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Anyone Care About Their Vows

Does anyone pay attention to their vows? Do they understand they're making vows to their spouse and God? God intended one woman and man for life. Does anyone care about Malachi 2:16? Everyone should take the marriage quiz. Doesn't anyone trust in Christ to save hurting marriages? Where's the faith and prayers?

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 ---Dorothy on 5/4/05
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Unfortunately not. Having a legal background, marriage is the easiest contractual agreement to break in our society. Ironically the only other sworn to God vow we as normal citizen's take is under court ordered oath. Oxymoron isn't it(stressing the moron part)? Our world is so messed up. But rest assured, Jesus is coming to seperate the true wheat from the chaff. Woe to those who have taken their vows lightly and have reasoned in their hearts because of selfish desires to break this covenant. Also woe to those who have encouraged or counseled those to turn from this vow. They will be treated as the Jewish "religious" leaders at the time of Christ's crusifiction, who broke the covenant between Christ and his bride, the church.
---chuck on 7/7/08

Amen to that.
---Alicia on 7/1/08

Yes, Dorthy, God pays attention to the vows. He does not forget. Hurting marriages are the result of failed vows and insincerity on the part of one or both partners. Good marriages require not only obeying vows made but 100% on the part of both man and woman for their faith will be tested by others and situations. They should not create problems for themselves and those they love - children, parents,and friends. Prayer should be a priority of both parties apart and together.
---chuck on 12/18/07

NVB::To make an outward declaration like that is admirable .May you & the lucky Steve be blessed & in the words of a trekkie "Live long & Prosper"Blessings are what is really meant.
---Emcee on 4/17/07

You sound as if your saying anyone who is divorced just copped a cavilier attitude about the covenant of marriage just so they didn't have to do the work of relationship maintenance or that they weren't seeking God or praying fervently that He would prevent the PLAINTIF in the divorce SUIT from going through with it. What exactly are you asking with your question?
---steve on 4/17/07

I was very carful about my vows to husband and God. my husband was not. when I married him he was a Christian.{not now, has someone else.} gone years, not coming back.I took the marriage quiz. passed with 100% I wouldn't want him to leave the kids he has now to come back to me. But I don't want God to punish me for EXs mistake by missing out on the blessings of a Godly marriage. Divorce isn't easy,or something I didn't pray to stop my husband from doing. wouldn't wish on my enemy! It hurts WAY to much!
---Laureen on 5/29/05

I try VERY hard to honor ALL my vows. My vows to God to be His servant, my marriage vows are sacred, all 3 of us in one marriage! My vows before God to my family. I love them all and we took care of elderly parents until they passed on, My vows to always be a good Mom to my son. My vows to always help a friend. I love my husband and would never break the vows I took before God concerning our marriage. Even if I DIDN'T love him for some reason, I would stay faithful, that's part of my vow.
---NVBarbara on 5/6/05

It is a sad reflection on society that many of you are equating keeping your vows with being a Christian.

Pro,ises are promises, whether yo are a CHristian or not, so marriage vows by either should be meant and kept.

The strange thing is that apparently thge failure rate of Christian marriages is as high as that of non-christians
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/6/05

Yes, I care very much.

And I like the restriction of the verse.
---Barbara on 5/6/05

Yes, Dorothy, they should. I would. And if it's sickness, finances, children, or whatever, both should follow just what you said. BUT what if one/both of them never truly believed in God? That's a bit different then. The churches should be doing all they can to make sure singles really understand what marriage is all about! Why does it wait to give counseling until two people are already engaged and can go elsewhere to get married?
---danie9374 on 5/6/05

I do pay attention to my vows. The vows that I took standing before God means alot to me. I cherish the marriage I have. I have a very loving husband with two good kids. I truly believe that God gave me the family he wants me to have. I will be married 22 years come june. Marriage is always something that needs to be worked at and not something to be taken lightly. I know I don't take mine lightly. There was a reason that God sent him to me. I thank god every day for him. I am lucky with my husband he comes from a family that stays together for better or worse.
---Debbie on 5/5/05

I believe they are so important that in a not strictly biblical way I think a person could be committing adultery by not adhearng to them. Why? Becacause the word adultery comes from italien adultere, which means to change. EX. to change the rules/vows after the marriage has been contracted.
---Pierr7958 on 5/5/05

i also believe&i would pay attention to my vows if&when i got married.however,some hings happen that are beyond human comprehension-u dont xpect a woman whose husband's trying to kill her to keep playing happy families,do u?Or a man whose wife s messing about& tring to kill him for insurance money not to take steps to save all he holds dear;do u?
---Chiom9965 on 5/5/05

Matthew5:33-37 Again you have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, thou shalt not forswear thyself,but shalt perform unto the Lord thy God thine oaths.But I say unto you,Swear not at all;neither by heaven for it is God's throne.(paraphrased)>Not by earth-footstool,not Jerusalem,God's city.Hair of head,can't make white or black.37 But let your communication be Yea,Yea;Nay Nay;for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.It appears we aren't to vow even to God,let alone another human,but if done;bottomline,don't say something you don't intend to live by.
---Darlene_1 on 5/5/05


Yes there is at least one here.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/5/05

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