a plan for our lives - lets not spoil it for ourselves. We are encouraged to 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you'.I sympathise with you, and it does seem to be more common - even in australia. The divorce rate in the church is 50%. I'd advise anyone to be very careful about marrying outside God's will for their lives.
---Eric on 5/3/05

I am not in the least opposed to marriage. but why does everyone seem obsessed with finding a wife or a husband. They seem to think they are incomplete and need another human person to validate them. Only God can fullfil us. Why not seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and let what ever he has for us transpire in his timing? The Lord is willing to be to us all that we will allow him to be. He is everything we ever wanted and so much more.
---ann_G on 4/29/05

There are so many of us in your shoes. While you're waiting for that special someone allow GOD to be the one and talk to him as if he were that man and tell him how you feel. As you seek GOD he will do the rest. Just wait on him and trust in him.
---Marsha on 4/28/05

Do you feel God wants marriage for you, or is this just what YOU want? As for bad dates, well, as hard as it may be to find any, only date men of faith, men commited to God. Go to Christian functions, concerts, get togethers, bible studies, perhaps there you will find what you are looking for, even if you don't find a husband.
---Tim on 4/26/05

Annie, I was married for 28 years to a wonderful,Christian man. He died recently, but I feel honored to have been his wife since I was 19 years old. Marriage is holy, and must not be taken lightly. Pray and seeks God's direction and if it is His will, He will send the right man at the right time. God bless you. Judy
---judy on 4/26/05

when the time is right God will bring you that one special person maybe you thinkk you are ready and God sees that you are not or maybe he still has somethings to fix with the one he has made especially for you with marriage comes no guarantees just like with a car you may think it is perfect and then a day or two later you are stranded so hang on to the hope that there is someone for you
---andrea on 4/26/05

Hi there:

I understand to an extent what your going through, to make matters worse some people are trying to set me up because all of my friend are either married, dating or about to be married. How do i Cope?

Simple I talk to God, he will direct you. Tell him exactly how you feel (including the lonliness at nights). And one think i always do if a guy seems interested in me i take him to God, meaning i pray and ask God if he is the one. Its hard but stick to your values.
---regin5679 on 4/26/05

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I Wanns Say I Fell Your Cry FOR Answers....I Must Say When In Doubt Always Pray...Don'T Rush AND Do Something That You May Regret Getting married For THE Sake OF Being Married..Marriage is a ministry that GOD has to prepare you for..Take Your Time Get In Touch With GOD.. See When You Find GOD You Find YOURSELF AND HE WILL REVEAL HIS PERFECT WILL and Plan FOR YOUR LIFE..
---BIGPREACH on 4/26/05

God have never rejected any one who went to Him sincerely.Ask Him to show you the true way of serving Him.May be He wants to serve Him wothout Marriage.Think also of Religious life if you are a catholic.Ask the holy spirit to guide you.
---Stephen on 4/26/05

Hi Annie , Please don't go looking for a husband Wait on the Lord he'll Bless you with a wonderful Godly Christian man when it's time for you . God is not done with you yet . God has a Wonderful man that he is getting ready Just for you . Trust me I tried it my way first , ended up with a horrable first marrage very abusive . It took 8 long year's of doing it God's way But Praise the Lord God was way is so right , now I have a Wonderful God fearing husband . It's worth the wait my friend. As long as your doing your part in your life God will do his part . God is Never late . God Bless you
---Betsy on 4/25/05

I am 38 years old and have never been married. I have had 2 girlfriends in my life and sometimes the loneliness really depresses me. I am single because I have not settled. I don't believe in one-night stands or even fornication so that makes me a really "odd man out." Part of the problem is that I am a blind man living and working in a sighted world. I deal with a lot of prejudice and stereotype. But I still have faith that I will meet that special someone. Don't give up and settle or you might be in divorce court in a decade. ;)
---Rex on 4/25/05

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