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Never Send Money To People

I'm in law enforcement and am warning warn all who are responding to ads for friendship, marriage, or adoption. Be VERY leery of any requests for money, regardless of how desperate they seem. (NEVER send them money). I have received complaints of fraud from contacts made on many Christian sites.

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 ---randy on 5/2/05
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I instantly delete these scams and report them to the administrators. Thanks for the reminder. These people are nothing more than crooks.
---Robyn on 8/2/07

Nigerian scams are big business. You've just won a contest, but to get the money you'll have to send a check for around $3000.00 from your bank account. Seniors fall for this one all the time. They get your bank account #'s, SS #'s, what a mess. Or we're from Russia wanting to rent a house, we'll send you 3 months rent, but first you have to get a money order and send us so much back, blah, blah, blah. Be wise, be careful. Don't give anyone your personal info, ever. Never, ever over the net.
---Toby on 8/2/07

I think we need to act with caution when asked for money. Find out why the person needs the money and then, if you feel the request is genuine and the need is something you are prepared to help with, provide the items rather than the cash to buy the items. If the request is not local try to contact an agency or charity in their area and offer to pay for the goods if they will supply them. A truly needy person will accept goods, a con artist only wants cash.
---RitaH on 8/2/07

Thanks. Think it excellent advice. Now there are even people on this chatline that need money. They are asking for prayer for money. They have not actually asked for money but are asking for prayer for money in a time of need and seem to be doing all they can do but still need help.
How does one help and find those in actual need?
---Barbara on 8/2/07

i'm always getting emails from Africa, etc... claiming to be very rich but needing an american bankacct. I figure those people were just looking to scam.
---Leesa on 5/13/05

Even we in Africa we get so many letters like that saying they want to claim some money. I reported a similar case to the president of this site when i got one. But there are really a lot of people in need of money especially in Nigeria. we have children who are orphans and they have kidney problems who needs money.Even when you send it to churches some will not use it 4 charity. At least i know of child that needs 5 million for kidney transplant.
so you look at it both ways.
---yinka on 5/6/05

I recieved an email from a young African lady begging for help to go to college. She said that she lived with her aunt who told her to sell her body for the money. I have contacts in her country who investigated for me. Turns out she was already a prostitute and this was a scam her pimp put her up to. If you would like to give to a specific person and receive a tax benefit you can do so through a small charity.
---Robin on 5/3/05

We receive, on average, 5 - 10 requests for money, mostly from Africa, daily. It's very distressing to me because I have churches in Africa. Most of the requests are from people who do not fear implying that they have a relationship with Jesus Christ; they also don't fear using scripture to influence us to give. Be aware of the scams. At the same time be sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit to know when something is real. Follow after the leading of the Holy Spirit.
---Keith_Davenport on 5/3/05

The best way to send money to help anyone in Africa is to do so via an approved Christian/Missionary organization. This can be done by a one-off donation or regular giving to pay for the education, health or other needs of certain individuals. I would never send anything to an individual simply because they asked. It's sad to have to say that but there are just too many scams going on nowadays and Christians are seen as easy-pickings. Because we have more than they have they think we are extremely rich.
---F.F. on 5/3/05

9 times out of 10 if u write anyone form africa,u will end up in a scam...they are very big over there and the USA is not doing ANYTHING about it cause we can not bring them over here and charge do be very very careful....johnny
---johnn7359 on 5/2/05

I too have had many people writing and asking for help. Though there are some that truly want friendship. I have tried to be very persistant with giving out personal information, but how do you handle it when they say you are just not willing to be friends, or you don't trust in the Lord to find friends? I had one want to send a personal card to my home, I don't like coming off as rude or uncaring, any advice?
---Karia3875 on 5/2/05

Another scam that a friend of mine got caught up in was writing to a man in another country. They wrote for a couple of months, he 'seemed' kind, but I told her I thought he just wanted too much info. The deal is, many want to leave their country and they need a sponsor, particularly if they have a promise of marriage, its easier for them to use someone to get to the US. Beware!
---NV_Barbara on 5/2/05

Ann ... I too report the scammer to the President and he deletes their profiles.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/2/05

This is extrememly good advice. They may be pleading with you in the name of God to help them....I've had so many, and since it's breaking the rules of the site, I send the message to the President and let him deal with it,usually by deleting the account. I'm very specific in my profile as to what I'm looking for- these people never read the profiles...they must copy and paste onto dozens of emails. Don't get taken in.
---Ann5758 on 5/2/05

Good time to post this: I get messages at least once a week from parts of Africa which are obviously from someone who NEVER even looked at my profile! If there is an e-mail address right away, that often means they just wrote to 100's of guys/gals here. One time the SCAMMER goofed and wrote to me as if I were a woman!! Always read profile first, then the message, before replying. Stats often don't make sense, very poorly worded and only one line in each box. To guys, they are almost always from girls under 20yrs.-old or so; wise up! BUT there can be some very 'crafty' scammers too, so beware.
---Daniel on 5/2/05

That's right Russell. God sometimes uses financial situations to get people's attention. Do NOT assume you are honoring God to give to requests. You may be hindering God's work in their lives. You must know the source of the problem before you jump in with YOUR idea for helping..You may be doing more harm than good...further hindering their maturity or correction. Give to an organization who KNOWS the situation....besides then it's anonymous and you take no glory. That's scriptural.
---Eloia on 5/2/05

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Barbara,God will supply all their needs just as he has your's and mine.What I have found over the years is that God allows hardships in our lives to get our attention.We know when the spirit is speaking to us and when we trust and obey we clear the path for God to bless us.
---RUSSELL on 5/2/05

take the advice as given to you i work on criminal investigations i get so many reports on fraud from the internet sites even christian ones i am not saying all are bad but pray discern the spirit and ask advice from a pastor who does not beg for money himself this is a big deal dont get ripped ask advice form someone who can discern the spirit if God lays it on your heat then obey but be sure it is God
---andre9789 on 5/2/05

in response to Barbara's comment. yes there are people who truly do have financial needs. We should continue praying with them and for them and seek the LORD's discernment if we really feeel in our heart that they have a true need and we are able to help. I have a christian pen pal in Liberia who really had a need and work was limited,so I sought the LORD and blessed him because I was able to do so. Now if he would have continued asking and making it a habit, I would have been concerned.
---LaShonda on 5/2/05

Thanks! I agree that most donations are best sent via your church, which will give you a tax-deductible receipt also.
---Pierr7958 on 5/2/05

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Good advice Randy. There are so many scams going around especially claims from people in other countries trying to get people's bank info. an ss# claiming that relatives died and left thousands of dollars behind and they need other people from theU.S. to claim AND SHARE THE MONEY WITH. I've gotten at least 5 e-mails from different parts of Africa, so they say, with similiar stories.
---LaShonda on 5/2/05

Thanks. Excellent advice. In answer to Barbara, you tithe into your local church, then you ask God for HIS direction as to where you give your gifts and offerings. If in any doubt at all, you can always ask your pastor and he will give you some advice as he will know who has real need in your own locality etc. or missionaries.
---susan7956 on 5/2/05

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