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Paul's Writings To Be Believed

Are all of Paul's writings considered scripture?

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 ---1st_cliff on 4/27/05
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Yes. The Bible was written by the Person of the Holy Spirit and humans through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes scripture was of man's opinion but these men were under the infuence of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Praise God I just got ahold of this the other day.
---catherine on 2/7/08

Paul or Rav Shaul was a top ranked obssessed Pharasee trained by the great GAMIEL of Acts. He killed Christians for obsession of Mosche's commandments. He was forcefully converted by Christ and taught for 3 yrs by Him. He became the father of the Gentile church and was sent to minister to the 10 lost tribes mixed multitude like in Exodus to bring them back through Jesus Christ. Notice ROMAN lettr adresses this. continued-
---yochanon on 2/7/08

Paul confronted many Pagan and Judeo-legalistic mystic philosphies-(Gnostics) which infiltrated the church and showed their flaws with TANKH-Hebrew writings. Therefore yes, His writings are sacred for us-Christians.He told His congregations to keep His Oral traditions. His letters were it.
---yochanon on 2/7/08

The difference that Paul had with Peter was because Peter was teaching that the law saves you and not faith in Christ, try reading Gal 2. And would you kindly give some scripture reference where Peter and James was trying to discredit Paul's teaching. From what I have seen and read they all co-inside with each other.
---evangelistjerry on 2/6/08

Paul was the Apostle of Christ whom propagated the goepel and he suffered in his body the marks of Christ and he is to accepted equally as is every Apostle chosen by Christ himself.
---Eloy on 2/6/08

The writings of Paul are included in today's scriptures. Personally, I can't place Paul in as high of a category of authority as the early and closest apostles (Peter, James, John and Matthew). The fact that there were disagreements between Paul and Peter and that subsequently Peter (and also James) tried to help nullify the effects of some of Paul's teachings should make us think twice when Paul seems to teach something not well supported by the others who were eye-witnesses to Christ's ministry.
---sophia on 2/5/08

Yes Cliff. I don't think you will find too much support here for your views about Paul.
---Bruce5656 on 2/5/08

1-2 Paul writings did not reflect the Judaism of his times. The early Jerusalem church was heavily Jewish, followed the Mosaic system & has conflicts with Gentile converts.

We read in Acts 6:7 And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.
---lee on 4/25/07

2-2 Those priests basically supported the Mosaic system and often conflicted with Paul writings -

Acts 21:21 they have been told about you that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children or walk according to our customs.

The Jerusalem Council Acts 15 apparently did not settle the conflict.

This conflict still continues today with those that follow Mosaic laws (SDA) and those whose theology is largely Pauline.
---lee on 4/25/07

The Bible is a miracle. It's been the best selling book in all of history. What other book can accomplih this? God surely had his hand of choosing the people to help bring thses books together.God surely had influenced the minds of these people to properly choose the right books for future generations to study. For centuries, people never debated Pauls writings. Only until recently did man doubt. It will come to pass that more books will be doubted because man's heart grows ever colder.
---Steveng on 3/29/07

Apostle Paul wrote everything under the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. So in other words it is the Lord writing using Pauls hand to put pen to paper. As is the whole of the Word of God. It is all written under the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. How else would the Bible have such cohesion through so many authors and throughout so many years?
---MARK on 3/29/07

The Paul that wrote a large part of the New Testament? yes of course, his writings are in the Bible, and i'm not aware of any fictitious prose that he may have written outside of the Sacred Scriptures.
---Eloy on 3/29/07

I believe Paul's writings are all true, Jesus turned Paul around to be His worker and am sure Jesus gave Paul inspiration on what to write..How can we question God's annointed servant?
---jana on 8/24/06

[Pt.2] In various letters, Paul states that he wrote what Jesus taught him! In Acts 26:15-18, we learn that Jesus told Paul He would also be a witness of "things in which I[Jesus] will appear to you" (Paul, in the future); not just on the way to Damascus! In Galatians 1:11-12, Paul tells us the gospel was REVEALED to him by Jesus Christ; not men! (Over a 3-year period; vv.17-18)
---Daniel on 10/19/05

[Pt.1] Now that I know what 1st_cliff asked: "Who has/had the authority to confirm Paul's writings as 'scripture?'," I'll add the Apostle Peter to the list!
Read: 2 Peter 3:15-16; specifically the phrase: "as they do also _the rest of the Scriptures_" by which Peter called Paul's writings Scripture! In Acts 9:15, the LORD told Ananias (leader of the Damascus church) that Paul was His "chosen vessel," so it was *not* just something Paul came up with on his own! [CONT.]
---Daniel on 10/19/05

Paul heard Jesus on the road to Damascus Acts 9:3-5 and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thow me? And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thow pesecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. Read Acts to learn how Paul's life changed after that. All the books of the Bible are inspired and concidered scripture. I don't believe Paul hated women. Why would he tell husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church if he did.
---Ulrika on 5/5/05

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Mike; When did Paul "spend time" with the resurrected Jesus and the apostles?
---1st_cliff on 4/30/05

Mike; Paul spent no time with Jesus; He had a vision on the road to one with him "heard" the conversation.(they heard talking but did not hear what was said) Gamelel (head Pharisee) in act.5. Said (paraphrase) "I'm not sure we ought to be persecuting these people(Christians) We may be fighting againt God" It would appear that on his way to persecute Christians ,these words of Gamalel came to the mind of Paul and jolted him.after all he was Gamalel's student,and may have had guilt after stoning Stephen!
---1st_cliff on 4/30/05

Confirmation of Paul's teachings would have to be in looking back to his "learnings". Paul (as you know)was educated in O.T. and spent time with Jesus(resurected) and the apostles. Paul's teachings match not only the O.T. and the other books of the N.T., but also the history of what early Christians did with those teachings. It also takes a personal quickening for each of us to accept or give back what we see (or don't)as God's word. My opinion.
---mike_fl on 4/29/05

Jesus confirmed many O T scriptures. Who has/had the authority to confirm Paul's writings as "scripture?" in your opinion.
---1st_cliff on 4/28/05

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No Mike you should not have just said "yes".The reasons why you say yes are important.I'm sure that thru your study,you(and all other answerers) have reached that conclusion. My personal study has given me reason to "question". I'm not a "doubter" per se, but neither do I just accept something just because it's "general consensus!" If I'm allowed to, I will say why!
---1st_cliff on 4/28/05

Bruce; I have one question for you. If 5,000 people believe, say,option #A and only 10 people believe option #B mean that option "A" is true and option "B" is false, because almost everyone believed option "A"? In your opinion ,is this a valid way to judge?
---1st_cliff on 4/28/05

Absolutely everything he wrote that is in the Bible is scripture. Yes, some say he wrote specific notes to groups that we don't have to follow. Yes, some say he was a woman hater and white-out those portions. Yes, he was outspoken and NOT mousey about God's word. Some people say Moses made up Genesis too. There are even differences between the 4 Gospels. Yet, yet; all of the Bible works as a check-and-balance system. It proves the truth is in it.(Should I just have said yes?)
---mike_fl on 4/27/05

ALL of his writings? No. Most likely you mean what the early Church considered as such by passing around to all churches. Whatever he wrote before becoming a Believer, obviously wasn't! There was at least one of his letters to Corinth that did not become Scripture simply because God didn't allow it to: Read 1Cor.5:9-12 (that's a PRE-1Cor. letter!). The Holy Spirit worked in Believers to form what God Himself wanted to be Scripture; later councils only declared what the Body of Christ had already accepted as His Word through many years of 'testing' and application in their lives.
---Daniel on 4/27/05

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Paul wrote 13 books in the NT. He was trying to appoint deacons in the cities around Jerusalem according to his learning and appointment by Jesus Christ. When Paul was Saul, he persecuted the followers of Christ. Saul took instructions from rabbi Gamaliel, grandson of the instructor of Jesus, it is thought, rabbi Hillel.
---gregg on 4/27/05

1s tCliff:
I have to wonder about your question!
It is ROMANS which had such a powerful influence on Martin Luther that led him to understand "salvation by grace in faith." This then led to the birth of the Protestant church (the Reformation)!!
Paul is "the giant" among the Bible writers!
---Pierre on 4/27/05

Yes. God is neverchanging in his word yesterday today & forever, therefore I believe what Paul taught people back then is applied to us today, but some overlook it because they'd rather be "mainstream" in todays world then on Gods standered. otherwise they pick & choose what they like out of the bible
---candice on 4/27/05

All scripture is given by inspiration by the Holy Spirit.
---betty on 4/27/05

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