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Yes Post Your Grieving Blog Here

Could we have a blog for people who are grieving. Especially interested in one for those who have lost their spouses. Shara

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 ---sharon on 5/3/05
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Moderator permit- thanks,I want to say to all on here,my sincere heartfelt prayers (to all on here) whether adult or child...Loss devestating. I have lost 4 children.Parents dead.. husband. All of you in my prayers. May God strengthen you. Love,ELENA
---ELENA on 10/10/11

Mary, Im hoping your pain is better. I am glad to see you stopping by here!

Shira, its heart wrenching to loose anyone so close to us, let alone several in a relatively short period of time. I also dealt with 4 deaths in the last few years, 2 of which I spent many months, up until the end, caring for basic needs. As you said, it doesnt seem real sometimes, almost too hard to accept, but God does see us through He is our comfort and strength, as well as hope. Bless you
---chris9396 on 10/10/11

Hi Shira, I am so sorry hon. May God minister to your heart.
---Mary on 10/7/11

Moderator permit Mary praise God! So good know you here,ah,forget what nurse' says yes! I've had many surgery & yeah! It'sa major shock to the body! Yes,it hurts!Don't know if you saw I request/put you :) prayerRoom! Love goes out to you! & all here!
---ELENA on 10/7/11

Shira, so sorry for all of your loses. I went through the same thing. It was like I was suspended in time. I kept saying 'why them and not me?" why am I spared? Why the closest people in my life? But I realized that God had a purpose for me and that it was not my time yet. Everything we feel when some close dies is self-fish. It's out pain, our loss, our love ones, our feelings, even our children feel the same loss. That is how God made us. I hope only peace comes your way. Blessings
---Mark_V. on 10/9/11

I lost a precious Dad and Mom. I lost my precious daughter in 04 and husband in 07. It still seems I am in a time warp...just doesn't seem real. Guess it will never seem real.
---shira4368 on 10/7/11

Going through chemo was the easy part--I can honestly say that since having the surgery! OUCH! Pain pills help but still in a lot of pain. Guess I have to be a patient patient lol, only been 6 days since surgery. One of the nurses told my mom this surgery "doesn't cause a lot of pain"! What a load of bull!
---Mary on 10/6/11

Mary, I'm sorry if my previous post is confusing. Your statement: "I just praise God becausse I think He's done a miracle in md" should have been in quotation marks.
---Chria9396 on 10/5/11

wow! God sure answers prayer! Thankfull Sis.Mary hear you talk so very possitive! Thankfull hear fr you! Couldn't remember which(blogg) ha! Ha! "Chemo brain". :) maybe one day I tell my age! Love of Jesus! To all my family here!
---ELENA on 10/4/11

Sister Mary, I glad you are doing good right now and will keep praying for you.
Mary, are you the same Mary from 2007 who is deaf? I just finished reading something real nice from her. Was just wondering if she is you. Peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 10/4/11

Mary, I am really happy to hear that you are feeling somewhat better, especially I just praise God becausse I think He's done a miracle in md It is that inner, lasting work of the Holy Spirit that is especially sweet. To God be the glory! Please keep in touch. You can always send a message via penpalBless you!
---Chria9396 on 10/4/11

Mary, I will be praying for you as well. He is faithful and it is hard, but this old tent that we live in now rips, falls apart and eventually goes the way of all flesh. Let your Soul shine in Christ, sit at His feet and let Him love you through His word and other children. We are all complete in His love and the body that He has for you in heaven will be as different as the butterfly is from the caterpillar and never fade or fail. More than a new body, or new eyes, I hope for a new heart, free from sin and shame, oh to praise him with the pure heart of a child.
In His loving grip 70x7
---Poppa_Bear on 10/3/11

Hi Elena and Cbria :) I'm feeling better by far today than I expected to with my breasts having been removed Friday! I just praise God becausse I think He's done a miracle in md! Of course I would have liked to keep my breasts but am sure feeling more positve today than I expected--praise God! :)
---Mary on 10/2/11

Thankyou! Ever so much, Mary! I went to pray for you last nite & this morning prayer! I am very happy.. Good Results! Praise God! My best to you! Appreciate you gett'n back to me! :) Hugs! Muchos!
---ELENA on 9/28/11

Mary, that's good news that your tests came out well and I'm happy to hear that. The pain you describe may be due to stress alone. In any case I know God has you in His loving care.
---Chria9396 on 9/28/11

Bless you Elena and Chria. I did get a good phone call from the doctor today, they had run a heart test in my lab work and it turned out good, makes me feel better. Have been a bit paranoid due to a lot of muscle pain lately and losing a sibling to heart disease, I guess that's normal. Anyway God bless.
---Mary on 9/28/11

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Mary, I agree with Elena, it is good to see you back here! I believe John asked about you recently.
I'm sorry to hear of your loss of your brother. May the Lord hold you through your grief and bring you His comfort and love. May you know His presence with you in the days ahead.
---Chria9396 on 9/27/11

Thankyou,brother MarkV. For your kindness,yes... miss him alot.I kept try tell him "Papito,Let's go to church! ???he got caught up promise he made with the evil/Santero people 'n say "one day you be alone!." no disrespect to those on here! Just that may the Lord give wisdom & deliverance all "dipp' n" in evil such as Santeria.. The Lord Rebuke in Jesus name.amen.
---ELENA on 9/27/11

oh My God! Bless the Lord! Mary..good to know you on here again! This ELENA I am miss you! Will have you 'n prayer!God be with you Mary! Much love & best wishes! Lol ELENA...
---ELENA on 9/26/11

Thank you so much Mark V, God bless you, sorry about your sister too.
---Mary on 9/26/11

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Mary, I'm also very sorry for your loss. I lost my sister 12 years ago and it seems as yesterday. I dream of her a lot. So offend do I remember how she took care of me as a child. She was a year older but way more ahead of me. And as she grew up, I was jealous when guys started driving by my house. I do miss her so much, I use to go to Texas to visit her and mom every year, but they are now both gone. I went last year to visit my former wifes family and my brother in law, my sisters husband and family, but it was not the same without them. I will pray for you that this Friday will not be so hard on you. Peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 9/26/11

I'm sure missing my late brother tonight, he just passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago and I'm just itching to be with him tonight! This coming Thursday would have been his birthday so I will bake a cake and celebrate his life with friends, having double mastectomy Friday so need to be with people anyway.
---Mary on 9/25/11

Sister Elena, I'm also sorry for your loss. I can see by your post you still really miss him. And you are right, no one can replace the person lost. They are one of a kind. But just remember the best of your memories with him. One day it will be our turn. No one knows the time or the hour. In the mean time you have been given a longer time as I, use it as much as you can for the glory of Christ. You will never regret it. God keep blessing you in many ways, and give you strength to go on, but remember, you are never alone. He will never leave you. peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 9/24/11

Yes! I lost the love of my life, mi esposo he from Mexico...never find anyone again... "papito"...he had a great sense of humor! Crazy! We laugh alot...sometimes,he got on people nerves! Yet,his laughter & "sparkling personality" become "infectious" mostly,all who knew him! ...and so,he not take care of himself,he give up! He had cancer of the liver and doctors gave him good prognosis... About 2 years, travel to Houston,Tx. he got killed. Miss him so,much!He been dead 7 years. Cry everytime think 'bout him.
---ELENA on 9/24/11

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My prayers and love to all who have lost their spouses. I am beginning to feel stronger concerning my loss over 2 1/2 yrs,ago. Thanks be to God. Losing a child is very,very painful,also.But there will be better days ahead, for all of us.Jesus is a great healer and comforter.Put your trust in Him. He never fails. Take care.
---Robyn on 6/1/11

im reading all of these grieving pages now because of a personal tragedy in my family. im thankful for all of you for sharing. im also thankful for rabbi rudner who spent a long time with me a few hours ago when i called him in the middle of the night. there is so much good in this world. so many good people who care to help strangers. im still grieving but thanks to sally greenfield, mrs. pinter, rabbi rudner and also the letters im reading online i know that everything will be okay. thank you. anonymous
---Anonymous_in_Illinois on 5/19/11

Looks like the webmaster said to post here.
---NV_Barbara on 4/6/08

"i've lost far too much to be able to post it here. Since then, only a very very small fraction has been restored, but the soul is still gone.
---Eloy on 5/4/05"

Eloy are you Elroy? Did you write Three Easy Steps How to Lose your Faith?
---Danny on 8/19/07

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Eloy, when my wife left me 1990 many brothers and sisters came to my rescue. It was awesome, but when she died 98 I didn't get any phone calls. I don't know why, but my kids and I helped each other. My only daughter took over for me. I thank God for given me her and for my sons too. I have been blessed all my life, and take nothing for granted. He gave me wonderful family, a home, there has been pain sure, but I owe everything to God. My prayers are for everyone here that has lost someone.
---Lupe2618 on 6/7/05

Brother Eloy, I have seen your answers in many questions. I mention this because I know that God is using you in ways you don't even see. I don't know all that has happened to you but I do know that God is with you. You are been held in Jesus hands forever. Continue your walk with confidence because God is not done with you. We all have lost so many and will till we are gone ourselves. That pain is always there but we are one body in Christ. Continue your learning for your reward will be great.
---Lupe2618 on 6/7/05

Same as others, i am still on the grieving period. I lost 3 wonderful people.. I lost my MOM year 2005, then after 1 year and 5 months my DAD and after 2 years and 5 months my HUSBAND leaving me with 6 daughters. I never ask GOD why but i just trusted HIm and leaned on HIm until all these years. You see, He has never forsaken me and my kids and He is still there for us. PRAISE GOD!
---kharole on 6/6/05

Barb, i weep. Lord, bless Barb's heart and give her your goodness, you made a good thing when you made her Lord. in Jesus i pray. Amen.
---Eloy on 5/8/05

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I do pray that you will find the woman of your dreams Curt. I can't say that I have ever met a woman who wanted a celebate marriage, but if you feel that way there must be women who do as well.

May I ask for prayer for Eloy please? He is crushed and in need of our prayers, and answers from God. He has been in much pain and needs God's light to shine on him. God bless you brother.
---NVBarbara on 5/8/05

uh barbara, that isn't the reason. i only chose my requirement because i had gone such a long time without finding miss right, so i became more picky.
---curt on 5/6/05

Dear Eloy: I have been where you are! It is all part of the grief journey. We ask why and are mentally and emotionally upset. God has the answer. See if you can join a group in your area that deals with grief. I did and it helped. I am still on my journey, but it gets a little easier each day. Remember, one day at a time with Gods help. Shara
---sharon on 5/5/05

Barb, i know there's a purpose for everything that happens to us, i just don't understand why. Why why why. Why God. i'm sorry, i have to go now.
Thanks Barb, you're good people.
---Eloy on 5/5/05

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I lost my previous husband to a heart attack 2 years ago. I have my screen saver set to my pictures and have many pictures of him on my computer. His pictures pop up often and I have many good memories from them. I've since remarried and my new husband is wonderful. That's not to say that my previous husband wasn't... he was wonderful also. But it's to show that life goes on and many joys lay ahead.
---Robin on 5/5/05

Right after Christmas I had a miscarriage, and in Feb, I lost my mom, then 5 days later her brother, (I was close to). 3 months later my dad was dating, now married. But life is Good. I am blessed, God sees all and he knows all. I don't have time to set and cry for things I can't do nothing about. I miss my mom and my uncle terribly, but that isn't going to get me down, Cause I know I will see them again.
---Rebecca_D on 5/4/05

Eloy my brother, many of us have lost much. I think your soul is still intact, you can't give it away and God won't take it. Refresh yourself in the Lord, take back what the enemy has stolen! You are in my daily prayers my dear brother-the joy of the Lord is your strength! Look beyond what is behind, God has restored your health, things will fall into place in HIS timing.
---NV_Barbara on 5/4/05

Thank you to those who have posted on this blog. My story is similar. My husband, of 37 years died last Sept. Can someone respond who is at about the same place i am. It has been almost 8 months. Thank you, shara
---sharon on 5/4/05

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I agree with Shira,we will still miss them long after they are gone.I lost Dad 14 years ago and although times have gotten fewer,at times I still miss him.I don't think it ever completely goes away.I lost 11 relatives in 1 1/2 years.It seemed like every time we turned around we lost another loved one.That was hard to deal with.There was grief after grief to handle.
---Darlene_1 on 5/4/05

I say this as a Christian Counselor and as a woman who lost her only child, her husband, her mother, and her brother. I know loss and I know grief. Climb into the arms of your Heavenly Father, weep and allow the tears to begin to wash away the emptiness and even anger inside. Take it one day at a time. In time, good memories begin to replace the awful ache as the Healing Love of Jesus begins to heal and to restore you. The only way thru the Valley of Death and Grief is THRU it. Jesus will walk with you every step of the way if you will invite Him to do so. God Loves You!
---Vea8555 on 5/4/05

I lost my dad, one year later my mom, eight months later my wife, and five months later my sister. I do not understand why but I do know that God allows me to live longer and that He has a purpose for me. I grieved my wife for two years by visiting her everyday. I met so many there that were grieving too. We all helped each other. There is no right way to grieve. I can rest on God's Sovereignty that He is in control and allows things to happen for a reason. Trusting in Him will get us through our loss. It is hard because we are selfish and miss them but God has a better purpose for them too.
---Lupe on 5/4/05

i've lost far too much to be able to post it here. Since then, only a very very small fraction has been restored, but the soul is still gone.
---Eloy on 5/4/05

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I remember your first post Curt. Is there a reason WHY you have the strict policy that you do? Its doesn't seem like a normal request. I'm sorry that you're alone and no one can fit your requirements. God bless
---NV_Barbara on 5/3/05

I still grieve for my daughter whom I lost March 7, 2004. They say time heals, but so far it hasn't even begun to heal. I need her to make me laugh.
---shira_5965 on 5/3/05

i haven't lost a spouse, but i grieve that i never found one.
---curt on 5/3/05

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