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Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves

I just wonder why 13 teen year olds are cutting theirselves? I know my daughter and a bunch of her friends are cutting. My daughter is very loved and we show her attention but she is cutting herself. She doesn't give a very good reason why.

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 ---Deanna on 4/25/05
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maybe she is cutting her self because of peer pressure in school and she wants attention. it can be because she likes a boy and he doesn't like her that happens sometimes too. it can also be her grades. try to sit and talk to her alone and see if there is any problems in school
---monica on 6/14/09

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10
Why are we are getting trapted by the bondages of this world??? Why??? why are we seduced by the "science" that contradicts our faith in Jesus Christ???? "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight. As it is written: "He catches the wise in their craftiness" 1Corinthians 3:19...Why do we let our pride and the spirit of independence to control us??? So we become blind to see Jesus' grace??? "Then I turned my thoughts to consider wisdom,and also madness and folly." Ecclesiastes 2:12a
---Julie on 3/29/09

Where are we running when we have a problem? Do you really think that God the Father stands and asks Jesus and the Holy Spirit: how they are going to work in this situation???? Do you really think a Sovering God needs the science's help to heal your wounded heart and restore your life??? do you thing the Holy Spirit needs Lexapro, Xanax, Zoloft etc.. to drive out Demons...Are we following the same powerful Jesus, King of Kings, Lord or Lords the Almighty God that we praise in church with lifted hands every Sunday????
---Julie on 3/29/09

Until 3 years ago, I grew up from childhood with suicidal depression (never committed it because I'm not a murderer). I never cut (cutting was unknown at the time), but I believe pagangoddess is right, it does relieve the pain of life. Almost like alcohol, it is an ESCAPE, but it is also probably subconsciously thought to be deserved/justice for something imagined that you could have somehow prevented (I used to blame myself for things I had no control over).

I always felt very uncomfortable in this world of corruption, war, hatred, etc....

Ecclesiastes 2:17
"So I hated life".

John 12:25
"he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life".

God knows where you're at in life.
---more_excellent_way on 1/29/09

In regards to why teens or anyone cutt? And i am speaking from Experience. I use to be a cutter. And can i tell you this right now. It had nothing to do with me being ABUSED. Because i was NOT! Cutting was a way for me to express my pain that i was feeling inside EMOTIONALLY. I had depression, and inside i was hurting, but i didn't know why! For the life of me, i just didn't know why. I have many friends and people to talk to, but i was still depressed, and i wanted to get rid of that feeling inside, so i would cut myself, and this act would relieve that pain inside of me. I know to you, this doesn't make sense, but this is the reality of why people cut. It is a relief from their pain that they are feeling.
---pagangoddess on 1/28/09

Rhonda: I NEVER said I do not believe in Christ healing. I have seen Him heal in many ways. One was through the use of mental health professionals.

I was traumatized as a child, and tried the Jesus alone will heal you path when I was first born again, and I learned the hard way that I needed intensive psychotherapy to help me work through the traumas, and identify them for Jesus to heal. You can't just wave a magic wand and instantly see a traumatized teen healed all the time. Most need to identify their pain first and then expose it to God's healing love and grace. That requires professionals like me.
---Trish9863 on 12/19/08

Are you sure she feels loved?
Sometimes we parents think one thing and to our teenagers it is entirely something else.
I used to think that way too. Til I really started talking and LISTENING to my teenage daughter.
She was cutting herself too at the time.
I found out quite a bit just listening.
We somtimes forget that God tells us not to provoke our children to wrath.
When I started listening without getting mad, she started opening up to me and trusting the andvice I give her instead of her friends.
Our father in heaven doesn't get mad at us for confessing and being honest. He is also a great listener. He tells us to be to our children the way He is with us.
Me and my daughter are closer than ever now.
---miche3754 on 12/19/08

Empty words are like hay, having just about 0 percent nutritional value for human consumption. Eating hay will surely dull the senses!
---Nana on 12/19/08

not quack spirituality from so-called Christians.

quack sprituality is what unbelievers call Christians ...Christ healed ...healing occurs today only FALSE Christians would claim quack christianity and DENY the power of healing through Christ

the non-christian method of sending a child off to a pysch ward to be babysat by a "qualified" babysitter for LAZY parents who do not LOVE their children is non-christians (or self professing christians) who prefer this method because it is HOLLOW without any love or natural affection

that is the DIFFERENCE between True Christians who LOVE their children and society who has easy one-size fits all solutions with drugs and "therapy"
---Rhonda on 12/18/08

Rhonda: I know of no teens who are drugged because of cutting. And, I know a lot of teens who have cut, since I teach middle school and work in a psychiatric hospital.

Cutting is a symptom of trauma, and abuse, as well as mental illnesses. Cutters need psychotherapy from qualified mental health professionals, not quack spirituality from so-called Christians.
---Trish9863 on 12/18/08

Jesus didnt have a degree when he healed the man with he legion of his crazyness?
---Andy on 12/17/08

Amen Andy

non-chrisitans seek psych wards first ...the false idea that "medicine" simply DRUGS to numb them up ...dull their senses ...and make them into living breathing zombies

they become lifeless creatures unable to think clearly due to all the chemicals called drugs racing through their mind

they slip away from people AND God because their minds are CLOUDED

then the so called "mind experts" use them like guinea pigs

these children want someone to relate to to ...understand them ...LOVE THEM

chemicals called DRUGS don't give LOVE
---Rhonda on 12/18/08

Andy: I work in a psychiatric hospital, and have to tell you that you are giving very dangerous advice in telling a parent to get their daughter away from a psychologist. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!

As a mental health professional, I am aware of the reasons adolescents cut, and the methods implemented to help these kids examine their lives and learn where this self-harm is coming from. Self-harming behaviors are deeply rooted in some sort of abuse, sometimes sexual abuse. That has to be learned and dealt with.
---Trish9863 on 12/17/08

Dear Ginger, I was a smoker,self-destructive, and suicidal, yet was every sunday in church. I have two cousins that also went to church, one a cutter the second a burner(he would put out this sigarettes on his arm) when i was 21 i became bornagain, from that day i stopped my destructive behavior. a little while later God guided me into repentance of my smoking as well. my two cousins abandoned the Lord, they became worse, my advice, ghet your daughter away from those psychologists and put her in the hands of an intersession group, however non will have a degree of psychology, they will be more effective in liberating her. again,did you know Jesus didnt have a degree when he healed the man with he legion of his crazyness?
---Andy on 12/17/08

Andy, you are un-imformed about cutters and should be careful not to mislead a parent. Cutters may very well need Jesus, but Jesus created doctors with minds to counsel people with problems. A cutter needs counseling!

My daughter is saved and yet she has started cutting herself. To a cutter, cutting themselves is the same as a smoker who smokes when under stress. I smoke, can't quit either, yet I know I'm saved and have a heavenly home.

If you aren't a psychologist dont give advice about something this serious!
---Ginger on 12/16/08

Cutting has been in our culture for years and years and yes it does date back to Biblical times. Teens today are filled with emotional pain and self-injury is an unhealthy coping mechanism that takes the emotional pain away--or at least that is the lie that the teens believe--because it only comes back again and again and again. Its a slow yet self destructive cycle of abuse ---to themselves. Its eaiser to feel the outward pain then deal with their emotions
I will keep your daughter in prayer.
Keep strong in the Lord
---Debra on 10/1/08

My sister used to do it years ago. Could never understand it. In the book 'Dust of Life' Amerasian (half American/Viet) women born in Vietnam used to suffer through depression ,persecution and ridicule used to cut themselves also. Theres a dark spirit there.

Thanks to the person who put up the scripture Mark 5:2-5. Truly makes sense now.
---DAVID on 9/18/08

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Mark 5:2-5 And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an --unclean spirit--, Who had his dwelling among the tombs, and no man could bind him, no, not with chains: Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him. And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.

They have an unclean spirit
---exzucuh on 9/16/08

Matthew 12:43-45 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out, and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

When people are Born again the unclean spirit goes out and the new comes in, but if they backslide and the Holy Spirit leaves them the unclean comes back with friends that have no home.
---exzucuh on 9/16/08

Oh my!! All I can say is "Amen" Mima. And Mike, I am soooo sorry, there are no words for this kind of pain.
---Mary on 9/16/08

Father I come before you under the righteousness of the shed blood of your son the Lord Jesus Christ. I come holding up this young girl who is cutting herself and her father Mike and the entire family up to you. I'm asking you to send ministering angels to each person's spirit in this family. I'm asking you to wipe away the heartache of this family. Give them your understanding and mercy and guidance. Father thank you for the privilege of praying to you and please cause your will be done in this whole situation.
---mima on 9/15/08

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My daughter aged 17 is cutting herself. Her older brother suicided 2 years ago and I think she does it to feel some sort of control over her internal pain and it also takes away the "numbness" she is going through. She & her brother were very close. In our case, she is not trying to get with an "in" group - nor is she seeking attention from others, she has actually withdrawn from nearly all her outside friends - yes we are getting professional help for her but the road to recovery will not be easy - we are all struggling with this terrible loss. We actually live in fear of what might come next...?
---Mike on 9/15/08

many had something to say, and yes it has all some good basis, yet the main reason why your daughter is cutting herself is because she is not born-again and saved, she may say she is, but NO.
is she sure about going to heaven, are You?
Jesus died for us all and when we put our trust in him alone we will be saved, therefore repent and confess your sins and this gift(eternal life) will be yours John 3.16
---Andy on 2/28/08

The pain of the cuts shadow the pains
in their hearts. Truly this age is a stressful time and even more if they are dealing with adult issues. Never sacrifice their love for your rules! I know putting strict rules (not being legalistic) makes it even tougher for our children and this age, but they will come around. They will work it out in their matter how much they kick and scream. They are most worth the investment. Love never fails!
---inthegap on 2/15/08

wow i never thought so many people did what use to do. my mom saw it one day ans ask me about i have not done it in 3 months
---Keiola_rupe on 2/12/08

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I believe that cutting is an emotional escape having to do with living as a teen in our society today. I don't belive that it is demonic possession or anything having to do with Satan himself, parenting, love or anything else. It is a great deal harder to live with the pressures society puts upon oour youth. Love them, get them the help they need and stress the importance in which God has on their lives
---angie on 1/22/08

Cutting is a common problem in early and late teenage years. When you're actually seeing it through your peers, it makes a difference. It's a way some people fit in, but others use differently. You're daughter is most likely using it for attention and to fit in. If you confront her she'll probably pull the "You just don't understand" card, being 17 myself, I know that's how I would handle it. Watch her closely because it will carry on into her later years, ESPECIALLY into high school.
---Harley on 1/7/08

There are alot of reason cause I myself used to cut my self! She either needs more attention or there is a school related!
---Kristyn on 1/7/08

There IS no good reason they do this. They do it because it's "cool" to do. Just like everything else when you're a teenager, friends are doing it, so they want to do it too. Like drugs. It's part of being in the 'anarchy' crowd (maybe). They think, 'how much more anarchy can one get than destroying oneself?' Stupid, I know.
---sue on 12/20/07

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I can't tell you why your daughter cuts but I can tell you that my daughter did it when she was 14. She had just started to a new school and was rejected by different groups of kids, but the one group that accepted her was troubled kids like herself that didn't 'fit' in with the popular kids. She was hurting emotionally and didn't know how to deal with it. Children can be so cruel to each other. The answer is always Jesus. He will help your child, if she lets Him.
---barba7776 on 12/20/07

I am so hurt. I just found out my 12 yr old daughter has begun cutting. She says its because of stress and anger. How do our children find out about this mutilation. I do not know what to do. We have started Christian counseling. But it has caused so much trouble at school. Any advise will be greatly appreciated , Please keep our family in Prayer
---Aundrea on 12/20/07

teens often cut themselves because its a way they find that helps them to cope with stress or strong emotions that they don't know how to deal with
---melissa on 12/12/07

I understand alot what emo's do (Cutters) becuase i was one. I knew my mom and dad loved me and i did it to fit it. I got regected by the preps and every other group so i went for the Goth's, Bi's and Emo's. They ecepted me and i loved them for it. They cutted themselfs so i did it just to fit in. This happened in the 7th grade i was 13 i'm in the 8th grade now 14 and homeschooled. Don't think your doing something wrong
---Diane on 12/7/07

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People who cut themselves do so because they are suffering from emotional anguish. Like persons suffering from anorexia, bulemia, and other distructive disorders, psychiatric care in such cases is absolutely necessary.

There has also been some theorizing that deficiencies in vitamin and mineral intake can affect brain function, esp. in teens. In addition to getting professional help, switching to an organic diet and adding a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement may help.
---Nancy on 12/3/07

Cutting is one of many self-destructive habits that people use to deal with anxiety when they don't have the means, support systems or personal tools to express pain.
I would think that Christian kids would be different but dysfunctional adults teach chidren how to be dysf. (hurting people hurt people).
This is also popularized by the goth crowd, vampire death cult etc. piercings and such are all a kind of this behavior. As can be tattooes etc. Pray, love,
above all do not judge feelings.
---Andrea on 10/18/07

most of the reasons why they cut themselves is because of the stress that they are going through. maybe from a break up with someone they really loved. it is hard to explain. because i am going through the same stuff right now. no matter how much they are loved at home or all of the attention that they get there will always be other reasons why they are doing this.
---kristan on 10/17/07

Most reasons for teenagers cutting themselves is because they are under stress, something happened that made them need a way to 'relax' or feel something. For everyone it is different. Confrunt your daugter and ask her if there is anything wrong and you are there to help. I hope I helped a little.
---Sam on 7/12/07

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Well I know that around 13 people get confused and hurt very easily. Ages 12-15 is the most difficult time of life because you don't know what to do and you start to care about what people say about you. I know this because I'm a 13 year old and I'm being treated for depression. Just talk to your daughter and maybe get her tested for Attention Defecit Disorder (ADD) because people with ADD have a harder time understanding everything and dealing with rough times.
---Rachel on 7/12/07

The reasons are many, complicated & intertwined. Yet, all have a spiritual foundation.

This will not be an easy fix. Recommend you do an internet search using all 3 terms in this order: "cutting yourself God"

Father, please help her, help her daughter. Thank You & praise You, Father.
---a_servant on 7/2/07

Deanna, I'll give you a very simple but shocking answer. What you take from it is up to you.

Your daughter is UNDER DEMONIC ATTACK and bad peer-pressure influence.
---Ok on 7/2/07

Deanna, I'll give you a very simple but shocking answer. What you take from it is up to you.

Your daughter is UNDER DEMONIC ATTACK and bad peer-pressure influence.
---OK on 7/2/07

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Cutting, instead of painful as you would imagine is an escape from the problems we're facing. We can't avoid all pain so we choose it rather than taking what we're given. Sometimes we have an empty feeling like loneliness and it's like our souls are being starved. Cutting proves we're still feeling and breathing. We ourselves don't fully understand it; I've cut for ages and the only reason I understand is "I want to." Pray for her but forcing her to stop won't work, she'll find another way.
---Icut2sis on 7/1/07

Us kids cut from depression like a death or relationship problem. She needs help like I do but she has someone who will help her and not ignore it. It is hard to stop but still if you help her it can get better before she gets really hurt.
---JC on 5/24/07

Your daughter is not cutting because she does not feel loved, and she may not know why she is cutting herself. My daughter is 15 and was cutting and cannot tell me why. The teenage brain is not fully developed at this point in life, they don't assess risk the same way as an adult.
As adults we don't always know why we react to things the way we do, so why do you expect your daughter to be able to give you a clear cut answer as to why.
---Stasia on 5/19/07

Its a way of releasing hurt and pain. After an individual does it, it actually makes them feel better......and no it has nothing to do with bein 'demon posessed' just a person whos really hurt in the inside.
---Bella on 3/14/07

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Because we would rather hurt ourselfs then hurt others its just teen angstd and if you ask your kid why there cutting of coarse
---Zibby on 3/8/07

tonne: Not all kids who cut are demon possessed, or have used drugs. You do not know of what you speak.
---Madison1101 on 3/2/07

Demon possession. They have been on drugs that caused demon possession or someone slipped them something. They need to be brought to an Exorcist's and the entire Christian Community needs to pray for them.
---tonne on 3/2/07

Children do this out of insecurity sometimes they don't get on at school/friends that are popular or peer group pressure of some sort. The one major reason is when children feel insecure in the home for whatever reason and this can get out of Hand. Maybe you need to seriously if you haven't already since the post dates 05 get to know your child more and you may find out things you never knew.
---Carla5754 on 3/2/07

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The scriptural references to those who cut themselves served either baal or were demon possessed. As unpopular as it is, the person doing so needs to trust Christ and follow him. The Spirit of God can deliver one.
---Frank on 3/1/07

Well, maybe she cuts because she caused someone emotional pain. Maybe she thinks she needs physical pain to make up for the emotional pain she brought upon someone else.
---Leah on 3/1/07

Well, something is missing in Her life. Noone cuts just for the sport of it. How do you get at the root of the cause? Here we go again. Only Jesus Christ.
---catherine on 2/26/07

I have cut myself before and it was because i was stressed over school,friends,and family . And finaly I just got so mad I just did it !
---Christine on 2/26/07

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NO matter how tired you may be of hearing about Jesus, He can help. His love, Man, He can pour it on you. Don't knock Him, till you've tried Him.
---catherine on 2/23/07

I myself have cut before and i want to give you her perspective. She feels trapped, maybe by her friends. you need to talk to her and reassure her that whatever it is that is bothering her, she can go to you. Do not however, prod. When she feels like talking, she will talk. What helped me was when a lady within my church prayed over her. Maybe you should try that.
---megan on 2/22/07

Why is it wrong to bring our Savior into the M. health of people? He is God== for goodness sake. Whether or not you believe,He is still God. We just simply do not have all of the answers. God, my friend, on the other hand does.
---catherine on 2/8/07

George, The way Satan is involved in cutting behavior is that he deceives the cutter that there is no other way to deal with emotional pain but to harm oneself. That is a lie. There are other ways to cope with emotional pain, and those ways can be learned in therapy. Every teen should be taught coping skills to deal with the tumultuous emotions that go with adolescence.
---Former_Cutter on 2/7/07

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It isn't necessarily the parents, so please don't put the blame on yourself.Yes my 13 yr old daughter has just started this. She came to me and told me what she had done and we talked about it. She said that her and a girlfriend were fighting and to cut herself made her feel better. So we discussed other options on how to deal with all of the emotions that teenagers are subjected to. My advice is to talk, talk , and talk some more. Things go on in your kids lives that most likely you don't know about.
---Rachael on 2/7/07

YOU better believe that SATAN is behind the cuttings. Satan gets away with too much and HE loves it. I agree she doesn't have to go to a JESUS CAMP. BUT I know GOD well enough, and he is the only answer.
---CATHERINE on 2/3/07

to bring in "God" or Satan while dealing with psychological problems is simplistic and just plain wrong. These teens are cutting themselves because they feel pain - not because they are possessed by demons or Satan.

Yes, they need treatment, but they don't need to be sent to a Christian Camp (like the movie Jesus Camp) where they are force-fed the bible instead of dealing with their problems
---george on 2/3/07

Like some psychological disorders this is about feeling control whether it is or not. Destructive tendencies are not of God but then our human psyche is destructive until we are submitted to Him in Christ.
---joan4689 on 1/16/07

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when I did it it was because I felt nothing but numb! I lost six friends in high school 75-78 and a sister to drunk driver in 79 I cut myself or smashed brick walls or people with my fists just to feel. when I recieved Jesus in 86 that stopped. I felt again I could cry and talk to GOD because of this bible verse Hebrews 4:16Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.
pray for her I will. GOD bless you
---willow on 1/15/07

Thanks for having the nerve to tell the truth, Frank. That's great news for your family.
---Merne on 1/15/07

People cutting themselves in the word of God were always those who worshipped Baal. It might be a good idea to have her really seek the Lord with all her heart as what she does is definately not an attribute of Christian behaviour. And before anyone thinks I'm heartless, my own daughter did the same until she finally sought the Lord with all her heart. Now she is fine. Contrary to modern teaching the devil is very much alive with spirits that psychologists and psychiatrists can't cast out.
---Frank on 1/14/07

I have a doughter who is 13 years old and she cuts herself, she has been to so many doctors over the past 2 years, and she still hasen't opened up? Why? I need some help on this PLEASE????
---Spudie on 1/14/07

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Hi I am 16 and i cut, I know i am loved buit its not the facted that i don't feel loved that I. It's because the pain that i get from it makes me feel better. I read somewhere that those who cut cut to release the pian the feel, in my case and maybe in your daughters its that i feel like i have caused pain to someone so i should cause pain to my self. I really don'y know why she cuts but i can tell or i should day ask you as a cutter myself, please don't yell at her for it trust me it will make it wrose
---Crystal on 1/6/07

i just turned 14 and ive heard about it and some kids (but very little) at my school cut. i think maybe she is doing it because of peer pressure or to look cool and to not be the only one not doing it. one day i did it just lightly and it looked like a cat scratch because someone at school hurt my feeling. its just a passing fad, she'll get over it and soon stop.its just a punky trend. good luck =]]
---taylor on 1/5/07

i honestly think that your daughter wants to fit in.i have been there and done fifteen and at age thirteen i was hurting myself because i thought that it was the only thing that kept me [fit in].it may not be attention shes looking for, it may be her seeking help. you may think that her life is perfect but that is from your outlook. your outlook on her life. but really you have no idea if she is hurt or if she has pain.
---avalon_hendricks on 1/3/07

I believe she needs intense spiritual help , a Christian recovery home .Freedom in Christ ministries may be able to help you find a place near you where she can get help and freedom from the pain and bondage .I do not believe any pill will fix the root problem .With love and firmness I would take her for help .
---linda7548 on 12/24/06

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There can be many reasons why a child decides to begin self-mutilation. I did it for years, and like your daughter, was not even sure why. But cutting usually has a lot to do with feeling in control. She probably feels that she's lost control of her own life and she can control her physical pain this way. Another reason is to replace emotional pain with physical. Many children and teens are under the impression that causing yourself to feel physical pain will take your mind off the emotional.
---Desiree on 12/24/06

This may sound absurd to some, but self-mutilation is a work of demons and of Satan himself. In the Bible, it shows where cutting one's self was used in pagan rituals, and idol worship. For example, when Elijah went against the 400 prophets of Baal & the prophets cut themselves to try to get Baal's attention. Your daughter is under demonic influence, and she needs spiritual, as well as maybe mental, help.
---Desiree on 12/24/06

I believe that they are cutting themselves because they have been afflicted thru the drug empire or some other means. Perhaps you should take her to the elders of your Church and ask them to pray over her.
---Tonne on 12/23/06

I recently read that cutting is a way of externalizing the emotional pain felt internally.

I don't doubt that you love your daughter, but this will not keep her from suffering from clinical depression (if this is the case) which is not a character defect or spiritual failing, but is a PHYSICAL DISEASE.

That she finds it hard to explain why she's cutting suggests this might be the case. But only a real professional can diagnose it.
---Jack on 12/19/06

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Everyone here is completely wrong. Teens don't cut themselves because of love issues or for attention or any of that. you said that she is loved. Maybe thats why she cuts. Part of feeling alive is feeling pain. If you don't feel enough pain in life, when you finally do it seems ten times worse. -Cam-
---Cameron on 12/19/06

haha, jared your first few words make me laugh very much, even though it is common within the emo groups, emo's dont cut themselves haha, there jsut a group of people that have been sterotyped, i can be a christian and emo and where that close, but not cut myself and i'm still emo
---mark on 12/18/06

haha, jared your first few words make me laugh very much, even though it is common within the emo groups, emo's dont cut themselves haha, there jsut a group of people that have been sterotyped, i can be a christian and emo and where that close, but not cut myself and i'm still emo
---mark on 12/18/06

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