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Stay Away From Bad Christians

I have friends who say they are saved and trusting God when at church, but away from church, it is a different story. The way they are doing is causing me not to want to be around them and I can't find a way to explain why. No one is perfect. I know so am I wrong to feel this way?

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 ---J on 4/28/05
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It is also hard for us (as fallen people) to be sure that when we do not like the behavious of a brother (or sister) we are disliking something we should dislike, or whether it is personal dislike (I've encountereed this a number of times in churches, and even more here of Christianet!)
---Peter on 1/21/11

We can't always avoid people like this, no matter how we feel.(And I expect the feeling is natural).Perhaps you can keep your distance at church...but, again, maybe you can even help them if the Holy Spirit shows you

On the job I've had co-workers who are such "Christians". It bothers me because they seem to me, a poor testimony to unbelievers. But I recall:
Rom 12:17-18 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

So I don't try to avoid them.
I make every effort to be what a Christian should order, I guess, to make up for those who seemingly are Christian in name only.
---Donna66 on 1/20/11

Staying away from "Bad Christians" would be hard to do.
You would have to build a room around yourself so no one could get in. Then of course you couldn't hang a mirror in there.
There are three classes of Christians,
1. Those who start good and finish good.
2. Those who start good and end bad.
3. Those who start bad and finish good.
Of course there are those who start bad and stay bad. They probably never got Saved to begin with. They are just trying to be good which is impossible.
So, where do you fall in this list?
If you want to see change the first one to worry about is yourself. You may be called to be the example to others. Do It!
---Elder on 1/20/11

I have worked with people who attened church and act very 'good' with their church family but treat others very very badly unless they get exactly what they want. They have turned many people away from God's love by their hyprocratic behavior and there is no talking to them about it. I would stay away from them.
---julie on 1/17/11

You can make new friends but guess what?They will have imperfections and sins also. Have you tried asking them why they pretend to be one way at church and another way away from church? This may give you an insight into their beliefs. Could also open the door for you to share your testimony with them and open their understanding to what they need to do to be committed Christians. You should have scriptures ready to share and be able to show love toward them and not to blame them for their failings.
Above all, there are no perfect Christians.We all have fallen short and do so, everyday. This is the purpose of confession and repentace.It clears the way for us to be forgiven by our Heavenly Father and back on course with our Christian journey.
---Robyn on 4/27/09

Many says they are Christians, but does not have the living God living in them. And this makes some out to be a liar. You just keep doing is what the living God tells this living Christian. Truly! Only a few makes it to heaven, actually.
---catherine on 3/19/09

Do an online bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag."

Living a Christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle, not a once a week pep talk like denominational "churches" do. It is written that Christians must meet on a daily basis to keep us on the right path every day to the Kingdom of God. I find this especially true for today's Christians because it seems that most of them fill up every minute of every day with work, family, friends, shopping, entertainment, ipods, computers, TV, radio, reading, and even church activities that they don't find time to truly walk with God. To get to know him on an intimate basis. Sure, they have a good knowledge of who He is, but deny His power.
---Steveng on 3/18/09

First of all..bad and an oxymoron. Secondly, the bible does talk about it in 1st Corinthians 5: 9-13 that if any man named a 'brother' or Christian, continues in the things listed, they you should not to even eat with such a person. Thing is, nowadays so much is swept under the rug without being checked is a major reason why a lot of people continue in there sin. Yes, the Holy Spirit checks, but we as fellow Christians should also. Greedy people stay greedy because no one calls them out. People who are supposed to be doing GOD's will and eventually turn it into a pocket fattening endeavor continue to do so because they are not checked. Sadly to say, some may not be checked until they get to the gates and are not allowed in.
---Timothy on 3/18/09

First, hypocrites are condemned. Second, indeed there are perfect born-again Creations born from the perfect Creator. And thirdly, you are right to not want to fellowship with frauds.
---Eloy on 2/13/09

Scripture mentions being of the same mind, body, and Spirit. Its important that you fellowship with those of the same faith. At that time the same mindset was grace. All those saved by grace made up the church. They were all of the same body, saved by grace through Christ Jesus. And of course they well all filled with the same Holy Spirit. They didn't fellowship with those under the law or other strange doctrines. You have to find those brethren that you can relate to and enjoy their fellowship. Pray for God to give you discernment concerning this matter. You might have to change churches frequently or you could find the right church quickly. Walk in the Spirit and you will be alright.
---Bob on 2/12/09

How do they act?
---catherine on 2/12/09

I am a 44 year old single father of 2.I have been in Christianity most of My life.I have seen quite a bit.You have to very carefully define "bad christian".I credit what Jesus says higher than St.Paul. "there are none righteous no not one...".All 12 disciples betrayed Christ.Matt26:56.Satan goes to church,He sits on the front pew,the closer you focus you're mind on God the more evil spirits seem to work on You.Read Job.Read the Lords prayer...lead us not into temptation.You also must define sin.Look at the diet of most western Christians,look at the way Christian young women dress,make-up,BABYLON.Look at Dovid He screwed up BIG TIME.Only You and God know how hard You're trying. Thanks.
---Mark on 2/12/09

We are known by the company we keep and the places we hang out. My daughter used to work at Hooters, and she said on Sundays a church crowd of guys would come in there and stare and drool and act the worst. She doesn't work there any more, praise God. I can't see true christians feeling comfortable in bars, saloons and places like Hooters.
---julia5835 on 5/4/07

Your friends are what is politely called "church-players". They are not real Christians, but they may "think" that they are merely because they attend a church. You could confront them about their hypocrisy, or you could also make friends with others that are true Christians.
---Eloy on 4/30/07

You see, real Christians are Christian 24/7 even when noone is watching them, and not just looking or acting Christian for an hour or so one day a week while in church.
---Eloy on 4/30/07

Psalm 1 says to walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. We are known by the company that we keep. It hurts our testimony if associates are not living what they believe or at least making the effort. Your testimony rests on your credibility. It is our personal responsibility to be strong and say no to associating with people who are not sincerely trying to serve God. Sooner or later they would influence you in a bad way. What would you possibly have in common with them? It is best to be alone than to fraternize and promote evil.
---rebec8436 on 4/30/07

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I have encountered that and I resolved it by applying Matthew 18:15-19. Remembering, that where it says "to treat them as a tax collector" it means to treat them as if they were lost, seeing them as if they do not know truth. Not mistreating them, but I keep my contact to a minimum, because it is easier for them to influence my behavior than for mine to influence them.
---c on 5/9/05

those people sound like they are only pretending to be christians. talk to your pastor and some elders in the church. it is very important to warn people if they are going down the road to the lake of fire.
---curt on 4/28/05

It's not wrong at all! You want your close friends to sharpen you and encourage you to live righteously, as you want to extend the same to them. You don't have to make a catastrophic event out of it, just stop being available to them. Ask God for a natural break off, and then trust in him. If it comes to the point where they want an expanation, be honest. A friend's reprimand is greater gain than sweet words from an enemy.
---Katie on 4/28/05

No it isn't wrong to feel that way because it just might be the holy Spirit convinving your heart about them. You don't even need to explain why, just remain silent, distance yourself and make other plans (staying at home, alone IS another plan) so you don't spend time with them anymore. Pray that God will show them to change their ways and make a choice. I did it and it works! xox
---Cathy on 4/28/05

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dear friend.
there is no bad christian,but bad people.they are christian only by words the say not beleived in christ realy.i pray them be leaded into the right path.amen
---alex on 4/28/05

donot be unequally yoked with "unbelievers" even "born again" unbelievers!
---eckie on 4/28/05

donot be unequally yoked with "unbelievers" even "born again believers"!
---eckie on 4/28/05

I would first of all not classify your friends as "bad Christians" but rather "imperfect" like we all are. Next I would tell them lovingly that their inconsistent life style is bothering you and why. If they responded kindly I would remain friends. If they told me to mind my own business I would look for new friends too.
---Pierre on 4/28/05

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