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Blogs Used To Find A Mate OK

Should these Blogs be used for advertising for mates, or should that be left to the Pen-Pal section of this site?

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 ---Alan_of_U.K. on 4/30/05
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Alan I don't think the regular 'blogs' should turn into a dating 'hunt' or a lonely hearts club. This area is for people to share the gospel, or an occasional debate on theories. There is 'Christian Chat' and 'Penpals' for those looking for a mate. If 2 on here find they are in one accord, then they can write to each other on Penpals.
---NV_Barbara on 3/16/08

Some are advertising for mates. That was obvious to me a year ago. If finally dawned on me when some were gushing all over themselves. I'm all that, I look like so and so, I cook, LOL (((Hugs)))
---Bluebird on 5/23/07

Alan of UK:
I think that if as a result of reading a particular blog, someone "advertises" him/herself, I think it is fine for the offer to appear in this section BUT I don't think that outright adds for friends, dates, marriage etc should be featureed here.
---Pierr597 on 5/23/07

Certainly you are Ann. The way you said it, I thought that it might be an offical policy here that I missed somehow.
---Bruce5656 on 5/8/05

My own feelings about the blogs, Bruce. I'm entitled to my opinion about what I think the site should be like. You said it's the webmaster's site. In part, that is true- he can decide what to print or not- I asked a question about the site itself that for some reason did not get printed. But this is our site too. What we enter can make or break this site. I don't want to see it disintegrate into a "Dear Abbey" type of thing.
---Ann5758 on 5/6/05


"this blog section is for the encouragement of believers for each other, and the drawing in of new souls and answering their questions"

Where do you get that idea?

If that were the case, the Webmaster would not publish the blogs that seem to bother everyone so much. It is his website and he obviously does not agree with you.
---Bruce5656 on 5/5/05

Penpals, penpals, PENPALS!!!!! This is not the classifieds of your local newspaper- 50 year old man seeks woman.....33 year old woman seeks man.....this blog section is for the encouragement of believers for each other, and the drawing in of new souls and answering their questions. Just for fun, count 100 blogs, and see how many are spirit-minded questions vs. dating/relationship/I want a hubby kind of questions.
---Ann5758 on 5/5/05

I find it refreshing that Christians and non Christians alike are able to speak out about these things. Relationship issues can be extremely frightening and/or painful. Sharing them in these blogs brings sound Christ centered advice and cyber hugs from those who have already walked this way. In spite of the fact that we live in the age of communication, it's a big and lonely world for many people. It could have its' own section, but a lot of really great advice may be absent then. What a wonderful ministry this is! Just my thoughts.
---CarolT on 5/3/05

Yes, Darlene, I guess that would be the best way to describe it.

Consider it hyperbole (exageration for the sake of effect).

Honestly, I miss the way things were too, but, this is a public site for all sorts of people and I cannot see why it should be such a problem when we can simply choose to not read the blogs in question.

There are lots I never click on just because of the heading the webmaster gives them since the subject does not interest me in the least. There are subjects raised here that are more objectionable ranging from sad to downright tragic.
---Bruce5656 on 5/2/05

Bro.Bruce,I can't believe how tacky you sounded.Not like you at all.I know you're single perhaps that triggered your reaction.Yes,this is a public site which has broadened its outreach,nothing wrong there.What is objectable is making it into a dating service,and loosing the Christian athmosphere which was the previous focus.There's no room for Christian influnce when all a person asks for is to find a mate.That's the point,the Christian purpose is lost,because more and more it will be a Lonelyhearts site and little else.Why not Penpals, gives information ,and Chat room lets them converse.
---Darlene_1 on 5/2/05

Wah Wah Wah :( Things arn't the way they used to be...

People, this is a public site. The owners are using it to generate income (nothing wrong with that). If I remember correctly they said that they were promoting it more widely thus attracting more (different) people. Consider this, the more people attracted, the more might be influenced by the Christian principles put forth here.

Think of it like a television or a radio. If you don't want to watch it/listen to it or in this case read it....

SKIP IT and go on to the next one!
---Bruce5656 on 5/2/05

But this is all we see anymore, finding a mate, or having trouble with their mate. What happened to all the godly questions? Is people borad with God and his word, that other questions seem more important? I think it should be in the pen pal section or seperate the "godly" questions and the "mate" questions.
---Rebecca_D on 5/1/05

I think, this is better in a sense that before in the forums, it was too much like a "closed consensus" and there were a bunch of "key speakers" who dominated the general directions of the discussions. This way, the playing field has been levelled and there are no superstars to worship. We are all equal and we are starting from a clean slate. "The good old days" are only an illusion that people hold on to for fear of change. A realistic view on life before, in any sense, reveals in all honesty, that the "good old days" weren't so good.
---lisa on 5/1/05

I have not received any replys at the penpal section but from the president. I don't have a picture. I am not sure if it okay to remarry if divorced.
---Ulrika on 5/1/05

If the moderator approves and posts the BLOG it must be O.K. with him/her. If we don't want to read a BLOG that is seeking a mate we know how to point that little mouse arrow and move on to the next one. I am sure there are many other topics that do not speak to everyone. Do what you do then, move on in Christian love. If new people are coming and posting let's not make them feel unwelcome and unappreciated. It's not about us anyway, it's all about HIM.

Grace and Peace
---Star on 5/1/05

My exact sentiments F.F.
---Leon on 5/1/05

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Since we lost the old forums and started blogs we have attracted many subjects which I think we felt were taboo before. I much preferred the old forums. This new format isn't far removed from agony aunt columns in womens' magazines. There's not much I wish to respond to now and I wonder if that is why we've lost many regulars from the forums.
---F.F. on 5/1/05

If two people enjoy Blogging and they happen to get to know each other while engaged in this activity, they will probably be well suited for each other. those who Blog but aren't interested in hearing another's advertisement for a mate can skip those entries. I don't understand Pat's attitude about advertising for a mate. I did and got a great mate! I did not "try out" many other's nor did he. We knew what we wanted and searched until we found it! why leave pairing up with someone to chemistry and chance? Greg and I couldn't be more perfect for each other!
---Robin on 5/1/05

I asked this question, because "in the old days" of this site, forums were used only for discussions, about all sorts of spiritual and secular issues, including about regarding relationships.

I do not recall there were any direct advertisements for friends ... this was for the Frienship & Penpal section.

The revamp of the Site, has brought in a lot more additional people, which is good, and the character of the questions has changed considerably.

I was just asking what people felt, and am not in anyway trying to impose rules on others.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/1/05

I agree with alan_of_uk that asdvertising for mates should be done not at the BLOGs.He suggested it should be done at the Pen Pal section. Cherry suggested a new site. I hope the webmaster or the President would make suitable site for those planning to adverise for life time partners. Good luck folks!
---Linda on 5/1/05

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Everyone's opinion is their right,but I urge all who think the Blog should be a mating service, go to the Archives ,read what the Forum was before.It was a Spiritual site which reached out in the love of the Lord to help others in emotional /spiritual turmoil.To give Biblical answers to life questions and the Word to those seeking a deeper understanding.My heart goes out to those alone,but a site is provided for their hunt.Please don't make the Blog a weak,Spiritually lacking shadow of what it was just because getting into the Penpals takes more effort.Thats what they're for,Blog isn't.
---Darlene_1 on 4/30/05

I agree with Chery, you should be seeking God, not a mate! He said seek HIM FIRST and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and He will meet our needs. He knows what we need in a mate better than we do. The idea of "advertising" for a mate is just not good! I don't want one who "advertised" and "tried out" everyone that came along! If you seek God and just be friends, the right one could pop up at any time.
---Pat on 4/30/05

Not only are blogs a good way to seek Godly opinnions, it seems to be a good way to get to know about a person's values. I would not use it for advertising for mates.
---Ulrika on 4/30/05

In my opinion, it should be left to the penpal section since that's why it's there in the first place...xox
---Cathy on 4/30/05

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I believe that the blogs should be reserved for the discussion type questions and responses, leaving the "mate advertising" to the pen pal section.
---Linda_Smith on 4/30/05

Hi, I'm new to this entire site, but I see nothing wrong with advertising the wanting of a mate right here on the blogs. If it makes it easier for those who love Jesus to find one another, then it sounds okay to me! It's a positive step in the right direction.
---Kristine on 4/30/05

No where is it written that the Blogs can not be used to search for mates.
---Eddie8467 on 4/30/05

I don't think so! I enjoy helping others and seeing/allowing others to know what their/my beliefs are, rather than just saying, "Hey I want to be married"; which strikes me as being not only too desperate (sometimes I feel like that too, but thinking before acting is what we should do if we're wise) and possibly somewhat immature in The Faith... which is what I had thought the BLOGs were more geared towards discussing, along with any problem touching our spiritual condition; including all aspects of dating and marriage too! But an outright 'ad' will probably 'put many off' I'd think.
---danie9374 on 4/30/05

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I think that the pen pal section only should be used for finding a mate.Not that it wouldn't be okay to flirt a little on Blog,but then excuse yourself and go find the one you were flirting with on the other section.
Blogging is for the more serious action of helping others,and I think that is what it should be used for.
---Phil on 4/30/05

Alan i dont think there is anything wrong with someone advertising that they wish to find a soul mate on the blogs ...but when you start your own web site you can make up your own rules God Bless.
---lea on 4/30/05

Personally, I'd like to see a section set up just for people who are seeking a marriage partner ... comprised of single, divorced and widowed folks ONLY. The penpal section is much too general and, sometimes includes people who are ALREADY married! Needless to say, it can be a bit frustrating for those searching for a lifetime partner. I would be interested in finding out what others think.
---Helen on 4/30/05

We should use the site for it's intended purpose.This section would best serve those who are seeking other opinions on problems they are dealing with.There is another section if you're looking for a date or pen pals.
---RUSSELL on 4/30/05

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I think blog should be used to help find Penpals only. I believe people who are searching to find a mate should seek the Lord and not the internet for mate dating
---Chery on 4/30/05

I wondered that too.It seems there are fewer and fewer questions based on religion and more and more seeking mates.I think they should be in the Penpal Section, because it is changing the whole genre of the site.I miss the indepth questions about the Bible that kept me searching for the answers .The Blog served a more helping purpose and finding friends or mates is what the Pen Pals is for.I put in a prayer request about a 27 year old woman(niece) told shes to die by cancer,has a 2 month old and a 2 year old,they didn't print that,but put many in about finding mates.Puzzeling.
---Darlene_1 on 4/30/05

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