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Isn't God Greater Than Net Mate

Isn't God Enough? I learned that God has answers to our needs. I am wondering why people are desperately looking for a mate in the Internet. I thought God will be enough to supply our needs. Why is the desperation so pronounced?

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 ---Linda on 5/1/05
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Linda, I think you're talking silly.
---Albert on 3/30/08

It's just like food that we need to survive. We don't wait for God to bring the food to our table, we have to work to earn our food and then we have to go to the store to buy our food. The Apostle Paul said that if a person does not work then they should not be allowed to eat. 2Th. 3:10 I belive we can apply this to seeking a mate also. God expects us to be responsible.
Some times we are to desireous of many choices even though God has given us some without the net. Hope you have a great day.
---Glenn on 3/11/07

Okay, Jack, I laid my case to rest. I have enough responses to see that I have touched a very, very sensitive issue. I am thanking your posting now. I thought a month is enough to cool things down. I AM SORRY IF I HAVE OFFENDED ANYONE. I am just asking!
---linda6546 on 6/2/05

I'm going to apply your question to other things to show you how insensitive your posting sounds.

1. Isn't God enough? Why do we need the Bible?
2. Isn't God enough? Why do we need churches?
3. Isn't God enough? Why do we need pastors?
4. Isn't God enough? Why do we need medicine and doctors?
5. Isn't God enough? Why do we need schools?

Get the idea? God DOES have the answers to our needs, and can you prove that internet is not His provision for some people?
---Jack on 6/1/05

Linda, God works through all sorts of things--and ultimately through people.

I really doubt that God came down and said, "A, I want you to get married to B" since Adam and Eve.

In Biblical times, matchmakers were the norm--and actually in history most marriages were arranged. Mrrying for love where the two people lok aruond, date, and find their own spouses is a relatively recent practice.
---Jack on 5/31/05

Hi Liza:I just wish to tell you that I am always keeping my mind open. I am very familiar with my culture and the culture of my people. And I don't feel superior to those ladies mining the web for husbands. Because if I did, I would insist my way through.And if I feel superior, I won't ask this question on the Blog. The reactions given by each one made me understand the "need" that others have. I am asking the question because I saw the same thing in Christianet making me conlude that with or without God,with in the church or outside, the need is there. This is Life's lesson.
---linda6546 on 5/7/05

Thank you Liza for the reminder. It is just that I was really amazed of the "pronounced" need. I got your point and the points of those people who responded to these blog. I was just wondering, really. The internet cafes in my country, especially in my city boomed because of the chat business. That is understandable. Honestly, I thought it would be different at Christianet because we know that we have our God. But with the advertisement at the Blog made me realize that "finding a mate" is a serious business. Please don't get me wrong. No offense meant. I am just asking.
---linda6546 on 5/7/05

Linda, I have been reading through your various responses and am surprised at your attitude. One would assume, being a teacher of young minds, and assumably, undertaking a PHD as I, that you would have a more open mind to things that you are not familiar with and not feel superior to those women searching the web for husbands while you wait to upload your assignments. Your need is no greater or nobler than their needs. This is your choice to study and use the internet cafes. This is not your right. Your only right is to love your fellow man.
---lisa on 5/6/05

I would like to react to Albert's response. As a teacher, I always consider any kind/type of question that my students ask since the question one asks carry so much meanings: prior knowledge, experience, and personality of the one asking. If I will react the way Albert did, I know all of my students will clam up.However, I am trying to understand Albert(Would you give the same reaction if a question "Where is the sun at night?" is thrown at you?). But I know we are free to react the way we want it. Linda 6546
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I would like to ask Julie what is meant by "LOL"? "sal"? I encountered "sal" in the chat room. I was informed it means sex, age, and location. Is it true?
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I am giving a reaction to gregg4933 re "soul mate". I have reread the responses from Glenn to Julie but I saw no "soul mate" in there. I might have missed it. Am I lost in the forest of words? Help!!! Linda 6546
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I would like to react to Astrid's question re "So if you find that God is enough, why are you at this at dating site?" The moderator of the PhD group in the university I am enrolled used ChristiaNet ecards to greet us last Christmas. Thus I learned about ChristiaNet. I used to have pen pals since I was 14, so I joined the site. Fact is, I learned to upload pictures using this site. I consider ChristiaNet as a Learning Site not as a dating site. But I don't mean to offend those who are using this site the way Astrid defined it. Linda 6546
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I would like to react to Kat's response re "not all in this site are Christians". I experienced once in the Chat Room that made me to vow not to use that site again. They use special type of language and they would misspell words so the computer would not be able to catch them. I am happy Blog was born. I can post questions and be able to see responses that wont just be scrolling up the screen. I can even have these responses in print. Linda 6546.
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I would like to react to Liza's response. I come from a third world country. I am a student. I download my assignments and upload my responses through the net. I have to travel 40 km to download and upload. Most of the times I have to compete for time slots at the Internet cafes. My competitors are lady chatters who mine the web for future husbands.I was desperate to beat deadlines.I thought it would be different at ChristiaNet. The question I posted was generated by the question re advertisement at Blog for a life-mate.Linda 6546
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I would like to react to Liza's question "What is your view is God's preferred way of match making?" I became a Christian long before the Internet or the Web came into place. My idea of finding a life mate is very traditional. It is hinged in the church, community, and place of work where observation of behavior, traits, and character can be facilitated by day to day interaction. With the set up mentioned, there would be no cultural problem or adjustments to be made because both belong to the same race or tribe. Linda 6546
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

I would like to react to the first 20 responses I got starting from Glenn and up to Julie. Thank you stephanie, david, Gabriel, Emcee, RUSSELL, Janet7433, Alan of U.K, Philio, Blue, fern, Kimbe3737, and Glenn for the explanation. Some of you even gave an advice or two. I understand. The explanations were quite simple and clear. Again, thank you. Linda 6546.
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

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I posted the question May 1 and I am amazed to see the many reactions that the question has generated. I am printing the responses so that I would be able to take note of each ones idea. Thank you folks. I will respond to your ideas soon.
---linda on 5/3/05

I don't think people are looking any more on the internet than they do at Wal-Mart for a mate. There is the cloak of anonymity on a pc that we don't get anywhere else. Closest thing to a dark bar I have ever seen. Good place to troll for members of the opposite sex. :) LOL!!
---Julie on 5/3/05

I don't think that there is anything wrong with coming online to meet people. But I don't think that the key reason you should come online is to find a relationship. That was the last thing on my mind when i started coming online talking to people. But God has led me to a very loving christian guy that i am now dating. God has someone out there for everyone and online is no different the walking down the street and running into someone.
---stephanie on 5/3/05

I don't think we should blame those looking for partners.He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord(Prov 18:22)Who knows if God will provide via the net? Instead, I pray that God gives them the desires of their hearts.
---david on 5/2/05

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From the very beginning, God has been bringing men and women together. when He made eve, He said "it is not good for man to be alone." an intimate relationship between a man and a woman is simply a model of the relationship we are to have with God.
---Gabriel on 5/1/05

Linda:You know that Man & woman were created to replenish the earth,for His greater Glory.The needs of God & the needs of men ARE different.So he supplies only what he thinks is necessary.why did he give us talents, to use them.Seek & you will findJesus proved & showed us that nothing in this world comes easy,even our salvation!!!He Died For Us
---Emcee on 5/1/05

Dear Linda,who is desperate?perhaps God led people to this site.If you were looking for a house,car,or even a pair of shoes would you wait on God to put it in front you?would you take the first one you saw?some people might be shy about meeting people and may prefer to break the ice on the web.Pray for those who sound desperate,don't put them down.Maybe the net is God's answer.May God bless all who are seeking.
---RUSSELL on 5/1/05

Linda,you've got a lot of ASSUMPTIONS going on in your question.... firstly,yes God answers your needs. How,in practical terms? Like Isaiah does God bring your food via a black raven or is there an element of God giving you the means to get those things via your own hand, ie working? Secondly, how do you draw your conclusions that finding someone on the net is desperate, so what is not? Living a full single life (in quiet desperation for a mate, that God will drop him into your lap?)What in your view is God's preferred way of match making?
---lisa on 5/1/05

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Hmmm... well what happened in Genesis? Adam was alone and could find no companion for himself out of all of God's creatures, so God did what? Did he tell Adam "too bad... all you should need is me"?!!!! Nope - God made a perfect partner/companion for him. I don't think it's 'desperation' we have going on here, I think it's just trying to fulfill a human need that even God saw was important to have fulfilled!
---Janet7433 on 5/1/05

Kat ... I believe that the spouse who is "looking for someone else" on the Net would be looking elsehwere if the Net was not available.

But the question seems to imply that we should not have the dating facility on a Christian Net Site. Quite honestly your potentially errant husband is probably not looking on here but on some very "relaxed" secular sites
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/1/05

I AGREE! I joined ChristiaNet Penpal just for this purporse - to "meet" other Brothers and Sisters in Christ to pray with and to get to know - not for marriage!
---Connie on 5/1/05

hi Kimbe, I think that so many people search for those with whom they can connect. Sometimes people who drink will search for friends who do likewise. Singles club together mostly. So in the same way, I think its nice for Christians to try and 'search' (on the net)for each other's company. But perhaps one should not look in particular for a mate on the net, but rather friendships and penpals and see what grows out of that friendships. sometimes more eddiyfing friendships grow out of it...and well sometimes if its meant to be, a romance will grow out of it.
---Philio on 5/1/05

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So if you find that God is enough, why are you on this datingsite then?
---astrid on 5/1/05

What's funny is the phrase 'soul mate.'
---gregg4933 on 5/1/05

When God created man He realized that it was not good for man to be alone. Now how we chose a mate is the responsibility of each person looking. Some trust the Lord to provide others don't. Is there a better way, yes, that is to be the best that you can be in Christ, and you will attract that person(s) to you. You will know who you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Through Christ and the Holy Spirit's leadership will the answer be. My prayer of support with you for patience.
---Blue on 5/1/05

God said about Adam that "it is not good that man should be alone". And the woman was still inside of the man when He said that. So He was speaking of both man and woman. And now we are both with out a vital part of ourselves! Fern
---fern on 5/1/05

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Kimbe.. be very careful in assuming that all on this site are "Christian" people. My husband told me he was on here seeking a relationship. With a "foreign woman".
---Kat on 5/1/05

I think God is still in control. If you find a mate or friend on this site. Why? are their some many people looking.Because the person must be a practing christian.
However, God is still your best friend when everyone else turns away.Moreover,even when one has a godly friend or mate.They need Gods input even more to learn how deal with that other person.
---Kimbe3737 on 5/1/05

Linda ... you say God has answers to our needs.

But if we need money He expects us to go out and find a job. And with most needs He wants us to get off our backsides and do something about it.

Why then should we be discouraged from looking for a partner? The partner is not just going to knock on our door & say here I am.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/1/05

Simply put, people are desperately looking for a mate anywhere they can. I think a reason for this that a great deal of churches are letting young christians down in the area of safe 'dating'. It seems the only two options churches give young people is to say "Dont have sex! Now off you go!", without giving them any understanding of how to do that or how to avoid the pitfalls and traps of sexuality in relationships, or the other path of simply avoiding the subject completely, aka the "Kissed dating goodbye" thing. Which is equally as unhelpful for the young single.
---Kelt on 5/1/05

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Yes, He should be enough!...Perhaps because they are not "true" Christians- or perhaps they have been alone for a long time. Its hard to be tried and patient when you're lonely, I know. Worse, yet- I have to wonder why ones husband would be seeking.... (mine). The internet is a BIG temptation of things at ones fingertips. That makes them too easily accessible.
---Kat on 5/1/05

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