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Messianic Jewish Ladies Here

Are there any Messianic Jewish Ladies out there, or any Messianic Ladies who are not Jewish by birth?

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 ---Jay80108 on 4/30/05
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I am a Messianic Jew who was raised as a Christian. I prefer to call Jesus by his Hebrew name, Y'shua, which is what his mother called him. I am a follower of Y'shua Mashiach - Jesus the Messiah. The main thing is that we know that Y'shua paid the bride price for us on the stake when he gave his life and shed his blood - that he was buried and he rose again and ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the father and is preparing a place for his bride. Phyllis
---Phyllis on 12/25/06

Yes. I was raised in Temple came to Christ attended a Messianic congregation and now a church. I used to hold fast that I needed to cling to my Jewish roots or I would lose them. I dont feel that need any longer because my "heritage or ancestors" will never change- so I can worship any where now, without having to prove "who" I am. It has freed me. I could worship next to U in a Messianic congregation, or at the local church.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

. those who don't accept Jesus as their savior will have no way to get into heaven, no matter what their intentions are. this is what God is trying to tell us in the Bible.
---steve on 5/31/05

Curt, ALL Jews believe in Jesus, they just don't all accept Him as Savior. The ones who are of the Jewish race, but accept Jesus as Savior are Messianic (worship the Messiah), again, some call themselves 'Completed Jews', some just 'Christians.' They see the correlation of OT and NT.
---NV_Barbara on 5/16/05

,let me make this perfectly clear; if you are not willing to be known as a follower of Jesus, the Christ, then you are not saved. Matthew 10:33, Matthew 16:24.
---curt on 5/14/05

,Jay, i just noticed on an earlier blog you said "...the law, as you christians call it". are you a christian? can one be saved if they refuse to accept being known as a follower of Christ?
---curt on 5/14/05

lisa, do not let yourself get discouraged. do whatever you can to reach the lost, because without Jesus, nobody can get into heaven, and there are so many who don't know him yet.
---curt on 5/9/05

Paul says that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile. From man's standpoint a distinction still exists and in a non-christian sense this is valid, but from God's view he looks on the heart and looks to see who believes in and follows his Son - that is what is important to God, and therefore thats what I consider to be important
---eric on 5/9/05

(part 2) It only perpetuates the stereotypes that christians are bigots which we are not. Let's be known and recognised as a merciful, gracious embracing (not excluding) body of people,eh? And to the questioner, I consider myself to be a bit of a messianic Jew as my ancestors were Jewish a few generations ago but I found Jesus in my teens. I once had a calling to minister to Jewish people, but that was long ago and I've put that down for now. I lived in Israel and had a reality check on a few things there, who knows (God does), I may pick that calling up again one day....
---lisa on 5/6/05

what i was trying to make clear is that just because someone calls themself something, it doesn't mean they are. make sure they profess the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, if not, they are not really saved.
---curt on 5/1/05

Some call themselves Messianic, or Completed Jews. They will always be a Jew by heritage, but have accepted the Savior as Lord of their lives, so they are still Jews, but Saved Jews. Some just want to be known as 'Christians'.
---NV_Barbara on 4/30/05

sorry, but there are a large number who only profess to believe in Jesus, but don't really believe. that is why i say be careful, and ask them if they are willing to be called "followers of Christ", if not, then they are not saved.
---curt on 4/30/05

Curt, my undersatanding was that Messianis Jews are Jews who accept Christ as the Messiah, and all that means.

But it would help me at any way if the questioner would give a definition of "Messianic Jew"
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/30/05

remember, that there is a difference between jews who pretend to believe in the savior and those who really do. anyone who is serious about accepting Jesus (the only savior) then they will be willing to be called "christian", a word that literally means "follower of Christ".
---curt on 4/30/05

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