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Yes Put Recipes To This Post

If moderator approves why not put real recipies on here. I would check it out!!Shara

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 ---sharon on 5/3/05
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yeah chria9396 you could use the leftover to make a creamy chicken macaroni soup.
>>>saute onion and garlic,put the leftover chicken,season with fish sauce then simmer then add macaroni elbows,cook it.then add hot dogs (optional) then add chicken broth then add a slice of butter boil for a moment.then put at least 1 cup of evaporated milk-simmer-then you now have creamy chicken macaroni soup
---mj on 9/25/11

"roasting chicken*
---mj on 9/23/11

I roasted a chicken a few days ago, than made homemade soup from what was left. Simple and kids love it. I use a variety of herbs too, depending on what sort of flavor one wants. There are so many things you can do with leftovers.
---Chria9396 on 9/23/11

*roasting chicken*
1 whole chicken
rub salt to the chicken
put some pepper
then roast just enough making sure it is not over done

enjoy a sumptous meal!!
---mj on 9/23/11

Tortillas (Matzo Bread)
2 1/2 Cup whole wheat flour
1/4 Cup oil (any vegetable oil)
1 Cup boiling water

1.In large bowl put flour, oil and boiling water, and stir together with spoon 1 min. till flour is moistened. Fold and mash together in bowl using your hand for 2 min.
2.Pull off 14 equal sized balls.
3.Heat dry pan over medium heat. One at a time, flatten and roll out each ball on lightly flour dusted surface with a rolling pin to a 7 inch circle. Heat tortilla on a dry pan for 1/2 to 3/4 min. on each side. Remove from pan onto a plate, and continue to flatten and roll out each ball, while one is heating roll out the next, until all 14 are done and stacked on a plate.
Put in airtight container in refrigerator.
---Eloy on 9/22/11

Pepper Cabbage
1 head (3 lb.) chinese Napa cabbage
1 large (1/2 lb.) green bell pepper
1 Cup granular erythritol
3/4 Cup each of apple cider vinegar, and water

1.Cut and chop cabbage into 1/4 inch by 1 inch long pcs. and put in large pot. Cut pepper and chop into 1/4 inch pcs. and put in pot also.
2.Heat erythritol, vinegar and water over medium heat, stir till dissolved, 2 min. Turn off heat. Pour mixture over cabbage and pepper.
3.Mix together by your clean hand for 1 min. Put into large glass bowl, cover and chill 2 hrs. Toss with the settled vinegar on bottom before serving. Serves 14 Cups.
Variations- substitute sugar for erythritol. Add 2 shredded carrots. Add hot peppers, garlic and ginger to make kimchi
---Eloy on 9/22/11

Hi! Love to try 'n cook up that Ethiopian Rice,currie & beans meal.."brotherly love".. Thanks! Andy!... ELENA
---ELENA on 9/22/11

Ethiopian "brotherly love"Curried rice and beans

put 2 liters of water on the stove, put rice (optional) in the water chop up a full chicken (optional) and the onions (optional and 500gr tomatoes (optional) fry everything toghether. add the beans, and pour a seasoning of currie (optional) voila, drink with stagnant water. NOW give the value of the above meal to an aidgroup who can feed ten Ethiopian families starving at this time. GOD BLESS
---andy3996 on 9/22/11

ok! I am Cuban...So,my Recipe "Cuban BLack Beans " (white Rice opptional)can put n Meats(optional- vegeterians good too! No meat) Start with a good Pot(tight lid) Black beans( goya) or other. Boil water (I cook enuf for 3 days) pressure cooker good! Taste stay inside! .. Boil water Add 1 tbl. Spoon salt. health issue, ms. Dash salt) 3 big cups Black beans. Add 1tb.spoon Vinegre (white) Add Cumin (Comino) powder (spice)if you nev'r use Cumin.. Put one tbl.Spoon ok! Cuban Food always.. Lots of Garlic,onions.... Use sm.Amt. Garlic! Pepper(garlic powder) put 2 onions (cut up Finely) bay leaf or Cilantro or add sm.Amt. Basil I use Basil Oil Olive or Canola, 1tbl.Sp. Lill oregan Start Medheat Cook till beans soft. Low
---ELENA on 9/22/11

Shira ... I already have Look at the earlier titles ...
---Alan_of_U.K. on 12/25/07

I had some deep dish apple pie at a church potluck that was wonderful. I asked who made it and they laughed and said Mrs. Smith. Come to find out that's a frozen bought pie.Best apple pie I'd had in eons.
---Virginia on 11/11/06

fry tortillas for 30 seconds on each side, then layer bottom of dish with them, pour half of the mixture over the biscuits, or tortillas, sprinkle half of both cheeses on top, then pour remaining mixture over the cheese, and sprinkle top with remaining cheeses. cover with foil and cook for 20 to 25 min. in pre heated 350 degree oven. Enjoy!
---barbara on 5/10/05

The jello is premade and jellied.
However, I have also just dissolved the jello and poured it over the cake. This is a third option for the step in the recipe.
---barbara on 5/10/05

We've tried another version of Trifle:
1 layer sponge cake
sprinkle vermouth
spread jam and a layer of vanilla custard.
another layer of sponge cake - vermouth and jam - then spread strawberry custard.
3rd layer of sponge cake - vermouth and jam and a layer of chocolate custard.

Let it cool in the fridge and serve.
---Albert on 5/9/05

Barbara, is the jello made and chilled or in the dry form right from the box?
---Eloia on 5/7/05


Choose a clear bowl so you can see the layers.


1. Arrange a layer of plain or sponge cake slices in serving bowl.
2. Sprinkle with fruit juice OR/ fruit and juice.
3. Next on juice - spread on raspberry jam OR/ on fruit use a layer of your favourite jello.
4.5.6. Repeat layers.
7. Pour soft custard over top and chill.
8. Serve with whipped cream or premade artificial whipped topping.
9. If desired garnish with red maraschino cherries and toasted slivered almonds.
Or/just before serving add cake sprinkles
Tastes great
---Barbara on 5/6/05

Bierock Casserole

1-1/2# ground beef
3 cans crescent rolls
2 cans cream mushroom soup
1 med. head of cabbage, shredded
shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cup diced onion

Salt and pepper

Fry beef, shredded cabbage & onion tog.
Set aside
Line a 9X13 pan with 1-1/2 cans of crescent rolls.
Bake 350 / 8 minutes
Mix mushroom soup and meat mixture, salt / pepper to taste. spread on top of baked rolls, Sprinkle shredded cheese over meat mixture. Top with remaining crescent rolls. Return to oven, bake 25 minutes until top is golden brown.
---Eloia4437 on 5/6/05

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Yes, I just realized that a blog already exhists. Moderator know this, right? I don't care which site stays on, as long as we can use it for recipies, Shara
---sharon on 5/3/05

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