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Churches Failing To Teach Singles

Are churches failing to teach singles what marriage is about? Why do so many wait to tell us until AFTER we're engaged (maybe for the wrong reasons), then go elsewhere to marry?

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 ---danie9374 on 5/6/05
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Churches teach what Christian living is all about and that includes marriage.Every person contemplating marriage should do their own study ,through the Bible,and Christian books on marriage.Why put the blame on Churches?When I was growing up people never expected Churches to fullfill such a function.That was the responsibility of the family.The older family members,through example and words, taught the young ones on marriage relationships.No one ever knows what marriage is all about until they are married,nor will they know the other person untill they live with them.
---Darlene_1 on 11/23/08

Yes thats true Church fail or I must to embarresed to raised the issue of marriage or to give real Biblical teaching on this issue, in my opinion issue of marriage has been take in perspective of World & missed the real meaning & purpose & sanctity of marriage I am seriously praying in this regard that Chruch sholud awake even if God uses us as individual to use in this area we should never neglect. We have the Word of God & a Teacher Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth. Amen!
---Deborah on 5/30/07

Danie...I apologize, I did not read the answers already given prior to answering the question, and misunderstood where you were coming from. I admire your zeal, and pray you use it to God's glory. It sounds as if he's building you up to use you in this area, am I right? I could be wrong. Either way, you have been given that burden to pray for those who are failing. Pray for them. God bless!
---Katie on 5/17/05

Wow, that's a loaded question if I ever saw one. I think we need to keep in mind that we all make up the body of Christ, and have all been given the same information in God's word pertaining to marriage. Unfortunately many of us have fallen privy to society's urge to focus on self, whether it be needs, wants, desires, you name it. The bottom line is it begins with us. The individual hearts responding to God's love in obedience to his word.
---Katie on 5/17/05

More specific: We really need to teach *repeatedly* with examples that marriage is much more than good feelings. It takes lots of commitment. Look for Godly fruit before considering him/her as a partner! Make sure that a mature godly person is in your life always advising you along the way; not just asked to approve a marriage you'll get in spite of their advice, because you 'somehow know' you're 'in love.' Kids need concrete examples of what it takes to make real marriages last vs. the lies they often get in the media today!
---danie9374 on 5/9/05

I believe we are loosing the view that God originally had. People in my church say "it's not for everyone." I believe that is a heretical statement.

The faith that gives the wisdom that solves the answer to this problem is lacking in a majority of Christains today. They don't teach because they don't know themselves.

In James it states, "that any of you lack wisdom, let him ask".
---Tom on 5/8/05

Danie........i agree with you to a point some churches do not teach about marriage to the young people and have let them down terribly....and gregg its no wonder people in the church get flusterated Your comments on these bloggs are down right rude and un called for ...Why...dont you exercise some compassion and pray for wisdom.
---Lea on 5/8/05

We will answer this way, if your engament, meeting, getting together does not happen at church and you go to a church with the expectation that everything you did was perfect in the eyes of the Lord and you get irritated because you are not on the same page and go to another church to get married, you will find out they have the same book.
---gregg4933 on 5/7/05

Clarification: I'm talking about what we'd call 'preventative measures' Teaching young high school/college singles on specific problems and how to recognize if you should marry someone or not! I'm challenging all "married couples" that if you and pastors keep telling kids MOST should get married, then leave whom they "fall in love with" mostly to their emotions, what good is that? Some parents are great about this, but what of the new Christian whose parents aren't even saved or don't communicate well? A one-time seminar just doesn't cut it in my opinion.
---Daniel on 5/6/05

Teaching children as soon as we are able even in junior kindergarten that life is a 2 choice life - only single with chastity or only married with surrender
should happen. Both life styles are blessed by the Lord.

However, until we really want the Lord's will and are born again - nothing of value is important in terms of seeing life God's way. After we are born again we are more willing to understand the Bible choices.
Whatever way we live - we should live for God.
---barbara on 5/6/05

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