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Having Problems As New Christian

I am becoming a believer and currently I am having some tough challenges in my life. I am frustrated about the results and at the crossroad. What should I do?

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 ---MarkChinese on 5/3/05
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Accepting Christ doesn't make all of life's problems go away. Naturally there will still be sickness, death, offensive people,loneliness, etc. At times having others to strengthen us can help. Even Christ wanted his disciples to be with him and "watch with him" to help him through some of his darkest hours. At other times he sought solitude. I sometimes find it helpful to realize that Christ's gospel is not always there to make our way easier, but sometimes to help us be stronger.
---chris on 1/16/08

the reason why you are getting frustrated with the results is bec the solution to your problem are more problems. this how christianity solves tough challenges: 'bec. of sin or that is a sin,' 'that is not biblical', 'deny yourself', 'give your 10%' 'you decided for yourself'! sounds to me that it is always your fault.
---mikehow on 1/16/08

what is that verse again, 'I was asking for a fish, & I was given a snake, asking for bread & I was given a stone, I was knocking & it was shut on my face'. that sounds about right.
---mikehow on 1/16/08

Have you been bought by the Blood of Christ is the question? If you have you sure do need God. Get close to Him. Ask Him to help you. Stay in prayer, stay in the word of God. He will fight for you which means, He will give you the strength to endure tough times. Later on you will look back and say wow.
---catherine on 1/16/08

Shepherding is a very dangerous concept. If I wanted to manipulate and control people, if I want to bully and beat my wife, ultimately justifying it with scripture, if I wanted to abuse youth, in the worst manner possible, mitigating it with scripture, then I would become involved with shepherding. It faded away in by 1990, but has rebounded and been repackaged as covenantal relationships.
---MikeM on 1/15/08

Cindy wrote

"That's shepherding and it's not biblical.
The Holy Spirit is the only Accountability Partner or Mentor that a Christian needs, outside the bounds of your local church and Christ-like relationship with pastor/wife."
Many years ago, I had many people wanting to be my mentors or shepherds, or just a church covering for me. Praise the war after much prayer the Holy Spirit told me. You keep witnessing, and I'll be the cover.
---mima on 1/15/08

Seeker friendly have come up with new mediators, mentors other than the Holy Spirit.
Many fall into this trap because that's exactly what they left or came out of in the mainline churches. Easy transition, but Holy Spirit replacement theology, all the same.
---Cindy on 1/15/08

Accountability partners are the new
HOLY SPIRIT replacement theology.

You will find them necessary in the seeker friendly church.
---Cindy on 1/15/08

Since when does a Christian need a mentor or an accountability partner?

That's shepherding and it's not biblical.
The Holy Spirit is the only Accountability Partner or Mentor that a Christian needs, outside the bounds of your local church and Christ-like relationship with pastor/wife.
---Cindy on 1/14/08

You need a mentor(a mature friend) who would be willing to work with you and help you through the valleys. And there will be many more to come but the Lord will see you through if you hold on and do not become discouraged. The Christian life is not for the faint-hearted. You will get stronger as time goes on. You can also talk to your pastor or a Christian family member who is caring and compassionate. Bless you.
---Robin on 1/14/08

Mark, many may say "Don't wait at all to accept Jesus, your eternal life is at stake!" Though that may be true, you should also make sure you're making an informed commitment to Christ, not 'caving in' so to speak to psychological pressures to please others. Just saying some words without the right attitude towards God and what He's done for us, belief and intent to change your life will not save you. It doesn't necessarily have to be emotional; though it is for many. ARE THERE ANY SPECIFIC hindrinces keeping you from accepting Christ right now? Write me and/or share with us please.
---danie9374 on 1/14/08

What crossroad are you at in life?
---Katie on 6/22/07

The more you want to get close to God, the more the devil tries to push you away. Look at the challenges are Satan's evil attempts. Keep climbing the road of peace and stick to it no matter what.
---Albert on 5/22/05

Always decided to keep on loving Christ - the song says
No turning back, no turning back.
I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back, no turning back.
---Barbara on 5/6/05

Mark, from what you said, it appears then that you have already asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life. When you say "his answer," I assume you mean from God (not your minister friend). I have some unanswered prayers in my life as well; if we are Believers, then we know God wants the best for us and must trust in that and wait. But we should read the Bible whenever we can, since answers are often found there! Try to focus on something else for a while too; help someone in need if you can.
---Daniel on 5/6/05

Thank you for all the replies. I am from an atheist culture, and Christianity is new to me. I have a dear friend who is a minister, who have helped me a lot. I am struggling with losing patience in waiting for his answer and not understanding his answer to me.
---Mark_Chinese on 5/5/05

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Hold on to God, no matter the situation at hand right now because you have make the most important decision in life and i tell you life without Jesus is a life of crisis,so hold on to that you have ,dont ever loose your new relationship with your creator and i encourage you to read the book Roman 8 all through and old on steadfastly to the promises of God in that chapter of Romans and you know the more closer to God the more peace you have, just surrender all your worry, anxiety,frustration to the feet of the master Jesus he is the burden bearer and he will carry it for you .
---adeta9539 on 5/4/05

Dear Mark: Don't give up on becoming a believer. This is the most important decision you will ever make. Ask Jesus to guide you through every problem. Find a Bible believing church. Pray and ask God to send you a spiritually mature Christian to help you. Remember, it looks like satan has power but the power of Jesus is far greater. Just say, "Get behind me satan" when you are fearful. Daily read your Bible starting with the Book of John and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand. There's nothing like the peace of Jesus living in your heart! Bless you! Stay strong!
---Elsie on 5/4/05

Jesus suffered challenges and other things until the last day on the cross. If you are a new believer then Satan through people tests your faith. Be confident and determined all the time. God is with you all the time. Ask from God and you will be given. Faith surparses reason so when you fell intellectually to succeed then consult the Savior through faith. God is one and Jesus is the Saviour.
---deona9938 on 5/4/05

all you can do is to ask GOD for guidence in your life that you need help with. HE knows that you are strugling in your new life. we all did. read the bible every day,pray to GOD for help/guidence. talk to other christians that have been there as your pastor or other church friends.
---dexter on 5/3/05

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Dear Mark,welcome to the fellowship of believers.The devil probably didn't bother you much until you became a Christian,now he will do whatever he can to discourage you,however.......when you accepted Christ you gained the power of the holy spirit.What did Christ tell satan when satan hassled him? get thee behind me have the power,use it my friend.For greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.Don't let him get to you,he's a loser.
---RUSSELL on 5/3/05

Don't give up! We all go through challenges. It rains on the just and the unjust. Maybe someone in your congregation has gone through the exact same thing; seek them out and ask them how they made it through. Like others have already said, pray constantly! There is nothing better to ease frustration than a prayer.
---amand3754 on 5/3/05

Life can be "tough" if we are doing without getting direction from God through Christ by the Holy Spirit. We are not born thinking of spirituality with Christ, it is a new adventure. So we often forget Him when it comes to making the improtant decisions in our life. We are taught to develop an attitude about things we often can't control, with results of emotion unleashed, sometimes uncontrolable. Frustration is one that results from not be lead by God. "Where is God...," is often our cry. The poem "footprints" is good to read when we feel this way.
---blue on 5/3/05

MARKCHINESE PART THREEAnd they will be glad to talk and pray with you and give you Godly direction.If they are unable to really help you they can refer you to whoever can help you You are much better off now then before you knew Christ as your Savior He is always with you He will never leave you or forsake you.He doesn't wave a magic wand.He is the lover of your soul.And as a good friend he is with you always. I hope this is some good direction for you Seek Him in everything. Do your part as the Bible leads and you'll be hearing His voice.Leading and guiding you. Blessing Brother
---shearon on 5/3/05

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Continued from Part Two
Markchinese Our problems don't go away because we become believers But God is always with us and will always see us through whatever difficulties assail us.We have to be strong in Him Its not by power or by might but by My Spirit says the Lord You need to belong to a Bible teaching Spirit filled church Hopefully you already do, if so make am appointment to speak with the pastor or one of his associates Tell them of the difficult time you are having. CONT TO PART Three
---shearon on 5/3/05

Michael Part One
If you are a believer in Christ then He lives in you Having Jesus live in you gives you the supernatural ability to have The Mind Of Christ Reading His Word will guide you into all things That is called renewing your mind to The Word of God This is His direction for you Become a praying man That is you talking to God Then listen as He talks to you.
---shearon on 5/3/05

Firstly I do not know the challenges you facing. However,this is definitely the work of the devil.Please don't let anything seperate you from the love of God. Read Romans 8;35-39, James 1;2, Lamentations 3;22-26.Please write me at david8634 if I can be of further assistance.
I will be praying for you!
---david on 5/3/05

Surround yourself with positive uplifting people. Get yourself in a good Bible based and Bible preaching church. One thing for sure when you have questions, doubts or struggles, pray, pray and pray and then find someone to talk to about it. Never put it off or try to fight temptation alone. Find an accountability partner,

Have a blessed and wonderful day.

---Andy on 5/3/05

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Brother Mark, I don't understand how you are becoming a believer. Are you one or not? Maybe you are new to the body of Christ so I will ask, what are your challenges of life that you have problems with? I would like to help you in your walk with the Lord if you like,
---lupe on 5/3/05

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