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Daughters Has One Short Leg

My daughter suffers from post polio. One leg is shorter than the other by about 3cm. I have read about heel lifts in the Internet but unfortunately, the item is not available in my country and is only available in the United States. Any ideas? Webmaster - Go to a church that believes God can heal and ask for pray.

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 ---Judith on 5/3/05
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There is an old proverb that says:
"Believe in God, but see the doctor".

Yes, God can heal. But the unfortunate practical reality is - he doesn't seem to do so very often.

If you don't belive me, just do the math - How many Christians pray for healing from serious diseases. And how many are actually healed? The long lineups at tent crusades and televanglists altars shows that the demand exceeds the supply.
---StrongAxe on 12/24/07

I can see absolutely nothing wrong in suggesting built up shoes or whatever help is required whilst also praying for healing. Do some of you actually think that a person should remain in pain and cause other deformities through uneven walking and posture? God will heal if and when He chooses to but we are meant to use the common sense He gave us. If I have toothache I visit a dentist. Do some of you remain in pain and pray? Would you do likewise if you had appendicitis or a brain tumour?
---RitaH on 12/21/07

Put God first..yes get elders to anoint with oil and pray. NOTHING is too hard for our God. I take it you not a Christian?? Miracles happen today..Jesus is the same Yesterday, today, and forever.
---Jan on 12/21/07

Wow, i'm surpised that you guys are telling her to go to a shoemaker rather than GOd...i mean just a few weeks ago i heard about another healing of a leg extension...its great...God can do anything
---mark_B. on 5/14/07

Well I don't know centimeters or other stuff like conversion; I also have a shorter right leg(its short by 2 1/2 inches our measurement).I believe the right shoes would give Balance and stability in Walkiing. I also would pray she finds Strength and Comfort of God, in dealing with other people and there blind feelings
(We walk by Faith not by Sight II Cor 5:7).

God helps us in any situation! We should trust God's definition,not the World's View.
---rosem4839 on 5/14/07

I am assuming you are from a very poor country so a shoemaker is probably not an option, if you give me some information, I will mail you some things to try. We have an awful lot here in America and I can just go to a store and get something that might work without a lot of time, energy or money. If you would give me a holler over the email, my name is Julie3763 ;)
---Julie on 5/5/05

If you cannot get a heel lift to go inside the shoe you could ask a shoe repairer to put something underneath the heal of the shoe to raise one leg. That is called a built up shoe and I think it is better than a heel lift and permanent. You don't have to worry about losing it. I have half an inch difference and had this done. My mother has nearly 3 inches difference (after several operations)and has had the same done also. God might heal, and I'll pray for your daughter but, in the meantime, she needs to be comfortable.
---Xanthi on 5/4/05

Try a shoemaker. They often customize requirements for comfort. A good shoemaker understands the craft well and can design just about anything for the foot.

Will join everyone else in prayer for a miracle for her.
---Barbara6786 on 5/4/05

I used to have one leg a little shorter like that and the Doctor sent me to the Shoe Shop, and they made a piece of leather to the thickness I needed to wear inside the shoe.I wore them for years,then stopped ,got bad bachache, until I was healed by God.I was prayed for,it felt like someone pulling on my foot-leg real hard,even opened my eyes to see if they were,they weren't, and my leg grew out ,the backache left.X-Rays before showed the shortness,after prayer,X-Rays showed it was gone.I was a skeptic who never believed limbs grow out.God showed me!
---Darlene_1 on 5/4/05

3 cm isn't that much. Have you tried seeing a shoemaker that could simply put a wedge or something similar in her shoes? A Podiatrist, foot doctor, should be able to help.
---NV_Barbara on 5/4/05

Yes, God can heal.
---tonmso on 5/4/05

Judith:there are places that offer Prosthetic services check through your local hospital they should be able to refer you to a place to correct this anomaly.They have built in raised platform shoes.I wish you well as also your daughter,prayer is commendable but action is needed here.
---Emcee on 5/3/05

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