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Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry

Is ROTARY a cult? Some say it is associated with Freemasonry. Any views please?

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 ---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/6/05
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And for those begging for proof, it's very easy. Go to any Rotary club meeting, look at the cars parked in the parking lot. Many Masons advertise their membership on their vehicles. Then go inside. Look for their rings, pendants, charms, handshakes, etc. They're often very easy to spot. If you're still unconvinced, write down the license plates of cars at the Rotary club meeting, compare them to cars parked at the Masonic Lodge during meetings. I am so sick of people acting like Freemasonry isn't a scourge and Ba'al worship. THREE of the deacons at my church are ABSOLUTELY freemasons. One of the deacons is a Shriner. All four are either in Rotary, Kiwanis or Lions club. They belong to those clubs so they can shop for prospective members.
---GaryS on 10/10/11

Wow. I just read Rocky's posts. He is a committed contrarian. I'm sorry I fell for his jab and apologize to the moderator(s) of this blog. I'll leave it alone.
---GaryS on 10/10/11

Where's my proof? It's there on my father's apron, and his Rotary pin.
---GaryS on 10/10/11
Your proof of what? I did not understand the point of your thread.
---Rocky on 10/10/11

Puh-lease. People are so naive. My fater was a freemason, as was his father. He was recruited while in Rotary. About the same time, my father was approached to be a deacon at our church. My grandfather was a deacon, a founding member of the church, and a freemason. Churches, civic clubs and political clubs are all stalking grounds of freemasons. They pull their membership from these (also college fraternities.) Certainly not all Rotary members are in Masonry, but it's "fish in a barrel" and the Masons take their picks from there (among other places). Where's my proof? It's there on my father's apron, and his Rotary pin.
---GaryS on 10/10/11

Wikipedia has a long article about Rotary International that addresses how it was founded and there is no mention whatsover about any relationship then or now to Freemasons. No one else has provided any credible references on this thread. So this appears to just be another one of the many conspiracy theories about which people spread lies and falsehoods.
---Rocky on 9/26/11

\\Rotary is actually a branch of freemasonry as is Lions.Rotary itself is not a cult but freemasonry is.
---Jane_Wilkins on 5/28/ \\

Women may join the Lions Club, but may not be Masons.

Try again.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 9/22/11

Rotary is actually a branch of freemasonry as is Lions.Rotary itself is not a cult but freemasonry is.
---Jane_Wilkins on 5/28/
Where do you get the idea that Rotary is a branch of Freemasonry? Can you provide any support or references? How are you defining cult when you say Freemasonry is a cult? What criteria are you using to classify it that way? Neither of your claims make any sense to me, but I am open if you have support.
---Rocky on 9/22/11

There is only one love. I my self have found that one love to be christ. Having come from a large family entrenched in masonic membership (ie) my father was recently invited to be a 33rd degree mason, I can truly and honestly say, "Trust your heart and unconditional love = christ, not god. At twentynine years old, I have come to realize that I will run for the rest of my life. But, I will run with christ.
---Twee on 9/20/11

-Hold (or be retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, managerial, or community position
-Have demonstrated a commitment -to service through personal involvement
-Be able to meet the club's weekly attendance or community project participation requirements
-Live or work within the vicinity of the club or surrounding area

these are the requirements to join the rotary, no oath. The only quirk is you have to be sponsored by a member or fill out a prospective member form which they use to decide if you are accepted or not.
---willa5568 on 6/4/11

Jane Wilkinson---What makes you say that Rotary and Lions Club are a "branch" of Freemasonry?

These 2 organizations have nothing in common with freemasonry except the desire to be of service in the community.
---Donna66 on 5/28/11

Rotary is actually a branch of freemasonry as is Lions.Rotary itself is not a cult but freemasonry is.
---Jane_Wilkins on 5/28/11

Rotary may not have a cult following like free masonary but is about life long friendship and empathy towards fellow human beings.
---Venkat_Pillarisetty on 4/12/11

I've never heard of any ways in which Rotary is associated with Freemasonry.

TAZ-- what are the instructions of Zionism that you believe they follow?
---Donna66 on 4/5/11

the Freemasonry, Rotary, and other similar groups work in the interest of Zionism and according to its instructions.
---TAZ on 4/2/11

I meant to say, some of those org's to join you do, an oath to be sworn into.
---Lawrence on 8/11/10

Lawrence ... Rotarians do notnnswear an oath
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/11/10

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The rotary, fr - masons, lions, moose, elks, etc clubs - lodges. In such & you have to swear an oath, then it's Wrong according to scripture here. James 5 v 12.
---Lawrence on 8/10/10

First of all neither ROTARY or Freemasonry are cults. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization and ROTARY is a business professional organization with the the goal of community development. There my be some cross membership because some business professionals are also Masons. Christians can be members of both but so can non Christians.
---Friendly_Blogger on 8/3/10

Elroy ... because it is a human communicabloe disease.
It is possible to eradicate polio by innoculation of all children ...
Malaria on the other hand results from infection from insects and it is not possible to eradicate all those!
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/3/10

Fred Jones That's an interesting comment ... Can you tell us how Rotary has introduced Polio into Iraq?

And how are they spreading the disease?

What evidence do you have that Rotary, or indeed Masons, wish to destroy humanity by 2019 so that ... WHO ? ... can take over the world?

And if this is their aim, would there not be far more efective ways of doing it?
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/2/10

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Y? does rotary club dedide to eradicate only polio from the world when every 30secs a child dies of malaria in africa??
---Elroy on 8/2/10

The Rotary club like the Freemasons is divided into 2 classes, the average citizen that joins to do good works and the EVIL leadership that has one purpose (to destroy humanity) by 2029 so that their masters may take over the earth.
The main front of Rotary is Polio Plus, They claim to be in charge of the world wide eradication of Polio but in reality they spread the disease, their latest victim Iraq. This disease will not go away because they keep it going. The honest to God truth is ALL disease is man made and The Rotarians are at the forefront. God bless you all.
---Fred_Jones on 7/4/10

There is a very interesting online book that I found a link to from facebook called "Know Your Enemy" by the Fuel Project. It totally explains how the freemasons originated along with many other cults. I highly recommend it.
Most lower level masons have no idea what the organization is truly about. For that reason I believe most masons are likely very well meaning but unfortunately very misled. On the surface it looks like a reputable service club. However it doesn't take a rocket scientist to discover the hidden agenda and ties to the old Babylonian sun and moon gods.
---Tom on 2/16/10

From a Rotary member of several years.
Rotary is a service club, not a cult! It started as a way to make business men more responsible to each other and their communities. It is a world-wide organization and has as a world-wide goal, eliminating polio as a disease.
---Davidr on 9/2/09

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Exactly, there is a religious element and there are rituals based on the building of Solomon's temple. But they are not a religion. What they teach (if they can be said to teach anything at all) is very mainstream and uncontroversial...definitley no "satanism" at all.
---Donna66 on 8/31/09

Donna & Warwick ... A typical Christian prayer before a meal includes the words "may the Lord make us truly thankful"

The Masonic grace refers instead to the "Great Architect of the Universe"

That shows there is a religious element to Masonry ... the Great Architect being, or including, whichever subsidiary god yuo happen to believe in.

It's not a cult, because it does not claim exclusivity, and it can't be anti-God, since it says you've got to beleive in a god.

It is bland, and says nothing of the threats and promises that we have from our GOD, and it does not demand the sort of Faith we have in GOD.

Not a cult, but I would not belong!
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/31/09

tom --I'm not sure to whom you were referring in your last post. But if you are thinking that Freemasonry is a "cult" in the sense that they claim to have the only way to Heaven, you totally misunderstand.

Freemasonry is NOT a religion and certainly NEVER claims to be. In fact, the only requirement they have is that you believe in a God...and they don't care what else you believe. They are a "fraternal" organization not a "religious" organization. A large number of their members are Jewish.
---Donna66 on 8/30/09

I do not know much about anything really but I do know one thing thus it has been recorded trought history, all who beleive their religion is THE ONLY path to heaven tend to tell evryone else they are wrong and they won't be saved, because, since they are not practicing the true religion God will punish them...

To really honor God one must understan that God is beyond any religion, any scripture, the true might of God is that he is ALL UNDERSTANDING and ALL ENCOMPASSING
---tom on 8/29/09

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any SECRET association can be referred to as a CULT
---pat on 7/31/09

Many Modern secret societies promote the same practices and philosphy that caused Judgement to fall on Isreal ..ancient mixed with Babylonian Sun worship.

Ezekiel 8 chapter & Hosea 2:8

Many use the bible and do good works..Yet the Jesus of the New Covenant has nothing to do with secret societies.

Knowledge and good works will not save anyone.

Ed Decker, Ron Carlson, Dave Hunt, Lew White are authors that have warned Christians for years.

( 2 Cor 6:15 )
---Yochanan on 7/28/09

Smithson as you say Freemasons talk of God but do not worship the God of the Bible alone, the one who says 'apart from me there is no God' Isaiah 44:6. This God says all others are false.

If the Bible is the Truth then Freemasonry allows people to continue worshiping false Gods who cannot save them. As Christians we are commanded to spread the Gospel-The Good news of Jesus death and resurrection-the only way man can be saved from hell. If we fail to tell the truth then we are hypocrites. In this sense, and others, Freemasonry is a cult.

The fact it does good is not relevant as many antiGod organizations abound in good works which cannot save.
---Warwick on 7/28/09

Neither the Freemasons nor the Rotary are cults. Freemasonry doesn't control the minds of their members, nor does it ask members to sell flowers at airports. Also, members are allowed to believe anything they want as long as they believe in God. I do realize that Fundamental Christians, Pentacostals tend to see any group which invokes God and not Jesus as a cult. That is merely demagoguery. At no time in my involvement with Masonry was I ever asked to do anything which would betray my civic or religious obligations. It was a unique opportunity for me to sit and get to know other men who belonged to religions other than mine. I do not feel that Freemasonry is any more a cult than the Red Cross, the local chamber of commerce or the PTA.
---Smithson on 7/27/09

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The Shriners, and you must be a Freemason to be a Shriner, is one of the largest and most successful charities in the world.

Jesus told us that we should recognize them by their fruits. Mt. 7:16.

While some of the ideals of Masonry are indeed disputable, their goal is to help those that are needy. For one they preach a universalism gospel but that is much the same with many modern day churches.
---Lee1538 on 6/5/09

People "hate" freemason because of its secrets, and because of that freemason are called a "secret society", there are no satanism in masonry, there is no freemason god.
---Steve on 5/25/09

Alan~ That is awesome to hear about the Rotary's fight against Polio. What an excellent cause. Yes, I don't blame you about your concerns about the Masons, and that some of the aspects disturb you. The rituals tend to get rather on the boring side as well.

Well, best wishes to you, and glad to hear of the success you are having there.
---Anne on 4/6/09

Anne ... This question was submitted when there were allegations here that Freemasons & Rotary were both cults
I have declined to become a mason, because there are aspects which disturb me, although I don't think it is a cult.
I am a Rotarian. Rotary does not pretend to be a Christian organistaion, but neither does a model train enthusiasts club, nor do school parent/teacher associations.
Rotary has provided enormous energy and funds to the fight against polio. We are currently raising $2 million, and when we do, Bill Gates will contribute $3.55 million to finally eradicate this curse from the world.
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/6/09

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Betty, why do you slander me who am a fellow believer in Jesus by calling me a satanist just because I don't share your hatreds? It baffles me how Christians behave sometimes. God bless you.
---JohnnyB on 4/6/09

Alan~ LOL sorry, I had no idea you did not submit the title of this blog. I don't post blogs really so I did not know. I only posted one blog and they used the title I submitted. I entitled it "Does Church put You to Sleep?" and they submitted that title. Sorry for the mix-up.

Are you a Mason or in rotary etc? I personally do not get a lot of spiritual edification from those organizations, but I do like their desire to help others in charitable ways. Have a good one.
---Anne on 4/5/09

johnnyb- If you love satanism & freemasonry, that's your problem. There is nothing Christian about either one. I don't mind hating Satan and his works. Seems you're in pretzel mode. People who worship Satan are going to hell if they don't repent. The Holy Spirit let me know that He hopes you will love the Lord and not Satanists.
---Betty on 4/5/09

Anne ... You should remember that the name of the blog (in this case, "Is Rotary a Cult Like Freemasonry") is decided by the Moderator, not by the person who submits the question!
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/4/09

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Freemasonry is a thing to be avoided. even if it is only because of the initiationrite bin wich the participant puts gigantic curses upon hisown head.
---Andy on 4/4/09

Betty, if the Holy Spirit has given you the grace to hate, more power to you. I will strive to love my enemies more than I dislike their deeds. God be with you.
---JohnnyB on 4/3/09

Alan~ The title of your blog is "Is Rotary a Cult Like Freemasonry." That is why I got the impression you believed that the masons were a cult. Sorry for the confusion... perhaps someone else entitled your blog?
---Anne on 4/3/09

Anne ... I do not say masons are a cult.

Where on earth did you get the impression that I beleive that?

Please read my question properly, and then read through the blog.
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/3/09

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johnnyb- Good for you if you don't hate. Yet all Christians should hate sin and satanic worship, and that what the higher degrees of freemasons are into. They cannot get into the higher degrees unless they take certain oaths and do certain satanic rituals.

Back in the days of the founding fathers freemasonry hadn't developed into what it is now. George Washington was not enthusiastic about being a freemason, so I read.
---Betty on 4/3/09

Alan~ Why do you say 'masons' is a cult? (I don't see it as a group that is exactly on fire for sharing the complete truths of the Bible, but what makes them more 'cultish' than the large percent of denominational churches out there?)

A cult is a group that incorporates mind control to deceive, influence and govern its followers. I was an Honored Queen of Job's Daughters many years ago. Now, there was no mind control or 'weird' teachings. And believe me...the 'secrets' are based on inward inspiration and not 'voo-doo' or somthing. Mostly we were focused on growing into responsible young women and doing charitable activities.

When I as 'queen' I focused on sharing the gospel. Most 'queens' dont...but I did my own thing. God bless.
---Anne on 4/3/09

Betty, you go ahead and hate Freemasons if you want too. I am an old man and don't have the energy to hate anymore. God bless you.
---JohnnyB on 4/2/09

johhnyb- Freemasonry is nothing to be grateful about. I advise you to search the internet and find out. Christians especially should hate it.
---Betty on 4/2/09

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Dewald- Right.
---Betty on 4/2/09

Most of the American Founding Fathers were Freemasons. Perhaps we should be grateful for Freemasonry....? God bless!
---JohnnyB on 4/2/09

Dewald ... Oh dear ... so when I volunteer at the local hospital, and guide people to their destination on that complex site, I am serving Satan. When I again do voluntary work for our Hospice, to ease the pain of dying cancer sufferers, I serve Satan.
Perhaps though you should consider the second Commandment, and Jesus's illustration of who is your neighbour. It's not someone in the happy circle of contented Christians, but the stranger outside, who needs our help.
---alan8566_of_uk on 4/2/09

I do not want to judge or condemn. Our instruction is to forgive, love, bless and pray for our enemy or rather lost people.Any organisation that does not have God as it's leader but wants to serve humanity or whatever cause, serves Satan and is therefore linked.Brothers and sisters in Christ do not need membership with such societies. Our Father is the designer of how we should do it through churches and small groups all the way to the family. God's structure has been copied. If you are a Christian it's simple. Join the church and serve God's will and you will achieve all the same objectives these organisations do. Dewald
---Dewald on 4/1/09

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Beth, 9 of the signers of the declaration of independance where proven freemasons, is the US a freemaconry state? accoprding to some yes.The Anglican church had until recently more then half of its bishops to bee fremacons. thus now the Anglican church is freemaconry? freemacons of every religion in the freemaconry, all those religions are freemaconry? the rotary and lion club are a bunch of rich people who want to help the poor and become richer in the proces of it nothing more.And yes because the rotary and Lionsclub have a lot of rich, the rich who have more freemacons, consequently many freemasons are in the rotary or lionsclub.
---Andy on 3/19/09

On the same page, is the Lions club also associated with Freemasonry?
---Marietha on 3/16/09

Rotary is simply a service organization, a group of civic-minded individuals in a community. There are no secret rituals, symbolic costumes or religious requirements.
---Donna66 on 10/16/08

The word Briton, for a citizen of Great Britain, comes from Britain, which comes from Britannica, which was the Roman's name for this country, and probably they picked it up from earlier occupants of the island.

It is nothing to do with a corruption of "bright ones"
---alan_of_UK on 10/15/08

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My Dad's a Freemason and member of the Rotary Club, but what the public see of these organisatio's isn't what they are on the inside, and that's got a lot to do with kid's on Ketamine in Council school's, and the selling off their Ketamine enduced prophesying for the Global Trading of the Secret Banker's, and that's why public data get's swapped in faking history just like the Nazi's did to the Jew's, and what Freemasons do their Bright One's, ie, Briton's, they call Juess in their Phantom Name Game!
---Kanut on 10/15/08

Rotary is not a cult, it is a secular civic group which is made up of volunteers - both men & women. In contrast, Freemasons are typically a male only group that requires a belief in a Higher Power and a value of truth etc... I wouldn't call them a cult any more than any other Theological society would be a cult.

I wouldn't cite David Icke as a reliable source on this subject, not because he is dishonest but because he is paranoid and therefore his information is slightly biased to fit with his views.
---Hermes on 9/17/08

Please spare those of us who have done their homework on Freemasonry from the "they're all wonderful, sincere, and God-fearing good ole boys"...we know four of them. Two are cousins, one is a neighbor. My wife does some contract work for the fourth one. They are all spiritually dead, including the Shriner amongst them! See Revelation 2:24.
---Harry on 3/14/08

Gus Loehr, a co-founder of Rotary, was a Mason (Lakeside Lodge No. 739). One of the original Rotary pins is pictured w/ the Masonic symbol (square & compass) within the cog. Though Paul Harris, one of the original founders of Rotary, denied any Masonic involvement, he is listed as a member of the Sons of Liberty Masonic Lodge #301 as well as of the Bohemian Club in Chicago. Many of the early Rotarians were Masons and many charter Rotary clubs were held in Masonic Halls and Temples.
---Beth on 11/28/07

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I have studied FreeMasonry, Illuminati, and other organizations for over 10 years. First of all there are black masons. Second most people who join are good decent people who are innocent of any wrong doing. However, studies show that the higher degrees are involved in the occult. There oaths are very bizarre and should be taken serious. As you will find a Mason will not talk about the secret things of their organization to no one. Also anyone who tries to expose them will be discredited in some way.
---Maria on 10/10/07

To respond to previous questions: blacks are not allowed to be free masons. There is an organization called Prince Hall masons that accepts blacks.
---Steve on 10/10/07

rotary and freemasonry are two seperate entities, rotary has no real religious background of any kind, neither do they profess any god or religion,they are more like a foundation. freemasonry takes its roots from witchcraft, if you compare their initiation rites to that of witchcraft they are very similar, also masons do not believe that Jesus Christ is the savior, but that he is just another prophet.
---william on 6/28/07

Rotary Club is not a cult. It is a noble association of professionals whose main objective is to help the poor and needy... just like the Jaycees, Lions International, etc. However, there are indeed some members of the Rotary Club who are also members of Masonry.
---abba7475 on 4/20/07

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Rotary is no "secret" organization...just a civic club for businessmen.

Masonry is a secret organization, but their "secrets" are mostly details of their ritual which wouldn't interest most people anyway. Belief in God, whom they call the "Great Architect of the Universe", is required. Only the higher degrees go into the "New Age" ideology much. ( I have family..32&33rd degree) What they do NOT do is sacrifice human babies at Winter Solstice or ANY time!
---Donna2277 on 7/13/06

Objections to Freemasonry are based out of ignorance.I can't respect the views of someone who bashes it after only hearing about it from some conspiracy nutcase.It's not a cult. There's a "demit form", fill it out and your no longer a member. They even have a "remit" form for people who change their mind after deciding to quit. They have a policy of avoiding discussions on religion/politics with other members, so no one is trying to get you to believe anything,religious or political.
---Elliott on 7/13/06

Cliff there are 6 points on the Star of David and only 5 letters in MASON. Also you have to rearrange the letters to make them spell mason anyway as they spell (clockwise) asmon. In addition if you make the 2nd triangle with exactly the same angles and side lengths as the first it is not an accurate star of David which is made of 2 equalateral triangles. Could this be another case of making something say what you want it to say?
---M.P. on 7/10/06

AS far as I can tell the masons real purpose is very evil and play a part in the rise of the antichrist. although they appear as a bunch of good guys. bewarned.
---Cliff on 7/10/06

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Get a one dollar bill, where the pyramid is on the left hand side, outline it and it's shadow as the first triangle of the star of david, then complete the star of david (be very accurate). each point of the star points directly to a specific letter from the words circled around it, spelling M A S O N. Turn it over and there is george washington who was a the first mason president of the united states. Most politicans are and have been masons.
---Cliff on 7/10/06

We can study the Symbol of the Rotary Club to see that it is related/connected to Freemasonry.

I have a Masonic Lodge near to me with the Six Spokes in a circular window at the front of the building.

Further investigation of the symbols can lead to a possible link also with the Ancient Egyptians, Illuminati and Extra Terrestrials.

David Icke has some interesting articles if your interested. Just type David Icke into your search engine.

---Jesus on 12/5/05

Masons & freemasons are interchangeable words (unless you are talking about stone-masons)

I have not found any connection between Rotary and freemasonry, but since someone has said to me that there is a connection, I wondered what others here could say about it.
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/17/05

Bee, so can you answer the question if Rotary is connected to freemasonry or not, and if there is a difference between the Masons, and freemasonry? Thanks! PS-I know a loving Christian man who is a mason, but I'm still leary about their secret stuff. Could it be they have been deceived?
---Katie on 5/17/05

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Bee, just for my own information, are there any blacks (African-Americans) in the Masons? My dad belonged before he died and he said they were not allowed.
---Wendell on 5/12/05

It is sad to see all of the unlearned people who comment about Freemasonry.I am married to a mason and we have many on both sides of our families. They are some of the most loving, God-fearing people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I am a blessed woman to be married to my hubby.The Rotary does many wonderful things in area for young people.We even have a group of high school students whoose club helps with the needy thru the Rotary.
---bee on 5/9/05

I read that in the 1930,s and 40's Masonry had some ties with the Rotary. By the late 1950's it is said that all of that was over, if ever it was true. Rotary clubs are said to be primarily where buisness people get together and make buisness contacts. They also do work in communities for various organizations to help the community in raising funds for charitable organizations and is also a social club.
---NV_Barbara on 5/7/05

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