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I Don't Want Any Friends Anymore

Why do we need friends? I have never had that many friends because I am native american and they see me as a black person. So, why bother making friends with someone that doesn't like you in the first place? Most of the people you meet are fair weathered friends anyway, right?

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 ---Chrissy on 4/28/05
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Wow! Thankyou,Bro.Cluny, yes! I am see' a doctor & yes! had some x-rays they say it' from the car accident 2005, my bones are crack,back pain,but also,you know I have cancer & so, they going to run some more tests!
I am eating,now. I am going to the dr.again in a few days! I have been able to sleep! Thanks ONLY I know from the prayers! Of all you my CNT family.thankyou,so much Bro.Cluny,REALLY gratefull.. means alot may the Lord bless you abundantly.smiles! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 9/20/13

\\Have been in horrorible pain all yesterday,could not sleep, I have to stand try not to sit- too,much pain.
it's my left leg,groin area,up
my back again,under my arms and my head.\\

Lidia, have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? This sure sounds like it.

One of its symptoms is sleep disturbances, that is not getting the deep level of sleep one needs.

Thesee are also sy,mptoms of a heart attack or impending one. PLEASE see a doctor asap, even if you have to call 911.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/19/13

Thankyou Bro.MarkV and also, Sis.Mary, anyone else, I am gratefull for all your prayers. truly feel much better at least I can sleep and eat some. I have to be thankfull praise the Lord, it not worse. I believe that God is good even though I am going thru such, I always be pray for others because many suffer worse than me.
I am gratefull when I read testimonies of others how God has brought them over rough waters! I love Shira'4368 spirit because she too,encourages me. I can not imagine thankGod for that breathing machine. Be encouraged Sis.Mary and Bro.Mark
You both are loved by me and others.appreciate you all in Jesus name.
---Lidia4796 on 9/17/13

Sister Lidia, you are also in my mind and in my heart. I have prayed for you and will continue as long as it takes. I feel your pain in my heart sister Lidia. Many times we wish we could just say the words to someone and suddenly they are healed. God will provide you with whatever you need, He knows what is best for you. Blessings and prayers for you sister Lidia and all others with great needs.
---Mark_V. on 9/13/13

Hi Lidia, I am sooo very sorry honey, about your pain and your lack of ability to eat. You're in my thoughts and prayers honey, love and hugs, Mary
---Mary on 9/12/13

Be careful who you befriend! RELATIONSHIPS: has gotten more people in hot-water than you can shake a stick at. YOU WANT A FRIEND? Try Jesus!
---catherine on 9/12/13

Moderator Permit- Thanks! Heavenly Father, you know my plight it's prayer time, I ask all please pray for me.Have been in horrorible pain all yesterday,could not sleep, I have to stand try not to sit- too,much pain.
it's my left leg,groin area,up
my back again,under my arms and my head. I do not exceed the tablets given/ take as prescribed, I do NOT want to get addicted. I am pray not to rush to hospital,if at all possible!
I am eat oatmeal everyday, once a week maybe a taco can't do much ...
Thanks you for your prayers!
---Lidia4796 on 9/11/13

Mr. Moderator: The last comment from Chrissy was in 5/9/05 asking people to pray for him on his newly started friendship. I hope he is fine. I guess that his views expressed above has changed, if not he should become a Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ's coming and work really breaks racial barriers down.
---Adetunji on 5/2/13

I never did understand the racism against Native Americans ( I refuse to call them "Indians", that's a mis-nomer. "Indians" are from India. "Native Americans" are the natives of North America.) Anyway, the Native Americans lived here first, and we ex-European/modern Americans learned alot from the Natives, etc. GOD loves Native Americans, and many are Saved and a part of HIS Kingdom. I also have some, I think, Cherokee blood in me. I don't look it, though. I look more "Indian", as I have more Indian blood. Well, I have the King's Blood in me, now! :-)
---Gordon on 4/28/13

the pastor who married me and my husband was a full bloodied Cherokee indian. everyone thought he was black. he was my dad's best friend. I can tell you him and his wife had some good looking kids. he was a special man in my life.
---shira4368 on 4/28/13

I highly doubt the reason you have no friends is because you are Native American or because people think you are black! Both Native Americans and African Americans have lots of friends. They have no fewer friends than Caucasians or Hispanics. The amount of friends you have has nothing do with your race. I think you are using your race as a cover up for the real reason you have no friends.
---Jed on 4/25/13

crissy, where do you come up with someone not wanting to be friends with you because you are native American? I have never heard of such. you are made in the image of
God. you are gloriously and wonderfully made. God said that. all you got to do is know it.
---shira4368 on 4/24/13

I may be taking you out of context,but what are the chances you're exaggerating this?You don't have friends because you're a Native American that "they" think is Black.First,figure out why you think it's your race that's the issue.Secondly seems as if you have a problem being associated with Blacks that closely even if it meant you'd make friends.Is that possibly your real issue? Maybe you're pursuing the wrong people to befriend.Shouldn't matter what race people are.If you want people to correctly identify you then KEEP telling them "Hey,I'm NATIVE AMERICAN!" but don't let that keep you from having friends when you have an opportunity.
---Connie on 4/24/13

There's nothing wrong with being Native American or black...Jesus is our 1 true friend that sticks closer than a brother. You seek Him first and keep asking Him to bring godly relationships into your life and He will do that. The ones that don't accept you, don't worry about them....they didn't die for you, Christ did and He loves you so much! He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him above all and as for people being "fair-weathered", sweetie...those are NOT friends, they're merely associates. Smile..Jesus calls you "friend"
---Stacie on 3/4/08

I totally agree with you about the friendship stuff, we have had so many so called friends only to be hurt in the long run, there's a great old song that goes "Count your friends whent the times are good, count them again when the chips are down. Christ is the only tru friend we will ever need. God Bless
---Dennis on 5/5/07

We are all different some need many friends and some do not. In truth U are blessed if U can count the # of true "I will be there thru thick and thin friends" on 1 hand-most in life are acquaintances. But perhaps U are speaking from a wounded place right now? The Native American thing, I have Native friends, black, white, Spanish, Asian- a true friend is deeper then skin color.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

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When I was a little girl I wanted to be Native American. I married one and so have all 5 of my brothers and sisters. Seems a lot of people aren't around to be good friends. You just be the best person you can be & the best friend you want. I am sure someone is feeling like you do right now. Look around. I am here and I sometimes feel that way.
---Alexandra on 3/17/06

Ummmm.....wrong! First of all, I am quite sure the reason you did not have friends was NOT because you are a native american, and EVERYONE needs friends. I don't care who you are, you need friends. Hey, as far as I am concerned the more the better. Not all people are "fair weathered" friends. Just have to keep on looking and pray about it, you'll find them. And, really, I don't think you really feel that way. If you really did you would not have posted a message here. God Bless You!
---Bev on 12/17/05

Friendships are important and yet the most complicated to navigate through! People are fickle and have many needs, most of which can only be met by God. Sweetie, whatever you do, do not hold on to tightly to this new friend Cheryl or expect her to meet every need you have or she may just disappoint you! Only Jesus is the kind of friend you can hold tightly to and not lose! Jesus said, I will never leave you nor forsake you, so hold onto Him! Blessings,Ruth
---Ruth on 10/11/05

Dear Chrissy: I hope by now you have found a beautiful new friend. You did the right thing to ask us about this problem. You reached out. Being Native American has nothing to do with it. God sends friends to everybody. Just ask Him! He even sent His Son Jesus to be our Friend. He's been my best friend since I was 8 years old; I'm 71 now. He also sent many Christian friends who are wonderful! God will send you friends too because He loves us all equally. Love in Jesus, "Granma" Elsie
---Elsie on 5/13/05

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Hello Chrissy,
Sorry to hear that you're feeling down concerning friendships. I have friends that are black,Americans, Canadians, Philipinos,etc. In friendships, the person's skin color,ethnicity,nationality doesn't matter. If it does, it isn't true friendship. The reason why we need friends is because they enrich our lives. I'm willing to be your friend,if it's what you want. I pray that you will find friends who like you for exactly the way you are!
---Nock on 5/13/05

Please pray for me. I have started a new friendship with a lady named Cheryl. Please pray that God would strenghten our friendship. I am willing to make it work if she is. This lady is very special to me. Please pray for us.
---Chrissy on 5/9/05

You have an interesting point. My mother's( a deeply committed christian lady) own experience has been that the further your comittment to Jesus goes (in a biblical fashion I might add to) e.g., dispensing with heretical christian teaching and practice and the latest fads, and also dying to your own personal desires ('he that loses his life for my sake the same shall find it') the fewer people that relate to you. With the exception of perhaps 2 people she has no real friends - but boy , what a relationship with jesus she has.
---eric on 5/3/05

Some people are just mean. I try to treat everyone as I want to be treated. Many can say that they have alot of friends, but are they really? A friend is someone you can call 3:00 in the morning to have them pray for you and them not get mad. A friend is someone who will be there for you no matter what. I have alot of people that I like but I only have a few friends, true friends. To me it doesn't matter what they look lik. a person treats me with respect, they will get respect back, you treat me like a dog that person will lose my respect. It all boils down on if they have God in them or not.
---Rebecca_D on 5/1/05

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So???? What's seeing someone in person got to do with anything? You're so negative about yourself that you can't see that people here are reaching out to you. Let the Spirit of God guide you, and you'll find you have more friends here than you know how to handle.
---Ann5758 on 5/1/05

What difference does it make, you can't make someone like you no matter what you do! They may say that they are friends, but they have never saw me in person.
---Chrissy on 4/30/05

Chrissy. It appears you have friends lined up for you here on CN. Reach out and get to know them. A warm friendship makes all the difference in our days. Remember..however, we all have lots of acquaintences but loyal, true friends are a treasured gift from God. You must be friendly to have a friend. So get busy and contact some of your friends here. DO NOT be discouraged if you are misunderstood sometimes. We all misunderstand from time to time. Forgive and do something nice for them.
---Eloia on 4/30/05

We need friends because we were created to be social. If people are judging you because of your ethnicity, then they are unworthy of you. But there are many who won't be that way. I'm one of them. I don't get out much but would love to write you so, drop me a line if you want to.
---Karen9588 on 4/30/05

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I have had many friends and some who I thought were friends. No-hopers never did me any harm while the real ones remained life long friends. I am a voluntary teacher of english language to Asian, ,African, American immigrants of all ages. They vary in "colour" : Redskins, yellow,brown and black We are all friends because we WANT to be . Friendship is a two-way affair my friend ! Please get out of your shell and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are unique, created in God's image. Thank him for you being YOU !! many people are thinking of you right now !
---Con8436 on 4/29/05

chrissy. There are many people who do not know what it is like to be a friend, but you are surrounded by friends. To be a friend, you must be able to bring into yourself all the past and wash it.
---gregg on 4/29/05

i have been in the same place except that i am white i love all people honestly thing is even white people get hurt by others and by their own for the most part of my life i thought i didnt need anyone but god but i was wrong for 17 years i no true friends and i was alone and was severely depressed to the point of suicide someone then came along and opened my eyes to the point that i needed someone had it not been for the best friend of my life i wouldnt be here today we all need friends.
---andre9789 on 4/29/05

I dont want a lot of friends either. I have my family, and that seems to be enough for me. But what is wrong with being black? What is wrong with being native american?
People need to quit being so racist.
---sue on 4/29/05

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Ilive in Niagara Falls NY and I am truly sorry that you have been hurt so badly by your friends. Friends are wonderful but when they do something to you it hurts deeply. We have to go on and we do need friends. We do not do well by ourselves. Hope that a little time will help to heal your hurt. God Bless You
---Jim on 4/29/05

I am sorry for your feelings. Evidently some friends have hurt you. However predguice is a nasty thing peole get hurt. You, however, appear to be predgudice as well.......what difference does it make if people think you are black ---- are you saying that to be a native american is better than black. People are peple. God doesnt' judge people by the color of their skin or he wouldn't have made all of us!!! Think about ow you feel about blak people, and then change your heart.........maybe others will toward you. No man is an island, we all depend on others. I'll pray for you. Pattty
---patty on 4/29/05

Sorry I found your note to be irritating. How easy it is to place the blame on others around us that we don't even know. Make yourself to be a pleasant person, accepting of others and they too will be accepting of you. I have many friends of many different colors and ethnicities. Those who choose to live as people rather than a color are much easier to be in a relationship with. Stand tall and be proud of who you are. Greet others with a smile. Live for them, and they in turn will live for you. God bless you. Don't forget to pray.
---ruth on 4/29/05

I live in the West, Nevada. This is a very open place as far as the mixture of people. I'm caucasion, my best friend is black, many Mexican, native Americans and Asian people are my neighbors. Stand proud Chrissy, Native Americans were here before any of us! Interesting culture and a proud people. My sister in law is Filipino, in the summer she looks black. I would be proud to be your friend, I'm sure there are others who feel the same.
---NV_Barbara on 4/29/05

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He that needs a friend must first show himself friendly (bible verse). Be a friend and you will gain a friend (Whatever a Man sows that also shall he reap).

God Bless!
---tomie4567 on 4/29/05

Don't use skin tone as basis to hate those who hate you. Pray that God opens their eyes and opens your heart for forgiveness of those that hurt you.
---Paul on 4/29/05

i myself am cherokee/chreek mix going back along way. so i can understand what you are saying.but,if there is a true friend in someones life,that friend is blind to the color of ur skin.true friends are very hard to find.just like tring to find a good honest lady to marry. you may write me if u like and hopefully in the will of God we can become friends.johnn9395
---johnny on 4/29/05

Hi lad u dont need to worry any more about being back or something,let mi tell u have to be strong minded cause i feel like no race is infior or suprior.Just hang on,if u feel lonely iam hear let be friends,i can be writting to u almost everyday,i promise. I hope u will contact mi as soon as possible bye for now God bless.
---sam8354 on 4/29/05

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its good to have friends for several reasons. A problem shared is half solved so the saying goes, without friends you have nobody with whom you can share your problems. Jesus associated with many people so why not follow his example ? From friends we can learn alot both bad and good so it is there for us to weigh. Good day friend
---Robert on 4/29/05

I seem to disagree. For me color does not make any difference. And I could never have to many friends. I would love to be your friend
---joy on 4/29/05

i am gabra7947. i am white, but with cherokke in my blood, and i am proud of that. i have a fiance that is half-black. i don't care what color a person's skin is, because we all bleed red, we all get buried in the same earth, and we all need the same Savior. i would be happy to be your friend.
---gabriel on 4/29/05

So what's wrong with Native Americans?. I'm a male looking for a female. One of the most beautiful woman I ever met was a native american from Minnesota. We met on Guam of all places. I sure do miss her. Her name is Jackie. What's yours?. John
---John on 4/29/05

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I have friends of a lot of different races. None of them are fair weather friends. To have a friend, I have to be a friend. Scripture says that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Are you loving people that way?
---Madison on 4/28/05

what is wrong with a black person? All people are special--God made us special. You are depriving yourself if you don't have good friends.
---shira_5965 on 4/28/05

Precious One. You have been hurt so badly, and your heart is so tender. God wants us to have friends, so we don't walk alone in this world. I am native american too, although not dark. In true relationships of whatever kind, color is irrelevant. And real trusting friendships take time. Please don't be discouraged, God has people out there for you. Rest and know that God sees you and you are not alone. I bid you peace.
---rev on 4/28/05

Chrissy: You joined here to make friends, why are you down on yourself, cheer up,tell us what are you looking for your interests,God loves you use your talents not your anger & disappointment. I am sure the others will jump in & say their 2 bits.SEEK & you shall find you are in the right area.
---Emcee on 4/28/05

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We all need friends, but the greatest friend to have is Jesus who sticks closer than a brother. I to have a problem sometimes getting friends...I am overweight and people tend to see the outside and not the inside of the person...Thank God that He looks into the depths of our heart. I am also part Cherokee but not real dark complected.
Take courage.
---linda8675 on 4/28/05

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