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Men Interested In Large Women

Are there Christian men interested in dating large women or to you always have to be fit?

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 ---Janet7433 on 4/30/05
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With respect to what Marklush said:

Large people (both men and women) are generally looked at by much of society, at least in the west, as ugly and undesirable.

One thing I have noticed all my life is that "beautiful people" can get others to like them, so they never need to develop good interpersonal skills, while those who are viewed as ugly (or at least not beautiful) NEED to learn how to be nice in order to make friends from a very early age. So, to oversimplify, ugly people are (on average) nicer than beautiful people. (Of course, this doesn't apply to people who have made themselves ugly through self-destructive behavior, such as drug abuse, etc.)
---StrongAxe on 12/5/11

hello,sis.Mary! You alrite too! You my best buddy on here! And thanks! Marknxt post below to be the bestyou can be.. God didn't make junk we all got to be gratefull.. If your weight bothers or inhibits yes,I used to weigha whoop'n 400! I am short but,mostlymuscle :) cutting down on the rice 'n of course the sweets! Any cheese cake & Ice cream my favorite! Love ELENA
---ELENA on 12/5/11

Right on, Elena! :) I'm short and overweight but my husband somehow thinks I'm beautiful--even now since my surgery! :) I do want to lose weight though--lots of diabetes and heart disease in my family, it sure is hard to lose though lol! God bless :)
---Mary on 12/5/11

Large women are the best lovers i have never come across. One thing with them is that they are ever straight forward and clear in their minds.
---Marklush on 12/5/11

Hi,thankfull give the glory to our Heavenly Father,Jesus & holy spirit,ELENA lifts weights and for a biglady! Feelin' pretty good! :) guess thatwhy,the housekeeper took off?... told her,hey I forgive you..she goin' need me again.. :) love of Jesus
---ELENA on 12/4/11

hello,Family, I goin' to be straight forward :) yes, perfectly agree with Robyn! First,I love myself,and I respect everyone views.. Full figure woman & love myself and God made all of us different! I am thankfull becuz yes! So,very fortunate... good to see you on here Robyn.. Love 'n blessing to all my brothers & sisters!
---ELENA on 11/27/11


How can you presume to know the minds of all men? There are many men who actually prefer chubby women over skinny ones (and vice versa too).

It only becomes a problem when it's just a superficial fetish - for example, if one loves another JUST because he/she's fat, and loses interest otherwise (for example, if the fat one gets a gastric bypass or otherwise loses weight for health reasons). Then you know that it wasn't love for the person, but just lust after the form.
---StrongAxe on 11/27/11

Ive seen some thick women that were pretty sexy. Im dating one now.

There is a limit though.
---JackB on 11/27/11

went on a cruise once with my sister and while sitting on the deck, in front of us was a couple. a skinny man and a very fat woman. We thought she was nude and knew she was on the wrong deck for nude. eventually she got up and her bikini was so deep in the skin, she looked nude. Now, that was disgusting but her man kept kissing her and hugging her. He saw something he liked or he was blind. I have fat friends but they dont wear bikinis.
---shira4368 on 11/27/11

I got two words for you: JENNY CRAIG. Seriously, you gotta pull yourself together because no man, no man, is going to want to lie down next to a fatty. He'll say he loves you. He'll say size doesn't matter. But when he's with you he's imagining that skinny blonde from work, and that's the truth. Any man that says he doesn't care if a woman's fat is lying just to get a girl to like him and that's more shallow than someone who is honest with himself and doesn't waste his time with fat girls.
---Jed on 11/26/11

I love Yr web cite,very organized.
---Linda on 11/26/11

Large women can be fit. To each his own. There is somebody for everybody. But society does dictate how women and men are perceived. That is kind of sad. There is no guarantee a relationship can work if someone is thin. Always love yourself and never try to be who you are not. God loves you the way you are. But do try to stay at a safe and healthy weight, at all times. Always be the best woman/man you can be. Be comfortable in your own skin and you will come out ahead.
---Robyn on 3/17/11

I personally define big as such

5-2 200lbs is obese
5-6 200lbs is borderline big
5-10 200lb is chubby

Of course these all depend on muscle tone. My ex had gigantic muscular legs. She was 5-3 and at one time weighed 210 lbs. She was literally round. She lost a ton of weight and was down to 155. She looked gorgeous. Still chunky, very loose skin, but sexy and beautiful. You dont have to be "skinny".

There comes a point when a woman's lack of concern for her weight affects how sexy a man sees her. If you dont care about yourself you cant expect a man to.
---Jonathan on 3/16/11

Maybe "BIG" should be defined more clearly in these comments. I joke with my frenz often about being big since having my 2 boys. However, I was skinny as a child and maintained my weight as an adult until becoming pregnant. I feel I could become smaller if I exercise which as a single mom is hard to do. In general, it seems that the men in church do prefer small(anorexic-looking) women. Even when I was at a good weight, I wouldn't allow myself to be unhealthy(anorexic-looking) because I wanted to take the best care of my body(which belongs to God) as possible.
---Kara_Wilkinson on 3/16/11

I read some of the response people gave. And here is what i see in my chruch. Men in my chruch go for women that are 130pds and not a women that is 200pds. And i know some guys are like she can't keep clean but he or she would be wrong because you can. Put it this way men want skinny women instead of a women with some meat on here bones.
---Jessica_Bryant on 3/16/11

I dont speak for all men but personally theres a point when a person reaches a weight that keeps them from properly cleaning themselves. That is when a woman becomes undesirable.

I could stand to lose 20-30lbs myself, however, Ive seen people that are so obese you can see the dirt lines around their neck.

You have to be honest with yourself. If YOU find yourself unattractive due to your weight, how can you expect a total stranger not to feel the same way?

Being obese doesnt mean you wont be loved but it does make it very unlikely that your spouse will enjoy being intimate with you.
---CraigA on 3/8/11

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There are Christian men who like large women, and likewise there are Christian women who like large men. To each their own.
---Eloy on 3/7/11

I am lokking for a friend someone who is nice, kind and careing..
---Lucy_Bohannon on 3/7/11

The more I think about your points, Robert, the more I'm inclined to agree. Sometimes this kind of discrimination can be so subtle until we miss it.

Last week, I was talking to a Christian woman who made a negative comment on how big the legs of two women on television were. Minutes earlier, she'd commented on another overweight person by calling her a 'big gorilla'. Both of these statements rubbed me the wrong way, but I didn't think much of them until now. Thinking back, I can recall many times when Christians have made similar remarks. The funniest is that the ones making the remarks usually aren't in tip top shape themselves. Yet, there is this undercurrent of disdain for overweight people. Sad!
---AlwaysOn on 12/22/09

I agree that taking care of our body is something we owe to the Creator. However:
"Weight/height discrimination is highly prevalent in American society and increasing at disturbing rates. Its prevalence is relatively close to reported rates of race and age discrimination, but virtually no legal or social sanctions against weight discrimination exist."
(Conclusion of the study by Andreyeva, Puhl and Brownell, published in "International Journal of Obesity" in 2008).
The discrimination they mention occurs both at work and in private life. And as a Christian, I just don't want to be a part of it. Neither I want to treat it as a joke.
---Robert on 12/22/09

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You're welcome, Robert. I failed to convince my husband about that pie, by the way. LOL

Seriously, I think I understand where you're coming from. While I believe that we owe it to ourselves and our Creator to take good care of our bodies, watch what we put in them, exercise, etc., it gets to be quite egotistical when it becomes an obsession.

Many years ago, I met a Christian man whose church was very dedicated to fitness and vegetarianism. This isn't a bad thing, it's just that he refused to associate with people who didn't share his passion for both. Even had I been a vegetarian or a fitness buff, I would have had to pass on him simply because it seemed a to me.
---AlwaysOn on 12/21/09

I was very smitten in love with a full figured woman a few years ago. She broke my heart and married someone else.

I will say that I draw the line at spherical though.

One of my prior women friends was quite spherical in the 300-400lb range and she had a crush on me for the longest time. I did not know what to do since I did not feel the same way about her and was dating several other women that I had an intense interest in. Fortunately, another guy married her!!! He is skinny as a rail too albeit a different race than her though. In his culture, large women are held in esteem! I would never say never for large women. There is someone for everyone as the saying goes. LOL
---Obewan on 12/21/09

It concerns fitness obsession, ...which seems to me very un-Christian indeed. Taken from the media to everyday life, it is transformed into seeing the physically unfit as "not quite our class".

unsure how FEW who are fitness obsessed as you describe it can be THE CLASS ...HERE in America majority are overweight - more than 60%

why base life on unrealistic hateful media?

I never watch tv or news ...both glamorize immorality with excessive amounts of negativity and unrealistic views to REALITY

God does address gluttony is sinful ...when one's weight is the FIRST thing people notice very possible sin of gluttony has been embraced ...aside from MAJOR health risks

AlwaysOn - VERY funny post
---Rhonda on 12/21/09

It's in the eyes of the beholder.
The main reason I dont is, I have damaged shoulder rotator cuffs & this affects my arms-hands also loss of steangth(been bothered with this for 15 yr's), & I fear of the lil-bigger Lady tripped-fall & go down or something, I wouldn't be able to help her up in any way. I have enough prob with just carrying 1 jug of mild in my left hand & a small gro-sack in the other.
The only exercise I do is some walking, knee bends, body twists. Nothing with my shoulders - arms & hands due to the binding & some pain.
---Lawrence on 12/21/09

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Thanks, AlwaysOn, it's always nice to feel appreciated :)
What I said doesn't concern fitness as such. It concerns fitness obsession, which dominates the western media (also in my country), and which seems to me very un-Christian indeed. Taken from the media to everyday life, it is transformed into seeing the physically unfit as "not quite our class". They spoil after all the picture of the world with no suffering, no old age, no death. And these people have to pay the price ... in various ways. By becoming anorectic. By not finding a spouse or a husband. By being ridiculed. That's how it is.
---Robert on 12/21/09

So, Robert, keeping fit is paganistic and spiritually unhealthy, then? Thanks for that, buddy. See, I'm sitting on the couch with a slice of pie and typing on my laptop while watching my "fitness obsessed" husband do stomach crunches. Excuse me while I tell him to cut that pagan stuff out and cut him a slice of this delicious lemon meringue pie, instead. lol
---AlwaysOn on 12/20/09

My first impression was that your question has nothing to do with Christianity. But a moment of reflection produces second thoughts. I find this whole diet obsession spiritually unhealthy. It's just a ridiculous, pagan substitute of immortality -since the pagan culture has nothing else to offer in this respect, it offers you the perspective of being "fit", and this aim - pursued fervently - becomes a new, pagan God. It's a pity that some Christians fall into this trap.
---Robert on 12/19/09

Theres a line to be drawn though.

Most people will be a little overweight as they age. Im about 40-50 over myself according to the Doctors chart. Ive seen larger women that were very attractive and a lot moreso than a very thin one.
However Ive seen some that were so large it was obvious that they cared very little about their personal hygiene or what others thought of them. When you weight so much that it displeases God, how can man think any differently?

Think of a man who refuses to brush his teeth daily. So much that his teeth and yellow and black and rotting out of his mouth. Its understandable that most women would be repulsed by that. Or someone that refuses to bathe and has a foul body odor.
---JackB on 12/18/09

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I'm sorry but I find it very hard to believe any man Christian or not would really give a large girl a real chance, otherwise I would not be single. I am so often told that I am any man's dream wife, because I am a genuine, kind, loving, sincere person, yet I have never been given a fair chance. Don't get me wrong, I am like anyone else, I have my faults but it always boils down to the weight...
---Meredith on 12/15/09

beuatyistoo often culturally spelledout. In africa men do not understand how wite people can even conbcider skinny to be beautifull. to africansit is a sign of lack and poverty. to africans its asign of unfruitfullness. so big is the problem that young women willlosecertain promotionsovera bigger girl. this idea of slim is beautifull or heavey is beautifull, needs to be dealt with.0however you arehealthy makes you beautifull eat certain things because they help your health and refuse certain things becauseof your health and (if theperson has no disfunction)youwill obtain YOUR natural weight. for others who do this, yet overgrow or become too skjinny, see a doctor ghet some help.
---Andy on 4/28/09

I wouldn't give any beautiful girl a second look now...
---William on 11/18/08

Oops William, I hope your g/f doesn't see this post! Obviously she is beautiful in your eyes (and in God's!)her spirit, her character and inner beauty that shines on the outside! All judge 'beauty' differently, no ONE person can describe beauty for all.
As is said, 'its in the eyes of the beholder'.
---NV_Barbara on 4/27/09

Janet, for what it is worth, yes there are men who will date and marry big women even without trying to diagnose why they are overweight. My wife and I have been married for 13 years now by the grace of God and we are both overweight. She is a little bigger weight wise than I am, but that doesn't matter. If people would focus on the true person(their heart) there would be less disappointment in life. Trust God to be what you need in life, He may have someone out there for you. God bless.
---tommy3007 on 4/27/09

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I hope there are Christian men who like large women. A good Christian woman is more important than being fit. She can be honest, loyal and loving and most of all faithful to her husband without other eyes looking upon her and that her companion will know that they can have an honest relationship.
---Maria on 4/27/09

I am a Christian man who was asked to leave my home by a cheating spouse, and then sued for divorce. I failed to respond other than in a passive way (no paperwork)After a 1 year period I went out with a large girl, having only previously gone out with beautiful petite women. God blessed this decision on my part not to follow my previous pattern. My girlfriend has become the most beautiful girl in the world to me. But I must add that she dresses well, always wears light makeup,and is soft spoken
intelligent, graceful, dignified, and Godly.
THAT makes the difference. I wouldn't give any beautiful girl a second look now...
---William on 11/18/08

Just a thought here: You can be large AND fit.
---sue on 11/16/08

roy... the question is then, are you single? ,o)
---daphn8897 on 10/10/07

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yes iam a christian man and can see the beauty of woman from the inside out
---roy on 10/9/07

this question is quiet silly. . . if somone is having a problem dating because of their outward being they are not dealing with christians at all. Also check your bible. . . "dating" and boy friend and girl friend is not biblical. what is god's design for us as man and woman. . .
---amelia on 10/9/07

I found Christian men much like non-Christian men. Just because they get salvation doesn't mean their preferences for certain types of women changes and they now look mainly at the "heart" of a woman. I have seen some exceptions now and then. We are all soaked with our cultures' preferences through the media. Since men are usually more attracted visually to what's outside of themselves, they'll be drawn to the present popular ideal.
---Ginette on 10/9/07

I grew up on Long Island, NY and was miserable. I was an overweight child and was constantly being ridiculed in school. Then when I was a teen, my family moved back to Canada where I was born. I went into one made fun of me and boys were interested in me. I was even included in the girls'groups when they talked of boys. There was much less media influence I noticed. I've had the same much more open reaction when I visited other countries.
---Ginette on 10/9/07

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I believe that you can find someone despite your weight (I did) I'm much heavier than my husband. But I always dressed nice, put alittle make-up on to look healthy (not cheap) and tried to smile. It's about attitude. If your saved, then remember your belong to Jesus so look for someone equally yoked.
---jane on 10/9/07

That's it... all of us who are a bit "fuller figured" need to move down south! ,o)

What I find interesting is the references to gluttony - not denying it has been an issue in my life... just interesting that folks focus on it. Sin is sin is sin. Some are more obvious than others... but we ALL fall short of the glory of God. We need to walk in grace - wisdom yes, but grace - extending it at least as much as we expect to receive.
---daphn8897 on 10/9/07

Curt is only telling the truth but I think it has to do with geography. NY and LA where you can never be thin or rich enough. I don't find it that way here in NC where I live now. I have hypothyrodism. While in NY I was able to maintain a normal weight for over 20 years. I moved to NC and became chronically ill with liver disease. With little activity I gained a lot of weight. But I get more attention from men here than when I lived in NY.
---Ginette on 10/9/07

Yes, there are and I am interested in it
---Kyacks on 10/9/07

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hi iam a beautifull, large woman looking for a wounderful man ages between 30-45. its hard to find someone that is a christain and who can see the inner beauty of a woman. i wish there was more men like you, do you live close to mesa,az.? it would be nice to talk to you.
---tamy on 10/7/07

Your mother alone cannot be blamed you must realise that saitan seeks to kill/steal/destroy your salvation. If he can convince you through the ignorance of others to hurt yourself with food. He's won , through your poor choices. If you want to live and have life, to your Maximum Potential. The kick satans devices out of your life by making the best choice in life to eat healthy. The choice is YOURS , you WILL soon discover that with Gods help my Friend YOU CAN MAKE IT and be like anyone else!
---Carla5754 on 9/27/07

I am a 54 year old Christian woman who has chronic fatigue along with extensive nerve damage to my spine at the sight of my neck and I am over weight. I have been amazed that many Christian men on Christian websites just want what the world wants in a Christian companion. I have been ill for a long time because of childhood to adulthood abuse, from abuse from others and from poor choices I made and was incouraged to make by a mother who hates me.
---Donna_M._Garretson on 9/26/07

I too, would like to know the answer to that. I always thought it was what was on the inside that counted, nevertheless, I would like to hear what others say.
---rev on 9/21/07

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This tickled me! I am thin always have been my best gal pal is heavy always was. When we were in the "dating" world she got as many dates as I did. The men she dated were attracted to a big woman- the men I dated to a thin woman. I hope they dated us for other reasons also!!! Remember to each their own just like some prefer a certain hair color, height etc.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

I got a email from this man and oh he was going on and on and i knew what he was leading up to you wouldn't belive the email's i have got from guys and the first email is fine but the second i know whats coming How do i feel about sex i said it is fime for married people but i would not lose my soul for a one night stand any way i scared him off i said if you 'd seen me you would run im over weigh and i got so many wrinkles on my face it looks like a road map i havent heard from him since. i had to laugh
---Betty on 9/8/06

Fran,Why did you have bypass surgrey.? For heath reason.My daughter had this surgrey but for the wrong reason Her husband told her no one would won't her He'd had about two afaires already She weighed 230 4ft 8inches now she weigh's 129 she does not look
good health wise .But she is still nice looking He tells her no one will won't her
now either Lady's if you have this surgrey do it because you won't it done. Beauty fades
It is or should be the inter person is what counts
---Betty on 4/3/06

Some of these men are something else one told me
he was 60 but he felt like he was 30 I told him i couldn't keep up with him i was 67 fixing to be 68 and i felt every year of it. Some not all men get to a certain age and they go nuts.
---Betty on 4/3/06

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I am a christian man that happens to like woman of size,but I have no prosspects as of yet.
---eddy on 9/20/05

It's Sept.2005 & not 1 Christian man that PREFERS A LARGE WOMAN has put a reply on this.That speaks for the demographics of this site.I Prefer a tall,big..and, yes,passionate Christian man for a husband,in the same way men PREFER blondes,brunettes,etc. Nothing wrong with others...just not a PREFERENCE.Linda3957 Blessings yall.
---lovable_linda on 9/17/05

Which is harder..? find a man that loves a woman of abundant proportions, on a Christian site..or to find a Christian man, on a site that caters to men who love women of abundant proportions!I'm looking on both!Only God will make it work out anyway.
---lovable_linda on 7/19/05

Girl I feel your pain. I'm 22 and I weight a little less than 300 lbs. I did find a site that specializes in matchmaking bbw's; however not all the men you find on there are christians. looking for love on line I can offer you some resources. I'll be praying for you. God has a Mr. Right for you. Always remember beauty is how you see yourself and be happy with what the Lord gave you. He doesn't make any mistakes, He just has a sense of humor and loves variety. Love you in Christ.
---Auror3743 on 5/13/05

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Maria - I know what you mean. Not only that, but I have read so many men's profiles where they say they are 'average' in body size, but when you look at their picture they are extremely OVERWEIGHT themselves! It really irritates me that they think they are just 'average' and don't choose the term 'overweight' or 'large', etc!!! And then they also say they want a thin or slender woman... but the thin or slender woman has to accept them and their overweight body, but they can't accept an overweight woman... LOL. Such shallow guys.
---Janet7433 on 5/8/05

People are obeise for various reasons. But...where food is hard to come by, nobody is obeise. It's not a disease where fat just emerges from nowhere. It's just another sign of our struggles in life. We all struggle in different areas. I personally need a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and want to find someone who is athletic to share that with me. We all choose our own path and sometimes it can create a functional rift between people in certain ways. -Bob
---bob on 5/5/05

Weight and age really does not matter. Women are beautiful!
---John on 5/3/05

There was an ad in our local paper that I replied to- handsome Christian man, 51, looking for Christian lady 51-55...I answered and called the number listed. We talked for a few minutes, then he asked if I was pretty and average or pretty and petite or what. I told him I was a big girl. He said that I was not what he was looking for, and we disconnected the call. Wish I had thought to say, you superficial guys don't know what you're missing. I have an awful lot to offer the right man.
---Ann5758 on 5/2/05

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I would be wary of anyone who devalues an obese person, using a word like like "glutton". It shows a total lack of understanding of what is truly a disease process, and this disease, of its own, does not mean the person is of flawed personality or character. Obesity is sometimes the precursor of diabetes.It is, in fact a metabolic syndrome. To compare an obese person to a drug addict or an alcoholic, further shows ignorance. Though some are food addicted, they cannot be lumped together, nor should people with these problems be labeled as suspect or bad. Enlightenment is needed.
---Kristine on 5/2/05

Allot of profiles on site say in them the women who reply must be fit, small, in good shape, pretty, etc. Fact is. The men are missing out on some dynamite women who have a heart of love to give and heart for God. Big does not nessesarily mean lazy and not excersizing. Some women have health related issues and havew trouble with thier weight. They are still human and deserve the same respect and care as someone who is small or petite. I see many men who need to mature and learn what really counts or they could miss out on some of the wonderfull women that God has created.
---Marla on 5/2/05

Being on this site and others for over 6 yrs now I would have to say from experience that yes, men firstly look at the size of the women. I have met men who have actually told me to my face that I am the perfect women EXCEPT for my size and because of size they would not date me (and I am only a few pounds overweight). Men do not look at the personality or the hearts of women they look at the body of the women. Some Women are more apt to look at the inward heart and personality of a man though.
---Shaz on 5/2/05

My personal opinion is: A person should strive always to be fit. Our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit should be taken care of as such.(1 Corinthians 3:17)
...If any destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple.) So, I think nutrition and self-control are very important. Now, People have different body builds and some are big boned. So,we will all look unique and there are some with different likes/dislikes and preferences. I have seen all sorts of couples, whom love each other deeply.
---Eloia8896 on 5/2/05

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curt,u scare me!after reading ur replies to some blogs,i'v had to ask "Do u even understand the questions?", "Are u only playing devil's advocate?", "Are there people who are really as hard-hearted as u,who see cries for help as an opprtunity to trample wht is left of others' feelings under the guise of 'am being honest'?" Dont mean 2 sound harsh,but I hope I never meet people like u whn am in a crisis-I'll believe there is no way out.
---mya on 5/2/05

Curt, you are generalizing. I have NEVER looked for a man with a big income. Following Christ is my first perogative. The men I've dated have been mid to low income, so it's not important to me. But being a large lady myself, I know LLLL's (Large and Lovely Lady Lovers) ARE out there.
---Ann5758 on 5/1/05

When I pull up a profile I will look for a pic to see if I can catch a spark or twinkle in his eye! He can be overweight, balding, etc, but the importance lies in how he has filled out his profile... things that are important to him, his walk with the Lord, his fire and passion for life, ability to converse, importance of family, holding to moral standards, and having a great sense of humor. You know, we all grow old and get out of shape. If we rely on 'looks' in finding the right partner/soulmate, then we'll be living a pretty empty life.
---Janet7433 on 5/1/05

Curt, I don't believe that 'women want men with big incomes'. While some may be that shallow, I believe that most just want a good man who is responsible with what he has, is loving, and is monogomus. Russell, I am not looking into losing weight. I am happy with who I am, which is how God loves me! He knew what I was going to be and look like before I was ever born and He allowed me to survive (almost died as a child). Yes there should be some physical attraction. I find that it grows more and more with attraction to a person's heart and soul! (continued...)
---Janet7433 on 5/1/05

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I too am a larger woman. Mine is due to medications. Before I started on meds I was 135 lbs. @ 5 foot. But I have met Christian men that have talked to me on the phone and want to meet but then show great disappointment when they see me. It does hurt but also it shows me their true character and I thank GOD that I found out early on without wasting alot of time. I'm a bright, cheerful and funny woman. They really are missing out. :) It is hard at times but better no man than the wrong man. GOD BLESS
---Kathy1014 on 5/1/05

I wear a size 16. I'm attractive and men seem to agree.
---Robin on 5/1/05

I agree you should look beyond a persons weight and looks but if the extra weight is due to gross over eating ie gluttony I feel that person is abusing their body just as drugtakers and Alcholics do and I would be wary of being with them
---peter3774 on 5/1/05

Hi, I'm sure there are Christian men who will date large women. I think there are fewer, however, than those who prefer someone fit, and I can understand that. I'm overweight, and I don't like it, so I wouldn't expect a potential mate to like it, either. I'm getting help for this problem and am not at all complacent about it. I pray every night for Jesus' help for it. I know He'll help me achieve normal weight somehow! My best wishes to you if you are overweight, too. God bless.
---Kristine on 4/30/05

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the truth is, men want young, attractive women. women want men who have big incomes. so, if you are not fit, you will likely find a man who has little to offer. that sounds harsh but it is reality.
---curt on 4/30/05

I am an attractive lady who had gastric bypass surgery so I have lost over 200 pounds and am not far from my goal weight... But if men are so eager to find Miss Perfect then this website is all wrong! When I look for a mate I want someone who is godly, and honest...looks don't matter as I am more interested in what his heart is like...a person can be a beautiful lady or the world's most handsome man but if their hearts are not right with God what good are they? I say look at the real person within and then everything else will be wonderful!
---Fran4857 on 4/30/05

Dear janet,what does size have to do with it?if a man only looks at a womans size he may miss the important part,her HEART.Of course there must be some physical attraction,and what do you mean by large?if you mean someone who constantly over eats and is does nothing to keep in shape,that is sometimes a sign of emotional issues that people don't want to deal with.You CAN do something about it,I did.It takes discipline and hard work,but you can do it.There is help,ask your Doctor to recommend somewhere you can go for can do it,go for it and let us know how you're doing.God bless you.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

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