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Becoming A Deacon A Call

My husband & I have been asked for the third time to consider becoming deacons at our church. Though we are honored, we don't think we can give our 100% because we are still raising children & taking care of parents. The deacons are few & they are desperate. Is becoming a deacon a call from God?

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 ---Anonymous on 4/26/05
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Which church do you want to serve - the established church or the Holy Spirit Church (the real church)? In the latter one anyone can be a deacon, priest, prophet, preacher, or teacher. I agree with Alan of UK and Darlene. Your duty is to the family. Getting a position in a church is for someone who loves high status.
---frances008 on 12/30/08

Yes, I believe you and your husband should put this in deep prayer. Are you Catholic? My husband is also considering the same. Although he has made this choice, we have been praying about this togther as a family. We have three children. They are 15, 10 and 8 years of age. To become a Deacon he will need the support of his family. Putting your complete faith in God's will places all of our life obligations in order. I suggest to put it in prayer until it is clear what God's wants of your husband and your family. You will go to class with him and learn as he does. It will be required. I too take care of my mother who is in a wheelchair. Nothing gives her greater joy to see her family put God first.
---Veronica_Morales on 12/29/08

I find it honorable that you would put your children and parents above everything else. Family should be your number one priority apart from your relationship with the Lord. I definitely believe any part in the ministry has to be a calling upon your life. No one should be put in a leadership position on account of being desperate on one end, and flattered on the other. People get nervous and try to move ahead of God. He'll get the job done, and he'll let you know what your part is in it.
---Katie on 11/19/08

I think it is....I am currently preparing and am in my second year.....and I don't think that you have to "give 100%" to the detriment of family or could you be a good deacon and not take care of your family??? Perhaps the expectation has not been communicated clearly....Rick
---Rick on 11/20/07

Yes it is a call from God and not something you should do just because 'they' are desperate. Pray about it and seek God's calling. If He really is the one wanting you to do this He will tell you. That doesn't mean He won't put the idea in other people's minds as well but you should be left in no doubt whatsoever. He understands your priorities at home and He gave you children to love and to nurture.
---F.F. on 3/13/07

I feel that your church just may be "trying to fill a position" I mean no offense deacon/elder next to the undershepherd(pastor) is a VERY VERY important position bibically speaking,read 1timothy and see how Paul deals with the title of deacon/elder.
---willow on 5/9/05

No-one should be asking you to do anything just because they are 'desperate'. The ones asking should be asking God who He has ready for this job and should then be able to approach that person or those persons with confidence that they are God's choice. To approach a busy family and leave them to then decide how thinly they can spread themselves shows that the church leaders are clutching at straws and are not following God's guidance at all. God's choice should be aware that He is calling not left with a lot of doubt.
---F.F. on 4/30/05

The position of deacon IS an important one. I am confused that one would be asked that isn't yet grounded in scripture. It is an office of church ministry. I would take it no more lightly than being asked to pastor a church. Then, we get into details of the Biblical office. Like Tim said, please study what the Bible says a deacon should be. Some confuse that office with caretaker or bus driver. The deacons are the policemen of the Word and church order.
---mike_fl on 4/27/05

Darlene is so right ... serving the Church is not the same as serving God.

Looking after your family is part of your service to God, and it is wrong of the church to try to take you away from that terribly inportant duty
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/27/05

Any service to God and for the Kingdom of God should only be done through, and by the call of God.If you do it just because it needs someone in that position ,it will not be annointed.Go with your own feelings which are well grounded and wise.You have prior commitments that must come first.If the posiion takes away time you should use for family then don't do it.Serving God and serving in the Church aren't the same thing.God first,family next,jobs,then Church positions.You don't have to hold a position in Church to serve God.You can't give time you don't have.
---Darlene_1 on 4/27/05

This is a tough question, and since you do not feel whether you are ready for this new step in your Christian walk, maybe now is not the time, but first examine your situation, think about how much time it would take and whether the time can be set aside without interfering with your family time, the entire family should be asked to do the same, if they feel you should take the duties, consider it, it may be the next step in your Christian Growth. Research 1 Timothy, chapter 3, see what a Deacon should be biblically, this will also help in your decision.
---Tim on 4/26/05

My answer to you is this; decline the offer and seek another Church. My answer is based upon your question only.

If you or anyone else wants to know why I answered this way then contact me at elder2291 and I will explain otherwise don't ask.
---Elder on 4/26/05

I just wonder if God would want both of you to become deacons, which may mean that you are unable to give sufficient time to yuor home life, and particularly to your children.

Pray about what your ministry should be, and remember that God's guidance can come through the mouth's of friends.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/26/05

You say you have been asked 3 times allready to help in your local church which needs help desperatly.You must have some gift/talent they need. I would answer affirmatively but let the nominating committee know that you would like to start as an assitant and that you may not be available for board/boaring meetings! Any help will be better than no help!
---Pierre on 4/26/05

If you give 25%, that is 25% more than what they are offering.

Look after your family's interest first and if you feel you can dedicate some time to the ministry, by no means, go for it and you'll be pleasing God.
---Albert on 4/26/05

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