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My Girlfriend Is Seeing Other Guys

My girlfriend has openly told me that she is seeing other boys after being in relationship for five years. What should I do?

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 ---Robert on 5/3/05
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Accept her honesty. She may have lost hope in marriage and decided to move along after 5 years. Pray and ask God for wisdom. Wake up and smell the coffee.
---Eloia8896 on 12/16/07

Dear Robert: First, we do not know your age but no matter, there is a principle that you must follow in any relationship. The two of you need to COMMUNICATE. From your question, it appears that you are passive about talking about your feelings. As the other Bloggers have indicated, talk to her and see where you stand. Sure you will feel vulnerable when you do this, but you had better get started. Communication is uno numero. Bless you as you move along in the faith. Jesus will be "close as a brother to you". Ask Him! Others might let you down, but God won't.
---Elsie on 5/4/05

The most important thing in a relationship is good communication. You and your girlfriend of five years need to have a heart to heart talk with each other as to your feelings towards each other after five years, where your relationship is headed to, ask her why she wants to date other guys, how she feels if you start to date other girls, etc. After this talk, then you and her can decide what to do. If she has decided to move on, then you must respect her decision or ask her to make a commitment with you and see how she responds. Good luck.
---Nock on 5/4/05

Some of this depends on your ages. She DID tell you, so she is being honest with you. If there was a solid 'relationship', obviously she was unaware of it. Are you both serving the Lord? If you love her, tell her, ask her response and get all out in the open. If you are of a marrying age, perhaps that is what she is waiting for from you, and got tired of waiting! God bless.
---NV_Barbara on 5/3/05

If you truly love her and want this relationship to work.See if she will go to counseling, but you have to give this to God.
---nkenge on 5/3/05

It is difficult to answer a question like this when we do not have all the details, such as -- are you engaged? have you talked of marriage? are there any definite plans for your future together? At any rate, 5 years is a long time and your girlfriend probably feels she needs a definite commitment or it is time to move on.

---Joyce on 5/3/05

Ask her to marry you. After five years, how can you blame her for wanting to get on with her life?
---Jerry on 5/3/05

First let me say that all is not lost. In your opening statement you said that your girlfriend has told you she is seeing other boys--not men, which makes me wonder what your ages are? The main thing that the two of you need to do is communicate and find out where your relationship stands. Five years is along time to be with someone, but hey people grow and change, it's unfortunate that we don't communicate how we feel, but we act upon our feelings. I can assure you this that you will be alright, as long as you remember who your father is!
---onnya845 on 5/3/05

After 5 years don't you think it's time to start thinking of moving past the dating scene if you two have been in a relationship that long? The two of you need to pray about this and get the Lord involved so that you can make a wise decision and move on....if either of you do not have a peace about moving on in your relationship then I think it is time to start seeing others or find out what the problem is and move on from there...I believe in taking your time in a relationship before jumping into marriage but personally I think 5 years is a bit long...
---Fran4857 on 5/3/05

Tell her she has your blessings because you want her to be happy and when she has the time give you a call.

Many folks see something wrong with seeing other people but it can really be healthy if the relationships stay pure.

Give her the liberty she seeks and you might find that she doesn't want it. There is nothing you can do to make her stay with you anyway.
---Elder on 5/3/05

She is not ready for a commited relationship. As God's prince, you should believe God for the best. Prayerfully consider the relationship,The bible says "no one goes to buy a land without considering the cost" you need to evaluate the cost of this relationship, if it is worth your waiting around for. There are some questions you can only answer for yourself, however, the book says again "with many good advise there is safety"
GOD bless You!
---TOMIE on 5/3/05

This world is full of people. When you become involved with someone, no matter how long, there is that chance that they will grow in ways you do not know. That is life and growth is involved. Stay friends with her and help her. But do not let that stop you from growing. If you can, grow with her.
---gregg4933 on 5/3/05

Well first of all I would ask her if she really loves me and what r her feelings toward me. And then if she says that she loves you, but still goes behind your back and see other boys, then i would really think TWICE about this relationship . And i would tell her that it is time that you guys moved on and started getting on with yuor life.
---antha6869 on 5/3/05

What do u mean? Why is she doing this? At first,I'd say dump her.But I dont know the details,do I?
---Chiom9965 on 5/3/05

If you want to follow Gods teaching, you must find the girl God gives you. She cant be following God. So she will hurt you and bring you down. Move on.
---Cindy on 5/3/05

Chalk it up to someone trying to let you down easy, or making you fight for what you have one of the two... you always have to "fight for" your woman... it's what makes us men
---thoma9534 on 5/3/05

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