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Can The Internet Provide A Man

Could God use the Internet to help you meet your future mate? Is there a verse that could help me know?

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 ---Cathy on 4/28/05
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Let me just say, the Bible states there is nothing made that was made that was not made by Him. Therefore He created all things, not some (all things). The Bible also states there is nothing done under the sun which has not been done before.

Now, ask yourself this being true and the word of God is true. Why would God not use the internet for His purpose, He knows His plans He has for you, plans to give you hope and a future.
---Gloria on 12/11/07

Mariana:: You have expressed your need,your desire. How about what God wants?.what if He said NO are you prepared to go along with His wish?or do you,still want your way & end up in misery, which would be better His way or your way.!!How long were you married do you have kids? What purpose would be served to God, by you getting Married again.Lofty questions please consider.
---Emcee on 12/11/07

I have no verse to give you, but will say that next month I'm marrying a fine Christian man that I met right here on this site.
---Tammy on 12/11/07

Well then, here goes, I am a widow of 8 yrs. and I would like to meet a strong Christian man that would like to serve the Lord by my side. I live in Phx. Az. and also in NM when the heat turns up here. Email me and in the meantime, I will be praying for the Lord to find you for me via the net. LOL Mariana
---Mariana on 5/6/05

Yes. The verse which will help you is Genesis Chapter 24, the story of Rebekah and her faith to go meet a man she had never seen. migue3376
---miguel on 5/3/05

Yes God can use the net to find your future husband. But don't look at every guy you talk to as I wonder if he is the one for me.. God will show you that. I started coming online about 3 yrs ago thinking man people who online date are crazy. A little over a yr. ago I met this wonderful guy. We just started dating not to long ago after a yr. of friendship. And I know that it is Gods will that we are together. Love In Christ, Stephanie
---steph9337 on 5/3/05

Gregg, that's like saying that God doesn't care about us or what goes on in our lives. Of course He can use the 'net, if that's His plan for you.
---Ann5758 on 4/30/05

Yes you can meet through the net, friends, church and the list is endless. Remember the main point is to know each other well and what they believe in and also their families. Because no matter where you meet someone you yet have to let the Lord lead you...GOD BLESS YOU.
---sharon on 4/30/05

Yes you can meet through the net, friends, church and the list is endless. But remember the key thing is to know each other well and what they believe in and also their families. TO TAMMY, CONGRATULATIONS; GOD BLESS YOU.
---Maryanne on 4/29/05

Gregg, who cares for who's purpose I'm asking this question? Wheither it's for me, my youth group or my familly, where is the problem? A question is simply that: a question and it would be of better use if you had a verse for me or a word of encouragement, if not, then please don't answer my questions anymore...
---Cathy on 4/29/05

yes, it can. the internet itself is not evil or wrong, and should be viewed as a resource for Christians to use. i have met many friends online, and am currently enagaged to a girl i met 18 months ago online. Just pray and let God lead you.
---gabriel on 4/29/05

i personally would never meet someone from the net. you can't be too careful.
---curt on 4/28/05

When talking about my upcoming marriage to a man that I met on this site, I should have also added that we've dated for almost 1-1/2 years, visited every 2-4 times a month at each other's home with seperate rooms, our adult children met each other, we spent special days and normal days together, went to church in each other's church, met each other's friends, prayed together, established what each other believed, and this was not anything that we rushed. God can't be rushed!
---Tammy on 4/28/05

Why do you ask whether God uses the internet for your own purposes? This must be a question from your youth group. The answer is no. God is only interested in spreading the word of His Kingdom. Not in finding a mate. That job is done.
---gregg on 4/28/05

Thanks everybody! That's one of the most confusing issues to me since I'm one of the youth leaders at my church and I do get a lot of questions from the teens that attend, and I do have a lot of questions myself. Bruce, I have read the books by Joshua Harris and those by the Ludy couple (Eric and Leslie). Thanks a lot!
---Cathy on 4/28/05

Can He? Yes.
Will He. Possibly.
Keep in mind that while there are some "success" stories about people meeting on the net, they are the exception, NOT the rule. Just read through some of the blogs here and see how many people thought they knew who they were marrying but got a nasty suprise after they were married.

I strongly recomend a book called Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris for a Godly outlook on dating etc.

Also if you care to write me, I would be pleased to send you an excellent article on the subject.
---Bruce5656 on 4/28/05

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adding to Tammy's post.... Two months ago, I married a Lady I met here on ChristiaNet also.

We can rely on verses from the Bible and we can also rely on our faith in God.
---Albert on 4/28/05

I am sure you want to join me in congratulating
Tammy on her upcoming "internet" produced wedding. However, I would suggest that if at all possible, there should be several in-person visits scheduled by the couple, so that each would have a chance to meet the rest of the members of the family for when you marry your sweetheart, you also marry (into) the extended family. So you better know what you are bargaining for (Ha!).
---Pierre on 4/28/05

Dear Cathy,God has provided the internet and this site to help us get to know one another, of course you would want to get to know someone very well before commiting to a marriage,but that is true no matter where you meet them.Just be aware of wolve's in sheep's clothing,a tree is known by it's fruit,if the tree is producing good fruit it is a good tree,if not then move on,good luck and God bless.
---RUSSELL on 4/28/05

Common sense tells you that the more people you meet by any means the better chance you have of meeting someone who is compatible. Once we get to the compatible point, we have choices-yes/no/maybe/wait/rush. Who is ready and who has reasons/excuses/imagination/real life ready?
Remember, life is a journey, unlike a merry-go-round where you have lots of chance to grab the gold ring. So reach out and be yourself and God does not have a stop-watch, or calender like we do.
---chuck on 4/28/05

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Yes, there is such a verse. God is not caught by surprise by our "vast" amount of knowledge and "fine" abilities.

The verse you are seeking for is simply this one....
Matt 6:33. Follow the directions and you will be fine in all aspects of your life.
---Elder on 4/28/05

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