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I Want Some Christian Friends

I'm looking for christian friends whether male or female anywhere in the world. Can I find some?

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 ---eugen4778 on 5/2/05
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Welcome and become a friend.
Am a Christian who loves all people from all races because God made them the same.
I live in Kenya.
Lets join together in friendship and see what is going to come out of it.
---PETER on 5/17/13

its cool to have someone to talh to when noone else seems to listen sometimes you need to let it out or just talk when your old everyone thinks old ppl has nothing to talk about
---jim on 3/11/13

If you want chat rooms and pen-pals, then the internet is the right place for these. If you want christian pen-pals and christian blogs and christian chat rooms, then christianet is the right place to pass the time. But of TRUE FRIENDSHIPS, the best is with your own neighbor and may be with people in your own church or with some guy on the street that you see or volunteering at a homeless shelter or babysitting a child or visiting the elderly or a hospital.
---bike on 2/6/13

I'm looking for christian friends whether male or female anywhere in the world. Can I find some?
---samjim on 2/6/13

Looking for christian friends whether male or female anywhere in the world.
Age should be above 43 years.
---BRINDA_RAJ on 1/23/13

This blog is seven years old. This person is no longer here to answer to. Find a recent blog so that we can answer the person who posted.
---Mark_V. on 11/25/12

Good day,
how are you doing today?Hope you are standing firmly in the christian race.Thank God,He is able to make you stand according to Romans 14:4.

I saw your friendship request and felt i should respond to it. If you dont mind,we can start up one. you can contact me via my email address
---victor on 11/24/12

l would like to have a christian friend who can assist me in physicaly life

am kelvin Banda from Malawi the warm heart of Africa
---kelvin on 10/9/12

i would like to have more christian friends in my life most of my friends are non believers and trying to wittness to them but its just not working and i would like to have some christians to talk to and encourage me as well.
---Muriel on 4/24/12

CAB, that is beautiful.
---Eloy on 4/23/12

When I was a new babe in Christ I prayed and told the Lord that I was lonely and needed friends that were believers just like me. A week later while I was waiting tables, I met a group o believers that embraced me just as Christ had. The Lord blessed me with wonderful godly friend and a church home. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
---CAB on 4/21/12

it is good to share something of God
---Patricia_mkumbwa on 4/21/12

Dear aunty,
Iam from India.Iam a born again christian .me too want a good friendship with born again christian .
---Jane_persis_paul on 3/29/12

would love to have a christian friend or penpal. dont know how to use facebook but could chat on messenger. I am a 76 yr old christian woman will tell more next time
---billa on 3/22/12

Hello like to link up as friend
---cyclo on 3/21/12

as a christian we have to share the good news to those who never heard the gospel
---mercedez on 3/16/12

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Yes, it has been some time but I am a Christian and still here by the grace of God! So, how are you?
---Shelia on 3/13/12

just seeing your message even its like 7yrs ago but i just decided to write and see how u are doing evethough i dont kknw if the blog is still valid. Am a born again christian and hope u are too, am from nigeria and am living here in nigeria. Dont think i should say much until i hear from you.
---Michael_lawson_tunde on 3/13/12

I am looking out for christian friends who would share her / his experience in the LORD , and one who could encourage me too.
---William_Dcosta on 3/1/12

I agree, making a male friend when youre having issues with your husband its a recipe for disaster. Be Blessed
---Daniel on 1/16/12

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Denise, please dont pursue male friendships outside of your marriage, it will only complicate your marriage. Pray for a spiritual sister or mother to come along side of you and to help encourage and share with you. Growing close to another male will pull your affections and attentions away from your commitments and, yes he will probably tell you how wrong your husband is for neglecting, or mistreating you, flatter and soothe you, then what, you will feel justified in your own eyes and look up to another man besides your husband, please dont start to spin this web, it will entangle you and your family.
In His loving grip
---Poppa_Bear on 11/28/11

I'm just looking for a male Christian friend to talk to, I can't talk to my husband. I just want to see if I am the one who is always wrong. He just doesn't seen to understand me. My dad lives with us now and he has Parkinsons and Alzheimers and that just makes it worse. I'm tires of crying and feeling alone. I just want an opinion from a males point of view. Thanks.
---Denise on 11/27/11

Why not i am from india looking for a nice and trustable friend if you are interested we will be good friends..
---satheesh on 11/24/11

I enjoy talking to people and meet new friends as Jesus wants us to talk to him everday in prayers, and he taught us how.
Am 34 male living in cameroon.
Hope i be one of your christian friends.
---Alpha on 11/8/11

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I want also true christian friends. can you accept me.
---Reshmi on 9/6/11

Yah!, God is forever giving for He has given us free life and He is worthy our thanks, not only life is good but more fantastic after finding a friend like you in midest whom i can talk to. Wil be in touch. Dinold
---Dinold on 8/6/11

hey where ya from???
---jayson on 7/2/11

On the web..Sm good friends some still text fr tme to tme..neg.exp.Met one n person,thankfull God' spirit ..prevailed! I like to be honest just decent conversation! Be kind to one another,not over bearing or coersive.. the word says - a person must first be friendly to make a friend.." The Best Friend is Jesus! Keep Him Closer & He put good pfor you.Becarefull! "Don't let the Devil ride..if you let him ride He gonna want to drive!"
---ELENA on 6/9/11

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eugen4778 is no longer a member.
---Eloy on 4/3/11

hi how are u my brothers and sisters
---sokol on 4/3/11

would you welcome a friend from Cameroon? If so, I am available for you.
God bless you
---cornelius on 4/1/11

Friends share ideas about life. love each other and encourage each other just like David and Jonathan. Truly a brother is born for the day of adversity but a friend loves at all times.
---Amoabeng on 3/29/11

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I am a Christian and find myself at this time of my life without one single friend. I'm married in my fifties. All I want is an online friend.
---Lori on 2/13/11

Out of curiosity, how many people of those that commented Yes! Let's be freinds have you even attempted to meet up with? Steveg ur depressing man. Like don't rain on her paraid if she wants to try to find freinds online, it might work out maybe not for you. But people meet new people diffrently these days as tecchnology grows. Yes your right a relationship can't only occur through the inernet alone but It CAN start there!
---Julie on 1/13/11

I sort of agree with Steveng. I thought I would never say this but it is some truth to it. I have made myself available many times to persons on the Net but it does not last long, for some reason. I have practically given up. But I am available. I have even offered to meet some of the people, in person.It never happened! Then you know they were just horsing around. Not really serious. I don't like that.
---Robyn on 1/5/11

I want some christian friends too... it doesnt matter to me boy or girl, I would just love to have some people to talk with about how wonderful God is.
---Jack on 1/5/11

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Hey everyone so I am I. feel free to hit me up
---victoria on 1/2/11

Dont worry. I wish to be u r friend.
---Muffb on 11/29/10

Well, right now God may want you all to Himself. And what God wants God gets.
---catherine on 11/28/10

hello praise the lord, how are you doing?thought i should say hi
---humphrey_wameo on 11/27/10

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I doubt it, God has them all taken up with other Christian friends....Well, Catherine you make me depress....I mean it, there isn't too may out there.
---catherine on 7/4/10

I am a married 28 year old wife and mother of 1 soon to be 2 in 2 weeks. I moved away from my family and friends and need a christian friend.
---Stephanie on 7/4/10

I believe that I understand what Steveng is saying. I kinda have to agree with him in this.
---catherine on 6/15/10

Steven, you're all heart:{ Why not just sock eugen in the gut. That'd be less painful. You're one person I'd hate to have to depend on for prayer or any other "friend" deed.Just because you're not capable of showing friendship through words, please don't try to limit those of us who feel we can reach out & be a friend.
---Reba on 6/15/10

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A true friend can never be had on the internet. Social networds on the internet are detrimental to developing real friendships. True love is lost. All you see on these blogs are a facade with words only. You can't give a truly emotional hug with words. Do an online KJV bible search for the keyword "friend." In fact, do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "comfort."

If you can't develop real relationship with a real person how do you suppose you can develop a relationship with God? How can you lay down your life for your friend with words?

To find friends, find them in your own backyard.
---Steveng on 6/14/10

Yes i would like to be your friend. I am a christian and i love the lord very much and am looking for christains friends too.
---Selpha on 6/14/10

Hi let's be friends.It's good to know that I have friends with the same faith as I am.
---mae4949 on 5/26/10

Hello Brothers & sisters in our Lord!! I'm here to be a friend to my Heaven bound family. We all need one another to stay strong in the Lord. Let's chat...
---Reba on 5/23/10

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Thank you for your inquiry. I am also looking for a christian friend. Mind if I can be one of your friends?


---Agnes on 3/9/10

I want a friend to To fellowship in jesuse love and enoj chating I am a lady with three children and one husband
---aklia on 10/31/07

Well, first start by looking at your church youth group (if you are a teenager) or just at church. If you have a Christian friend, ask her or him to introduce you to some of her other friends. Also, why not join a sport, like vball or basketball? You'll make friends there, and then you can take them to church. There are many opportunities each day to witness to these and help them become Christians.
---Keri on 3/25/07

i will be much greatful if some name of christian pal are sent to me. this will help me to share my spiriual needs with others an to encourage each other in the faith. i will appreciate both male an females of every age. my usual name is sunda6356
---sunday_ignatius_zama on 3/22/07

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Hello my friend,
You are special to us because you belong to His body. Today's word "He has engraved you in His Palm - He has remembered us and He will bless us" We love you and pray for you and your country.
---Gnanasekaran on 6/22/06

I am a Chinese girl and i believe in God. I want to know more christian friends. I wish God will send me a special of you.
---joyfung on 6/11/06

hi lets become friends iam shivam and live in india
---shivam on 6/7/06

you are most welcome to be my friend. I also love sharing the truth with anyone who wish to can I get in touch...
---jana on 5/30/06

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Same here, I am just a baby Christian and the only other Christians I really know are family members. All my other "friends" now think I am a nut. I keep planting the seeds though and hopefully they will come around one of these days.
---chris on 4/20/06

I too am looking for Christian friends, I live in Wash. State..Also pen-pals.
---Lynn on 4/20/06

hai really in my life i want to share more to my friends what i get through the bible. that is the only reason for looking for the christian friends. Before reaching heaven we have to achieve more for our lord Jesus Christ.
---samuel on 12/5/05

Yes,u can find some and l'm one of the so many that u are looking for.infact i've also been looking for somebody like u.
---Lucy on 11/14/05

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Hello Friend
It would be nice to make a knew friend.
My profile name is Glady5446,hope to here from you.
God bless you
---glady5446 on 6/6/05

Dear Friend in Christ,
I would be happy to be a companion on your walk with the Lord, let me know what I can do.
---Stephen on 5/6/05

Friendship takes real committment. I've driven 10's of thousands of miles to keep up with old friends. It's sad but I've only seen a few make the same kind of effort towards me. The love of many will wax cold. Sure seems like it sometimes is nearing that day. I stumbled across this site and don't frequent here but was just trying to build up believers. is my site though and feel free to mail me from there if you have a hard time finding real friends. I'll always tell you the truth. If I think you are slouchin...I'll tell ya :-) God bless, -Bob
---bob on 5/5/05

I would love to be your christian friend. My name is Deanna.
---Deanna on 5/4/05

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i would love to be your christian friend and you can e-mail me anytime and you can also trust me.
---Mellissa on 5/4/05

I have MANY Christian friends from all over the world who write me through my penpal address, there's always room for one (or 10) more! God bless~~'barba7434'. I am in Nevada in the Western part of the US. God bless!
---NV_Barbara on 5/3/05

I am a preacher and would love to be a Christian friend.I have been serving the Lord over 37 years.I am Brother Robert
---Brother_Robert on 5/3/05

Hello new found friend in the LORD. I'll be in touch with you to encourage you and pray with you in the LORD. lasha7746
---LaShonda on 5/2/05

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Hello new found friend in the LORD. I'll be in touch with you to encourage you and pray with you in the LORD.
---LaShonda on 5/2/05

Me too.

Yup friends are everywhere

Are you Eugene or Eugenia
---Barbara on 5/2/05

I will be willing to be your friend.there is a friend that stict closer togethr than a brother that is far is my user name samue3683.god bless you,hope to hear from you soon.
---samuel on 5/2/05

iam a young man from nigeria and would like to have u as a christian friend.
---oladele on 5/2/05

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I needed a christian female friends
---Dr_Shadrack_Enaudu on 5/2/05

am looking for friends worldwide.
---lewis on 5/2/05

You will find christian friends in church. If you want friends, show yourself friendly
---shira_5965 on 5/2/05

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