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Need Your Diet Ideas Today

I am collecting diet ideas. What are your means and methods of losing weight? Thanks in advance.

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 ---Barbara on 5/2/05
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I know this sounds nerdy, but you should really talk to your doctor before starting a diet. But I know..nobody really does! If you just want to loose a few lbs., fine, but if you want to loose a bunch, over 45 lbs., I'd say talk to a medical person. Good luck! Let us know how it's goin.
---sue on 9/27/07

I never use the word "diet", I call it a lifestyle change. I used to weigh 270 lbs. In 1994, my doctor told me if I did not lose some weight, I would not be around much longer. I had to really have self-discipline, but this was way before Jesus Christ came into my life. Anyway, Glory to God I lost 135 lbs by changing the way I viewed food, and by incorporating exercise into my life. Small changes here and there. I now weigh around 135 lbs., and have stayed there. Amen!
---Cynthia on 9/27/07

My basic is to submit to God. He balances how much I do, with how much I eat. I'm a quiet lifestyle person, so I have to eat little...boiling meat, skimming the fat, boiled veggies with little added stuff, whole grains, fruit without addings, rare treats, but loving and caring activities satisfy me so I'm not using food for company > His love and my lovefriends satisfy me.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/27/07

I would not call lossing weight a diet, it is more of making yourself fit for life! Remembering that our body is the Lords temple, We should find a partner to become fit with, I believe that you can lose more pounds that way.
---Tracy on 9/26/07

Only go for 2nds "now and then"
Use a smaller plate at buffets etc.
Have soup before a meal if possible
Park further away, walk when U can
Stock up w/healthy things so when U reach it is good things
Never shop hungry!
Drink water instead of soda etc. these are hidden calories
21 days makes a habit good or bad
Hang out w/healthy people it rubs off
Remember dont be a slave to anything but a master of all.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

All u need is to get your metabolism up!! That's the secret.
When I was younger I would eat a ton of Chocolates..tons of sweet things and still was thin and nice...when the metabolism slowed we age..then the pounds stay on longer because we are not burning them as fast as before so ...Morning excercise is Great for this and drink Lots of water to flush the fat out.
Eating after 7pm should be a no no.
Hope it helps
---Michelle on 6/2/05

Cut sugar out of your life-soda,candy,cookies,bread-everything white. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Do a detox. Good luck. Try a product like juiceplus+.
---cynthia on 5/20/05

Eeek! Red face here. 1/2 grapefruit is fine, but for pumpkin, cabbage broccoli etc., it should be 1/2 a cup. So sorry. :(
---CarolT on 5/7/05

When doing the housework, I turn my music up loud and dance while working. It takes longer to clean the house but makes it alot more fun, and it can be agreat work out if you have good upbeat music. A little hint though, if you dance like me, you might want to close the blinds first.
---bethie on 5/7/05

Hey NVBarb - thanks for the chocolate idea. There is a Montessorri diet that includes chocolate and several other diets that include chocolate in the diet. As for riding a horse - hmmmmm. It is exercise! . However, looking at some us, clothing is a much better idea! But someone did suggest that looking in a mirror at a nude self might definitely convince someone like that a diet was needed. All the diet ideas are appreciated. This is serious business. Thanks from me to all and even NVBarbara from Barbara
---Barbara on 5/6/05

We have a HUMOR blog! Everyone give us a giggle by posting something to cheer us all up!
---NV_Barbara on 5/3/05

To keep my weight and my cholesterol down, my diet consists of fruits and vegetables (lots of it), a little of carbohydrates, a little of lean meat (substituting meat with fish) non-fat milk, coffee without sugar, tea and lots, lots of water. I make it a point to see to it that my diet have a little fats only. I do jogging, walking, running and swimming as my exercise.
---Linda on 5/3/05

You did it for me Jeff, thanks! I think I may try the "Godiva's chocolate diet'!
---NV_Barbara on 5/3/05

Thank you, thank you for all your enthusiasm
The ideas are great. Am aiming for more exercise as well. Thanks for the encouragement
---Barbara on 5/3/05

A short list - 9 servings per day of the following fruits and veg. alone or in combination with lean protein for a meal.
1 apple, orange, tomato, tangerine peach or pear; 2 plums
1 cup lettuce: ,
1/2 cup apricots, blueberries, pineapple, tropical fruit; tropical fruit mix,watermelon,melon,1/2 a grapefruit;pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, cooked green beans, peppers, onions, peas or snap peas, squash, zucchini,artichoke hearts, eggplant, spinach. (from Woman's World 8/24/04) Space it out. A dieters dream to eat every couple of hours! Keeps sugar levels even and cravings down. It works!
---CarolT on 5/3/05

(1) Never eat between meals - not one bite.
(2) Drink only pure water.
(3) Never eat after 6 pm.
(4) Eat meat & dairy only sparingly, if at all.
(5) Avoid refined products - eat whole grain breads, pasta, etc.
(6) Eat all you want as long as it comes in God's rather than man's packaging (i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables).
---Jerry on 5/3/05

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Stay away from sugar products such as cakes, soda, ice cream, cookies. My Daughter lost a lot of weight when she got off the sodas. And don't think diet sodas will help, they won't. walk as offten as you can,
---a_friend on 5/3/05

I am on a see food diet, I eat everything I see! Hee, hee. I exercise with my 3 yr old, and we have a blast. I watch and exercise with Denise Austin and Galad,"Bodies in Motion". They work pretty good.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/05

I go into a chinese restaurant, I hit the buffet hard, then they say to me " You go home now." They say I'm so big that I look like a small island off the coast of Taiwan. All kidding aside, please pray for me, I need to lose weight the right way.
---Bill on 5/2/05

Liposuction? Please tell everyone that J/K is just kidding.
---Jeff on 5/2/05

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One word-----Liposuction! (J/K!)
---NV_Barbara on 5/2/05

Exercise, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest and taking multi-vitamins. Don't think diet, think lifestyle!
---Katie on 5/2/05

there is a great way to lose weight while still enjoying all the variety of foods, it's called "eating less" of everything. the answer is obvious, "eat less".
---curt on 5/2/05

raw fruits and vegetables
---shira_5965 on 5/2/05

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Eat often but only a little bit - walk, walk and walk brisk walks - do lots of stretching - keep your hands off the fridge door.
---Albert on 5/2/05

Dear Barbara,I have been where you are.If a person is overweight it is because they are taking in more calories than they are burning.I lost fifty three pounds in less than a year,took a break and now i'm going for the last twenty five pounds. If lack of knowledge about nutrition is a problem as it was for me your doctor can perhaps recommend a place to go for help.It will be hard at first but when you start seeing results you will be motivated to keep going,if I can do it after being fat for twenty years you can too.If you want to talk i'm at russe9356 on christianet,would be glad to help.
---RUSSELL on 5/2/05

No diet works.No matter how they are set up,once a person gets off the diet they gain the weight back.To loose weight is about intake-calories you eat,and output calories you use up in exercise.To loose, you use more calories exercising than you eat.You must however,have a balanced meal plan to stay healthy.Cut portion sizes down,4oz. of meat instead 8 ,eat lots of low calorie green vegetables,bulky foods to fill up.Use foods high in sugar sparingly.Limit carbohydrates to 30 or so a day.Work out what you can live with.Get a book or something to count calories.Write what you eat down,every day.
---Darlene_1 on 5/2/05

Despite all the books on diet, there is no mystery at all to it. Leave out fads, and watch caloric intake. Limit fats, and eat plenty of vegs and fruit. Limit red meat. Also, you need some sort of regular exercise, to help build muscle, which burns fat. It's basic common sense....sugar and flour in excess, and fat, get you fat. Hope this helps.
---Kristine on 5/2/05

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