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Church Doesn't Recognize Singles

Why does the church not recognize single adults, single families and extended families?

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 ---Bobby on 5/2/05
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It really depends on the church. After over 25 years of singles ministry participation, I have seen the full gamut. Overall, most churches have no ministry, and those that do usually cut off participation at age 30. That is a huge mistake in todays society where the divorce rate is around 50% even for Christians. I use Google to find churches with singles ministries. Even if your church has no ministry, it might be possible to find one that reaches out to multiple churchs with Saturday or weekday meetings. There are two in my town that have over 10 churches involved.
---obewan on 8/7/08

Whatever denomination you are in you should get out if that is the case.

Any denomination that does not care for christians as christians should be avoided as not of the Spirit of God. Only the spirit of man exists there.

The Church should never be referred to as a physcial thing. The church is Spiritual. The Puritans made a difference here, which they found in scripture and called buildings in which christians met meeting houses and the body of Christians coming together the church. The world does not appreciate this sutble but important distinction
---Alan on 8/5/08

Singles sometimes do have it dificult, because they are not part of a conventional family. Also single men (or women) can be perceived as a thresat tho married couples, and thus are kept at arms length.

And widowers are sometimes looked at sideways because had they been "!proper" Chgristians and prayed properly, they would not have lost their wives to an early death.

And divorcees ahve broken their marriage vows so may be unwelcome among the holy
---alan_of_UK on 8/4/08

What church? Christians are the church. They had better recognize such things. Or were you speaking of the buildings which housed mostly unbelievers each and every Sunday. Please clarify.
---catherine on 8/4/08

I wish I knew. I tried to start a church-sponsored singles group called "SPRIG"- Single People Rejoicing In God- and it went well for a few months, but then turned into a social outing for the widows in the seniors building next door- not exactly the target group I was aiming for.We are just as vital as the married couples. I myself would like to see more emphasis put on the singles in the churches.
---Ann5758 on 8/4/08

It is not at all fair to charaterize the "chruch" as not caring for these ones. Lots of chruches do have programs structured around their needs.
---Bruce5656 on 5/23/07

some churches do and some don't. ask the pastor.
---matthew on 7/31/05

Julie you are very much mistaken! you have emplied that single people have too much time on their hands. The bibles earlist definition of marriage was 'HELP MEET'!!!
Believe me a single parent works twice as hard to raise her children then if she had a HELP MEET'
---susanna on 7/31/05

Rachel, you accused Bobbie of complaining.
Are you comfortably happily married by any chance??????????
---susanna on 7/31/05

I'd recognize single adults, single families [I assume you mean single-parent families], and extended families (do you mean "blended families" of remarried adults and their children?) anywhere!

Seriously, maybe you're inthe wrong church!

The "traditional nuclear family" isn't all that traditional. In Bible times, and as late as WW2, extended families--intergenerational, unmarried aunts or grandparents en residence, et al--were the norm, and even necessary for survial.
---Jack on 5/28/05

It's different in my place of origin. The church programs usually revolve about singles. The more single men and women an activity/program have, the merrier, and the faster the work is done.
---linda6546 on 5/5/05

Maybe God let you see this need to get togehter with others in your church and do something besides complain and think that church is a social gathering where THEY need to meet your needs. What do you want to see happen for that group? Make it happen.
---Rachel on 5/4/05

Maybe your church doesn't recognize you because you don't make yourself known. What can you do to serve the body of Christ? I am sure there are plenty of ministries to get involved in. There are people needing help with children, needing a hug and a smile. Get into a small group, volunteer for church clean up day, or ask to help at the next youth outing. Being single means you have a lot more time and energy to offer to the rest of the congregation. Try tackling something you never tried before. If you ask God to give you something to do, someone will ask you for help. Say yes! ;)
---Julie on 5/3/05

Like you I use to wonder why the church didn't have some kind of program for singles. The men would like hide and the women were always careful who they talked to. We needed a program so that people could meet and not hide from everyone. I asked and was told, why didn't I start one. You see, we complain but we can do something about it. Because when married, I never thought about the single person. I was so involve with my marriage. If you need it, start it. Maybe you have been called to help others, God bless you.
---Lupe on 5/3/05

It's the same with the widowed ... we are awkward & needing ... it is easier to ignore
---a on 5/3/05

I am a recently divorced mom of 3 boys. My church doesnt have singles ministry either. I agree with a lot of the comments made. Why do you think we are overlooked??? There are a lot of single people in my church, especially single parents, I would like to at least have a single moms unite support group. Do you think that most of us feel peculiar about being "singled out"??? I know a friend who's divorced and her mega church has singles but she will not go!!! she feels like its all just people looking for a date, too weird for her.
---Kathy3339 on 5/2/05

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nothing else to say than you got the wrong church if it so as you said...jesus said the love between the memebers would tell thats its his looking for those people..wish you to be blessed
---michael on 5/2/05

As a single, if I were wanting to be involved in the church, would feel like a thrid wheel. Often because a single doesn't often keep a consistant pattern, I may join one time and find many excuses not be there. How is a church going to tie us down enough to feel we are a part of something that is stable when we are not. When we meet we are disapointed because there is only women and usually of different age.
---Blue on 5/2/05

out here you see a lot of churches placing great emphisis on couples and families. i have been divorced about 8 years and have not really considered a church a singles spot but more a venue to worship god and to reach out to the broken and lost within this world. and if god wishes me to marry or find a single he will provide the church shouldn't be saddled with that responsiblity.
---Cameron on 5/2/05

I didn't realize just how much the churches I attended didn't have anything whatsoever to reach out to singles.

One church in my area has a singles ministry up to age 40, and then another singles ministry from 55 and up. That leaves me out right there.
---Madison on 5/2/05

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Hi, what do you mean by 'recognize' in this sense? I do know that as a single adult the church kind of 'pushes'you out, arrange activities for married couples with children mostly, same goes for programmes in the church, the focus is on 'real'families. I remember staying out of church on mother's day for years cause they'd have programs where they specifically wanted all the families together and then me and a few other singles with no families in church would stand there alone, looking around at the 'real'families feeling very out'. So as a single adult this was my experience
---Phila8534 on 5/2/05

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