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I Lost My Boyfriend To A Wreck

I lost my boyfriend two years ago through a tragic road accident. From then I've been finding it too difficult to start a new relationship with a man. Is this normal? Will it heal with time?

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 ---edith on 4/28/05
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I lost my boyfriend and cry every night I cry myself to sleep
---Melissa on 2/1/07

Healing is a process. No one can tell you how long it should or would take. That's up to you. Do not permit anyone to determine for you how you should grieve. I believe God's best for you is that you are completely healed from this tragedy and able to move on to that one that He has for you. I believe He has an intense, supernatural healing that He has to work into you... line up line. Don't force the issue, but permit the Holy Spirit to work in you - healing! When the time is right for the one, you'll know.
---Keith_Davenport on 5/3/05

No, time does not heal. This is my opinion only. Pray a LOT and try to get counsling. My prayers are with you.
---sue on 4/29/05

Edith, 27 years ago I was in a tragic road accident. I spent 6 months in a coma. All these years have been spent learning about the spirit of man and the Spirit of God. And that I can say is depending on the strength of the relationship with your boyfriend will determine the length of time it will take for your boyfriend to depart. Let him go, tell him to go, then you can heal.
---gregg on 4/28/05

It is totally normal for it to take YEARS to recover from such a loss. You didn't just lose your boyfriend, you lost your plans for the future, love, companionship, etc... . The only suggestion I'd make it to see a counselor if you find yourself losing interest in life and not seeming to regain it.
---Delores on 4/28/05

Losing a loved one before you got married must be awful.I'm engaged and can imagine how terrible it would be especially because you were not married, so the support by others must surely be different than if you were. Nevertheless, although the pain seems so great now it will ease, not go completely but will ease so that you can find love again. There is no such thing as "normal" when it comes to grieving as everyone grieves in their own way at their own pace. Don't look for "normal". Just accept. Edith, what specifically is it that makes it so hard for you?
---lisa on 4/28/05

I'm SO sorry about your loss, dear. I read that the healing time after such a loss could be up to 5 years so give it time and don't be afraid to pour you heart out to the Lord about any matter! He will heal you in His time and it will be the best time for you. Don't beat yourself up for not being healed 'fast enough'. Just keep on trusting God and He will set you free!!
---Cathy on 4/28/05

There are many lovely people who loose their loved ones in accidents of all types. One of my best friends had such an experience BUT after mourning for over a year, she moved on with her life when the Lord introduced her to as kind and caring a man as was her first husband and she is very happy!
It is normal to grieve the loss of a loved one. It is also normal that in time, you heal from the hurt and you find yourself a suitable replacement. Surely, the Lord does not want you to be alone any more now than before you experienced your loss! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
---Pierre on 4/28/05

Your loss must heal if you are to live a normal life and live up to the potential that God has entrusted you with. You may never forget the loss but you must ask for God to set your dreams and goals and priorities to the idea that you have known love, lost love, and are ready to give and receive love again. You must love yourself, remembering God gave you a purpose.
---chuck on 4/28/05

It is always normal to feel hurt and not want to get involved with someone else and it will heal with time but God is always with us he said in the bible I am always with you.
---Dusty on 4/28/05

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