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I Have Pain Around The Clock

I am in chronic pain 24/7. As of this past year my health is declining. With the illness I have depression, sadness and alone. I find this overwhelming sometimes and take my frustrations out the wrong way and this creates a mess. Please help.

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 ---clara4685 on 4/30/05
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I also have Fibro along with severe migraine headaches & arthritis. I can't sleep & the pain is so bad it hurts to take a shower.
Please pray that something will help this condition.
---Paula on 11/26/07

Would you write me personally so I can give you a link to a website with all the bread you need to receive strength?
---linda9974 on 6/23/07

Take heart, many will pray for U now that U have reached out, some even fast I am sure. U may be depressed yet U still reached out, U expressed your need so that shows me at least, your strength even though U may think U do not have any and U even humbled yourself by opening up- many that are "well" do not do that. My father is in constant pain so I do understand what U speak of. I will not throw out cliches to U but I will pray.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

I do understand your problem, as it has happened to me. I have fibromyalgia. A good doctor and the drugs that he gives you may be God's providence for your pain.
---Fr._Brendan on 5/28/05

Dear Clara, could you have fibromyalgia? There's also a recognized genetic condition called "depressive spectrum syndrome" and fibro is part of it.

I know a man who's on permanant disability from both. My heart goes out to you.

But there is medical help for these conditions. Please check into these things for yourself, OK? God does provide, and in very odd ways, even through SSI and SSD and Medicaid/Medicare. Maybe that's His provision for you.
---Jack on 5/28/05

I appreciate these suggestions about how to keep healthy and even saved some of them. I especially liked what loveable linda said about asking the Lord to put her on His path to healing. When I need healing I ask the Lord to show me if there is anything I can do to get relief. I have received amazing results to such a simple prayer. I want to remind you that Jesus died on the cross for our salvation AND our healing (1Peter 2:24). He paid for our healing.
---DoryLory on 5/1/05

barb said everything I was going to say, except Excersise, and taking walks everyday if you can. The worse thing you can put in your body is sugar. Try this for at least 3 months, You will see a differance.
---a_friend on 5/1/05

HI: The answer to this depends on where the pain is,& has it been given a diagnosis? Have you seen an MD to discover reason for this pain? What are your symptoms? You may have something very treatable, so why suffer? Have yourself examined by a qualified physician, and find out what is the matter. Maybe that will alleviate the depression and other secondary symptoms. God bless!
---Kristine on 4/30/05

My dear sister. I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Prayer is the key to what ever life throws our way. Isolation isnt the solution to your problem. If you can please surround yourself with people that truly love the Lord and have a personal relationship with him. I work with hurting, abused women everyday. I have found when people know they are loved and cared for. Finally, use wisdom and go see a doctor to find out whats wrong. send me a email I would like to keep in touch with you if its ok.
---Chery on 4/30/05

Clara..have courage,dear.I had "charlie horses"for 4 yrs(when standing).Took buckets of pills,cried buckets of tears,and prayed..then I asked the Lord to "put me on His path to my Healing".He did.I had pinched nerves in my back causing it,not fibromyalgia.I'm seeking for perm.healing,but got relief.I'll pray for you,hon.
---lovable_linda on 4/30/05

bread, pasta, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, fried foods, peanut butter, juices, popcorn, milk, cheese, white rice, potatoes, luncheon meat, ice cream, cereal, margarine

fish, slamon, sardines, eggs, organic butter, turkey, chicken, fresh fruit, vegetables, plain or vanilla yougurt, raw nuts, water. olive oil (cold pressed) some red meat, brown rice, sweet potatoes, wild rice, beans, legumes, barley
---barb on 4/30/05

This is not something that going to a hospital or emergency room is going to solve. I suggest you stay away from the antibiotics and other such medicenes. Deal with this with dietary nutrition, supplements, and cleansing your colon and other organs.
---barb on 4/30/05

Clara, I am almost 54 years old and have lived with constant pain, caused by fibromyalgia, since I was a teenager, so I do understand your situation. It is extremely debilitating and frustrating, but I have placed myself in God's caring hands, one day at a time, knowing that He will never fail me. If this is what He asks of me, it's a small price to pay, compared to the one Christ paid. Do not lose faith and pray like you never have before. May the Lord grant you peace of mind, heart and spirit. God bless you.
---Helen on 4/30/05

I know about pain ,as I have pain all the time too. I urge you to seek a doctor who will give you medication to ease your pain.Then accept it and ask God for strength to handle it.I pray God will give me strength for the task,He does.Live as normal a life as you can.When cut completely off from others it is harder to deal with your trouble.You are going to hurt no matter where you are,so allow yourself to do what helps you feel better.Being emotionally out of control won't do that.I may hurt,but I don't take it out on others.When you start to,praise God instead.Study the Word and seek God.
---Darlene1 on 4/30/05

Overgrowth of Candida (yeast/fungus) normal in and on our body causes problems you have described. Heal by cleansing and balancing inside of your body. Detox diet: NO sugar, flour, yeast, or dairy. Try for two weeks, but continue with detox diet. Acidolphillus is undergrown when candida is overgrown. Take acidolphillus. Take psyllium seed to clean your colon, keep daily regularity to clean and prevent toxins from building inside colon. Research this (internet) begin with curezone; candida and colon. Ask questions at health food stores. Common cause is antibiotics, medicenes.
---barb on 4/30/05

The reason you are in chronic pain is that there is a problem and you know that. That kind of pain is caused by inflammation of the nerves. You can go to the doctor and get anti-inflammatory drugs, that will help in the short run and it may help your depression but you cant do that for the remainder of your life or you can say that that will make the remainder of your life because it will kill you. My suggestion, go to a Health Food store that sells Nature's Sunshine and find the product 'IF-C', an anti-inflammatory, and start taking that.
---gregg on 4/30/05

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Why make a mess? Frustration should cause us to clean up.

Surrendering everything to the Lord is helpful. Prayer and Bible study can help to fill the hours.

See your family doctor and begin steps to go into nursing home care.

Continual pain is frustrating. It is sign that something is not being done.

If I were brave enough, I would suggest you go to hospital emergency and ask for admission until you find the source of the pain and get proper medical care.

Remembering you in prayer and thought. God bless.
---barbara on 4/30/05

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