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Explain Different Marital Status

I`d like to understand the meaning some words that I see in profiles (marital status): involved and separted. We do not use those words in my country. Could you explain me?

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 ---Ellen on 4/30/05
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Ellen . . . involved probably means not officially married yet and separated means still married but not living together, but it is better to ask the people who say those things.
---gregg4933 on 8/17/08

First, allow me to ask where you are from?
INVOLVED: That means the parties are in a serious relationship somewhere between friendship and engagement.
SEPERATED: That means that a couple's relationship is in some trouble and that one or the other has seperated to cool things and to evaluate everything concerning the relationship to determine if it is going to lead to a healthy union or not!
---Pierr7958 on 9/15/07

To me, both phrases "involved" or "separated" means....leave them alone.
---Tammy on 5/4/05

Then you will began to understand how to engage your time and effect. what do you think are they married, or separated? Answer: They all are married but this is the way they are in their mind, soul and spirit: One feel and act like a divorced person, one lives in the same house but no contact. they really are separated the other is married but don't have divorce papers; but he and the wife are dead to one another live like sister and brothers and don't even want a relationship. These are words from men and women whom I know and respect. I hoped this will help you in your choices.
---jj on 5/1/05

What I have come to understand is: It is not what you think it means are most of the world says it means but the key is get to know the person who wrote and you will then find out what it means to them. can we just be real. Ask one man if he is married he will tell you the truth but his answer is I am in Jail, one would answer and say I feel like I am in prison, another will say on paper I am but the fact is I am only there when it is time to go to sleep and I mean sleep only. You take these honest heart felt answer from men, which answered the same question:
---jj on 5/1/05

My understanding of those term is:
involved - seeing someon, dating someone and not available for dating someone else.

seperated - married, not living together but not divoroced
---Bruce5656 on 4/30/05

Still married but separated from partner. Or married but having differences with partner and separated, physcially from partner.
---Paul on 4/30/05

I dont know if its a joke from your side, but i shall be happy to explain it for you. So far I understnad the words. involved= have relationship,know someone already,almost engaged. Seperated= not living together,not yet divorced.staying apart.But I am not natured english speaking.have a nice day
---michael on 4/30/05

Hi, When someone says "involved", they most likely mean they are dating someone, or it could mean they're engaged. They are in some sort of relationship with another person. Separated means they are no longer living together, but according to law may still be legally married, and may be either seeking a divorce, or just going to remain separated. Hope this helps.
---Kristine on 4/30/05

Hello Ellen, I suppose that "Involved" under Marital Status means that the person isn't married,but has a boyfriend/girlfriend.And separated,means that they are married,but they are not living with their husband/wife.
We have some odd ways in this country.
---Phil on 4/30/05

Involved means that you are dating , perhaps seriously , but not yet engaged to marry and seperated means you are married but living apart , perhaps pending a divorce or to work out problems.
---BeckyH on 4/30/05

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