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Diagnosed With Depression Illness

I have been diagnosed with depression and the illness has taken my life. I feel useless, lonely and always in chronic pain. All friends and family are gone. They can't handle my pain. What do you think of that?

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 ---clara on 5/2/05
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I think there's probably alot more to this story or personality that we can't begin to diagnose.
If they can't handle the personality, it could be the demands for attention rather than the depression.
---S.Patterson on 6/9/08

Were you just diagnosed with depression or bi-polar disorder or even fibromylgia?...seems like that is becoming very common in today's society and at times can be scary to be oldest daughter has bi-polar disorder and as long as she takes her medication she is fine...I have fibromylgia and have constant pain and minor depression but the medication keeps me in need to find out exactly what the diagnosis is and go from there...there is help if you know where to can write me and we can discuss it if you wish....God bless you!
---Fran4857 on 6/7/08

Even devoted Christians get depressed. Look at Job, Jonah, David, and Solomon. What they didn't know that we do is when we operate in love it conquers all and depression can be defeated. What are you believing? The bad report of the doctor or that Jesus came to heal the broken hearted? Serotonin is a hormone that determines what we feel like. When our diets are more conducive to green vegetables and we have done some cardio, serotonin is produced. When we praise God, serotonin is produced.
---lenora on 4/18/07

Dear Clara
Depression often originates from chemical inbalance in the brain (everyone to some degree has this: yours is just stronger). Of course the physical can induce pyschological depression as well.

Remember this, Clara, that just because there aren't those around you to help: GOD LOVES YOU! Pray to God to get rid of all those pyschological cobwebs (that we all have to one degree).
Don't forget that people with bi-polar, for example, often have ecstatic highs.
God Bless Clara. Ed.
---Ed on 4/18/07

And Clara
Another thing:
Just read Job from the Old Testament. If ever there was someone who was severely depressed: just look at him .. And yet God Loved him. And things worked out in the end.
Take care now and lots of love from a brother of yours in Christ!
---Ed on 4/18/07

I feel sorry for you. People might get tired of hearing this, but it's my job. The devil has got you bind and bound up. You cannot be set free from it without the help of Jesus Christ. There is only one cure for demonic sufferings, that is Jesus Christ.
---catherine on 4/17/07

I just want to let you know that even if friends and family have left, God will never leave you! He sustains me every day through my depression. Ask Him to reveal to you where your depression started and I just bet that He will lead you through. I read a saying the other day, " Where God guides, He also provides. Take this to heart, ok?
---Angie on 4/17/07

Continued: Clara, you could also have fibromyalgia. There's someone who started a blog for it just today--31 May, I see.

In fact, clinical depression and fibro freequently go together.
---Jack on 5/31/05

Dear Clara, clincial depression is a DISEASE--a chemical imbalance, NOT a sin, moral flaw, or character defect. Don't let the super-spiritual people make matters worse. "Real Christians don't get depressed." --this lie out of the pits of hell has robbed hope and even life from God's hurting children.

Yes, you DO have Jesus, and He is right there with you, feeling every ache of your heart and body. There's nothing so horrible that you two can't manage together. God bless you, dear!
---Jack on 5/31/05

hi clara,
i have depression and severe anxiety i am here for you god will help us through maybe not right now but eventually.
---dorena on 5/13/05

i have been free from depression for a while now. When i said (He) in my last blog i was refering to GOD. There were many people that got depressed in the bible, David was one of them. Notice how he poured his heart out to God! thats what i did & it works! Depression is awlful, i know i have been there.Jesus can set you free from it! He did it for me!He will do it for you!
---kERRIE on 5/10/05

I suffered depression for 3 yrs, until the day i ran up the front of my church while everyone was worshiping and fell on my knees.I cried out and quoted ps 40 v1-3 to Him.I was really desperate! He lifted me from the pit & set my feet upon a rock. I humbled myself and He lifted me up. I have been totally healed!! Praise also lifts the spirit of heaviness Isaiah 61. What He did for me He can do for you! Its amazing how many Christians suffer depression!
Depression is- "living in your past and being so afraid of the future that you cannot enjoy the present day!"
---Kerrie on 5/7/05

The best treatment for depression is whatever the psychiatrist says. I believe that cognitive behavioral therapy is great along with medication.

I do not believe that depression is a self-absorbing illness. It is a disease, not something we choose to have.
---Madison on 5/7/05

The bottom line of depression is that its all about "your feelings". A powerful way to combat this self absorbing illness, is to find ways to be a blessing to others. Seeing the smile you can give others can lift you up too. GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVE BACK TO YOU, A GOOD MEASURE PRESSED DOWN AND SHAKEN TOGETHER WILL BE POURED INTO YOUR LAP.
---lisa on 5/6/05

My history is similar to yours. At times I have felt so alone I thought I would die. You know what all this does? It places us right at the foot of the cross and shows us the love of Jesus. He is beside us, in us, around us everyday ministering to us so that out of our suffering we can share Him with others. What He does for one, God will do for you! Ask the Holy Spirit to send a Bible believing, Jesus loving person to you and He will show you the way out. My life has been a continual praise report for over 40 years! Yours will too!
---Elsie on 5/6/05

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, and Degenerative Disc Disease. I take my medication for stress, pain and hypertension. I read my Bible, go to church, look for ways to bless people's day, Sing!! at the top of my lungs, in my car. Laugh!! and find ways to make others do so too. I ask God to help me get ahold of His mercy and grace for each day and keep moving. I go to church on Sunday and Worship like a maniac! I love to raise my hands, sing and dance for HIM.
---Julie on 5/3/05

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I have been where you are,I know this is an old saying,'There's light at the end of the tunnel' But beleive me there is! If you can read 'Footprints', God is with you through the hard times. If you want to email me,please do. I will pray for you.
God Bless and Take Care.
---Mary8939 on 5/3/05

Clara, what is the pain from? Pain will often make you depressed, have you spoken with a doctor? I understand, the more we talk about it, the more people are driven away because it often brings them down,AND brings US down to dwell on it! If you'd like to 'talk' my penpal 'barba7434'.As Eloy says, let some brightness in! Make a list of your blessings! Listen and sing along to uplifting music!Read Ps.91~God bless.
---NV_Barbara on 5/3/05

Antidepressents and therapy work well for depression. Going to church, singing, and praying can help. Talk to friends here on penpal. Go for walks if possible. Do you have a hobby?
---Ulrik on 5/3/05

I hope you are not considering suicide but if that thought has entered your mind, remember, the only one who will be happy with that is the devil.
---Robin on 5/3/05

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I also have suffered from major depression. I just want to add to the other responses. There is hope. It may not seem or feel like it but there is. Medications really do help. So does a life style change. Sometimes we think we can't change our situation but most of the time we can. We can't change other's but we can change our response to them. God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change (other's behavior); Courage to change the things I can (myself); Wisdom to know the difference. Amen
---Robin on 5/3/05

Can't do much about the pain. But if you want you can reach into the world of penpals. I like penpals. And the world is full of new potential friends. If you can walk this will help to lift the depression. Going outside I think was helpful for me. Even sitting in the backyard or sleeping out on the balcony on a warm night is neat change.
---Barbara on 5/3/05

I understand your situation as I have had a brush with it. God was good as He reminded me to read the Psalms, especially 42. Get yourself involved in fellowship.Don't isolate yourself and don't b like Elijah who sought to escape. Consider Job 23:10. You will be strengthened and purified.
---karen3464 on 5/3/05

well i have been there called labeling and it hurts really bad but god always see through the pain and the broken hearts he knows it all. everytime that i get to the lowest of my life he lets me knows that he's carrying me again yesterday I have been searching to get help with my mental illness and that god open the door to a doctor that knows how i feel and that listens to me but like the word said
god is carring me he lets me know that he there helpping me i just gotta help myself and my friends help me when family don't beth3496
---beth on 5/3/05

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I don't want to minimise what you are saying with a bland 'encouragement'...but I DO want to say that when you are depressed, that it seems like that is all you ever feel. But there will be light and shadow, and one day you WILL feel better, even if only briefly. THEN look around for friends and family. They are not at the bottom of your well. And tho it is REALLY difficult to hang in there with someone who is clinically depressed, I just bet that you will find at least one friend or family member has hung around....and if not then Jesus will place people across your path to be there for you.
---Cheryl7374 on 5/3/05

i understand. Jesus is still in the business of healing today. Keep praying to him for healing. i'm still praying also, i think he wants us to be happy. Open curtains in your place to let the sunshine in in the daytime. Listen to postive Christian music on the radio. And i hope these two don't get offended by what i'm going say, but read some of Barbara and Elder's postings.
---Eloy on 5/3/05

Sorry to hear about your depression. You are not useless. In fact, God loved you so much that He gave His only Son for you. You have many Christian Brothers and Sisters all over the world who, even though they don't personally know you, love you. We are family ! God is Our Heavenly Father, Jesus is Our Big Brother. We are all your Brothers and Sisters in Christ. If you feel lonely, please feel free to contact me anytime. I will listen to you, try to give you advice and I will pray for you ! You are precious in the eyes of Our Father.
---Nock on 5/3/05

Hi Clara,
My sister has medication for depression. She often doesn't want to communicate for with her family so all we can do is pray for her. But I would advise you to read the scriptures daily and develop a deep and loving relationship with Jesus(I assume u are born again/saved) - knowing that he sees and knows all and has your life in his hands - the safest place for it to be.
---eric on 5/3/05

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i am sorry. i know that God will help you. Read isah 54:1 - end. and also ps 119.
---Aanu on 5/3/05

Hi Clara ... Many years ago I suffered with that black cloud of depression. It was one of the worst things I've ever endured. I was delivered through praying God's Word. If you write to me at dory7973 I will send you the Scripture verses I used to get healed. I've been free for over fourteen years now. Praise the Lord!
---DoryLory on 5/3/05

Remember Jesus took all with him on that cross,long time ago, He paid the price in full for all of us. His death,his ressrection,Saved us, its the devil that Knows this Info,he Keeps you depressed do not believe the the word more,flush his ways out renew your mind in Gods ways of thinking Resist the devil and he will flee.
---Toni on 5/3/05

Having experienced a similar faith test, I am living proof someone can go through depression, reach the point of being suicidal and endure standing strong in the name of CHRIST. I experienced similar feelings but neither family nor friends understood the cry in me. Trust in the Lord and keep your focus on Him. The devil is a liar, GOD gave us health and strength, power and authority in Christ Jesus. Later I got a vision wherein the spirit of depression which afflicted me said he was leaving and would never return. I overcame him, thank GOD. Faith is the key.
---chria9355 on 5/2/05

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I don't know if U got my reply 2 this R not. I 2 have had this problem. U R not alone. Please read Psalms 91 I find it 2 B a great comfort. Also 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 13-18. This is W/We have 2 look forward 2. People may leave us, but Jesus never does. GBU and may the Angels *j* B W/U U R N my prayers.
---sheia9679 on 5/2/05

I 2 have suffered with this problem-U R not alone N this world. Please read Psalms Chapter 91. I find it 2 B a real comfort. Also 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 13-18. This is what we have 2 look forward 2. People may leave us but Jesus never does. GBU & may the Angels *j* B W/U. U R N my prayers.
---Sheila on 5/2/05

I think you need to take back what the devil stole from you. Your life. Seek God for deliverence. No it won't be easy, but I would much rather see someone put their trust in God rather than doctors who think sometimes they are God.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/05

Dear Clara,If Jesus can cause the blind to see,the dead to rise up,the lame to walk and turn water into wine don't you think he can cure your depression?I went through this to the point of considering suicide,what I found was when I focused on helping others and took my mind off my troubles I began to heal.What triggered the depression?what is feeding it?if you would like to talk you can contact me at russe9356.
---RUSSELL on 5/2/05

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Hi Clara! I have fibromyalgia (fi-bro-my-al-gee-a), and chronic fatigue syndrome. I am also depressed and understand your pain. I have family but they don;t understand me or are very supportive. I am here if you would like to talk. E-mail me sometime
---Deb on 5/2/05

Find scripture about who you are in Christ and speak them out load every time you get depressed. Read the psalms and see how king David was depressed but he would cry out to God in praise & worship. Listen to lots of worship music and pray in your spirit language. Every day is a fight for your mind we didn't get where we are over night so it will take time to get out of it. Jesus went through far more than what we are experiancing, so he knows what you are going through and remeber are present sufferings aren't nothing compared to what we have waiting for us in heaven.
---timmy9856 on 5/2/05

I empathize though I don't know how you may feel. God has given you a gift that I would not want but He felt that you would be able to bear. To teach you patience, love of the trueist kind and an insight for others in the same situation. He does not make mistakes. Do you know if possible you may be allergic to something in your enviroment or food you are ingesting, or the type of medications you are own? Pray for quidance as I support you in prayer. Alot of depression is due to meds that we often take, or the diet we are on. May be a good time to soul searching for you health. God bless.
---Blue on 5/2/05

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