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Am I Really Legally Married

Am I really legally married? My husband is illegally from Mexico with no social security number.

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 ---JENNIFER on 4/27/05
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I want to know if this is a true blog am I married to jennifer the date would be 04/27/2005
---Steven_liberty on 4/27/11

It is imperative that you do a special backround investigation immediately, chances are he has been married in his own country and could possibly have children with another wife in his own country. In which case annulment is considered.
---Whisper on 10/3/07

if a marriage is performed and one or both spouses use a ficticious name or fake documents to secure a license, the marriage doesn't exist and can be annuled. that constitutes fraud on one or both parties part and is punishable under law. if you consult your lawyer, he can tell you all the details under the Fraud Act. an example. John wants to marry Jane. She steals her sisters birth certificate to show she is of legal age. the marriage doesn't exist and it becomes common law.
---lori on 10/3/07

I too married an immigrant. I was watching a show where the marriage was annulled because the license was obtained illegally. Illegally in the sense that one of the parties used a ficticious birth certificate to marry. I am going thru a divorce my husband has emphasised he does not want me to get a lawyer. I don't know if he is afraid I will find out more things about him that is untrue. I pray you get your answers.
---hill on 10/2/07

"Am I legally married? My husband..." If you have a husband, then you must be married. Your local immigration office and some churches may help to get your husband legalized as a U.S. citizen. Then afterward your husband can go to the Social Security Administration and get his own social secuirty card.
---Eloy on 4/30/07

If you have a marriage license you are legally married. I don't know how you obtained a marriage license without a social security number but that's not the issue.
---Jared on 4/30/07

If you are married to a guy who came here in USa illegally.Yes you are legally married if one of the two had happened to you. Either you were married in a civil wedding or Christian Church wedding.The only thing that he is illegal are his social security and entry of coming here in USA.
---maria on 4/30/07

am i joshua lulei legaly married
---Joshua on 6/30/06

Hi Jennifer,did you ask at the office where you got your marriage license?You can call a lawyer or ask at the office where you got the license,or look it up yourself at your local library,Good luck.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

once you start looking into the legality of it, either by contacting a lawyer or other officials, info spreads, and you may be opening up a can of worms. it may lead to him having to be returned to Mexico. you may find he is already married. prepare yourself for consequences. protect your bank accounts and other assets from him before you do this, so he can not clean you out if he gets sent back to mexico.
---barb on 4/30/05

If you filed a license with the court (hall of records), said "I DO" and consumated the marriage then you are a married woman. If you did it against the law, for green card purposes, but lived as married people, in all ways, then I believe it is honored the the courts, LEGALLY. I would be curious for a professional to answer this ?
---isirhnow on 4/30/05

Have you asked a legal expert? Try calling a lawyer.
---Madison on 4/28/05

In the eyes of God (if you both vowed to love,and respect each other until death do you part) you are married, and in the legality of the law, you being a citizen of the U.S. and said "I do" with a judge and filed in the courts. You are married by law. As to the truth of the names given, that is a different story. My prayers will be to support you as you seek these answers.
---Blue on 4/27/05

as a retired us immigration official, I can tell you the following: regardless of his immigrant status, if you got married in the USA and your marriage was recorded in any county court, you are legally married. It doesn't matter whether he is an illegal alien or not. My concern is whether he used his real and true name. Some illegal aliens are already married in their native countries, and when in the USA assume a new identity.
---miguel on 4/27/05

We are talking about the legality of a marriage. The requirements are man and woman, love, devotion, caring, forgiveness, temperance, faithfulness. But remember, you must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Now, both of you have to survive.
---gregg on 4/27/05

I'm not quite sure if you are legally married by law of the land, for to get a marriage certificate, if I remember correctly, he needs identification to sign the certificate, right? So you must have gotten married under God, but not man, is this correct? So, I will solve your problem in just a couple lines. Ready for this? If you are an American and desire to marry a Mexican, he can gain legal citizenship through marrying you. That would solve two issues in one. As for how to go about it, I would start by calling immigration or the local government. God bless!
---Katie on 4/27/05

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I would say that you should realize that if it is not sanctioned by the courts you should consider carefully how this lifestyle will be viewed if any children are born. You have placed yourself in an untenable situation. I don't know what kind of ceremony you went through but I do not believe a bonfide minister would have married you. It is a marriage built on a lie.God wants our marriages to be built on truth and then his blessings will follow.
---Nancy on 4/27/05

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