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Homeschooling Advice For Mom

I am thinking of homeschooling my sons. My daughter is in public school, my father has guardianship (not custody) over her because of my ex.(longstory another post). I was wondering if there are any homeschooling parents that can give me advice on inexpensive homeschooling supplies?

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 ---Candice on 4/27/05
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I have four sons and we're in our ninth year to homeschool. In all honesty I don't know if there is such a thing as inexpensive curriculum. I live in Canada and don't know if it's the same everywhere but you could ask around about a local homeschooling fair where people sell their used supplies. This would likely be the time of year for one. My boys had learning disabilities so I could tell what worked best for them. Other than that all I can say is good-luck! Homeschooling has many rewards ... it's something I'd never regret doing. But it's lots of work for mom/teacher!
---DoryLory on 6/11/08

Hi! If you could email me on the grades your two sons would be in I could possibly help you out. I have homeschooled for the past nine years. I hope I can be of some help!
---Cathy on 3/11/07

Wal Mart and other such stores carry the perfect Homeschooling supplies for Pre-schoolers and up to the 6th grade. That is where I get the cheapest for my 7 year old. A little advice for you, Don't over do it. Another words, you don't have to have your child doing school work all day, just about 2 hours untill he is older, then go a little longer. Most parents think they have to have school as long as the public schools do, and that will make them not want to do it at all.
---a_friend on 4/29/05

The success of Home Schooling is determined by how much the parent or teacher is willing to put into it. Remember it is Mother and Teacher and to draw a line twixt the two is difficult 24 hours a day. You will get help thru programs and local groups. There are many in home schooling who excel. The champion in spelling and geography are Home Schoolers. It is an important decision not to be taken lightly. Once made , difficult to change.
---chuck on 4/28/05

I strongly recommend Christian Liberty Academy I homeschool my children using them and they are great. Its easier when someone does all the paper work for you. I encourage you to home school. Children need to learn the importance of Family. Public Schools do not offer that and can not offer the security either. I can help you with many diff. "books" if you want to do it on your own. I recently did myself. God Bless your Family, sounds like you are where I once was please, no offense!
---Lori on 4/27/05

Thanks for the responses. my sons are ages 4 & 9 1/2 months, so I'd be focusing on the 4 yr old cause if he were public schooled he'd start at 5 1/2 fall 2006! (b-day is dec) Curt; I am sorry you feel this way. My children have plenty of social activities, we meet at church 2 x's a week with his buddies 2 hours each time, we go to parks regularly, there are things around the public school as far as socialization.
---candice on 4/27/05

The social interaction they get in public schools is not inductive to a christian life. They get much better social interaction within a parentally controlled invironment. Without the peer pressure and drugs and all the garbage going on in the public schools.
---Pat on 4/27/05

Check with your pastor. There may be other parents that home school and will be glad to share with you. You may meet other parents that may be willing to teach certain subjects. Interaction with other kids the same age is important to social development, and what better way to ensure that your kids are in a Christian environment than being home schooled with other Christian parents involved..!!!
---billy on 4/27/05

i advise against home-schooling because kids need the socializing that only a school can provide. also, you might appreciate the extra time.
---curt on 4/27/05

Hi, I'm not a homeschool mom, but a girl who was homeschooled her entire life. I'm now a freshman in college, and top of my classes. I'm a huge fan of homeschooling both for the educational and spiritual benefits. I'd just encourage you to just do it. It's a long road ahead, and a big commitment, a lot of organization and a big time commitment, but it is totally worth it. You save your kids from so much they don't need to go through, and provide them with so many life skills, and you can put God in their education. Be encouraged to go for it!
---Melissa_Worden on 4/27/05

I homeschooled my 10th grade daughter using Abeka. There are co-ops where you can buy homeschooling supplies or you can go the internet. Teacher supply stores have great bargains. Good luck!
---Debbie on 4/27/05

Candice, I homeschooled my son. He is now 23 and very succesful in his career. He is above average intelligence and great with ppl. We used the pace system, that way he could go at his own pace and not get bored with school. Public schools teach kids to be self serving, with home schooling you can teach them to be God serving. It is the best thing you can do for your kids! The public school system is a failure!
---Pat on 4/27/05

I use Abeka and Bob Jones, depending on grade and subject, there are some abeka that I like better and some Bob jones..Good luck on your journey, I've homeschooled my son since first grade and love it.
---Tami on 4/27/05

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