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I Want A Relationship With Him

I'm in love with this guy & have been for the past three years, during which he asked me out & I refused thrice-once because I was in a relationship and twice because I was scared of getting hurt again. Now I'm over that and realize I want a relationship with him. I've moved to another country!

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 ---mya on 4/30/05
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That is the way life happpens. It happens that way for a purpose. You didn't want to get hurt again, but now you are hurting yourself because you are scared to go on. Go on.
---gregg on 1/23/08

Let me paraphrase. While in a relationship with one man you actually loved another. This second man asked you out three times and you refused him, but now that you're far away, you realize his charms. Have I got you right?

Get real, woman! How the bloody blank can you expect to have a relationship with a man when you're not even in the same country?

You sound like you never want or love anything unless you can't have it, and once you do, you despise it, like Scarlett O'Hara. Grow up, girl!
---Jack on 5/28/05

If you are still interested in this guy. Let him know, test the waters.Then if he has the interest he will get back to you.Miles really dont count.If you both want the same thing you can move back or he could move as well.Just let God be in this.Maybe a time of writing and talking on the phone will let you get to know each other a little better.Give it a try.
---shearon on 5/2/05

I dont get what u're tryin 2 say cos u haven't helped at all!Since when is asking more than once the same as stalking?Did u even get the question or are u just writing cos u feel a nd 2 ans?Cos that's the impression I have.I'm grateful for the reasonable, BIBLICAL answers others have given!
---mya on 5/2/05

Sorry,Joshua,I dont think u can.I'm sure you're a great guy but you would be different.Thanks,anyway.
---mya on 5/2/05

what i'm trying to say is, why does our society tolerate stalkers? men seem to think that when women say "no", it means ask a few more times. what is it going to take before men learn to accept "no", and stop making a mockery of the label "christian" they they like to say they are.
---curt on 5/1/05

Elder, I think Curt was quoting Matthew 32: 14-18.

There is nothing wrong with asking over and over again if all is genuine and sincere. In fact, if my wife said YES on the first move, I would have been suspicious.

If all is decent and honest, even 50 times would be in order.
---Albert on 5/1/05

Blue ... there are different types of love. One is that between God and the indicidual. The second is that which yuo talk about, the love we have for all men, our neighbours. But you appear to deny the third, which is the love between one man & one woman, which exists as we approach marriage, and beyond.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/30/05

Oh Blue, you are so wrong my friend and I think you're mixing things up. I love my wife much much more than I love any of my friends, so is that selfish?

Loving people is one thing, loving ones fiance(e') or spouse is another thing.
---Albert on 4/30/05

Curt please list the Bible references you are using for your statement. I'd like to study these as it is bound to help my counseling ministry.
---Elder on 4/30/05

Curt,dude,what would have happened if people like the wright brothers,henry ford,louis chevrolet,thomas edison and Jesus Christ would have given up? it's Gods timing,not ours.Back to her question,if you live in another country it might be a little hard to have a real relationship unless you just wish to be friends.God bless you in your choice.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

Curt, I'm curious as to why you say men that ask a 2nd & 3rd time are not godly... I don't understand your rationale. Would you mind explaining yourself?
---Robin on 4/30/05

MYA:-Life is full of trials & errors, joys & disappointments. if you are ready & he is still interested why not- move on-- life goes on,Only we need to seek his Guidance.Good luck& god be with you.Remember the story ob Robert Bruce.?
---Emcee on 4/30/05

men who ask a second and third time, after being refused once, are not godly men. you need to stop being in love with this feeling of being in love, and move on.
---curt on 4/30/05

As a christian in Christ, love is not measured between one certian person but for all of God's creation. For if we say "I love you and only you", it is selfish. We are not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead through Christ, to find what God has for you and your mate. Only God knows what is perfect for us, to bring about happiness, for you and others you come in contact with. A help mate that will work with you to do His Will for your lives. Without His leadership, will be a high risk for failure, in a true relationship. My prayers of support I share.
---Blue on 4/30/05

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