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Get Over Nice And Mean Guy

I met this really nice guy except for the things he does that aren't nice and my brother doesn't even want me hanging around him. I've tried to get over him but I still haven't succeeded, any advice???

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 ---Godchaser on 4/28/05
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You better get over him or you will be the target of his meanness and evil ways soon. Your choice.If he does evil things, he is not nice. See this creature for what he is--evil.You will succeed soon if you stay around him. He will help you succeed by doing something very evil to you. My God! What does it take for you women to wise up about some of these so-called good men?
---Robyn on 3/4/08

Do you mean that he is 'nice' but because of circumstances or whatever he does bad stuff? Maybe he is an addict? He has to do bad things to support his addiction but if he wasn't an addict he wouldn't do them? Please explain this more, okay? Regarding your brother, he probably has your best interest in mind when he doesn't want you hanging around with this person. To get over this person just try really hard to keep busy, when you start to think of him do something else.
---sue on 3/4/08

If he's "nice" but does not-nice things, then he really isn't nice at all - he just "seems" that way.

A lot of people have charm that make you think good things about them that they don't deserve, and trust them, etc. Salesmen are particularly good at this.

It's best to treat such people with great caution, and NEVER make decisions about them when they're around, because they are likely to sway you without you even realizing it.
---StrongAxe on 3/4/08

He is really nice, but the things he does are not nice? Do YOU like the things he does? What we do reflects what we are in most cases, so if what he does is not nice, nor is he likely to be, behind the romantic front.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 3/3/08

Hello to you! Did you know that God has good plans for you? Jeremiah 29:11 talks about it. Do you know God loves you and desired you from the very beginning? The solution is in Jesus. If this guy does not love you like Jesus loved the church, than this guy is not for you. In prayer, seek the will of God. Respect yourself and be respected. If you wait for God's best, it will worth the patience and the purity and the sanctification that you accept to walk into. You are the temple you the Holy Spirit, and you want to walk in His blessing. Seek God with all your heart. God will never fail you.
---Marta7787 on 4/28/07

Many question come to mind, one.., how can he be a nice guy and not do nice things? To whom is he nice to? How long will he be nice to these individual(s)? Where does Christ fit into this picture? What does He want with your life, and what is He calling for your friend's life? Can you see a future with each other in the Lord? Only can a happy union be found in Christ. Let your mind stay on Him not him and you will be blessed. My prayer of support for you as you go through this decision.
---blue on 4/30/05

A double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.Think about that.May God's will be done.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

Make a list of the REASONS why you like him. Make a list why your brother (family) doesn't like him. Compare the two lists. Balance everything.Pray hard. Search your soul. I have experienced the same situation a long time ago. The suggested solution worked well.
---linda on 4/29/05

Godchaser, What I'm concerned about is the things he does that aren't nice. You didn't elaborate. If you are trying to live up to your moniker than you should really seek God about this guy. God loves you more than you can imagine and He wants to spare you from a potential serious mistake. God bless you Godchaser.
---John on 4/28/05

How can he be described as 'really nice' if he does things that are not nice? I'd keep away from him, I'd side with your brother on this.
---NV_Barbara on 4/28/05

One thing about brothers (especially older ones), they are always looking out for you. Trust your brother, he is a guy and he understands other guys.
---bethie on 4/28/05

You say your friend IS REALLY NICE but the things he does are NOT REALLY NICE! I think they call that AN OXYMORON! Beware, they are dangerous for your health! Better stick to being a GODCHASER!
---Pierre on 4/28/05

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