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Would anyone be interested in a dream blog? I can see that we have many Spirit minded people on this site. Do you think that through the Spirit Of God that He would work through us to give us clarity to help others get a little more knowledge of their dreams?

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 ---shearon on 5/6/05
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I would definitely be interested in a dream blog!The Lord sometimes speaks to me through dreams and I'm sure he does this with others,as well.Thanks for sugesting it Shear3487! Be Blessed,Tina8476
---tina8476 on 1/2/08

I have dreams about storms, floods, earthquakes. I had dreams earlier this year about a very active storm season. We're not finished. I have dreams about manmade storms. I see some of those this year, too.
I shared months ago, but I was poo poo'd.
---StormChaser on 5/6/07

You're very welcome, Darlene. I enjoy all your blogs. The love of Christ is evident in your writing. Bless you!
---DoryLory on 6/29/05

You're very welcome, Darlene. I enjoy all your blogs. The love of Christ is evident in your writing. Bless you!
---DoryLory on 6/29/05

Dory Lory,your comment 5-7 ,I just read it and thank you for your kind words.I did study dream meanings a little,but my main source is experience, and seeking understanding for what I dreamed.God has spoken to me in dreams since I was a child,but I never make anything of them.I file them away in God's hands, and wait upon Him.I do pay more attention to them if they are prophetic,I go to the Word ,and to God in prayer for leading.There is a big difference in regular dreams and Spiritual ones.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 6/29/05

..."For in the multitude of dreams and many words there is also vanity. But fear God." Ecclesiastes 5:6
---irena on 5/28/05

Have you guys ever heard of that saying that if your dreaming of falling off of cliff, and you never hit the bottom because you awake just before you hit? Or if you do hit the bottom it means you die? Well I dreamt that one night, and I hit the bottom, I was sore the next morning. I'm still kicking, Strange.
---Rebecca_D on 5/27/05

I use to have night mares that were so horrible, that i would not sleep untill i was so tired i would pass out. then one night i had a horrible dream and changed it while i was awake, as funny as it sounds, now i do not have nightmares any more. i changed it that Jesus fought the evil man and he went away. true store
---lorie on 5/27/05

I dreamt once that I was driving through Atlanta,with former inlaws (whom I still maintain a good relationship with)and suddenly all the billboards lit up announcing that Jesus had returned and was first sighted over Boston. Everyone was ordered into the nearest theatre and were told that Christ was going to select a few to go with Him. Instantly I felt His hand rest on my shoulder and He told me to follow Him, I was astonished and called out His name and was about to look into His face, when I woke up.
---Tim on 5/17/05

Dreams could hold messages from God, but the first step in analyzing a dream is to think what happened during the day to trigger certain elements in your dream. Sadly, most dreams are merely your mind going over the day's happenings, and your thoughts giving flashbacks of them in pictures. Rule out any of these before interpreting any further.
---Tim on 5/16/05

i have a dream in wich jesus told me that he is here between us already. in that dream, he told me that he is only waiting for the right time to reveal himself to all the people of the world. he told me also that every single person will see him when he reveal himself, but a very few people will follow him.
---Mauro on 5/12/05

i have to tell you last night's dream. a man grabbed my wrist and said "i need to talk to you! there are lots of other people in this world, not just you! stop wasting your time on entertainment and things that will soon be gone". how's that for a wild dream?
---curt on 5/9/05

We are told that we dream nightly although there are many that cant recall their dreams Your recurring dream may be trying to tell you something Ask God for His wisdom He tells us that whoever asks for Wisdom that He would give it liberally.Seek God through prayer for His interpertation of your dreams. I know when you dream of your little girl it must bring a comfort to you.The same as me when I dream of my mom.
---shearon on 5/8/05

Job 33:13-18
17:That he may withdraw man from his purpose and hide pride from man. 18: He keepeth back his soul from the pit and his life from perishing by the sword. (Believe me there are more to dreams then just feelings from our busy lives. God speaks to me often through mine.)
---shearon on 5/8/05

Dreams are given by:
Our subconscious
Why dost thou strive against him for he giveth not account of any of his matters For God speaketh once yea twice yet man perceiveth it not In a dream in a vision of the night when deep sleep falleth upon men in slumbering upon the bed Then He openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction.
---shearon on 5/8/05

Gregg, The only thing remotely close to applying to my life is; we own an old pickup, but seldom use it. I've never had my hand there are no children around to be in jeopardy. Just a morbid imagination, I guess. Thanks for giving it your consideration. I just thought is was so out of the blue with no basis. I had a dream about the rapture once....That was SO exciting I was very disappointed to wake up and find I was still in my bed. Jesus was probably 3000 ft tall.......and I was going up.....when I woke up. That could be accurate and a soon
---intersting on 5/8/05

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Steve, If you scroll down a bit, you'll notice that in my past dream, that I was drunk in the beginning of my dream. I cannot explain this because I do not get drunk in real life. Maybe it had some meaning for the dream. Only God knows that. There could be another reason for your being drunk in your dreams. God bless.
---John on 5/8/05

The mind never stops working,even when sleeping.Usually the dreams we remember are the ones we are having when we awaken.Some dreams pick up on many varied situations that mix in dreams. God has given me dreams that I checked out that proved true.I had a Grande'Mol seizure in 1985 and lost all my memory.I still have some problems with short term memory.My long term memory was lost except for a few things.I've been given dreams about myself, my parents,situations that I asked my elder siblings about and they were valid.I think God gave me these rememberances.
---NV_Barbara on 5/7/05

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is concerned with their dreams. I have gotten to the point that sleep involves a whole new experience each night.I keep having a recurring dream that I have sold my home and moved away to a nearby city only to hate it. This dream has been recurring for a good 2-3 has almost become comical. I have also had dreams that were encouraging such as seeing my daughter come to me after she passed away 3 years ago. Why do I dream every night and other people tell me they never can remember dreaming?? Interested in hearing other peoples ideas.
---Karen on 5/7/05

Only God knows our ways and the secrets of our hearts. True, dreams are often disguised ways to know more about ourselves, but they can also be a doorway to satan and can lead us into "vain imaginings" that are not of Him. Before our Lord Jesus' birth, death and resurrection, God appointed special people to interpret dreams. In this age, when we are born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit, God guides us into all Truth thru the Word, anointed spiritual leaders and teachers, Christian friends, etc. Otherwise our curiosity can lead us down unwanted spiritual bunny trails.
---Elsie on 5/7/05

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I always dream very vivid, very weird dreams. And I enjoy telling others about them. But I think dreams are just the works of an over active mind. For the most part I don't believe they hold any deep spiritual meanings. I also think people need to be carefull in interpretting dreams and treating them as ways to tell the future.
---bethie on 5/7/05

Interesting. Did anything ever happen to your hand when you were young? Do you ever feel like you only have one hand or does your hand ever hurt? Do you work at a truck repair shop? Many voices are in your head. Some are old and some are young.
---gregg4933 on 5/7/05

i often dream that i am drunk. why is that?
---steve on 5/7/05

In a resent dream, I was with a couple with 4 small children. The mother was in the cab of the truck with an infant. 2 small boys and 2 yr.old girl were in the back..making a LOT of noise. The father was mad and slammed the end-gate shut on the little girl's hand, smashing it terribly, but he just walked off. I screamed at him to open the gate. He did, but was not concerned or compassionate. I was so traumatized I immediately woke up. Explain that!!
---interesting_topic on 5/7/05

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Dreams, for the most part, are utter nonsense and should not be considered seriously. They are the brain's way of doing housekeeping while not in use. Although God may speak to us through dreams on rare occasions, we should not spend our time analyzing every dream as if it has significance. If we want to communicate with God, He has provided His Word and prayer as His preferred channels. Remember, Satan is also capable of imparting thoughts into our minds.
---Jerry on 5/7/05

But, I have dreams that stick in my head for awhile.
I was on a street with houses and it seemed like floating from house to house; I do remember images of people and when I got to the last house, we went to the upper room.
---gregg4933 on 5/7/05

The problem I see with a dream blog is placing your thoughts in someone else's head and them thinking about it and it becoming part of them. You cannot deny that that will happen. That goes with every other blog also. But dreams are too many times indescribable so you have to fill in the blank spots with 'dreamy' thoughts.
---gregg4933 on 5/7/05

From a web site.

"Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams is a powerful tool.. No one is a better expert at interpreting your dreams than yourself..." This kind of thing is all about POWER, KNOWLEDGE AND SELF Gen 40:8 says: "We both had dreams," they answered, "but there is no one to interpret them.." "Then Joseph said to them, "Do not INTERPRETATIONS BELONG TO GOD?..". Knowledge without Wisdom is very dangerous ground - a little fox that ruins the vineyards that are in bloom.(Sol. 2:15) It doesnt belong on a Christian website.
---CarolT on 5/7/05

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Part 2. I was led to talk to a woman in her 60's, about Jesus. I thought in my mind that she would never come to Jesus because I assumed that she was very educated and had a hard heart. I said to her..."Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved!" As soon as I said that, I felt her tears on my rist, and I knew she believed. At that moment I heard the angels of Heaven say..."Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!" I woke up and all I could say is "WOW!"
---John on 5/7/05

Part 1. In the dream it started at night, at a gas station. I was driving a big black car with a dented front fender. In the dream I was drunk. I noticed that my brother was in line in back of me in another car. The owner of the station leaned into the car and asked me if I was alright.I guess the police came, but took me to a hospital for tests. They said that I was ok and that I could go. As I was leaving the hospital, there was a day room with a group of people.
---John on 5/7/05

I am looking for the love of my dream.

---Hannes_Snyman on 5/7/05

Sorry ... my post was sent to the wrong blog !!
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/7/05

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Darlene, you've obviously spent some time studying the subject. Very good, common-sense advice!
---DoryLory on 5/7/05

Every dream I have ever had that originated from God testified, in some way, of the person and work of Christ.
---Linda_Smith on 5/6/05

When I dream I usually dream about something that has already happened and have already done something about. I sincerely wish then that the devil quit taunting me.
---Audrey on 5/6/05

well I love to talk about dreams but not to seek any spiritual meaning usually. Just enjoy talking about the nonsense. I also have taught my kids when experiencing bad dreams to tell yourself in your dream that it is a dream and its in your imagination so you can change it. Make the monster turn into a butterfly or imagine a car and drive away. I once dreamed I was being held prisoner and so I decided in my dream to just leave. I didnt have it in me to imagine an actual car so in my dream I sat in an invisible car and drove away anyway. weird but it can sometimes work.
---kathy3339 on 5/6/05

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Alan you're in the wrong blog. This is the dream blog. Youre looking for the gambling blog. I did enjoy the story though. please tell us what you thing about dreams I'd love to hear.
---kathy3339 on 5/6/05

It is a clearing feeling to listen to wisdom coming from silence. And the pictures it draws are worth a thousand words. There is a blog about the Apocrypha. In the Apocrypha, the book Sirach 34:7-8"Dreams have misled many people; they put their faith in them, only to be disappointed. The Law is complete without such falsehood. Wisdom, as spoken by the righteous, is also complete without it.' Maybe that's why you don't like the Apocrypha.
---gregg4933 on 5/6/05

We used to take our children annually to the end of the pier with 100 pennies each. They put them in the "falls" games. When all the money had been spent, we went home. They knew they would lose the money, but we all had a bit of fun.

It was a good way of teaching them that you always lose in the end if you gamble.

I do not think that was sinful gambling

Afterwards we would always buy fish & chips & sit and watch the sea
---Alan_of_U.K. on 5/6/05

i have had several dreams where i became "aware" that i was inside the dream, and i met several other people in the dream, who claimed that they were real people who were also awake inside the same dream.
---curt on 5/6/05

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One must be very careful not to allow dreams ,or talking about them to become a form of fortune telling.People dream in parables.The dream doesn't mean exactly what it appears to.God does speak to people in dreams, its best to learn ,between you and God what those dreams mean.Also try to learn the symbolic language of your own soul.Pray for God's guidence.Prophetic dreams aren't an everyday occurance.Seek God,lean not upon dreams, but upon His Word.Dreams can enlighten you to whats in you subconscious,but they can also seduce you to depend upon them.Make sure it's Spiritual not spiritualism.
---Darlene_1 on 5/6/05

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