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Hawaii Family Vacation

How many of you have taken a Hawaii Family Vacation? What where your favorite sites?

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 ---John on 5/4/05
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If you go to Oahu I'd swing by the Pineapple fields, North Shore (just don't attempt to surf:op), and the mountains where they filmed Jurassic Park (you can ATV through there, it's beautiful!). However, keep in mind that out of the 1 million locals that live on the islands, 900,000 of them live on Oahu. So if you are looking for a more isolated vacation I have heard the big island of Hawaii and Kahua are great for that. Maui is beautiful, but tourists are taking over.
---Katie on 11/27/07

Interesting, John from long ago.
They've had two touring helicopter crashes in in a span of 4 days, this past week in Hawaii. I think I would stay on the ground.
---Raine on 3/12/07

I have never vacationed in Hawaii, just had a few friends who once lived there. They like churches - Baptist churches at that. Have fun and find a good fellowship.
---Barbara on 3/12/07

Thanks a bunch! for the encouraging words john. If you don't mind me asking, how long was your stay there?, and how long did it take you to get there?
---barbara on 5/9/05

Barbara, Just trust God and go. You'll be glad you did. I did it, and I don't regret it. Now I have these wonderful memories of a beautiful place. Millions have gone and came back safely. Enjoy the ride!
---John on 5/9/05

My husband and I have been trying to decide where to go on our vacation. We both would like to visit Hawaii, but I am not fond of flying, and it would take over 8 hours to get there from here, and the thought of being up there on the plane for so long gives me the creeps. Other than than I would love to go....Can anyone talk me into it? :)
---barbara on 5/9/05

There is more to see in Hawaii than you could see in a month! Check it out. You will not be sorry. Praise the Lord for Hawaii!
---Peter on 5/8/05

Why did the clown cross the road?

Because he saw a truck coming. Couldn't resist there clowny.
---Roy on 5/5/05

I used to live on Oahu. Favorite site was the end of the runway on my way out.
---Julie on 5/5/05

I lived there for 3 years and I loved it. Maui was my favorite, beautiful scenary and everything...I say just get out there and get lost, you might stumble upon something interesting...Oahu is very crowded. Hope you have fun and God bless.
---Chosen on 5/5/05

Just another note. I'm am not the John who posted this Blog. There are a lot of people with the name John. Are you the John I met the other day from the UK?
---John on 5/5/05

(Part 2) The color of the water was stunning, and the secluded beaches where abundant, and that was just on Oahu. I got to stay at the Hilton- Hawaiian Village right on Waikiki beach. Rented a convertable to drive around the Island, went to Sea Life Park, the Honolulu Zoo, etc. The possibilities are almost endless. You can go to Hanauma bay, which is a protected marine sanctuary. You can rent anything there form jet ski's to helicopter tours. If you go you won't regret it. Aloha!
---John on 5/4/05

(Part 1) I have never been there on a family vacaton, but the Lord knows that I would love to take them! However, I was in Hawaii on an R$R from the military for one week. It's a place that I will never forget. It is truly the closest place to paradise that I can imagine on this earth. I always heard that Hawaii was very beautiful, but I wasn't ready for the intense beauty and the feeling of euphoria that I experianced there. God really knows how to design things.
---John on 5/4/05

Get a guide to plan some trips to the more unpopulated islands. Cities are overun by tourists. The out islands of Hawaii are quiet and beautiful, wild Orchids hanging from the trees, beautiful and colorful, be careful of creepy crawly things!
---NV_Barbara on 5/4/05

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