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Women In Photos Need Clothes

I was viewing male and female pictures and noticed a great amount of women wearing very little clothing. I'm trying to understand why this is. If you are God fearing, then why do you not cover oneself?

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 ---Lori on 4/29/05
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Blessings to you lori, I believe that the way a woman or man dresses, if they are a Christian, speaks much about their Godly character and Godly morals. I believe that a man or woman who proclaim to be a Christian, should ask the question: Does this fit my Godly character as to who I am IN CHRIST? Something to consider is your testimony as a believer, and also would God be pleased by what I am wearing today? We are God's people, and we are to be different from the world. Just my opinion. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/21/07

These women you are referring to are not God fearing people. Surely these people are only Christians in name only. While we are on the subject. TV. Why can't the TV people place a scroll at the bottom of the screen, warning true Christians of naked people coming up? I am starting to become lazy looking all the way around the room everytime. [Seems to last forever] I find myself eye-balling them, sometimes. Then take my eyes away. You know, God is watching me!
---catherine on 11/21/07

There are rules and regulations everywhere we go and in everything we do. I don't fault the people in the photos. The administrator(s) or whomever is responsible for overseeing the site should discriminate against what is acceptable and what is not.If someone submits a photo that is revealing or too explicit,it should not be accepted. When our posts are too long and the wording is not correct, they don't accept them. Why should it be any different with the photos?
---Robyn on 11/20/07

Covering up does not make one God-fearing but if well taught on the things of God and how to live a Holy life it would make a difference in how we act, dress, walk and talk. A lot of people claim to be Christian but don't have an inkling of anything else spiritual. The bible clearly tells us our people are perishing for a lack of knowledge. The people in these photos could be ill-taught people who don't even understand the things of God. Everyone who says Lord,Lord won't make it to Heaven.
---Robyn on 11/20/07

There is a ruling on this site that you have to be decently dressed in a photo in order for it to be shown. I've seen nothing wrong with the way people are dressed in their photos. If it's hot out, they may be wearing shorts in their photo, but there's nothing wrong with that.
---Ann5758 on 11/20/07


The media doesn't define a Woman of Integrity.

---Reiter on 11/14/06

the flesh is temporary, what matters is the soul that christ is reaching for, and that particular soul's works for christ
---rita on 5/31/05

i didnt know you could where fewer clothes i will have to submit a better picture
---lorie4334 on 5/28/05

what website were you looking at? If I were a bit thinner, I so would be dressing cuter! I have some things that I wear that are pretty, but the really pretty stuff is for little women. I wouldn't be wearing anything skin tight or too low cut, but I figure if you got a nice shape, don't hide it in a tent! Lighten up, I don't think clothes are going to make a bit of difference in how men react to us. what is in a man's heart is what motivates their treatment of women.
---Julie on 5/9/05

barbara, i would like the addresses.
---curt on 5/4/05

Alan, I came across a few- if you want the addresses :)
---NV_Barbara on 5/4/05

As Christians we are to "notify" another Christian of something he may be doing wrong. I have to say that half of these women are not wearing "summer clothes" they are wearing clothing I see on T.V. or shall "Hellavision" I get hot but I do not wear what these women are wearing. Women do not realize that they are Presidents of the Sex world. It is Women who are the ring leaders. Wake up Girls, put some clothes on and be a Mother, daughter, sister, Aunt, Wife, Not Eye Candy!
---Me on 5/4/05

Well, as I had a few minutes in hand, before going to get the cake out of the oven, I had a look for these scantily clad ladies ... thought they might excite me ... only joking!!

But I must have looked at about 100, in different age ranges, ethnecities, reasons for joining, and did not come across a single one who seemd inadequately dressed.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/2/05

How we dress says allot about us. With skimpy clothes the women are sending out the wrong message.Maybe they don't see anything wrong with it. When I was in school I wore very short skirts and dresses. For attention, to fit in with the styles, and rebelion from my dad's teaching.
It was wrong.
---Ulrika on 4/30/05

Dear Lori,I have viewed many photo's and have not seen anything indecent on this website.If women are doing this it is to seek attention but they do not realize a decent man does not want that kind of woman.I have dated many women who thought that was the way to my heart,I walk away from them and pray for them but a relationship that starts with sin isn't going very far,it's not Gods way,he won't bless the relationship.It's important that you do the right thing and let god bless you in his timing with the right person.God bless you in your search.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

As a man I ask you to think about yourselves, are you dressing to be undressed in a man's eyes; I go to church and a few women go to church who are there as "the devil's tool of suduction". I don't know if they intentionally do so... You can dress attractivly with out dressing to "be undressed by a man" God will not hold you guiltless if you tempt someone else into sin... "if you make one of these little ones to fall then it would have been better had a millstone been tied around your neck and you thrown into the sea..."
---thoma9534 on 4/30/05

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Although I was a little surprised at some of the photos on there showing people with a lot of skin exposed,I was a lot more shocked to see the picture of the man with a cocktail glass in his hand.Did no one else think that a litttle out of place?As for women,not everyone has the same views of what proper attire is ,and its wrong to judge them because we don't agree.I am God fearing, but I see nothing wrong with regular length shorts on a hot summer day,or a bathingsuit(1 piece) for the pool.The amount of covering varies by denomination and even country.
---Darlene_1 on 4/30/05

I was once told this "If you went to Jesus' house, would you wear what you are wearing?, dress as though you were invited to dinner with Jesus" -Pastor Zinn
---Lori on 4/30/05

Because they know that a man's brain is wired naturaly to be vision oriented. Even a Christian man,is always at first,attracted to his mate because of her looks and attributes. It is a natural reaction designed to bring together male and female to marry,have romance and bring children into the world. These women are wanting husbands, and are not doing porn.
---jay on 4/30/05

Because they don't have a bit of God in them? If they did then they would wear more clothes. In a decent and repectful manner.
---Rebecca_D on 4/29/05

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I went through 100 women's photos..and yes, I know that's only the tip of the iceberg..but there were only 2 that might have been a little provocative, and you would have to reach hard to even say that. I have yet to see someone who is dressed inappropriately in their photos.
---Ann5758 on 4/29/05

I hate pornography too. There are even photos being interjected on Christian chatlines at various times.
The work of Satan never stops. But God is always the victor. God guaranteed his promises with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
---barbara on 4/29/05

these women are under the false impression that showing skin will get them more attention. they fail to see that all they gain from it is the attention of the wrong kind of boys.
---curt on 4/29/05

Look again Ann, there are some women in gowns or blouses with a lot of cleavage. I was a bit surprised to see some of them myself. Its not just women who have loose morals Stephen, its just easier for them to 'advertise.'
---NV_Barbara on 4/29/05

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In a word, vanity. Isn't it "strange" that today looking "sexy" or "attractive" is seen the same as pretty or handsome. ie. sexy- pertaining to sex or sexual. Attractive-from to attract, getting ones attention due to appearance. I am very amazed at how many loving moms allow and/or help their school age daughters dress in clothes that reveal (or almost do) areas that should never be so with single people. Then are offended when someone (they don't want to) looks or comments. You are correct. It is condoning temptation by both genders.
---mike_fl on 4/29/05

Women have loosed morals. People have just become religious, they have a form of godliness but deny the power in the word.have choosen human leaders instead of holy spirit leading them, have listened to human teaching instead of the great teacher- holy spirit
---stephen on 4/29/05

Good point! Where does chaste come in?
---rev on 4/29/05

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