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58 Year Old Man Wants 29 Old Girl

I am 58 years old and divorced, and I have have met this beautiful girl who is also mad about me to, but alas she is only 29 years old, now I'm mixed up as to know what to do, can anyone shed any light for me or am I just being a pig and living in cookco land.

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 ---Eddie on 4/27/05
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first of all nothing is wrong with the age gap,i am 28yrs old and hubby is going to be 58yrs and i love him with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with him for better and for worse
---simone_salmon on 7/25/14

If it were really love why defend your position and constantly seek approval for an age gap that spans several generations, unless you seek attention for that age gap? Logical thinking people understands those who seek to defend by announcement and incessantly claiming how great this situation is, are the ones hiding their own disbelief wavering on their "love" convictions like poster did by identifying himself as a pig.

As for Mal, it is interesting how many young women, such as yourself, are swept away by deceitful men who are seeking a caregiver for them in their old age. Exchanging the prime of your life to being a wife/nurse.

Unless you don't believe you deserve a man closer to your age who has the same stamina.
---Follower_of_Christ on 1/14/13

Ok first off....I am 29 years old and my boyfriend is 58! He just turned 58 yesterday! Age does not matter. If you truly love someone then something like age shouldn't get in the way!! I am VERY much in love and I hope I spend the rest of my life with him!
---Mal on 1/13/13

I hope you don't actually plan on spending the rest of your life with him. Unless you plan on dying before you turn 50!
---Jed on 1/14/13

Ok first off....I am 29 years old and my boyfriend is 58! He just turned 58 yesterday! Age does not matter. If you truly love someone then something like age shouldn't get in the way!! I am VERY much in love and I hope I spend the rest of my life with him!
---Mal on 1/13/13

Boy, Eddie wrote the blog seven years ago, he must be around 65 now. I wonder how it is going with him and what he has found out in the seven years if he did marry the 29 year old?
I myself do not see anything wrong other then he got to 65 real fast. Hope things turned out good for both of them. Age should not matter unless the person is under 18 years old, for no one knows the future, who will help who.
---Mark_V. on 7/19/12

Consider her your daughter, not lover. That is a truer love
---walrev on 7/16/12

You sure you want to become one flesh again with somebody? Pretty complex deal. Whatever...
---Phil on 7/9/12

I am ready to have some fun I will show you a thing or 2 lol I am 28
---wanaplay on 7/9/12

If you both really love each other then go for it. There is no such thing "AGE" when it it comes to real love.
---Alem on 6/15/12

Don't think twice. I am 32 and 29 is old enough to know what is right and wrong, good and bad, immature or selfish.

Do you like her for WHO she is and not just her beauty? Do you guys get along well? Have fun? Share Christ? Well, then, there's NO problem whatsoever. Enjoy and may God bless you and her.
---kate on 7/15/08

Age does not matter. I am 41 yrs. old and met someone 60 yrs. old on here. We fell in love.
---Michelle on 7/5/08

Look at it this way.It is an up hill battle
for both genders,eventhough it sometimes
work out.But the young gender focus on the
fun and glitter of life and is not stable.
The older gender have already been through it,
and is very stable.It is hard for a stable person to live unstable.And it is hard for
an unstable person, to live stable.And last,
growing old together means, one will want to
walk while the other one wants to run.
---Jack on 10/22/07

I was 23 my boyfriend was 44. We married and had kids together. He already had 3 when we married. We are still together over 25 yrs later. Would I do it all over again? Probably with him again. He has been great. But do be warned: it is not for everyone. The older person is already aged. Are you prepared to be a nurse maid and other roles you might have to play on down the road? You will change too. Will he still love you when those red locks begin to turn grey? So many things to consider.
---Robyn on 10/19/07

I understand that it is tempting to give in to the 29 year old, but she is only 29, just think in 10 years you are almost 70 and then she is 39, could you keep up to her? and would she still like you when you get sick? Please look into that before you make a decision,

---Marian on 10/19/07

Almost a 30yr gap huh? I dont think God thinks this is wrong because both are adults-& Christians I presume. But do U have a lot in common? Seriously the looks, age,all that drama will wear thin in time. Does she want the same things-what about kids? Is she prepared to probably have to take care of U in time, the house, bills since U are that much older-being alone and left to single handed take care of these things? Pray, think and talk these things out I wish U well.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

Firstly Eddie, surely you are a wise man, so I don't suggest you talk the advice of a 23 year old woman who has become pregnant from her 40 boyfriend without any commitment of marriage and sex outside of wedlock and cannot spell her name correctly (sorry Jessica or was that Jessika?) and Wendell did your dad live to 107? Wow that's unreal.
---lisa on 8/3/05

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Dont you listen! I am a 23 year old women dating a 40 year old man. He is my world. When i look at him i see love not an age. It is great for me he could not give me what a younger man could. He is past all the stuff of life and he knows where he stands.That is what i love. We just found out that we are going to have a baby in April and i know he settled down and is going to be a great father. You need to love her and never let her go. Love is love age is age. Jessika
---Jessica on 8/3/05

My dad was thrity-seven and my mom seventeen when they married. They were married seventy years and had thirteen children together.
---Wendell on 5/12/05

for every so-called may-december relationship that doesn't work, there are a hundred may-decembers that do work. relationships are more likely to succeed if the man is a good deal older.
---curt on 5/9/05

Age difference should not matter in some but this one is alot different. I have seen and witness to many men marry a younger woman like that. They need someone to take care of them and not what christ wanted .. then the man gets hurt and goes into a shell .. I would say no dont marry her if that is what she wants ..even though you are made in love with her. Where is God at in your life ?
---dove on 5/8/05

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i think the laws governing marriage should be changed to require the man to be twenty years older than the woman. then we would have truly compatible couples, with almost no divorces.
---steve on 5/8/05

alan, from what i have seen on dating sites, women 38-50 are much more aggressive than younger women. and that is another reason to prefer younger women. i just can't keep up with the older ones.
---curt on 5/4/05

Curt ... where do you get your ideas about women?

OK, after age 30, their complexion may fade slightly, they amy flirt less often, but have you never noticed, they get more beautiful?
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/4/05

curt has a point. we can all imagine if life was reversed, with men earning less each year, and women getting prettier with age. then women would be dumping their husbands for younger men. but thats just not life, is it?
---steve on 5/3/05

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alan, your "study" is probably one that thinks women should succeed in careers first, and then have kids, if there's time. men truly are not fully refined until 35 or 40. women are simply racing against the clock, especially after 30. it's called reality, sorry about that.
---curt on 5/3/05

Curt your "prime ages" for women surprised me!

I read yyesterday in the newspaper that they have identified the best time (physically) for a woman to have a baby is at age 34.

The ages you give do sound rather sexist to me ... rather weighted in mans' favour, and making it seem natural for older men to want "dolly birds" It would seem unfair generally for a man of say 60 to marry a woman of 25 ... by the time she had finished looking after the children, she would then be looking after a man in his second childhood!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/3/05

we have overlooked one important thing here. men at at their prime years at 35-60, while women are at their prime years at 20-30. we all think this should not be, but it is. a man has no logical reason to marry someone who is well past her prime while he is still in his.
---curt on 5/2/05

mva ... there is no racial prejudice involved in the comments about Africans ...

It is just that if you are on the Penpal section here, before long you will get a passionate approach from a very young african or phillipino, who will profess undying love (I had two 25 year olds today love me at 65, without having met me) As someone else says ... eventually the motive turns out to be money, or a passport.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/2/05

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peter8567,what's being african got to do with it?so what if the 29yr olod girl the 59yr-old man is in love with is african?what then?
---mya on 5/2/05

You are 58 she is 29, Is there something wrong with this pic? Not my business, think about the real motive behide this type of action.
---clara on 5/2/05

Is the 29 years old girl from Africa?
---peter8567 on 4/30/05

Most of the responses I've received are from overseas men in their early 20's. They say they like old woman. lol! One even said I could put him through school. I've put an min. age on my profile and forward those responses to President of ChristiaNet. These actions have been helpful to me.
---laura on 4/29/05

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Nothing personal, but I am a 47 year old woman with a 28 year old daughter who would have a lot of trouble having a son-in-law ready to collect Social Security before me.
---Madison on 4/28/05

Peter ... thank you for the warning, but I already realise,various things Marriage is quite a good way to get in to the UK legally. I would be unlikely to see any children of the marriage grow up A beautiful 22 year old would quickly find more physically exciting men than me.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/28/05

I can't tell you exactly what to do, but pray about it. You never said if you love her or that your in love with her, there is a difference. If your in love with her and it's God's will (with God all things are possible) than God bless you both!
---Eddie on 4/28/05

Hiya all,May i say many thanks for all your replys,they have indeed been helpful to me and to answer those who asked yes i met her right here on christianet and she was the one to make contact first,not one of the replys was judgemental and again i thank you for that as at the end of the day we are still human,God bless you all real good :0)
---Eddie on 4/28/05

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Pray about it and do what God says dont listen to your hart and dont do what you think is right God is the only one with the right answer, God bless, love God chaser.
---godchaser on 4/28/05

I suggest you go read the book of Ruth. If the young woman you are pursuing is a woman of noble caracter too and wants what God wants in the first place, good! If you want what God wants first too and have her best interest at heart, good! If people around you MOSTLY agree with this, good. See, God has to be in charge of it all so just trust Him and follow the path He has for you! xox
---Cathy on 4/28/05

Well, Allan, I was born in Africa and still visit. I'm not going to deny the fact that some may love you for real, but then watch it brother.
---peter8567 on 4/28/05

Peter ... I am 64 and I have been told that I am loved (without having met) by 22 years olds from African countries, or from some Far Eastern countires (far east to us maybe not from the States, but I measn the Phillipines and Korea ect)
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/28/05

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Well, I am not an investigator but did you meet the beautiful girl on ChristiaNet, and is she from Africa? I'd know what to say from your answer. Take care, and always let God.
---peter8567 on 4/28/05

The age doesn't matter if that's what GOD has for you. GOD knew your ages when he put you together. I noticed someone mentioned in their reply to think 10 years from now when you are near 70 and she's 39. Only GOD knows the future and if it is his will for you to be together then I'm sure he will preserve your years so that you all will enjoy each other "until death do you part." Enjoy each other and don't worry about the "nay sayers."

---Marsha_Coleman on 4/28/05

Love transcends all ages, it is an act God gives us. I am concerned about the fact that you are divorced. I pray that before committing into a new relationship that you have already followed through with counselling to resolve the hurt of the divorce and rectify whatever issues may have caused that divorce. If you have, as a child of married divorcess with large age difference - Go for it and God bless!
---Darryn on 4/28/05

At 58, you will probably want a nurse with a purse who can drive a hearse. If you are too lively for that, remind yourself that 10 years and 20 years from now, you will be putting your brakes on while she is in the prime of life.
---chuck on 4/28/05

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Well... I like the words of support so far, but wonder what the same responders would say to me , a 45 year old women being with a 34 year old male. Is that a horse of a different color? Does age really not matter, across the board?
---Judi on 4/28/05

I also a divorced man and spent about ten years in Asia for God. I saw many relationships between older men and young girls in Asia. Some worked and some didn't. It depends upon the two people. In remote areas of Asia, girls say a man younger than 35 is'nt old enough to know what he wants. A woman often knows what kind of man she wants very young. I think this is often true. But, people who are divorced suffer a nearly 80% chance of divorcing again. Chose carefully and look at how you two solve problems together under God.
God bless,
---Jody on 4/28/05

the 29 years old girl is equal to your daughter's age. Even though the she likes you you have to explain her. Its not good don't do that.
---Jerem5857 on 4/27/05

May it be noted that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was only 12 when God chose her and she was betrothed to a man that historians say was in his mid 40's.. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder and LOVE has no eyes!
---David on 4/27/05

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Is she from another country?
---Jim on 4/27/05

Age shouldn't be a factor when two people care about one another and want to be brother is 48 and his wife is 22 and they are very happy together and have an adorable little girl together so seek God's leading and allow Him to work things out...
---Fran on 4/27/05

This happened in my family.My dad left my mother after 30 years of marriage for someone younger than me.To me it makes no sence at all.Yes, it is not wrong to love someone way younger than you.I just can't see my self making love with a person old enough to be my father.As that person gets older there will be less things that they will be able to do together.She or he may become a dependant care for the other.It issuch a hard discision to make.Pray about it and God Bless and good luck.
---Shelly on 4/27/05

My Grandfather outlived his first two wives, then he married a woman about 30 years younger than himself. They were happily married for about 35 years when he passed away. I never knew my real Grandmother, but my step Grandmother was all I could have asked for in a Grandmother. So; in my opinion, if you two love each other and it is in God's will for you to be together, go for it!!
---Willa6538 on 4/27/05

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Eddie, My husband and myself were married for 28 years. He was 13 years older than me. I was 19, he was 32 when we married. His health grew very bad, and before his death last month I was his caregiver. He had dialysis 3 times a week, spent alot of time in the hospital. For the last several years we could not go out to eat, vacation or do the normal things that most families enjoy. So, I would advise you and your young friend to be very much in prayer, and to discuss all possibilities of what will happen as you grow older. God bless.
---Judy on 4/27/05

I don't belive age should matter and i pray that you will not out grow her, that she will stay committed to you as well. Be blessed in JESUS name!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amen.
---sara on 4/27/05

its just us (the human ) who count in years and compare age. For God time is endless.So he will bless whats real from both hearts
---michael on 4/27/05

My observations tell me that the age difference issue is a western society problem created by misinformed, well-intentioned, do-gooders in our earlier society. In countries where they do not see this as an issue, the question is never raised and nor does it create problems. Biblically, there is absolutely nothing to support the arguments, in fact it could be said that there is much to say it is okay. I have seen so many very happy marriages with big age differences. The bottom line is down to love and knowing it has God's approval.
---Bob on 4/27/05

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The Bible talks more about divorce than it does about age differances. I would feel uncomforable with a man that much older than myself. If it does not bother either of you then that is what is important.
---Ulrika on 4/27/05

i believe there is nothing wrong with two adults falling in love and marrying. there is something wrong with those who think married people have to be the same age. they just can't understand the beauty of two people brought together by God in marriage.
---steve on 4/27/05

eddie, this is what God has brought into your life. enjoy your time with her and let this become the best experience of your life. those who say otherwise are just jealous.
---curt on 4/27/05

To have a young lady admire you is a very serious responsibility for you, as an elderly individual, to lead her to a closer walk with Christ and not dependent upon you but the Holy Spirit to lead her to God. If you can do that and she still feels committed to a relationship, then let God direct you both. I cannot judge you but only to say, "is it what God would have for you?" especially for her? My prayers of support.
---Blue on 4/27/05

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