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The Ladies Aren't My Friend

Why is it that ladies on the net do not maintain friendships and relationships ?

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 ---Robert on 4/29/05
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I don't make friends too easily. I guess I am too careful. I have met 3 people on christianet who are truly friends. Two of them I have known for over 7 years and the other one for about 8 months.One friend lives in New Zealand. One is in Virginia and the other Indiana. They will always be my friend.
---shira_3877 on 1/19/11

My guess: there is no way to track what was said once you send the message to the other person.You can forget what was actually sent to the person.I also don't track when it was sent. Before you know it you have not heard from the person or written to the person in weeks. The internet is not the best place in the world to make friends,either. I think making friends the old-fashioned way is going to prove to be the best way. And you get a chance to see them more regularly. I never like long-distance communication, anyway.
Anothe guess: women are very competitive toward each other.Even over the net. You can pick a lot up about people.Once a connection is made, if they don't like how and what the person said, they just don't correspond anymore.
---Robyn on 1/19/11

Are you scaring them, Robert?
Way too pushy, maybe.
---Pro-G on 6/3/07

I think it is only the few you have met. Not all. Check profiles well for good qualities that match yours.
---nancy on 5/26/07

I don't know, could it be the guys quit writing?
---Julie on 5/9/05

Well I must be strange,lol,I met a great lady about 11/2 years ago on on this site,and we are now in a relationship, we live other end of the country (England)but see each other each month,I go up to her place or she comes down to me,I have 3 children so does she,we get on very well with each others children which is great. So it can happen and I thank God that it did
---dave4584 on 5/3/05

I can't tell you why other woman do not maintain friendships and relationships. All I can say is why I might do that. I don't want to have a close friendship or relationship with married men because they should have that with their wife. I don't want to get close to a man allot older(more than 15 yrs older) or younger (2yrs younger) than me. I would like someone who is understanding and interesting. That is just me, not that everyone thinks that way.
---Ulrika on 4/30/05

Where will we find that in scripture?
---Bruce5656 on 4/30/05

jesus said " if you want friends you should show yourself friendly" so i would take God at his word. claim his promise. do your part expecting that God will do His , and pray
---barba3644 on 4/30/05

Anyone who is thinking that they will find lasting friendship on sites (as wonderful as it is) like this is bound to be very dissappointed. There are exceptions of course, right Albert? but they are not the rule. The anynonomus nature of contact does not allow for very much of a sense of committment to a "friendship" which, even when it is a personal face-to-face relationship, takes work and committment on the part of both parties.
---Bruce5656 on 4/30/05

I am throwing the same question towards men. Personally, the net for me is just good for superficial type of friendship. Immediate reactions, body languages, and the ring of one's laughter or the sigh of a person you are talking to are ingredients to know the person well. These could not be found on the net. The face behind the letters on the screen, and the heart and soul of a person you are communicating with could not be found on the net although photos are already available. It is really different "to know a person" in person.
---Linda on 4/30/05

Maybe you are writing to the wrong ladies... I have email friends that I've known for several years. I have never stopped emailing anyone until they have stopped replying to my emails after 2 or 3 attempts.
---Robin on 4/29/05

I have found that many men are the same way on this site Robert. Today it seems people just do not care about caring or being loyal to friendships or relationships. It is sad.
I am very loyal and still keep in contact with people I met 7 yrs ago on the net. Though we have never met in person they are still dear to my heart.
---Marla on 4/29/05

I met a sweet lady on christianet nearly 2 years ago and we e mail each other all the time. We are great friends and someday I pray I get to meet her.
---shira_5965 on 4/29/05

I have to agree with Nancy. From my experience, it seems that the men, for the most part, are more focussed on getting into a serious relationship quickly (even though you give your reason for joining as "Friendship") and are not prepared to allow the friendship (potential relationship) to blossom and flourish. Once you don't seem as eager, they are not interested in a friendship.

It would be good if we (both males and females) could be "upfront" with each other in order to lessen the chance of us misinterpreting each other's intentions.
---JR on 4/29/05

What is meant by maintain? All of life is filled by friends and people that pass like ships in the night. And sometimes some men want more than friendship - and some women say I have a family - don't want more than friendship. So for some women if they sense a man is on the make and on the move - it is good bye.
---Barbara on 4/29/05

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Some people sense that they will enjoy a relationship thru the net and have a sense that others in the buffet line of men/ladies are not compatible. Rather than trying to blame the net or ladies, look within yourself. Your profile is your picture to the world. Are you ready for a relationship? Are you going to give someone full value for their time and thoughts? Granted, you are not looking for a hundred replies, you are looking for the one right person. When someone says "No", they are saying "rephrase the question". Good luck
---chuck on 4/29/05

I do maintain friendship. On other hand there are men that I rather not start a friendship or end it earlier because I can't deceive GOD and men. I pray that he may understand and be bless with a woman who will love him. We should respect each others decision as Christians, if we truly love, we don't ask anything in return. Only hope and pray that our friend is well and happy at the other end since we have engrossly involved our heart. God will never let us run out of friends and JESUS is constantly opening His heart to be our friend forever when no one will...Claire Faith
---Claire_Faith on 4/29/05

I find that a very interesting question. It is my question exactly about men on the net!
---HD on 4/29/05

I find just the opposite true. If I send a card to a man that I liked their profile most times I never get an answer. The few that have written are sparadiac at best. A woman's point of view.
---Nancy on 4/29/05

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We are all only human. We want to love the way Christ showed us, but it is often hard. Relationships are always difficult, but over the net maybe more so. One should also look within if people cut off relationships with you. Pray for your eyes to be open, and concentrate on being the man God wants you to be. If you let God shine from within you, the women will not turn away.
---ruth on 4/29/05

Hi. It may be that the net is not yet accepted as a place to make friends and form relationships. The internet still has a way to go. For example, how do you know and trust that the person you are talking to on the other side is a genuine person or christian? Still successful frienships and relationships have been formed.
---Cathe9575 on 4/29/05

It is possibly because you have been looking at the wrong ladies.
---Beth on 4/29/05

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