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Dealing With A Bipolar Spouse

What's the implication(s) of marrying someone dealing with a bipolar illness? Any impact of the children?

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 ---Maxwell on 5/6/05
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I am dealing with a husband that is not diagnosed and feels he is just fine.I did not know my now husband and met him on the internet.After a incredible courtship we married.Now with three years of his moods and strange behavior at times I in desperation I did some research.I believe he is bipolar 2 or cyclothemia.I have been reading "Loving someone with Biplolar",but it is not from a christian view.I am glad that I have the book,prayer and journaling,but have no support or counciling . I cannot find anyone that is christ centered on this .The more I learn and as well as watch him the more I see it.It would be so nice to be able to talk to someone who is there and dealing with it well.
---Lisa on 2/14/10

Mod: I have often wondered about whether it was the trauma alone or not. Given the fact that her sister developed schizophrenia, I am prone to think that there was the predisposition for mental illness in them to begin with and the trauma of sexual abuse probably helped spur that along. My thoughts are based on the studies I have done on mental illness and the experience I have working with people with both diagnoses.

Moderator - Have you worked with people that are bipolar that never had any of those types of tramatic experiences?
---Madison on 3/29/06

Mod: Pride mixed with arrogance. Mom was not a believer, not sure if she is one now. Mom was molested at age 5 by her stepfather, and instead of having him arrested, her mother sent mom and other daughter away to live with her grandmother in another state. Mom didn't really deal with that till she was in her sixties.

Moderator - Do you think her bipolar condition was caused by that tramatic life event? or just her chemical makeup? or both?
---Madison on 3/29/06

Mod: Mom's anger came out when people slighted her, or her kids. She had a huge chip on her shoulder, and when people would do anything to one of us that could set her off. One time she kicked a neighbor's screen door in. Another time, she assaulted that same neighbor.

Moderator - Pride related?
---Madison on 3/29/06

Mod--In the manic phase, people may react violently angry. It's a phase of super ENERGY. My friend who is bi-polar feels GREAT during his manic phase. He's up all night, talks a mile a minute to anybody who will listen. The worst thing is that he buys many very expensive luxery items, especially cars, which the family can't afford. He feels so good, he often won't take his medication because he LIKES being manic. In depression he's suicidal.

Moderator - What are some examples that set off the violent anger?
---Donna2277 on 3/29/06

Mod: During manic phases, mom would be really agitated and hyper, and her temper would fly off the handle at the slightest thing. She would throw things at me if I said or did something inappropriate. She would scream and yell and threaten us, if she didn't hit us outright.

During the depression parts she would just lay in her room all day and night crying, for weeks, months at a time. She would only come out to get a cup of soup. My sister took care of us then.

Moderator- Thanks. I was just wondering because I have heard so many definitions for bipolar without the applied application.
---Madison on 3/29/06

I was sent away to live with distant relatives as a teenager because my mom was sick and should have been in the hospital. Funny thing, she and I are very close now. I feel sorry for anyone from her generation, because the most common treatment for bipolar back in the 60s was electroshock therapy.
---Madison on 3/29/06

My mother is bipolar, and when she was raising us kids, she did some pretty crazy things. Her manic phases were scary. To add to the insanity, my dad was a raging alcoholic. It took me going to therapy and learning about myself to let go of the anger I had toward them for how they treated me as a child.

Moderator - What types of things could happen in the manic stage versus the depressed stage?
---Madison on 3/29/06

Wow! I rate a 7part explanation from Steph!

Your responses show a pattern of anger, directed at some of the things your sister did. Have you forgiven her for all this?

Forgiveness is a two way street; it relieves the forgiven one of any responsibility "owed to you", and allows you to see the other as a wounded, hurting person. Failure to forgive is like eating rat poison, hoping the rat will die. In this case, it is the terrible memories of your sister.
---John_T on 3/29/06

I will pray for your sister, her safety and that she finds help. Wherever she is, she is probably better off than with you.
---Donna2277 on 3/28/06

Stephenie, You seem to have a big chip on your shoulders, because of your sister. You don't need to take it out on everyone with mental illnesses, because of how your sister behaved. You might want to consider forgiving your sister for what she put you and your family through. Matthew 6:12,14,15
Maybe Christian councelling would help you to understand that people do not have mental illnesses because they want to or they deserve to.
---Ulrika on 3/28/06

Stephanie, you are comparing sexual sinning with mental illness. How dare you? Your arrogance is repulsive to me.

Mental illness is NOT a choice, it is not something people want to do. Chemical imbalances can spur sinful behavior, but the fact that someone has the chemical imbalance is not a choice.
---Madison on 3/28/06

Donna 2277 con't...
What a testimony she demonstrates to those whom she touches! That is what you who only see it as a disease are promoting. She would be totally encouraged and once again "justified" by the council at this site. So keep the labels coming and before you know it the "Christians" will be saying that homosexuality and every other "ism" is not a choice, oops we've already done that haven't we.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

Donna 2277 Yes we didn't just hear the Word we obeyed it. Our lives are now more peaceful. Luke 1:79 "To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." She is still alive and going strong!... "leveled out" and has been a few years. She is smart and a real manipulator as she continues to leave her trail of confusion, bitterness and rebellion and justifying it all the way....and oh BTW all in the name of Jesus!
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

Anonymous - It's just like when Jesus spoke to the people in parables and only the ones that had ears to hear could....thanks for the ear and the advice. You're right, most don't believe God's word is the answer, they know it all and choose to wallow in the mud. After all the confusion and darkness we were in and now the peace and joy we have today, I say, no thank you to the worlds advice, I stickin with Jesus, all the way!!!
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

Those people not only came out of the bondage of the fear they were in, they also left the insane asylums and went on to live life in the truth that is in Christ. That is the power of the gospel. What we believe, even if it is a lie, will affect our lives as though it is the truth. Only the light of the gospel can penetrate the darkness of the lies people believe and deliver them from that hell they are in.
---Linda on 3/28/06

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Unfortunately, that "safe place" was not safe at all. It was the root of the problem and they could not escape it. Another thing he discovered was that most if not all of these people were still trying to function in the law and didn't have even a small understanding of what grace was. They all believed they had sinned away the day of grace. He set countless hundreds of them free just by preaching the gospel.
---Linda on 3/28/06

One thing he found out over the years was that most of those people in there were actually people brought up in church but who believed they had committed the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. That fear had preyed on them until they could no longer feel any hope at all. Their only option at that time was to go to a safe place within themselves where they did not have to deal with the "reality" that fear had imprisoned them in.
---Linda on 3/28/06

Sharing time:

A minister of the gospel came to our fellowship a few years ago. This man has an amazing ability to help people see the effects of the law and the effects of grace. One of the things he talked about was people who had been committed to insane asylums....people who could no longer function in the outside world.
---Linda on 3/28/06

When the gospel is ministered and His righteousness is revealed, it is not being revealed to the mind of man but to the heart of man where the Holy Spirit operates to bear witness of Christ. The gospel is more powerful than we can even imagine. Lets not just automatically assume that people who are dealing with these things cannot see Him. They can. Mark 5 makes that quite obvious.
---Linda on 3/28/06

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Mar 5:6 But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshiped him,

This man was absolutely possessed. Inside of him dwelled 12000 demons (legion). Not just insane, possessed. Not a demon, principality, power, might, or dominion could stop this man from worshipping Jesus when he saw Him, even afar off. That hasn't changed.
---Linda on 3/28/06

Mar 5:4 Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains, and the chains had been plucked asunder by him, and the fetters broken in pieces: neither could any man tame him.

Mar 5:5 And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.

This man is absolutely insane by the standards of what we call today modern psychology but watch what happens.
---Linda on 3/28/06

All anyone needs is to see Jesus.

Mar 5:1 And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes.
Mar 5:2 And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,
Mar 5:3 Who had his dwelling among the tombs; and no man could bind him, no, not with chains:
---Linda on 3/28/06

#2 A person in a manic or depressive state will not comprehend or accept Scripture or preaching! Once the biochemical problem in the brain is dealt with, they can be reasoned with and ministered to with Scripture

Did you really just turn your sister out to suffer the consequences of her behavior? Is she still alive? If so you should be thankful. She could easily be dead by now, with no one to help her.

Listen to what ChristianBi-polar says. She knows what shes talking about.
---Donna2277 on 3/28/06

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#1 So how do you use the first two chapters of Romans to deal with someone who is bipolar? It wont help them any, but it might make *you* feel less guilty and less shaky in your faith.. BECAUSE it's all THIER fault, they won't accept correction from the Lord etc.

No need to do that. You are not to blame and neither are they. It's been said several times before--the bad choices are due to the illness, not the other way around.
---Donna2277 on 3/28/06

From that point on, when someone came with a healing need, I would ask them to contact me personally using my penpal id just to circumvent the arguments, opinions, and false judgments. I usually didn't have any takers, for whatever that is worth. Whether the reason was because they weren't really looking for healing or whether they weren't a member is not for me to judge.
---anonymous on 3/28/06

Nothing about our responsibility to hear, believe, receive, and stand. I am sure you know the routine. The next thing you know, the blog is all clouded with opinions about name it and claim it (which the healing word is not) and various other traditions of men. I used to consistently come and offer the healing word but was called a false teacher who incited arguments instead of helping anyone. I left them to their own devices.
---anonymous on 3/28/06

unfortunately, when God's word of healing is offered, those who don't believe that Word deals with the physical body begin to throw insults, opinions, and judgments, most of them beginning with "so you are saying that I wasn't healed because I didn't have faith" and "those Scriptures are only dealing with spiritual healing" or even "God heals whoever He wants to heal whenever He wants to heal them".
---anonymous on 3/28/06

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"I find it interesting that on a Christian blog I have yet to see any of you offer God's word for healing. You seem to mainly be caught up and adhere to the worlds doctrine with regard to healing. If all of the answers are in medicine and every mental ill person you all have dealt with are not those in Rom.1-2....I wonder what the need was for God to give this warning?
---Stephenie on 3/28/06"

Stephanie, I so agree with you but,....cont.....
---anonymous on 3/28/06

John T End-Yes longsuffering, but when heart is turned wrong direction, destroying themselves and others, theyve made choice and as harsh as it seems, unless they turn, must live with consequences of their sin. God only tells us he will wipe away our sin not all consequences. To truly love someone is to give them truth, not help them live in false reality, overlooking a lifestyle of wrong choices. If we do, we are humanly loving them right into a worse state and draging whom they touch with them.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

BTW, Bipolar and Manic-depressive are one in the same, and as I said before, comorbid conditions(schizophrenia) are not uncommon. In addition to Bipolar, I am borderline schizo,ADD, Generalized anxiety and OCD. These are not illnesses to "hide behind" as you state, rather ones we have to learn to deal with effectively if we are to live decent to normal lives. I know firsthand this is difficult if you do not have a support system in place.
---ChristianBipolar on 3/28/06

John T Part 6 But it is done all for the ultimate hope that they will fall far enough and be miserable enough to turn their heart toward God, and begin seeing where their choices have taken them. For 30 years we fumbled in the dark, looking to the medical field for answers and I see now it was 29 too long in ignorance of what the word says. Even my sister suffered because of our ignorance as well.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

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John T Part 5 People today dont want truth, they want quick fix. There's much "dying to self" when handling one we love scripturally. After attempts to restore, we are to "turn them over to Satan for the saving of their soul" but the last thing "humanly" we want. Over and over you see in Gods word, a rebellious person (knows and taught to do right but chooses wrong) is confronted, we are to put the evil out from among us and let them eat the fruit of their ways.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

Her wrong choices are a result of the episodes of bipolar, they don't cause it. Yes, we do need to be accountable for our actions, and most of us are eventually when the consequences hit us in the aftermath, but we are not simply medicated and forgotten. Without the meds to stabilize us, it can be difficult to learn not to repeat past mistakes. There is much more to this disease than you comprehend.
---ChristianBipolar on 3/28/06

John T Part 4 Yes, after they introduced to drugs that alleviate symptoms, that's where chemical imbalances pretty much begin and choices become limited. They now have to stay on medications to function. Thats what Im saying, that first wrong choice (maybe disobeying Mom and Dad, staying out too late, on and on) began the process to now they are at this point. No one wakes up one day a drunkard, glutton or prostitute. Somewhere past, it began with that first sinful choice and progressed from that point.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

John T Part 3 of a long story:Yes, I have a sister who we've dealt with for the past 40 years. "They" classified her-Bipolar-Schizophrenic-Manic Depressive and had never seen any like her. And had been on a cafeteria of meds. Hows that for experiencing it! Our family lived in a fog for years of confusion and guilt, but once the Word turned the lights on to what we were really dealing with she couldn't hide behind her "illness" anymore, things began to clear up for all of us.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

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John T Part 2 of a long story: . If you look past ones actions to their heart,(feel for why they do what they are do) you will usually find they are self focused, want what they want,rarely consider others. Then once the consequences of their choices escalate, the worldly medical field (and the caregivers desperation and ignorance) is quick to medicate them to eliminate the symptoms instead of looking at her with spiritual insight. Naming her for what she is and dealing with her scripturally instead.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

John T Part 1 of a long story: John T I am sorry for your experience and I am sure you did raise her properly, and dont let anyone tell you your house was not in order because of her! That is my point exactly. Your daughter was the responsible party and had choices and Im sure it started way before where she ended up. It was a process of her wrong choices. I would just guess, but was she more strong willed and harder to discipline? just curious.
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

I am not attacking you personally, butyou need to know that your comments are CRUEL, HURTFUL, PATENTLY UNTRUE and OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.

You write of things which you do not know, pontificating, thinking that "throwing Scripture" at a problem is the solution. If that were the case, "Scripture tossing" would fill cavities, set broken bones and cure diabetes mellitus.

Please read more learn more, rethink your positions and no longer be mean-spirited.
---John_T on 3/28/06

Stephanie- As a bipolar,I can promise you it is not a choice. The things you have said here could be detrimental to one with bipolar. During episodes, we can't understand that a person who says such things to us actually cares, it seems just the opposite which leaves us feeling worse, lonlier and sometimes more suicidal. I suggest you learn more about the disease, from a professional and sufferers point of view,if you know someone with mental illness. It could mean the difference between life and death.
---ChristianBipolar on 3/28/06

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I find it interesting that on a Christian blog I have yet to see any of you offer God's word for healing. You seem to mainly be caught up and adhere to the worlds doctrine with regard to healing. If all of the answers are in medicine and every mental ill person you all have dealt with are not those in Rom.1-2....I wonder what the need was for God to give this warning?
---Stephenie on 3/28/06

Stephanie I think you are in desperate need of reading all previous postings about alcohol (of which there are many). The bible says do not be a drunkard (that is not saying do not drink alcohol). If you think it does mean that then 'do not be a glutton' also means do not eat. I have read some silly things on ChristiaNet now and then but your postings (virtually all of them) are verging on the ridiculous.
---emg on 3/28/06

Kathleen--Bi-polar disorder is a biochemical imbalance, certainly not beyond the ability of the Lord to heal. The medications used, however, do more than help people cope. They actually return people to normal emotional balance. That's not truly a "cure" because a person must continue the medication. If they stop, symptoms return.
---Donna2277 on 3/27/06

Okay, street talk....Husband bi-polar. Lithium helpful when taken. Manic phase has self checked,only left side of brain working mostly. Manic phase, begins using crack, prono...thinks he adhd, not bipolar. Checked again = sociopathic.I would becareful marrying a person with a mental illness, it is not as obvious as a phy illness. Research throughly, talk openly to support groups, person ect...know the illness(can it be passed on to children...), person and self very well. Pray.
---Alexandra on 3/27/06

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Kathleen, yes the medications that are used for bipolar disorder to reduce the symptoms of depression and mania. The problem is usually that people will stop taking the medications because they start to feel better, and then the symptoms come back.

Mentally ill people are not necessarily demon posssessed. Many saved Christians are mentally ill and believers cannot be possessed by demons.
---Madison on 3/27/06

Donna: Thanks for confirming my thoughts. I have never in my life heard anything about the brain's hemispheres mixing signals and causing schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. In all of my clinical training and experience with schizophrenic and bipolar clients, I have never heard such stuff as Stephanie has proposed.
---Madison on 3/27/06

I would not advise you to marry someone with this problem. All I can say is that Jesus cast many demons out of a man that was not in his right mind. So I assume that must have been his problem. Do any of these drugs really help people with this problem? I don't think so but I guess it helps them cope with it.
---Kathleen on 3/27/06

Madison, you are correct about mental illness. The only thing in Stephanie's post that has ANY medical validity is that the brain has two hemisperes and that the normal person uses both. (and actually so does every person with the conditions she mentions). What direction "messages" move in the brain is totally irrelevant. Lithium is a mood stablizer, which along with other meds, can dramatically improve bi-polar disorder (if the patient is compliant) Mental illness is NEVER a CHOICE.
---Donna2277 on 3/27/06

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Stephanie-- my dear, I wasn't going to say anything else, but I must. Your medical explanation of Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Autism and Down's syndrome are are totally mixed up and absolutely UNTRUE. Say anything you want about spiritual matters, but please don't give medical information unless you have a reliable source, OK?
---Donna2277 on 3/27/06

Stephanie--Where did you get your information about Lithium? I've worked in the medical field for years--my understanding about Lithium is quite the opposite of what you've said.
---Donna2277 on 3/27/06

Windy- What do you mean your Mom had no choice?
---Stephenie on 3/27/06

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is treatable. The person with the illness can be stablized with medication and can learn to function in society with a lot of therapy and support.

It is never a choice to become bipolar and I know of no instances where it is caused by medications, like lithium.

Mental illness is a disease. To say it is a choice is like saying someone chooses to have cancer or a stroke.
---Madison on 3/27/06

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I sincerely hope that you never have to go the hell of a mentally ill loved one.

My late daughter destroyed my pastorate, almost destroyed the family and we were close to homeless. She totaled 3 cars, and refused to take her medication, prefering street medications, and partying to the stability of a warm, caring home.

We raised her correctly, but your assumptions are way off base, so please get some facts before you erroniously pontificate again.
---John_T on 3/27/06

Stephanie: What are your sources for your biological explanations for mental illness and the brain? In all of my studies I have not read anything like you describe.

Schizophrenia is NOT split personality.

You are spouting a lot of babble that shows a lot of ignorance of mental illness.
---Madison on 3/27/06

John T. Ability to concluded absolute physical brain impairment with MICA's-AMAZING and that it was ALL of them, WOW! Otherwise, CHOICES. Now it's consequences! My point/concern not many people (like you) analyze root issues FIRST-for example-people with wrong behaviors/lifestyles, financial burdens, marital problems, job pressures, etc. For those, Gods word has answers and its not masking them with drugs or hiding in denial. Read Prov. 2 BTW, outside info-New England Journal of Medicine. :-)
---Stephenie on 3/27/06

Donna2277 Part 2Donna 2277 Part 2
Lithium is one that induces. But point is ANY drug/chemical we CHOOSE to consume, it's whole purpose is to alter thinking, emotions, mask reality, making any root issues easier to deny-NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Instead of renewing our minds with truth, we numb our minds to the truth. Read Rom. 12:2; Titus 2:11-15. Obedience brings healing/blessing.
---Stephenie on 3/27/06

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Donna2277Part 1
Normal brain-left and right sides work together as one, messaging back and forth. Schizophrenia- left and right brain function independently-2 brains in 1, i.e. split personality- exmpl left brain working-talented musician, right brain, same person, tone deaf. Bipolar-brain works as one, but all messaging goes one direction-autism in this category. Down syndromes are uni-polar.
---Stephenie on 3/27/06

emg-What do you mean by alcohol is not forbidden? Prov.20:1-Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise. Rom.14:21 It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak. No one wants consequences, they just want what they want, its called disobedience! Choices! Thats why we should: 2 Tim 2:15 and 1 Tim. 4:16.
---Stephenie on 3/27/06

I have just one question for Stephanie... In the beginning they had a choice? What beginning do you mean? In my moms case by the beginning she had no choice. I believe along with my father that God is using this illness to shape our hearts and that has been a saving grace. I pray that you are never on either end of this disease!
---Windy on 3/25/06

2. Taking that first drink was her 'choice' yes, but alcohol is not forbidden in the bible and no-one could have foreseen how dependent SHE would become when others can remain social drinkers. The way she is living now is NOT a choice at all but at last she is getting help, but please don't tell me that she, and others like her, should simply not be like that.
---emg on 3/24/06

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1. Stephanie I have to disagree with your comments about alcoholism (and bi-polar) being just labels to hide behind. You've said some cruel things on this thread. I don't think any of us can fully understand why some people are the way that they are but everything is not necessarily a sin or a choice as you seem to think. Living with an alcoholic grand-daughter I now see things differently from how I used to.
---emg on 3/24/06

Stephanie-- People who are bi-polar, if they begin to sense themselves becoming manic, may stop prescribed meds because being manic means feeling good.. even better than good! Then, of course, they don't have the medication helping them when they later become depressed.
These drugs don't cause bi-polar disorder, they even out a persons moods to make them nearer normal. Some "recreational" drugs, "uppers" like crack, produce extreme highs and lows, but that is not bi-polar disorder.
---Donna2277 on 3/23/06

Stephanie--what is "birth diagnosed bi-polar brain messaging in one direction instead of normal back and forth"?? Sorry, but this sentence makes no sense to me. And what drugs cause "drug induced bi-polar"? Are you talking about recreational drugs? I'm not following you at all.
---Donna2277 on 3/23/06

Lithium is indicated for depression, and Haldol for schizophrenia. As such they palliate the symptoms, but they are never a "choice"

Nor are any of these brain diseases a "choice".

None of the MICAs (Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers) I worked with wanted to be in that condition.

Please reconsider another source for your medical information so that you may be accurate.
---John_T on 3/23/06

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Those who are drug induced bi-polars should NEVER try to get off their meds without their Doctor's advice! Especially those on the heavy drugs, ie Litheum, haldoll, etc.
These types of drugs are most likely a life long commitment! In the beginning they had a choice, now it's a consequence!
---Stephenie on 3/23/06

Not talking about BIRTH diagnosed bipolar-brain messaging in one direction, instead normal back and forth. I mean "labeled" bipolars who have wrong behaviors or depressed, given brain "altering" drugs- causing "induced" bipolaring - (now "real" by accepting world's diagnosis instead of dealing with reality). Perfect example: florida teacher, raped 14 yr old, say's "just a bump in the road" - hides behind bipolar...NO accountability! That's a Roman's 1-2!
---Stephenie on 3/23/06

Maxwell, You should really pray about it. Think about whether you are willing to spend the rest of your life with a man, who has bipolar. It is treatable, if he is willing to see a doctor and take his medicine. Marriage is not easy. With mental illness added, it could make it more difficult. It can make it difficult for children too. My mom had a nervous breakdown, when I was growing up. There other things to consider too. Are you both saved, and do you love eachother?
---Ulrika on 3/22/06

stephanie's ignorant answer flies in the face of decades of scientific research done on mentally ill people throughout the world.
---Madison on 3/22/06

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Part II
Then there are those days, the days of conflict with my belief in God, that I say stay, you have to stay In sickness and health and learn about the disease and set your boundaries and teach your children to do the same with the afflicted parent. Today would be one of the days I say stay!!! I turned out just fine! (With the help of a Great support system growing up!)
---Windy on 3/22/06

I am a 34 year old daughter of a mother with bipolar disease. She has had this most of her life, going unrecognized until she had me. I can truly say this is not a choice of hers!!!! Her disease has done so much harm to her family, even with treatment and help. I have days where I would say to anyone with children, leave, and leave now, save them from the torment!
---Windy on 3/22/06

Lots of implications for family! I have
friends, a couple, and the husband is bi-polar. When he is manic he quits his meds and buys (not car, singular) but cars.. or motorcycles, boats, RVs etc. No way the family can afford these. When he is depressed, he will take his meds but until they work, he is suicidal. Wife and kids terrified to leave him alone.When the meds begin to work he's a fine Christian husband and father. The kids are nervous wrecks, as they never know what to expect.
---Donna2277 on 3/22/06

Stephenie, I am thankful God is way more merciful, loving, and forgiving than you. It is one thing to tell someone what they are doing is sin, when you know of a sin they are committing. If you knew anything about medicine for bipolar, you would know it stops delusions, evens out moods, and gives clearer thinking. It is true I have committed several of sins in Romans 1:28-31, but I do not hate God. I have repented of my sins. I believe in Jesus as my saviour. I am not anywhere near perfect, are you?
---Ulrika on 3/21/06

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Stephanie does not tell the truth in this matter. These are mental illnesses usually with physical causes
---alan_of_uK on 3/21/06

To Stephenie, Your off base on bi-polar disorder, and your comments are cruel and hurtful to those who have and those that deal with this disease.
---Thomas on 3/21/06

That is cruel!

There are MEDICAL reasons for bi polar or schizophrenia, or many other mental illnesses.

Would you place the blame on a person for having diabetes mellitus? or lupus?

Addictions, like alcohol or nicotine are related to endorphins that are produced in pleasurable activities. They require treatment, not condemnation.
---John_T on 3/21/06

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