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Any Honest Christian Girls Around

I want to keep in touch with an honest Christian girl. Can I get one?

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 ---mekonnen on 5/2/05
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i am an honest christian girl. what would u like to know? how r u doing? God is great and wonderous, its so amazing :-).
---erika on 10/13/10

There just has to be, may not be on here.

I am Pentecost. Because I have some phys prob's with my shoulders - arms loss of strength & I canNot handle a bigger Lady. I'm looking for a Lady that's from 58 - 64, I like shoulder length hair, frame up about 5'6" up to 145 lbs, can play a k - board & sing because I've done Church out reach in n - homes for 20 yr's & I sure miss it desire to do again, I play the harmonica & tamborine. I also ride a m-cycle at times & hoping she likes to ride some also.

Okay Ladies, I can hear you chuckling. Oh well.

---Lawrence on 9/2/10

I feel about the same. Not this dating site but 3 others I changed my profiling a lil. I added, It's hard to find a Lady that haven't wasted her sexual on other Men they've Not been married to. I've Not on other Ladies. Sexual Only to the 1 I was married to about 26 - 27 yr's. Sep & div for about 7 - 8 yr's now & still have Not.
There has been No reply from any Ladies at all.
If people only knew that those commit fornication etc Will be lost if they dont repent.
---Lawrence on 7/10/10

Yeh! Here! Honesty is one of the most important things in life. I'm an artist and a writer- that means being painfully honest sometimes. Too many people don't understand that.
---Emily on 10/21/07

Can I get one? what kind of question is that? I don't know where you have been but right this minute there is many great children of God praying for a good and honest guy. Where you have been, what places do you look, and how you conduct yourself will make a big difference. What is in your heart is what is important. Let God be your focus and He will put someone in your life, and answer someone's prayer.
---lupe on 10/16/07

Hi friend,
I am a boy who is still in the high school reading science in school and hoping to become a pharmasist.
I am from Ghana and i have four more siblings with me and my parents with my father being a pastor of 'love assemblies of god chuch.I will be your one and only penfriend you ever had.
Thank you for your coperation.
---Adjei_Owusu_Isaac on 7/15/06

sure u can get one.....i am a honest christian girl....if you want to you can e-mail me....
---ashley on 5/6/06

This seems kind of silly. Would a dishonest girl admit that she is dishonest?
---ralph7477 on 4/10/06

I am an honest Christian boy looking for an honest Christian girl. Honest??? Well, I have to admit the "boy" and "girl" words are a bit hopeful!! At my age, I keep on telling myself "Middle-age is next year" But perhaps I am kidding myself a bit there.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/10/06

Hi, I am an honest Christian girl. I love music.
---Beth on 4/10/06

Hi! im an honest christian chick, u can email me to talk ok?
---angie on 12/16/05

Hi there all. Take it easy on the suspicion front. You can only presume to know where this guy is coming from. Its not easy these days to find a nice moral girl, which is sad because a nice girl can change the world for a not so nice boy. It is amazing what the right influence in your life can do for you. I need a positive feminine influence in my life too but all things in good time. I whish you all the best, all of you. One day love will set us free.
---Dillon on 5/30/05

Yah there are honest christian girls. And why girls? I wish i knew why you asked this question may be i would be in abetter position to help you.Do you have problems with girls?
---Judy on 5/5/05

I am a christian girl who has been bsaptized for the past 6 years and is very honest. i am also a councillor and you can e-mail me at any time and we'll be able to keep in touch.
---Mellissa on 5/4/05

like the last person who replied said, it depends on what you want her for and what you have in mind cos there are men who are just here to use women to get residency in the U.S, no one want's to be used that way, no matter how desperate you think they are.
---schola on 5/2/05

I think some of the Christian girls on here would like to meet an honest guy as well. I have found many men on the site to be very disshonest. And I know it goes BOTH ways. I do not understand why people can not be themselves and just be honest. You have more to loose by being disshonest than by being honest and truthfull.
---Shaz on 5/2/05

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