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Tell us why your mom is the most special mom in the world.

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 ---Webmaster on 5/6/05
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My mother is so special to me for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is all of my life i have seen her live out the scripture...It is better to give...than to recieve. She has always given her help, time, energy, and patience, to help those in need, when she was a young woman, and even now that she is 73 years old, she just keeps on giving, always helping the elderly, and sick, and wants nothing in return, you have to almost argue with her, to make her accept anything, as so many of those she has helped would tell you. She has shown me the meaning of giving. God Bless her.
---Barbara on 9/15/07

My mom is so special because she taught me to respect those in authority. She taught me about The Lord. She did not always say yes when I wanted to do something. I may have
rebelled but she taught me balance. To grow up you have to know you cannot always have your own way. She is in heaven now, face to face with Jesus our Lord.
---Mary_Ann on 3/13/07

Moms are most special in this world because God put them her to love and take care of there familys. moms are so unique and should be rewarded every morning that they wake and take care of there family in all that they do. Thats why i appreciate my mom and all the others moms around the world. THANK YOU
---DeAnna on 5/8/06

Sue, you are very blessed to still have you mother May God richly bless both of you.Are you a mother also?
---Betty on 4/30/06

My mom wonderful. She is almost 90 years old now and her memory is kinda erratic, but she remembers what is important, God and being kind to people. I love my mother.I thank God for my mom and that she isw still here with me.
---sue on 4/29/06

My mom was special because she knew what it meant to serve God. She was strong, wise and humble. She gave up so much to help others in their time and when her time came, it was an honor to be blessed with helping her.
---Sandra on 5/8/05

My mom was, and still is most special to me, because she instilled in me the values that helped to make me the person that I am today. I would always hear my mom pray, that all her children would be saved. As a little girl, I remember asking her why she never asked for us to be rich or famous; her reply to me was: " If you are a child of God, you will have it all, but though you may be rich, and famous; without Christ, you'll have nothing at all". My mom has passed on, & we are all saved. How well do I now understand her wise words!

---Eloia on 5/7/05

Everyone sounds like their Mom's are wonderfull, and I just know they are. My Mom is no longer here with me, she went to be with the Lord on November 29, 2002. But when she was here, She was the most wonderfull Mom in the world because She was my Mom and the Mom God himself gave to me. He is so Awesome! We were all so blessed.
---a_friend on 5/7/05

M is for the million things she gave me
O is for the other things as well
T is for the truths she taught me at her knee
H is for her Heart of gold that beat so tenderly
E is for her eyes with their love light divine
R is for her rosary its a tresure & all mine
put them all together they spell Mother
In this wide world you will never find another
Happy Mothers Day to all you Ladies
---Emcee on 5/7/05

M is for the million things she gave me
o is for the other things as well
T is for the truths taught me @her knee
H is for her heart of gold that beats so tenderly
E is for her eyes with their love light Divine
R is for her rosary its a treasure & all mine
put them all together they spell MOTHER
In this wide world youll never find Another
---emcee on 5/7/05

If we look at Nature we see so much beauty:
the People, the Mountains,
the Oceans, Rivers, Trees,
the Flowers, Stars and the Birds....

But the Sun doesn't shine on anyone
more beautiful than you, MOTHERS!

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms.
---Albert on 5/7/05

Mom is special to me because she loves me ... plain and simple. She makes me feel special, she makes me feel loved, and I love her to pieces!
---DoryLory on 5/7/05

My Mom was a great christian lady my Dad died when Iwas very small and she had 11 children she alwys prayed took us to church out of this family of hers came 3 minsters and all the rest either sing or play Musick I thank God for this great Mom she is now with the Lord Ginny3779
---Ginny on 5/6/05

Hi, I have read all the answers which u have sent so far...uuummmm....and they make me can find words to that question...MY ANSWER: MY MUM IS SOOOOOO SPECIAL...SHE IS INDESCRIBABLE...she is the No 2 in my life after God :)! God bless you all and remember that day is for Mothers.May they all have a great blessing...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY :)emese5787
---Liz on 5/6/05

Ma is the greatest. She has always loved and supported me, and is constantly encouraging me to grow closer to God. Now that I am older we have a great friendship.
---bethie on 5/6/05

She always prayed that I would be saved and did everything to make sure I end up in the right place. She never gave up, never saw me as damaged goods or anything. She's so cool too, I can tell her anything and she keeps surprising me every day!
---Cathy on 5/6/05

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